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Super Survey

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Because I was feeling a bit left out. QualiTea T-Shirts are available here: http://dftba.com/qualitea (QualiTEA-Shirts! Triple pun!) Ciaran: http://youtube.com/ciaranobrien89 Closed captions kindly provided by: http://converselove64.tumblr.com
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Raelle Lobo (6 months ago)
Silvia Johana Garcia (1 year ago)
tu no eres german
alana little (2 years ago)
Nefeli Kotretsou (2 years ago)
I really understand Charlie when talking about friends. I relate to it so much. I have a lot of nice friends, I can't complain about that, but I really can't connect with them, so I feel really alone sometimes....
Sabrina (2 years ago)
Ciaran's about page on his channel: "I am Ciaran. Charlie made me do this."
Jodi Leagas (3 years ago)
I know it's Charlie himself (before anyone comments) but does anyone think it looks like his shirt has Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes on it?
Maha Al-Maghrabi (3 years ago)
omg talk about nostalgia :/
Katie Rose (4 years ago)
i think half wink is a cool name for a band
Nillie (4 years ago)
Was Charlie like me: sort of fitting in with most people, but not really fitting in anywhere?
asdf! 12131 (4 years ago)
I have the same "friend situation"..;( but I do have one good friend which is enough.
Úna Parkinson (3 years ago)
Same here
Shannon Foley (5 years ago)
Sorry if this is a bit irrelevant, but does anyone know how I can get the shirt charlie wore in this video?
Jade J (5 years ago)
I would love to buy a shirt ( I know, I'm behind the times- always am). Do you still sell them? Link doesn't work, is there a new link?
Natalie Latta (4 years ago)
He has a new tshirt and mug on dftba.com
Dylan Coombe (5 years ago)
Lol mrs maquen works at my school
B Morrison (5 years ago)
3:04 is same for me. I just feel like the outcast if I am in a group of people and most of the time I was with people but I didn't particularly like them. no bestfriend either. still hoping to find one oneday im thinking of making a channel too. not thinking I am going to make one but im so shy and keep putting it of. I just need some help I guess.  
Kid reside (5 years ago)
My ninth grade English teacher was Mrs. McCue! Only her name is April
Potato Unicorn (5 years ago)
8 Children? Wow... You must love reproducing
Mariam y (5 years ago)
You. Are. So. Awesome.
Ben O'Brien (5 years ago)
Is your name Irish
Hi Matt (5 years ago)
Rachel234100 (5 years ago)
Do a draw your lifeeeee
LimeGreenCutie7 (5 years ago)
A stay at home dad with curly hair and a beard. That's adorable.
josephmills2010 (5 years ago)
When are you going to understand that your likable?
identitymad (5 years ago)
yeah thanks ms. mcuwehiushugsfj; :D
Wait wat my name is McKeown
HunterzGames (5 years ago)
yes but NOONE tagged him,defeating the point on a tag video. Well done.
Zoe P (5 years ago)
umm because he wanted to?
The Skooma Cat (5 years ago)
My ultimate lifegoal is to grow beard and other facial hair, and genetically manipulate my hair colour to red, then go to Iceland and live in a rock. With a supercomputer of course. And free power. And free superfast internet. And free food. And free food delivery. And free built-in floor heating in the rock. I think it's not that much to ask.
HunterzGames (5 years ago)
why did you do it if you weren't tagged, don't do it because it is evident that no one wanted you to do it
KellyAnimalLover (5 years ago)
Charlie I feel like we must have known each other in another life or something. . .:O
Jack Barraclough (5 years ago)
I literally only just got the QualiTea joke - Quality... I really need to get out
MacBeth (5 years ago)
My family crest is a knight's helmet with a squirrel on the front. Where the squirrel came from, I do not know. I don't intend on finding out either.
Katie G (5 years ago)
My crest is two lions and a red and yellow G
family crests yay! mine is a pig with..horns
Misshowzat (5 years ago)
Lol, Charlie is always good for a laugh :D
TheTdays (5 years ago)
Charlie as the next Doctor!
Maudie Mellish (5 years ago)
Rebekah Joellen (5 years ago)
I laughed so hard! Threw the whole thing! Thanks charlie!!! Comedy wiz!!!
Eunice Park (5 years ago)
Hey awesome socoollike fans! After being inspired by the amazing Charlie, I've taken the big scary leap into starting my own channel! I've started a FOOD and TRAVEL channel that I hope you guys will enjoy! So if you have a moment, I would totally appreciate if you could take a quick peek over! Thank you and much appreciation in advance!!
Anika Nield-Patterson (5 years ago)
whoops sorry wrong vid
Anika Nield-Patterson (5 years ago)
Naomi Cook (5 years ago)
Please go away, all of you who are doing this, it's simply annoying and unnecessary and nobody really wants this blocking up the comments of this video.
