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Admiral Byrd's North Pole Flight to "Agartha" (diary audiobook)

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*The North Seal Project has since been CANCELLED* Narrated by Jeff Agartha In Admiral Byrd's diary from 1926, Byrd apparently informs readers of having entered into the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and having traveled 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, waterways, green vegetation, and animal life. The outside temperature recorded was 74 degrees F. His airplane was welcomed by machines of a type he had never actually seen before. His hosts informed him that he had actually been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral and ethical status. They claimed that to be the protectors of Earth – to protect its inhabitants from the scurrilous activities of the power brokers and nefarious government agencies with impure agendas. After the visit, Byrd and his crew were guided back to the outer area of the Earth. The inquiry that still stays is that Admiral Byrd did make a trip past the post but this flight wasn’t in February of 1947. *VISIT OUR FLAT EARTH TSHIRT SHOP https://www.etsy.com/shop/flatearthparadise
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Outworld Studios (4 days ago)
His Secret Diary is fake. The quote from the Arianni master is from the Movie "Lost Horizon". The master in the movie said the same thing about a dark time coming as in his supposed "secret diary" which is a mix of this movie and his real diary from his 1926 polar flight. This story about a secret diary is a hoax.
nam1263 (6 days ago)
Woa.... it's really mind blowing, reduced me to tears..Admiral Richard E Byrd, my heart tells me that you are a good man at heart and mind. The fictitious poles are just the fruits of man's failures to see with mind and soul. Old idioms as quoted by F Amadeo Giannini in his book "The worlds Beyond the Poles" described that state so aptly..."With eyes you see what you see not, yet believe what you see not....None are so blind as they who will not see...The more you look the less you see....It is the brain that truly sees...and the telescope lenses do not have brains....."
kim scher (6 days ago)
This is absolutely untrue there is no way there are no people in outer space to come to this world if it's a fraud
James Ritchie (6 days ago)
This is completely fake, and those who spread it should be ashamed of themselves. They have neither ethics nor morality. and certainly no character or goodness.
Daniel Brookes (7 days ago)
There were no 'atomic bombs' they don't exist. They are a fear mongering lie. Hiroshima and nagasaki were fire bombed horrendously
Mr. JM (9 days ago)
who writes "oh wait it looks like a mammoth...." audio recording maybe ... but no one would write in such a way!!
Richard C (6 days ago)
not true you do not know my brother
kiezer sosay (10 days ago)
I'm fuckn goin. I'm sure they'd let me in when they see how good my hash is...
aaron cruz (14 days ago)
aaron cruz (14 days ago)
William Bellew (15 days ago)
I thought this happened at the "south pole "?
Deb Marcum (16 days ago)
Africa never kill all white they on other side anartica waiting fry them when needed
Marcel Baumann (17 days ago)
Why does the Flight log show Nov. 18th 1929 and all claim either 1926 or 1947. Some even claim it was at the South Pole in the Antarctica. So folks, get the dates right. Clear is, that he could not be warned with a message to the cabal not to use atomic weapons again back in 1926 or 1929, so 1947 makes sense. However, the Tri-Motor Fokker did the flights in 1929.
london bledi (20 days ago)
Daniel 12:4 King James Version (KJV) 4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
Maja DeBij (20 days ago)
the dates are not correct, in 1926 America hadn't thrown any atomic bombs. And in 1947 he went to Antarctica... so which one is it ????
Did Bird write a diary in relation to operation high jump in Antarctica?
mr 1 (21 days ago)
Operation high jump took place in the south pole not North,However I am a firm believe on the claims of admiral Byrd
Green Guy Games (22 days ago)
Woah woah wait. He said their crafts had swastikas on them like it's just some normal shit and doesn't explanation why?!
Callah Clan (27 days ago)
Has anyone sent a drone or balloon up as high as admiral byrd went? I would like to see someone film/photo what Byrd saw at that height.
Tend The Garden now (28 days ago)
Why the fuck do You disable comments on so many of your videos. Praying for you and your mum in the name of Jesus Christ aka yeshua Ben josef.cheers mate
Sigurdur Herlufsen (29 days ago)
Margt hef ég gengið í gegnum og reynt á ferð minni í gegnum lífið - fæddur 1936, en þetta myndband með dagbókum Admiral Byrds yfir Norður Pólinn er af þeim karakter að það sem kemur fram í hans lýsingum í dagbókinni er til mjög mikils gagns fyrir okkur sem leitum svara sem sé sannleikanum samkvæmur. Gleður mig mikið það sem þarna kom fram . TAKK
pratama ananda (29 days ago)
Real of fake?
Faisal Alturki (1 month ago)
It passable. That could have happed. I expect everything
Ralph Pacifico (1 month ago)
in 18th century olaf jansen with his father lived at agartha for 2 years.
