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Where to get cheap shoe shipping boxes! (Only $1)

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Check out http://www.mobepackaging.com/ to get the boxes and other supplies! We hope you enjoyed our tip and save a little money!
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Text Comments (33)
Goon_Kidd (2 months ago)
thx bro!!
KobeMamba234567 (9 months ago)
brah its called amazon/uline- you can get 25 boxes for 10 bucks.
Miguel N (11 months ago)
So its 2018 and that company is out of bizanesss!
Christian Seas (1 month ago)
Damn !?
Zmpty (11 months ago)
Wtf lmaoo
John B. (1 year ago)
If I ship 9:5 what should I get
Tommy Gun (1 year ago)
usps charge 0 for boxes
their boxes are weird dimensions in relation to shoe box sizes :(
Blake Jones (2 years ago)
can you send a direct link to the size?
SFREEMUSIC1 (2 years ago)
wait....did you hide under the table then pop up when the video started?????????LMAO
Imari M (1 year ago)
😆😆😆😆😆😆 lmao
Andrei Busuioceanu (1 year ago)
ahaaha that should be the signature move for all your videos san.. lol that cracked me up
Skrt Skrt (1 year ago)
SFREEMUSIC1 I thought the same thing omfg 😂😂
Aaron Tezeno (2 years ago)
How much does it cost when you ship shoes with these boxes?
Alex_11 (4 years ago)
His face lmao
Pablo Mendoza (4 years ago)
Will a size 13 shoe box fit? Those shoe boxes can be big.
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
I would recommend buying a little bigger sized box in terms of length just to be safe!
Akrum Bitar (4 years ago)
Do these fit size 13 boxes ?
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
You might want to measure the size of the shoe boxes you will be shipping and buy the shipping boxes according to that.
Mizzy Margiela (4 years ago)
Thanks for this i brought a box cause i need a couple cause iam gonna ship some shoes!
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
You're welcome. Glad we could help!
Brandon Fischer (4 years ago)
You guys do trades?
Brandon Fischer (4 years ago)
If you have any 11s size 11.5 to 12.5 I have lots of cash
Brandon Fischer (4 years ago)
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
no trades sorry!
Ella Cacciato (4 years ago)
Bro,USPS boxes are free
SFREEMUSIC1 (2 years ago)
and more expensive to ship
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
They do not have a size that fits an average shoe box
Phillip Le (4 years ago)
How do you guys purchase beaters boxes when they're all sold out on solesupremacy.com?
Andrew Leonard (4 years ago)
follow them on twitter and turn on notifications. They tweet out when they are posted online and you have probably 10 min before most are gone
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
We email them for custom boxes
Jayo (4 years ago)
Good vid man
JG Sneakers (4 years ago)
Thanks man!

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