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Jordan Peterson - Challenging Your Boring Life

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original source: https://youtu.be/Bf9Wen-j5Zw?t=1h4m29s What it really means to be an individual. Dr. Peterson's new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: http://amzn.to/2yvJf9L If you want to support Dr. Peterson's work, here is his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jordanbpeterson Check out Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Program, a powerful tool to sort yourself out: http://bit.ly/selfAuth (Official affiliate link for Bite-sized Philosophy)
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Agnidhro Chakraborty (19 days ago)
Rescue your lobster from the belly of your father
Akseli Parviainen (14 days ago)
What fucking lobster?!
Akseli Parviainen (14 days ago)
What fucking lobster shut the fuck up!
DK K (1 month ago)
Thanks for korean subtitle
이하경 (1 month ago)
힌국어 자막 감사해요 힘들게 찾은 채널이네요
ZALD (2 months ago)
School was like that for everyone buddy! You're not alone
FutureBitcoinSV (3 months ago)
To put words in this particular way is pure transcendence.
SuperSoftSalad (3 months ago)
I've never known a person who can continually make me speachless like Dr Jordan Peterson can.
GrowthMindset (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this speech, Jordan's talks are so calculated and considered. He has clearly spent a great deal of time thinking these matters over
Richard McMillan (3 months ago)
fuck peterson, and fuck everyone like him, fuckin moronic sheep...
Pudding Osu (4 months ago)
thank you jordan
Thomas (5 months ago)
Why have videos stopped ?
Game & Grow (5 months ago)
Please, could you alow subtitles so I could translate some videos to Portuguese? I really want brazilians to be able to see these videos
thecsslife (5 months ago)
"Bored *stiff* in school, so I would *misbehave* "
Check Mate (5 months ago)
Just failed NNN
Klymahnn (6 months ago)
Thanks to Peterson, I went from being a 20 year old who thought about suicide his whole life, doing something I hated, to being at 22 accepted in one of the only four automotive design school of my country and going to the gym twice a week.
Gabriel Gonzalez (13 days ago)
How’s your schooling coming along?
Warbinator (3 months ago)
Well done man! Great to hear that. Good luck pushing through the school!
Srta. Umi (6 months ago)
I was applauding him and didnt realize the vid was ending. He inspire us, he remind us that the evil is noticeable, but the good is silent and is still the majority. God blesss this guy and the ones brave enought to keep this world running
directfunebru (6 months ago)
so true. I'm actually looking for a more complicated job because my current software job is so booooring 🙄
LieroFjeld (6 months ago)
So epic. So true
michel Charbonneau (6 months ago)
Charles Astor (6 months ago)
You should put together a montage of Peterson giving parenting advice
Henrique Gomes Ferreira (7 months ago)
Hey I once saw a video where he spoke about the importance of school work and that it helps us in organizing our arguments in discussions and i want to see it again to save it but i cant find it, can someone help me out?
Dean M (7 months ago)
Change the name of this channel to Bite-sized Peterson.
Nick Sievers (7 months ago)
He's is amazing. But this channel should rename themselves. It's not philosophy it's self help
Anil Palan (6 months ago)
As Simon Sinek has once said, Self-help is a scam. You can't help yourself. Admit that to need help then things can take a step for the better. This channel is about philosophy because most of the videos (this once not included) are about abstract philosophical things. Even then, this can also be considered philosophy. After all, the most effective help isn't sugar-coating reality, its when a philosopher whom is objectively wiser than you shakes you up and you accept that and pull yourself together.
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
“I would misbehave— at 40 years old, I would misbehave the same I did when I was 6!”
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Life IS malevolent and terrible. There’s a spider in my curtains rn and I wanna kill it and I’m worried it wants to kill me. It could hurt me probably. And that’s close to how a paleo human might feel, living in trees, finding a snake hanging from a branch nearby
T Hyde (7 months ago)
I always feel better after listening to Peterson talk; but not in a soothed "oh it'll all be ok" sorta way, more the "f**k yea, let's rock!" sorta way.
d murphy (7 months ago)
you can pad up your work experience by doing volunteer work at large hospital or non profit Dont give up we need your skills
JL T (7 months ago)
Welcome to the autoworker’s life. It is boring, boring, boring, day after day, month after month, year after year. I can’t put my family at risk by trying something new. I’m stuck in this place- This is my tragedy......
William Watson (6 months ago)
Sometimes I feel that way about my job, though I work in a middle level Financial Services Job. My problem is I don't know what the hell I would be doing if I could do something different.