Todd Brandham (1 month ago)
It's hilarious I had to look for five minutes to find a video that I can comment on about Flat Earth you people are so fucking stupid
zmbewolfable (1 month ago)
Froze brain or smoking good stuff
yariel x (1 month ago)
He saw where wonder woman live!!!
Love Reiki (1 month ago)
dear Admiral Byrd- a magnificent Soul that came to help Earth be more spiritually aware, (was a noble human ) - his north pole flight on feb 19, 1947 was timed, to also connect to the benevolent inner earth Agarthans (ariani as they call themselves) and other races there, to bring help to surface humans and earth life above.. but then was met with ego , power, fear and darkness. maybe now humans will bring forth a higher change on earth enmass. we are all here and bringing light. ,
Rai Miranda (1 month ago)
BEWARE of a religion who judges accounts like this as demonic, when they have, throughout history been known for making FALSE PREDICTIONS and PROPHECIES and deceiving the masses because of money. So then, the TREE is known by its fruit. Deceivers, who profess to know the truth, by their own flawed history. So, IF their claims COULDN'T be trusted before, what makes us think we can trust their judgments NOW?
Rai Miranda (1 month ago)
I see a lot of professing Christians here judging things beyond their understanding, just as the PHARISEES, who thought they knew everything about the Scripture called Jesus a demon and KILLED their own Savior.
A KP (1 month ago)
This can't be authentic because Hiroshima was firebombed not nuked
Grillo Grillo (1 month ago)
It's a known fact that Admiral Byrd's supposed flight in the Josephine Ford over the North Pole transpired in 1926 when he was 38. He did not fly there in 1946, which reveals that this presentation is filled with fabrications... Whether or not he actually made it to his destination, has been a subject of debate for the last 90 years, another fact. Add 90 years to 1946, it certainly does not bring you anywhere close to 2016 (it seems that's the year the debate ended) www.livescience.com/28727-Byrd-didn-t-fly-over-north-pole.html So, when the "Master" talks about WW2 and the atom bomb, is evidence enough of a fabricated video! Entertaining though but a waste of time..Rather read the Bible, there's more truth laid bare in the Good Book than watching this nonsense, with respect, not taking anything away from Adm Byrd
Ryde Ovashit (1 month ago)
His son posted his diary
Mike Brown (2 months ago)
LMAO...Totaly Fake!! Thats not the vocabulary that he would use in a report.
david geosits (2 months ago)
If the year is 1947, then you are referring to Byrd's trip to the SOUTH Pole ( Operation High Jump ) not NORTH Pole.
Sherry Halverson (3 months ago)
SuperTRev (3 months ago)
The nazis were protecting the same airspace of that king who rebuked leaders who would rather destroy the world than relinquish their power? Hmmm... What were the nazis doing at that time? They have superior technology, but were distressed at some WWII age fighter craft attacking them? A race that wants to help humanity, yet the governments work to keep it a secret? He never mentioned the four rivers at the North pole. I don't know about this diary video.
julio carvalho (3 months ago)
Bull shit bull shit this is for retards I’ve been hearing about the end of the world aliens etc etc etc for years it’s all fucking bull shit
JETHO321 (3 months ago)
The North Pole is in the middle of the ocean.
TheDarkPan (3 months ago)
allelbows97 (3 months ago)
FAKE!! dont listen to him. they are just trying to hide the truth: The earth is actually claw-shaped and every 12 Hours it is inserted into the anus of a giant Tortoise (clearly explaining the night and day phenomenon). LOGIC WINS!
Megan Sebastian (3 months ago)
this entry isn't concurrent with other accounts..way too descriptive
Al winata (3 months ago)
Am starting a voyage to the opening of inner earth, lets make a breakthrough for mankind
Chris Squire (3 months ago)
... what the fuck was he 'moking?! There's no valley, no trees; Hell, there's not even land, it's all ice & water. Come on man....
MOOSEDOWNUNDER (3 months ago)
Absolute bullshit. His flight was 1926, buck rogers did not start as a comic until 1928 secondly http://www.admiralbyrd.com/north-pole-flight-1926.html there is no mention of this tripe whatsoever. All nonsense.
Steven Wyatt (3 months ago)
In 1970/71 the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission detonated the largest Hydrogen bomb ever detonated in history, in a gigantic cavern at the North Pole..very aggressive..I know about this because my Grandfather was Chief of Security Nevada Atomic Energy Commission and he told me about the blast over breakfast in 72 and he was scared about some of the effects of the magnetic pluses from the blast and what it had done to the tilt angle of the Earth and how it was going to cause droughts and many weather abnormalities...the U.S. military complex was also targeting the entrance into the inner earth...the DOD has threatened me with arrest in the past for trying to discuss this ..Apparently it's still classified...
