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I talk (a lot), eat , dance and wear beret ... #VLOG

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Hey guys This vlog might get a bit boring because I’m doing a lot of talking in this one, but hey there’s me eating, dancing and ranting parts too . Been obsessed with my black beret . Favourites video? Thanks for 100 subscribes 🙏🏻 If you’re new please SUBSCRIBE, like and comment 🌹
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Text Comments (7)
Nuhbu gojing (4 months ago)
Too much make up but u look gorgeous
Phuntsok Angmo (4 months ago)
You are just mocking your English speaking skills and your make up
Amy West (6 months ago)
joel kh (6 months ago)
chocho devo
mad ladakhi (1 year ago)
Los Doma (1 year ago)
Go girl go.... doing great 👍🏽 ♥️
This MINIMALLIFE (1 year ago)
ty love :)

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