Gnome Party (7 months ago)
I understand that Jordan is a theist, which surprises me. I wonder if he and Christopher Hitchens ever met, and what they thought of eachother's very well reasoned arguments.
Nicht von dieser Welt (1 month ago)
+Dee S Then watch Dillahunty debating Peterson. That's equal to seeing Peterson getting Hitch-slapped.
Dee S (7 months ago)
+Aerys Bat Harris isn't as strong a debater as hitchens was so it's not such a good comparison
Aerys Bat (7 months ago)
You can get exactly that with the Peterson/Harris Discussions (4 part series) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-Z9EZE8kpo
Chad Smith (7 months ago)
...My God...Jordan, your life is a job well done.
Fahad Syed (7 months ago)
misbehaving out of pure boredom at school... relatable.
James Walcott (7 months ago)
Po-Po is shattering souls..... Shattering souls, she’s lifting her voice such as it were.
Sun Tzu II (7 months ago)
Holy cow! I was going to say the exact same thing. He beat me to it.
David Martin (7 months ago)
Probably my favorite soundbyte of Peterson....just phenomenal. We are all capable of this, as lofty as it sounds.
Gary Church (7 months ago)
He is really preaching a sermon, not giving a talk or a lecture. Any christian who has spent years reflecting on Christ understands exactly what he is talking about.
Melissa G (2 months ago)
I understand exactly what he’s talking about and I am agnostic. Never studied religion or even the Bible a day in my life.
Bryan Reed (7 months ago)
Except this is being offered for free, not attached to a pre-packaged fable of God so that listeners will pay a fee out of fear, and will keep coming back for that dank wisdom and fear mongering.
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Gary Church you’re absolutely right. I love that about him. He’s a theist, I think, and a lot of his worldview comes from the Abrahamic faith.
readme info (7 months ago)
This fraud is a shill for the jews. He's helping spread degeneracy and supports white people hating themselves and their glorious white culture. Without white culture and masculine men we wouldn't have the society we have today that enables us to build the internet and services like youtube to help spread his shitty message.
Aaryan Ali (7 months ago)
What I don't get is that you emphasise that doing the work will make things better. For example, an exam. You study and you get an A. However, when I poured all of my effort in studying, I can only get either a C and a D. Believe me, I truly pushed myself to the limit on studying to get an A but failed. At the moment, I have no will to do anything besides sleep and play video games. I am waiting for another reason to try again. I'm stuck in this delimma where if I studied continuously for 1 year and got a D, how the hell am I gonna get an A in a month for the resits? Please help You already know that universities worth considering never look at students below C.
Liz Ward (6 months ago)
Be a teacher. You will already know how to explain things simply and how to lay out steps easily. You will have patience with people as you have been through the same situation yourself. Teaching primary in my country does not require high grades, an entrance exam, or you to be an academic. Plus if you can do well in it for a year, you can switch over to uni, as unis seem to look at the previous year only. Maybe things have changed since I was there. Just don't hide from real life in a gaming fantasy world, as it will stunt your emotional and spiritual growth. Get some responsibility in your life to make you feel better about who you are and give your life more meaning. If I was 18 and could start over I would be tempted to be a tradie. They make better money than student graduates in NZ. No student debt. All the best and do something you love. Never, ever do something you hate just for the money. You will regret it.
Aaryan Ali (7 months ago)
+mav45678 It'll be sad if the alternative is true.
mav45678 (7 months ago)
Aaryan Ali you may suffer from bad teachers, bad teaching materials (books etc.) and/or bad studying habits. I was terrible at math in HS until I got a private tutor who explained it in ways that made sense to me. A year after, I was doing great at maths, and went to a good university for a computer science degree. Alternatively, you may just not be very academically gifted. Luckily, contrary to what many people believe, being good in academic subjects and geeting a degree from a reputable university is not a prerequisite for a good life.
Aaryan Ali (7 months ago)
+Buck Deniston I have tried around 10 subjects and can't get an A on any of them. Highest I have ever gotten is B in AS levels maths and that's it.
Buck Deniston (7 months ago)
Do something else. Find out what you can get an A in.
Dr.derp (7 months ago)
Peterson thank u, love ur lectures. Atheists for Peterson!!
