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EMS Radio Frequency 630NM Red Light 650NM Laser Comb for Hair Growth for Women and Men

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👉👉👉Link for More Information or Purchase: http://www.medlightcome.com/ems-radio-frequency-630nm-red-light-650nm-laser-comb-for-hair-growth-for-women-and-man-p0039-p0039.html The Hair Growth Laser Comb is a scientific instrument without any pain, harm or side effects. In order to achieve the final goals of improving hair loss and promoting hair growth, the Hair Growth Laser Comb adopts 14 food-grade 304 stainless steel balls and 12000RPM high-frequency vibration device for scalp massage, utilizes three 650NM red laser diodes and eight 630NM red LEDs to irradiate scalp cells to open clogged follicles, and introduces the technologies of 125HKz radio frequency and AC35-55V EMS microcurrent to stimulate scalp cells to absorb nutrients. In addition, the Hair Growth Laser Comb can enhance hair elasticity, recover hair luster, improve hair dryness and prevent split ends. ►650NM Red Soft Laser Light+630NM Red LED Light Stimulate Hair Follicles and Improve Scalp Environment. ►125HKz Radio Frequency+AC35-55V EMS Microcurrent Stimulate Scalp Muscles and Promote Blood Circulation. ►14 Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel Balls+12000RPM High-frequency Vibration Device Stimulate Head Acupuncture Points for Massage.
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