Mike Joseph (3 months ago)
WHAT a name for a plane lol
Eric Bernal (3 months ago)
there it is march 11th made up story
mega dude (4 months ago)
How do we know this is real and you didn’t just made it up and said it was from this admiral?
Howard Luken (4 months ago)
Byrd didn't write this shit. Stupid sheeple.
Ch J (4 months ago)
I believe Olaf Jansens story in the Smokey God is true, so geographically speaking I also believe this account.
Tracy Dee (4 months ago)
Why would anyone want to call themselves an american when there is so much evidence that they change any truths that don't fit in with the way they think. I don't like americans and it shows.
Andrew (4 months ago)
Not a great story, but also not bad, so I suppose well done. Fairly entertaining, not up to Jules Verne standard, but ok.
Dale Mcneil (4 months ago)
You know they sent that probe to the asteroid or comet a year back, why don't they just one to FOBOS. One of Mars's moons and let's find out what that Monolith is? It would be a lot cheaper and a lot easier and a lot quicker.??? Even Buzz Aldrin says he wants to know what that "Monolith" is and HE calls it a monolith not just an object. Monoliths are only made by intelligent species, nature and weather doesn't make monolith and 90 degree angled or straight lines. P.s. it's like the communications blackout when Apollo 11 first landed on the moon they just said it was a signal loss but who knows???
bobbyduguay1 (4 months ago)
Adm. Byrd flew in 1926... yet they tell him they did not like us using A-bombs in Nagasaki / Hiroshima Japan.. in 1945... sounds like a b s story .
SumYung Guy (4 months ago)
Bro You know when They make movies it takes Teams of people with different Ideas. You think One person Decided to Invent This Story ? Get fucked
Jerel Moore (4 months ago)
I'm calling bullshit. If he was killed by the government to keep him quiet then why release his "experience" at the north pole. bullshit
Omg this is so good! Thanks
Viking Power (4 months ago)
Please just stop this absolutely ridiculous crap about the earth being flat or hollow. When shooting a high power sniper rifle accurately at extreme ranges you must take into account elevation, windage, bullet drop, wind direction, temperature and Curvature of The EARTH.🌎."
TDurden009 (4 months ago)
Amazing he made the trip in that old Fokker.
w96725 (4 months ago)
Nonsense! Deamons do not have the answers!!!
Truth Beyond Phenomenon (4 months ago)
This would be the hollow no flat earth
Colin Williams (4 months ago)
Whats the source of this ?????
Shaun Wallace (4 months ago)
He found Wakanda
Just Sum Guy (4 months ago)
Well err....which "Pole" did he go to??..both??....And..if he was an "Admiral" then he's already dirty..he's military. So....did he slip up "Deliberately" and let people know on an old "Live TV show" about land beyond the southern pole by accident?, (which is doubtful as it would be beyond Top Secret) Or was it simply to deceive?....
edward richard (4 months ago)
In my hometown of Winchester Va there is a statue of him in that fur coat and his dog in front of the court house.
Emmanuel (4 months ago)
It sounds like admiral Byrd's journals were confiscated and altered to portray a false truth. The land over the north pole belongs to the fallen angels and demons who portray themselves as good in order to trick mankind. Back in ancient days, they required blood sacrifices. It sounds like since their blood sacrifices and false doctrines failed in ancient days, they are trying a new approach. They want to portray themselves as good aliens or more evolved beings. Do not trust that these tall white beings are good because the angels of God are tall and white and if they are on the earth, this means they are angels of Satan.
Emmanuel (4 months ago)
I don't think this is what happened. Everything makes sense all the way up until the leader starts talking. He sounds as if he cares about humanity but he does not. To let the entire world destroy itself with violence is not love. It seems what the leader is afraid of is having the atomic weps used on him instead of humanity.
Jeffrey Vonk (4 months ago)
Even if you don't believe a single word from this story, it is a fact they are hiding something there... no doubt
Stephen Shelley (4 months ago)
That was a very amusing laugh. Thanks!
Jeffrey Icao (4 months ago)
its a wake up call, that the government is hiding to us...
ian farewell (4 months ago)
How did Admiral Byrd and the Nazis in this magical place know about the atomic bombs in 1926? It happened 20 years later.
Nemesis (4 months ago)
lol. Like the guy that started the Mormon faith. Another freemason phony BS artist.
Daniel Miranda (4 months ago)
Is thia legit? Or a hollow earth vid? Or nazis run the world vid? Intresting tho..
Ravan Paulastya (4 months ago)
Video tells us at 0:20 that Admiral Byrd took his flight on May 9th, 1926 (which is a fact) and then those beings warn him about dangers of atomic weapons which were used in 1945. These propaganda artists are disgusting.
Scott Bourassa (4 months ago)
Who is the master?
Tim Cory (4 months ago)
Awesome. I have never heard this account before. I have a new admiration for the Admiral and I wish people could still write and speak with such eloquence.