Nicht von dieser Welt (1 month ago)
He is a conservative christianity defending fraud. Stay away.
rag proletariat (7 months ago)
I really admire how the person who runs this channel clearly worships Jordan Peterson and is likely a huge supporter of free speech and debate, yet refuses to acknowledge my questions.
rag proletariat (7 months ago)
I was reaching out to him because the name of the channel is "Bite-Sized Philosophy" so I was hoping to see more than just Jordan Peterson. He says interesting things, but there's already tons of videos of him on youtube. I wish the person who runs this channel would change it up sometimes. Oh well. You're right. the odds are not in my favor.
sleepy eyes this channel has 217k subscribers. The odds that the guy who runs this channel will see your comment and respond now.... not in your favor.
rag proletariat (7 months ago)
Jorge Figueroa lol I have reached out in the past and he responded, but he won’t now. Just kinda pissed off. But I guess you’re right
Jorge Figueroa (7 months ago)
You do realize that a bajillion people comment in this channel right? Your comment probably gets lost in the sea, so I think it's a bit strange that you'd take it so personal. It's like a fan at a concert getting upset that the lead singer didnt answer their question lol
rag proletariat (7 months ago)
I would rather be me than the guy who runs this channel. Anyways, I know my earlier comment may have sounded rude, but it's frustrating when people don't respond.
Alex Tigre (7 months ago)
This is Gold!
Andrew McKerron (7 months ago)
I was horrified for the kids in my class that couldn't read. One kid didn't talk at all we called him mute and he clearly had a psychological problem but the teacher made everyone wait until he read something which he never did. So cruel.
Anyree (7 months ago)
Please!!! Sub in spanish!!
Jacob Warburton (7 months ago)
The Jordan Peterson game : link any phenomena to the idea that life is tragedy tainted by malevolence.
Antibiotic Antibiotic (7 months ago)
We can watch mind games on media. Jordan Peterson is the end of this game.
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Jacob Warburton lol funny cause I’m right at that part and it’s true
Raymond G. (7 months ago)
What a great speech
Peter Louis (7 months ago)
Thank you Bite-sized for all your work. You are my gateway drug into Dr. Jordan Petersons full lectures/speeches/dialogues.
Judy (7 months ago)
aka pushing away the 'evil inclination' for the 'positive inclination'
Judy (7 months ago)
Ilija Draws (7 months ago)
I finished college with computer science degree in 2013 at the age of 23, but couldn't find work in that field since I didn't have the necessary 2 years of work experience to work, but I also couldn't get said exp without working. 3 years after finishing said college without any work, in 2016 I finally found my first ever job at the age of 26, but it was as a security guard ( which needlessly to say, has nothing to do with my chosen profession of IT guy). I worked at that company for 1 year and spent most of my work time guarding hotels and working from 10 to 24 aka. 14 HOURS SHIFTS 6 DAYS WEEKLY WITH ONLY 1 DAY FREE, but to get to said job I had to get up at around 7ish o'clock in the morning to drink some coffee eat something get dressed, get dressed in that horrible piece of clothing called uniform (which gave me itches and made my neck look like I was getting hickies nonstop from nonexistant girlfriends from wearing that horrible material) get to company location get the company car at 8:30 in the morning to get in time to my work place at 10, and ge back from work to my heaven ( bed) at around 1:30 in the morning, only to get back up in the morning the next day again in the morning at 7ish. Which means when you count in the travel hours, I was working 17 hours daily! Many times ( I've lost count honestly) I found myself waking up during driving back from work from exhaustiion and the shitty car steering into the ditch on the right, or to the left where by the grace of God Almighty no cars drove at those hours of the night. This was mobbing at its finest since my employer knew the work condiditons and that I barely got even this job, and that my financial situation was in the shitter and iI couldn't leave. At the end of every month I've had over 300 hours logged in, only to get paid 17 kn per hour ( around 2.29 euros or 2.66 USD per hour). I quit that job the first chance I ever had. Since I had no wor exp in the IT, no work was found, AGAIN. I've found another sec. guard job in 2017 with a company offering better working conditions and closer to home. I have no girfriend, all my friends and former friends are in happy relationships or either have one or two Mini-Mes running around, and here I sit aat my job writing this long ass shitty comment which nobody might read, with no perspective on how to fix my life. Needlessly to say, I'M DEPRESSED...
j so (1 month ago)
Don't give up on your goal. If you want a job as a developer, have you built a portfolio of your projects? It seems you could do freelance work and slowly build actual work experience by freelancing. Make a mobile app. Make 10 mobile apps. Make a website or start an ecommerce site. Start a blog...do something to chip away at your goal. Lastly, you need to build relationships with people who do what you want to do. Find them, network with them. Keep pushing and you will achieve it.
