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Dick Sucking Hoover

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Watch Me Live! - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/freddietwentie Audio from WKUK Animated by me One of my first full 'Flash' animations. Needed to confidently be able to use flash for my main project, this is just something I animated to get to know the software properly, thought I'd share it with you lot :P ORIGINAL VIDEO BY WKUK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2EMGmv0FqM Ending music: Corridor Digital - Vanishing Point https://corridordigital.bandcamp.com/track/vanishing-point-brush-with-death
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Text Comments (87)
Mr sohberg (11 days ago)
Al Di (16 days ago)
Woohoo wkuk for the win xD
Darkness aka ELT0077 (22 days ago)
*the vaccum factory's stock goes up*
fiddleknocker (1 month ago)
Can I buy a vacuum that cleans my apartment?
Gamer Temmeh (2 months ago)
That is someone who is truly high all the time
1983 Machine (2 months ago)
Tenga Flip Hole. Blanket of Bliss model. $60. Much cheaper. Easy clean. Adjustable friction.
Cool Guy8527 (3 months ago)
*sucks dick*
Kyle Robinson (4 months ago)
1:25 he looks so adorable awww
lobolan a (4 months ago)
No entiendo nada y me estoy riendo
Suu (4 months ago)
Age-restricted video. Lol.
Reaper Bunny (4 months ago)
this is re*dick*clois
The Pixel Reaper (4 months ago)
My friend stuck his dick in a 20$ vacuum & it didn't damage his penis
Freddie Twenty (4 months ago)
..... what was the exact make of it? (asking for a friend)
Sue Holmes (5 months ago)
you gay is fuck dude
Amulvaro (5 months ago)
the only animation channel who make me laught to much XD
Amulvaro (5 months ago)
my great mistake is puttin my [email protected]# in a cleaner so now i dont have more one dic
Purple Fairy (6 months ago)
That hell
asian Butter (7 months ago)
Suckyy succy quickky
KuroDEV (7 months ago)
(takes deep breath) This smells like Egoraptor.
*D E E P S U C C*
CAN.D LANDIE (7 months ago)
I think its fine
UnKnowN (7 months ago)
These are just too funny
Freddie Twenty (7 months ago)
The audio is from an original video by WKUK :) Check them out :D
Duckysrule255 (8 months ago)
Israel Millian (8 months ago)
First impression of your channel legitimate content I subbed
Ghost yy (8 months ago)
Love your vids big inspiration to me for drawing
Ghost yy (8 months ago)
Freddie Twenty no need to say thanks and oh my god you reapplied 😮😮😮
Freddie Twenty (8 months ago)
:D thank you!
Missy Belz (8 months ago)
The Rookie (8 months ago)
Reminds me of a short Japanese clip where a guy put a fake mouth thingy on the vacuum and once he put his dick in he scream like there is no tomorrow
Nicubing (8 months ago)
*S U C C*
Nicubing (8 months ago)
* S U C C *
Nicubing (8 months ago)
more Hassan tube (8 months ago)
Arczero (8 months ago)
this is unique :D new sub
EmeraldM (8 months ago)
Will they rip my vagina?
KayzPlayz (8 months ago)
this is just content for potatoz
Leonardo Costa (8 months ago)
Does it? Also i love your animations
Ching (8 months ago)
keep up the good work brother
WARPAINT GAMER (9 months ago)
i get big one day ..animate me
Freddie Twenty (9 months ago)
Yeah sure why not :D
BugChicken (9 months ago)
Bet it was a Roomba.
VasT Dawn (9 months ago)
Yo i love these animations they all made me luagh keep it up👍👍
Solura (9 months ago)
Watch as it still rips his dick off.
Unruly Films (9 months ago)
*T H E S U C C*
Lucas_Memes_BR_OMAO (9 months ago)
D a t *S U C C*
Mason Thompson (9 months ago)
Love your animations, Freddie!! Keep em cumming :)
• Dead Inside • (6 months ago)
Masons' Gaming Channel puns 😂
Turgut Ege Öztürk (9 months ago)
10/10 work.
bean spout (10 months ago)
You deserve way more views then this fuck it makes me the mad
Midnight Commentaries (10 months ago)
Rashed Elamin (10 months ago)
this mothafucka STILL gon buy it this is ridiculous *looks around while swiping card*
Connor Westwood (10 months ago)
S'preddy gud m90
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
cheers con :3
XX MEGA (10 months ago)
I undeniably love your animations, those are too much hilarious
XX MEGA (10 months ago)
Freddie Twenty I disagree, I'm sure it will be funny in a way or another
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
thanks MEGA :D My next animation won't be funny, it's more a throwback animation :L
PlayLikeFabian (10 months ago)
$1400 makes many real blowjobs XD
Travis (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot now I'm gonna be binge watching WKUK for a week now
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
xD I used to do the same years ago :P
UltimosVA (10 months ago)
Dude nice one making an animation of the most classic YouTube channel from our childhoods from the late 2000s. Stay awesome ma dude!
Sam Villari (1 month ago)
The best skit out of any comedy show
Gamer Temmeh (2 months ago)
Please tell me their name
THE GAMING BROTHERS (3 months ago)
This is the best thing
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
You're welcome! :) I miss the old-style of Youtube creators :/
AAAy Lmao INC (10 months ago)
Tate Anakov (10 months ago)
I prefer a dyson honestly gives good succ
Marlon Montel Higgins (8 months ago)
+Freddie Twenty - I'd rather have Hetty.
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
Henry the hoover has a face though... feels more legit
Sion Griffiths (10 months ago)
Sion Griffiths (9 months ago)
Freddie Twenty i’m not sure. All i remember that we watched hied it together.
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
Was it you who introduced me to WKYK in high school?! xD
StupidStarSonic (10 months ago)
I mean like...did he use it?
StupidStarSonic (10 months ago)
Mr.Death ...yup And his dick too
Mr.Death (10 months ago)
StupidStarSonic yeah, his appartment has never been cleaner
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
I guess he did, I mean... $1400... better be a good suck (Y) Just put the link to the original video in the desc, completely forgot to do that D:
anonymous anonymous (10 months ago)
Id just get the black chick to blow me instead fuck that $1400
Freddie Twenty (9 months ago)
thanks man means a lot :) will do! :D
anonymous anonymous (10 months ago)
Freddie Twenty Good vid tho man. I found your channel out of chance when someone posted the door is stuck meme. And wanted to watch it my self and found this keep it up man you make funny shit
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
yeah bit pricey for a hoover, a street-corner lady is only $50
Kyle Venditti (10 months ago)
Deoxin (10 months ago)
hmm yes interesting. (10 months ago)
*S U C C*
Retard Nation (10 months ago)
Funny as always
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
a lot of the credit goes to WKYK, they made the skit to begin with, I just used the audio :)
Retard Nation (10 months ago)
Freddie Twenty (10 months ago)
hi! :P

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