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Dumb and Dumber - Toilet Scene

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the toilet scene from dumb and dumber
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Alison B (1 day ago)
when you have IBS and food triggers it
Montreal Dashcam (1 day ago)
They really missed out on making this scene even more legendary by not having Lloyd stand outside the door in the next shot, covered in Harry’s feces (because the bathroom window happened to be above the entrance door)... Instant karma.. But yeah, that might have been a bit too much lol
Canada2760 (2 days ago)
At least he was able to get to the toilet unlike the guy from Van Wilder. 😁
SatansLittleGamer (4 days ago)
0:47 is when the fun part starts! :D
BronchoKyle (4 days ago)
That little fart at the end though 😂😂😂
farmzombie (4 days ago)
The little piano sting is one of my favorite pieces of movie music.
Wee Eeu (5 days ago)
Mike Edinger (6 days ago)
See when I was 5 years old i remember watching the original the theatrical version which I liked a whole lot better. Which I used to think he just left the shitty toilet instead of dumping it out the window which made it a whole lot funnier to me lol.
David Merlino (6 days ago)
It smells bad
David Merlino (6 days ago)
I do that all the time
taco stains (6 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I loved this movie 1:43 when you jacking off and your Mom come home😂😂
taco stains (6 days ago)
0:46 lmfao accurate asf
Final Hour (6 days ago)
I wonder how bad that would hurt
Cod4 Wii (7 days ago)
I'm constipated I wish this happen to me
Paul Mantell (7 days ago)
The origin of the surfer fish’s laugh from Spongebob.
Matthew Short (8 days ago)
The sound effects are perfect 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rivera juiceBar (8 days ago)
Every Taco Bell customer in the making.
Stack Bundles (9 days ago)
How I plan on shitting out my job's bathroom after I quit that motherfucker!
Brady Nevels (11 days ago)
Been there done that. Fortunately I have always had a flushing toilet. I only wish the screaming shits lasted a short time like his did.
Julius hunter Schatz (11 days ago)
Quien no vio está película en su niñez ,no tuvo infancia!!!
Roy van Veelen (12 days ago)
Release the craken!!!
MrD 2001 (13 days ago)
1:43 When you realize you forgot to study for the big test.
misterfu02 (14 days ago)
0:48 from half speed.
I wonder (15 days ago)
We’ve all been there
Steve Brockman (15 days ago)
Earth boys world : apatosaurus diarrhea scene
FilthyFan zander (15 days ago)
hahaha the things that you are willing to go through just so you dont get embarrassed
Chris Scott (16 days ago)
hahahaha I love this part in this movie. I would love to see that deer poop looking alien from the war of the worlds 1953 do the same thing taken a dump just like this hahahaha now that would be very funny to me seeing that alien doing the same igzact thing.... this part is that aliens favrorate part
izzy zavala (16 days ago)
N he had tools? Lol wat
Noe Berengena (18 days ago)
He's come a long way from "Purple Rose of Cairo" and "Terms of Endearment." It can't be easy being a Hollywood actor.
Thanks Hermione (20 days ago)
My dad was out jogging one day and all of a sudden he was hit by this intense need to poop. He wasn't close enough to home though and there weren't any port-a-potties around. He didn't know any of the people in the houses that he was jogging by either. He was too embarrassed to ask strangers to use their bathroom. Then again, it would've been embarrassing even if he knew them too. So he literally ran home as fast as he could, trying to hold his feces in. This was just too hard for him to do though. After all the effort that he put in, he still managed to fill his pants.
RedRoseSeptember22 (23 days ago)
This scene always made me laugh so hard, but I don't remember him dumping the poop out the window lol...
Japhet Anciado (23 days ago)
laughed har the 1st time ligitng the toielt.. laguhed hareder qnd time xDD
Damon Smith (25 days ago)
1:43 - 1:46 I play that in my head when I realize I messed up.
Dale Lee Cooper (26 days ago)
I'll never get tired of watching this.
phillydisco (28 days ago)
Trump after every news conference 0:49
CamIsHere (28 days ago)
0:48-1:12 when you get home from school and you had a big lunch
virtual pellot (29 days ago)
The toilet's not working? Oh man, I cannot imagine that red haired chick's face when finds out this pleasurable surprise floating there.😅😅
Nykobie Stevens (29 days ago)
0:52 when you nut but she keeps sucking
LEO7175 (1 month ago)
Another hilarious clip from this movie https://youtu.be/doeR55erFhs
Jay_ Hawk (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie this is literally me right now at 4:00 am
James Nielsen (1 month ago)
From that point on, Jeff Daniel's couldn't be taken seriously for some role in a drama/sad movie
Reef2480 (1 month ago)
He got emotional!
Linkavitch Chomofski (1 month ago)
Gawd I can just imagine the way the inside of that bowl looked after.
Blake Schmidt (1 month ago)
The first time I saw this movie was in July 2014 wen I was on vacation in the black hills and my parents my sister and me watched it and wen the toilet scene came I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and a few months later me and my sister went to my grandparents house to spend the night and we brought the movie and wen my grandfather saw the TurboTax bottle my grandfather said o God he's gonna have the shits.