Steven Garcia (5 months ago)
Okay, go to a code bootcamp, that's what I plan to do if I can't earn a job after my Computer Science degree, write CODE, and build some small projects that excite you, check out Dev Mountain or Turing School of Design // yeah probably a bit of a scam but it gives you a kick to change your life and start a career
sig (6 months ago)
" it is said that every person should have 2 pieces of paper, one in each pocket. On one it should be said : " I AM BUT DUST AND ASHES" and that one you should take out whenever you feel like you are on top of the world and that no one is above you. And the second one should read "FOR ME THE WORLD WAS CREATED' and this one you should take out when you feel like you are not worth much, when you feel down and depressed. " - David Wolpe
Leonardo DaVinci (6 months ago)
Tru building experience from freelancing first before transitioning into a full-time job in your sector.
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Ruben Rodriguez amen!
It is (7 months ago)
This is how I feel lately going to school full time and working full time. While still maintaining a relationship with my friends and gf. I never have time to be bored, not one second, and I love it.
It is (6 months ago)
I work for FedEx ground, and I'm working towards a masters of applied science with a minor of numerical analysis. I hope to work in the field of climatology.
Leonardo DaVinci (6 months ago)
+It is May I ask what your job is and what you're studying?
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
It is this is so beautiful. I hope to get something like that sometime. One day. Ugh.
It is (7 months ago)
My schedule monday-friday. I wake up at 10pm work 11pm to 7-8am. Have class from 9am-2pm and then do homework until I go to sleep (usually around 4pm) I don't really get a lot of sleep so if I get off of work early at 7 sometimes I'll take a nap before school. On the weekdays I have zero free time but sometimes my gf will come over when I do homework. The good thing about keeping my weekdays so packed is that by the weekend usually I have all of my work done and have 2 days of free time to dedicate to my social life and sometimes yard work and other things I need to get done.
It is how do you get it done? I'm going to have to do the same thing pretty soon and could really use some advice.
Miss C (7 months ago)
Hes a professor at my university the great Jordan Peterson!
Henry Robinson (1 month ago)
Miss C you are so fortunate. I would attend any/all lectures available. He's the rarest of birds someone who rose through the education system and didn't let go of the caring.
Oliver Queen (3 months ago)
names his profile after a popular video game character and captures photo of a wahmen for the profile picture TransNigga
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
You’re super lucky
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Dean Cutler it is indeed U of T, but I think he was quizzing CJ
Dean Cutler (7 months ago)
University of Toronto I think
Crystallized (7 months ago)
That's why I admire Sasha Grey, she vividly demonstrates how to take a on a maximal load and she does it with a smile on her face.
Prateek Kumar (5 months ago)
This is the Philosophy I came here for.
Sizzling Pixel Music (7 months ago)
Underrated comment!
Ricardo Guerrero (7 months ago)
Jorge Figueroa (7 months ago)
I've watched her take more loads than I'd ever care to take on myself. A true inspiration. I've seen her butthole too.
James Jefferson (7 months ago)
Kanga Kid (7 months ago)
Imagine being at a party and you get cornered chatting with a guy with this sort of intense discussion.....ha ha....taxi!
Melissa G (2 months ago)
David Martin ugh same here. And while I hate to sound sexist, conversing with other women is an exercise in absolute superficial drivel.
David Martin (7 months ago)
I would love to meet a guy like this at a party. I'm sick to death of boring superficial conversation about nothing of value. I enjoy deep thoughts and thinkers and find it refreshing that I can explore abstract thoughts with another person free of judgement. If you find yourself talking to jordan peterson over dinner or at some party It's your lucky day and I have a feeling you will walk away from the encounter forever changed for the better.
Kanga Kid (7 months ago)
Tim Crinion ha ha yeah, actually I am a big fan. Just a funny thought. Imagine the light dinner conversation.... How was your week mate?...Well life is hard..there has been a fine line between order and chaos at work this week, and then there is the kings malevolence encroaching on our workspace. Lobsters and a clean room have helped but I can hear the ideologues building a gulag at the local university ..
Tim Crinion (7 months ago)
I would quite like it. Jordan's the kind of guy who never gets offended by you disagreeing. So I would be quite happy to discuss something meaningful with him. If not, there's always the option of going back to the party and talking about food/fashion/football/whatever humans usually talk about...
carlotapuig (7 months ago)
Why wasn't I ever told this before?