A B (5 years ago)
I relate so much - this year i finally got a friend group (kind of) and we are literally the youtube geeks!
Melody M (5 years ago)
Charlie, I totally hear you about finding your place at school and how it doesn't happen for everyone. So glad you found people to connect with after graduation, etc. Great vid!
Lau S. (5 years ago)
Your eyes are hypnotizing
Haley Pitts (5 years ago)
I know Vivian McEwin. She is my Bible Study leader. I love her too!
Cameron Okimaru (5 years ago)
Can I trade hair with you? I have dark brown curly hair... So please?
ancha31 (5 years ago)
I just love your voice Charlie, its really amazing (:
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stevenblakeofficial (5 years ago)
i'm a vlogger too check out mine and i'll check out yours. i'm from Newcastle in the North East of England.
Harrys Channel (5 years ago)
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Jackson Bryan (5 years ago)
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oskarandtree clue (5 years ago)
Harrys Channel (5 years ago)
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Christine (5 years ago)
Love him.. <3 Although he didnt mention who is the awesome-mystery guy who owns the voice telling ''you've almost had...which makes you like cool!'' at the end..
Katt Styles (5 years ago)
Charlie i am just like you! i am quiet have no total "group" i fit in with yet i am not hated and i do have those few friends who i hang out with at times!
noblaineo (5 years ago)
My science teacher is named Mrs. McKeown. Yes, that is how her name is spelled
Evie Albany-Ward (5 years ago)
The end :3 aw charlie you're so cute! :D
Lucy Barber (5 years ago)
Bryarly is going to have 8 children according to Charlie ...
Lola Star (5 years ago)
That 700+ pound chair of yours better have a built in toilet or you totally wasted your money on a completely normal chair. Think about it, you could have used that money to buy tea bags.
Leah M (5 years ago)
Charlieissocoollike is like so cool
Sammmmmmm (5 years ago)
fancy chicken!! w00t w00t
Greta Sonnenberg (5 years ago)
If you look up your family's crest you should find it.
pilk master (5 years ago)
Rachel234100 (5 years ago)
Computingeight9 (5 years ago)
Draw your life!!!!!
You have scottish ancestry MacDonal (McDonald) is anglicised form of scottish gaelic name
Emma Chester (5 years ago)
Take a look at my new YouTube channel! Much appreciated :)
marilin salcedo (5 years ago)
U should do a draw my life
fungurl555 (6 years ago)
i have pheasant fairly often...and ya its kinda hard to get them all out.
TheShreyax (6 years ago)
jfvjhsjpvsdfgjsfdjgsfd fdf
vanillapod1 (6 years ago)
I think the endings to all your videos are the best bits
Carder Leigh (6 years ago)
:3 I'll have you're eight babies...... No i'm kidding. You have a girlfriend and I hope you're happy ^-^
Caroline Bowling (6 years ago)
Random guy in background
Clio Proulx (6 years ago)
I want to make a youtube video and need advice. I could only come up with one person it's you so if you could reply that would be good to!
Tyla Damon (6 years ago)
Rocio Quiroga (6 years ago)
Charlie's shirt omg
Joey Clarke (6 years ago)
sorry about what, coz i can't remember
It'sLovekin (6 years ago)
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dumaanika (6 years ago)
I don´t know a single person with a crest....
Sora James (6 years ago)
racheltheawesome13 (6 years ago)
In the McDonnell family crest... was that a flaming fish in the bottom right?
Greta Sonnenberg (6 years ago)
Almost everyone of European heritage has a crest.
diariesofpierce (6 years ago)
Imagine Charlie with a beard... o.o
madithegr8 (6 years ago)
yes. Sorry :)
dancingchicken212 (6 years ago)
oh my god, can i just hug him.
Loren Styles (6 years ago)
That was quali-tea.
Joey Clarke (6 years ago)
Am I?
Sykelone (6 years ago)
*claps* You are late.
Joey Clarke (6 years ago)
Pixie (6 years ago)
I've watched this 5 times
Jessica Hinz (6 years ago)
why is it that almost every youtuber has lemongrab somewhere in their room?!
locomason (6 years ago)
He spent £700 on his chair & it creaked when he leant back.
Cece andHannah (6 years ago)
This sound is cool on heaphounes
Erin B (6 years ago)
you're so adorable and i love you XD creeper mode : i'll have your babys O___o
dragonwoodspill (6 years ago)
Ashleywrite (6 years ago)
"Lady intimacy", good one!
Izzy O'toole (6 years ago)
I'm not too sure but I think McDonnell is Irish. the "Mc" is shortened from its original form "Mac" meaning son in Irish and "Donnell", well I don't know but I hope its clearer now :) And by the way I know this because I'm Irish...
A.R. Kapp (6 years ago)
How did that guy go from 1000 subscribers to ZERO?!?!?!?!? I swear it's true check his channel if u don't believe me!

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