Quentin Malzahn (1 month ago)
1:43 My reaction when Kyle Busch wins a race and worse the championship!
Carlos Junior (1 month ago)
Gutalax intro ha ha so funny
KlassicKidMedia (1 month ago)
How it feels to chew 5Gum
FauxTomBrady (1 month ago)
Me after eating a burrito from Chipotle
Robert Dickenson (1 month ago)
Seriously, Jeff Daniels’ best performance!
Ana Zoe (1 month ago)
That's hot
Makoto Mikami (1 month ago)
Bad idea to listen to this with head phones...
Anthony Krause (1 month ago)
When you haven't gone in a few days and you accidentally drank the whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate instead of half the bottle as recommended.
Tarjinder Singh (1 month ago)
This will always be his greatest performance
Xlvesy Gloe (1 month ago)
why am i wacth this scene for i was shitting ? 😂 I'm seriosly
Handcrafted Specimen (1 month ago)
After 1 burger of macdonalds
Patrick Band (1 month ago)
Enzo Montojo (1 month ago)
Zachary Flyge (1 month ago)
Maruko Chan 99 (1 month ago)
It gets worse when you eat spicy foods because whatever burns in your mouth will burn out your ass.
G Romester (1 month ago)
If Jim Carrey painted a portrait of his career this is what it would look like...
Oliver Mckrunkel (1 month ago)
That is so me when I eat diary foods I’m lactose intolerant and I have a sensitive stomache .🤢😭😢
irkenus (1 month ago)
Flush, you bastard!
Nikhil (1 month ago)
2000th comment
Manira Sara (1 month ago)
Cruel Sun (1 month ago)
0:39 when you finally get home from your girls house and have been holding a shit all day
Jason Groves (2 months ago)
When I had IBS. My autobiography on film. 👍😂
Mr Reddy (2 months ago)
He should of asked if he can use the restroom when he came in
Holla Habibi (2 months ago)
Lol how did he take the toilet apart with no tools
Shadow Demon2012 (2 months ago)
Lift off, in 5... 4... 3... 2... 0:48
Lamboguy633 (2 months ago)
This joke is a Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors classic
Tv1998 (2 months ago)
Always wondered if they made a women version of this scene how would they react to the situation
Captain_Hat (2 months ago)
1:43-1:46 I LOVE the dolly shot and the creepy music! The look of pure terror on Jeff's face is so funny.
Hector E. Rodriguez Jr. (2 months ago)
"Be right out" lolllllll
Joshua Perry (2 months ago)
when your lactose intolerance and the toilet doesn't work
Heidi Niro (2 months ago)
Omg this is not god
WILD BILL (2 months ago)
Based on this scene, this movie should have won three academy awards: Best actor for Jeff Daniels, Best sound editing and Best picture.
armando bautista (2 months ago)
When if you Eat Much Food
Caroline Murphy (2 months ago)
Ewwww gross nasty disgusting!
Anthony Krause (2 months ago)
Anyone with IBS knows how this feels
SasukeUchiha 2002 (2 months ago)
0:48 when you’re lactose intolerant and you eat Nachos
Natsucool_ 12 (2 months ago)
Joe Masters (2 months ago)
When your stomach is in pain, And your making chocolate rain Diarrhea, diarrhea
Lakr101 (2 months ago)
I'm watching this right now sitting on the ol' white colored throne
Matt Rhodes (2 months ago)
Harry is Bathroom
Hellen Abernus (2 months ago)
"hey international food :D!"
Randall Beem (3 months ago)
This is me 30 minutes after eating Chinese food.
Jacob Lape (3 months ago)
Anybody else notice at a minute and 2 the toilet seat is back down
Sh0ckmaster (3 months ago)
2:06 You don't need to see what's in there to know it must be horrific xD
Zak Moon (3 months ago)
This guy looks like Alex Lifeson in the early 90s 😂
Vincent Ly (3 months ago)
Oh gross, dude!
THE MOE & COOPER SHOW™ (3 months ago)
2:54 "But Mary" makes alot more sense in this version.
Marty McFly (3 months ago)
1:11 Squeak!! LMAO
ercanwrx (3 months ago)
I almost lost my life watching this scene as I was choking not being able to breathe as it was the funniest shit ever.
When u take a shit and it burns ur bum
Provum wrong Palimoo (3 months ago)
I'm garggleing
109367 (3 months ago)
I used to think this scene was hilarious ... then I had the shits like that one day, now this just triggers flashbacks o.O
Wurstwasser (3 months ago)
That is thebest Toilet Scene in a movie till today
Raph Walker (3 months ago)
Could have just said, he was going to try fix the toilet, then get a bucket and bucket flush it.
Marjolein Pls (3 months ago)
Release the Kraken!!!
smjjohnson (3 months ago)
LOL @ 0:46; I hate when this happens.. Seriously though, Jim Carey is really funny, but Jeff Daniels is hilarious in this flick..

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