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BOMB SCARE - Reading Oracle

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The Reading Oracle shopping centre closes when police find a suspicious package inside. The Oracle was evacuated as a precaution and closed for the whole day while Bomb disposal team dealt with the situation. Also I was on the news!!!! __________ Social Media: http://www.facebook.com/tommytankvideo https://www.instagram.com/saltybollocks/ http://www.twitter.com/TommySalter
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Text Comments (8)
Ali Mousa (8 months ago)
You flipping numpty ... not containing that smile 🙄🙄 ... well what more would I expect 😂😂
Rookie_DIY (9 months ago)
Good to see you back fella.
tommytankvideo (9 months ago)
Ok haha. I can't wait
Rookie_DIY (9 months ago)
tommytankvideo Don't worry Tommy, I will have some new material for your next video.
tommytankvideo (9 months ago)
Rookie_DIY you've got this comment and copy and paste haven't you? Lol
ahbaab sikdar (9 months ago)
The joke was too sooon😂😂
Rich D (9 months ago)
Omg like well could have died!! Someone will spot you and you'll get your own version of Russel Howard's good news in no time!
lee ferris (9 months ago)
Ok bye lol

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