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Dice Control: Cardboard Box Dice Rig Part 1

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Joe Egusquiza (1 month ago)
maybe they dont realize thatr they can fast forward the vid. patience .
Craps Journey (3 years ago)
Just starting out and I'll build one of these, thanks for the detailed videos
BullToTheShit (8 months ago)
Helped me too.
josh colbert (4 years ago)
koga keep up the awesome work thanks fr all the work you do for everyone best on youtube!
Rusty Ryan (6 years ago)
If people can't exercise enough patience to listen to what you have to say then they sure as hell don't have the patience to try and be a dice controller. They're looking for a way to get rich quick with no effort. Thanks for making these videos for people like us who truly seek to become masters of the dice. -Chris
Tim Clark (6 years ago)
Keep doing your thing your way man
John Hinz (6 years ago)
hey awesome video. Much appreciated. I was wondering what the dimensions are of the lipton ice tea box? that way I can just measure Instead of buying the ice tea box. Thanks
Really377 (7 years ago)
Your the shit man and funny, If I ever get good enough I would love to hit the tables with you.
TheRandomRoller (7 years ago)
I am a fan of anybody who puts their heart in their work. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing. The Random Roller

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