AHLC Global (4 months ago)
LINKS at the bottom of this Flat Earth/Dome blog article from a NASA disclosure in 2016 proving that the Plasma-Chrystaline dome exists. With a link from M.I.T, and the University of CO, and Huffington Post who also covered the "quiet" disclosure - http://ancienthebrewlearningcenter.blogspot.com/2016/09/aflat-creation-space-dome-and-flower-of.html
Robin Small (4 months ago)
The more I read about Mr. Bird ... the more I think BULLSHIT BIRD! You are a patsy!
Jerky (4 months ago)
The only problem I see, is no one brought a camera or motion picture camera? That is the only thing that bothers me, the military ALWAYS visually documents everything they can, especially unknowns in the event something happens. And no mention of pictures in his diary. This seems odd to me.
rocio jurado (4 months ago)
this entities may be demons ,having fun with us ! the devil clothed as angel of light !!! why to mentioned the nuclear bomb ? when never existed ? this whole thing is a lie ...
rocio jurado (4 months ago)
there someplace must be a hope for the men of good will ,but this event seems never happen ,because number one : laureated by the goverment? anything gov do is false a lie ,second ,why now this publicated ? is another moonlanding falsity ? and third :the atomic bomb never existed ,those cities were bombarded by phosphorous bombs no nuclear ! so my conclusion is that someone is lying to deceive all of us !!!! but for sure :I hope a better time for all of us !
Jenn Ston (4 months ago)
The people he met speaks deutch
Ray Adams (4 months ago)
This is a lier. He said strange things about south pole as well. He must had been hallucinating.
prodigy5405 (4 months ago)
Maybe the fortress of solitude was found?
Jonathan M Bardsley (4 months ago)
They pulled Admiral Byrd into the inner earth to talk about atomic bombs but yet another 1000 more atomic bombs was exploded, you think a super race would allow that to happen.
SaketG (4 months ago)
This sounds more like a novel than someone's diary entry. No one talks like that, not even these inner earth dudes.
Rafal Orlowski (4 months ago)
In my opinion we can’t trust this, this is given to us from enemy. Is little bit of truth mixed with a lot bs.
Martyn Dyson (4 months ago)
At that time after the first use of an atomic bomb on a city and the countless bombs detonated for research and the world in a very very uncertain future it's not a stretch that an admiral in the know of the terrible atomic age might concoct a story to scare the people at the top the people who could destroy the world! I think the admiral was scared at where things where going and made up a story using his fame and name in hope he could dissuade his government! I don't believe his story however I do think his heart was in the right place and his attempt at trying to curve at his time the unknown deadly age of atomic energy and atomic weapons!
Sir Bang-a-Lot (4 months ago)
maybe it was Wakanda
Siben Wolf (4 months ago)
We need to lonch an expudition to the north pole, we need to put this idea everywhere so that it falls in the lap of someone or preferably someone's with the funding to back this, a mass UAV invasion of the North pole, each equipped with Faraday protection infrared night vision sonar the works, if 100 drones are shot down we need to send 1000, if 1000 drones are shot down we need to send 100000000000000000 as many as needed!!!!!!!!!! All at once we need as many people in on this as possible storm the pols!!!!! Each UAV will be broadcasting live telemetry, SPREAD THE WORD!!!!! Make this a movement!!!!!! That's the only way we will make this posibal!!!!!! Cus we all know they will never tell us shit, it's time for us to take it by force!!!!! We outnumber them and can do this if enough people participate!!!! Copy and past this EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Effen Rad (4 months ago)
Flat earth cough cough paradise? Snow globe fools. The Egyptians were real and so is math.
Keitron Wallace (4 months ago)
I refuse to believe anything that sounds like a Rick and Morty episode.... Flugulrads.......
Bill William (4 months ago)
Devils have this earth -bible teaches truth--Plausible but intention is to devieve- One book-one Word composite to follow for relative earth life natural and demonic- Gods angel speak not since rev 22:18-19 was commanded no revelation from ad 70 ish with John untill the end DATE!
Christopher Johnson (4 months ago)
It's a type of swaztica. This is fantastic. Lmao.. wow
jay smith (4 months ago)
I doubt such a location even exists. Who really knows what sort of realm we live on?
Just another Channel. (4 months ago)
For those who say “We must go see it for our self’s!!” You won’t and can’t. You can only dream.
Aton Mars (4 months ago)
Byrd never said the earth was flat but hollow. you are a lying hoe and should be shot on sight.
Colin Reddiar (4 months ago)
Does anyone else feel this story could have been pulled out his ass?
Robert Wilson (4 months ago)
Agartha entity's tried to control me while driving one time...they're evil
aaaj (4 months ago)
"I speak from memory here" Literally remembered word for word everything

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