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Bras N Things How To Apply - Silicone Adhesive Bra

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Text Comments (27)
Aldi Aldi (12 days ago)
harsha chalapathi (28 days ago)
You so sexy come for one night I want fuck
hughbo52 (1 month ago)
I now know how there are so many views, a few hundred guys hit REPLAY several times.
hughbo52 (1 month ago)
Don't you have to let them air dry and avoid contact with other materials? Demonstration was very well done.
Paula Schmidt (1 month ago)
carlosshark (1 month ago)
I seriously thought we're going to get a free show!
Muhd Airul (19 hours ago)
Same :v
Roger Waters (2 months ago)
andy griffith background music showing porn to make it ok LOL
Chris Ko (2 months ago)
I am horny now, help.
BD Rock's (2 months ago)
i don't trust of this cup
Boby Mathur (4 months ago)
jabi tight dikhe
Treasure Hunter UK (4 months ago)
The only problem is when you sweat (as in the summer with a blackless dress) you get damp and the adhesive stops working. They come off and slide down. I was walking down the street, trying to hold them inside my T-Shirt till I got to somewhere I could take them out. I lost a nipple shield last week, it just came unstuck and dropped somewhere. They are a great idea, but nothing you can rely on.
Aliguddu Haider (5 months ago)
neethu haran (5 months ago)
How to fix strap holder if it has come out in These kind of bra
Vitra Feihs (1 month ago)
Not certain about the points made but you need to know that follow wrong method can hurt and make your breasts look bad,if anyone else trying to find out enlarge your breast without surgery try *4BiggerBreast. Com*  ? I've seen some awesome things about it, my sister grew 1 cup size within 3 weeks follow these strategies she started seeing results in the second week?
María Raxon (5 months ago)
Thank you!
tayee saisathwik (10 days ago)
Sai Sathwikisrestarts
Priyanka Patil (7 months ago)
Thank you .
Vijay Kumar (1 year ago)
If bra Wear 32 inches than what's size of cup will take
Sunetra S (1 year ago)
Thank a lot dear for this demo.Now i can able understand how to use this kind of Bra.
Ramu Debnath (1 month ago)
Sunetra S
xo (1 year ago)
Can that cause saggy boobs to look more firmer andLifted ...
Karolína Cinková (1 year ago)
Dee'Xo I have one of those and it doesn't lift them up, no matter what I do... I have pretty heavy boobs, so gravity work for me even more than for normal women with normal breasts :D :(
angry demon HYPER (1 year ago)
Only can hold a hour
MA AN (1 year ago)
tunderninja tunderninja can you explain. I mean is this is not ok
Kelly Gibbs (2 years ago)
how long do they hold for
Joseph Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Kelly Gibbs and other

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