Rod 1022 (6 months ago)
Because you never looked for it?
Stormfox (7 months ago)
I think what he mend to say is that society doesn't learn you about how to become a better person. Society only learns you how to be productive and use your skills to create wealth. Not a single teacher or professor asks: WHO do you want to become in the future. They only are interested in WHAT you want to become. Which also is a fair question, because you need to make a living to survive. I, however, think that the WHAT question cannot be asked without the WHO question. In the not so very far away past, churches taught us who to become: love thou neighbor, forgive, do not hate, etc. etc. But with churches and other religious buildings closing all over the western world. People are starting to forget on which fundaments our societies were built. People have become lost sheep, the follow everybody in the pursuit of happiness through wealth. While true happiness comes from finding out WHO you really are and how you can make yourself a better person and then helping others to become better people. One cannot understand the world without understanding themselves.
Harsh Pherwani (7 months ago)
It has nothing to do with liberalism, Jordan himself is a liberal
Nihilistcentral UK (7 months ago)
Really good question.Liberal society doesn't like preaching at people.Churches used to do this.
Peterson's right—life is a process of action, of exploration, of dynamic growth. Settling into a groove is poison in disguise.
Hey, thanks so much! It really means a lot.
nafis ahmed (7 months ago)
+Memento Mori Satori: Awaken NOW I just subd
+Seeker O' Truth Thanks! Hopefully somebody out there can draw some inspiration from it. That's the whole reason I started a channel - to give something back to everybody who works to improve this world. Joy and peace to you, my friend.
Seeker O' Truth (7 months ago)
This comment should be pinned.
Dionatan Miguel (7 months ago)
Oh Jordan... a forthy year old infant misbehaving, that's the worse thing possible.
Leonardo Gottgtroy (7 months ago)
So simple. So powerful. Just Brilliant.
Darkan (7 months ago)
I needed this.
J Lo (7 months ago)
Fantastic! He’s brilliant!!!👏🏻
David (7 months ago)
great clip
safenders (7 months ago)
William (7 months ago)
And breathe
pétri pat (7 months ago)
Thanks bite size
Green Ghouls (7 months ago)
I challenge my digestive tract by eating an entire large pizza within 10 minutes
marian Jesus (3 months ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂
SneakyBadness (4 months ago)
Damn bro it would take you that long?
Jo Yi (7 months ago)
Green Ghouls roses are red Pizza sauce is too I ordered a large, And none of it’s for you
Jo Yi (7 months ago)
I can barely finish a slice of pizza 🍕
akiko Isobel (7 months ago)
Xero Or Rum Ham.
T - Bone (7 months ago)
Can one not slow the time down by taking time to smell the roses... we march to death with blinders on as we get older... and time goes by much quicker... When we were childern time would seem to take for ever due to everything was new... if we paid attention to what was ordinarily with new eyes subjectively time would slow down... https://youtu.be/9POZtEhdmIY But i do agree that what he says here that challenges are good for us.. there like goals.
Mark Dion (7 months ago)
Thank you for the upload. Great clip!!!
Clifford Starks (7 months ago)
Absolutely challenges make living fun baby!👍
1nzi (7 months ago)
Meaningful more than fun. Meaning is what I believe he argues we strive for because even pursuing something you love isn't always only fun. There are ups and downs along the way, and these fluctuations are what give our life meaning.
Neu paradigm (7 months ago)
+F. Teixeira well uhh that's the challenge
F. Teixeira (7 months ago)
Challenges have a fee to get into nowadays. In capitalism you pay for a cup of water. Capitalism is creating mental diseases. Thats why Marxism is gaining.
Clifford Starks (7 months ago)
+T - Bone Amen👍
T - Bone (7 months ago)
New day... new challenges.
Morrisopolous (7 months ago)
This guy is my hero. You can tell how messed up the world is when most media outlets don't listen to the substance of what he says, rather what they want people to think he says. He's the most logical, insightful person this world has to offer in his position
Henry Robinson (1 month ago)
The media are a force for anti-life; Jordan Peterson, he is the opposite.
Milad Rodbar (6 months ago)
Check out Elliott hulse
Zonun Ralte (7 months ago)
My hero too
Clifford Starks (7 months ago)
+Wild Card There is truth in that Wild Card👍
Maxon Mendel (7 months ago)
Too tru

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