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Tyga - Taste (Official Music Video) ft. Offset

2820879 ratings | 486552481 views
For the single, "Taste". Out Now! Stream: https://EMPIRE.lnk.to/Taste Produced by d.a. doman Official music video by Tyga featuring Offset performing Taste. © 2018 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE http://vevo.ly/xAOmJE #Tyga #Taste #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #Offset
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Text Comments (74522)
Zpro Gamer (22 seconds ago)
Txt if Im Able to use for YouTube vidd
Zpro Gamer (1 minute ago)
What is backround beat ps me
Michel Berry (3 minutes ago)
The cock is exciting fucking
Michel Berry (4 minutes ago)
many suspense in this music as if you start fucked your girl and once you push it is over! You are all at ease
sadness br (4 minutes ago)
Cadê os br kkkk
Clai Hue (11 minutes ago)
u better off with the skinhead dawg
masa8881 (13 minutes ago)
D.A Slide on a pimp game with my pinky ring Lotta gang, lotta bitches, and a icy chain Why you claim that you rich? That's a false claim I be straight to the whip, no baggage claim Whole lotta styles, can't even pronounce the name You don't even got no style, see you on my Instagram I be rockin' it like it's fresh out the pan Only when I'm takin' pics, I'm the middleman Walk, talk it like a boss, I just lift the hand Three million cash, call me Rain Man Money like a shower, that's my rain dance And we all in black, like it's Gangland Say the wrong word, you be hangman Watch me stick to your bitch like a spray tan Aw, Mr. 'What Kind Of Car You In?' In the city love my name, nigga, I ain't gotta say it Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, fuck what a nigga say It's all the same, like Mary-Kate Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, let you get a taste Taste, taste, do you love the taste? Yeah that's cool but he ain't like me Lotta girls like me, niggas wanna fight me Nigga get yo ass checked like a fuckin' Nike Me not icey, that's unlikely And she gon' suck me like a fuckin' Hi-C Aw, chains on the neck for the whole team And I feel like Gucci with the ice cream And my bitch want the Fenty, not the Maybelline I'm the black JB the way these bitches scream Make these bitches scream Pretty little thing Like my nigga A.E, say, "yadadamean" Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, fuck what a nigga say It's all the same, like Mary-Kate Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, let you get a taste Taste, taste, do you love the taste? Yeah that's cool Yeah, I'ma put the drip on the plate (drip, drip) Diamond ice-glazed, niggas imitate (ice, ice) Aye, aye feed me grapes Maybach with the drac' (grape) Slow pace in the Wraith, got this shit from bae Diamonds up to par, the cookie hittin' hard (hard) The Rari sit in park, I'm at it, on Mars (Mars) Shotgun shells, we gon' always hit the target (blaow) Popcorn bitch shell poppin' out the cartridge (pop it) 3400 Nawfside, Charles Barkley 4-8-8, Ferrari Make her get on top of me and ride me like a Harley She wanna keep me company and never want depart me (no) (Depart me) Yeah, fishtail in the parking lot (skrt, skrt) I don't kick it with these niggas 'cause they talk about 'cha And I got the fire, don't make me spark it out 'cha Keep it in my back pocket like it's a wallet Like the way she suck it, suck it like a Jolly (whoa) Stack it up and put it with the whole project (racks) And she got the Patek on water moccasin I'm rich in real life, I get that profit, copy Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, let you get a taste Taste, taste, do you love the taste? Yeah, that's cool, but he ain't like me Taste, taste, LA you can get a taste Taste, taste, Miami you can get a taste Taste, taste, Oakland you can get a taste Taste, taste, New York do you love the taste? Taste, taste, Chi-Town you can get a taste Taste, taste, Houston you can get a taste Taste, taste, Portland you can get a taste Taste, taste, overseas let them bitches taste Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, she can get a taste Taste, taste, do you love the taste? Taste, taste, worldwide they gon' get a taste
TheMafio88 (31 minutes ago)
Omg what a shit crap stupid people music.
Alin Pusuc (39 minutes ago)
0:04 when you step on a poop😂
Lola Xoxo (48 minutes ago)
So... I’m guessing he likes ass...?
Amazing Escapologist (1 hour ago)
The song would have been better without tyga's voice
Expose -_- (2 hours ago)
0:59 tattoo
Expose -_- (2 hours ago)
Expose -_- (2 hours ago)
31 girls
Joaqui Flair Drip (3 hours ago)
安不同 (3 hours ago)
I think this song good,but old tygas look better
Jose Alcaraz (3 hours ago)
This reminds me of my early 20's.
Giddy up Riders (4 hours ago)
If My Dad Saw this He'd Be all over the Girls aye
Jamal Osman (4 hours ago)
Cefe King (4 hours ago)
John Paul Kariithi (5 hours ago)
"Some cuts" Trillvile, u know
Victorya Sunshine Hill (5 hours ago)
the best song
Jessica H (5 hours ago)
@daisymarquez got a taste
1kingwanza (5 hours ago)
THANKS FOR SUPPORTING. FAM ... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnsAAJlCaoR-hmo4yIoogBJ-987BfdlYS
Ron Stallworth (5 hours ago)
Bounced on my Tgirls dick to this song till I could taste her hormonaly confused dick in my mouth. You know who I'd really love to give a taste to, Jon Ham in his meaty thick chest hair. Anyways I digress, Fuck tyga you piece of shit pedophile 8===============D 8===============D SUBSCRIBE to PEWDIEPIE
ronnie banik (5 hours ago)
Tyga is garbage
Leanna Rey (5 hours ago)
A will good song
Isaac Trawick (6 hours ago)
Kingbach at the end 😂😂😂😂😭
Michelle Metzger (6 hours ago)
Am I the only person that sees the "Kyle" look alike
Michelle Metzger (6 hours ago)
Bruno Cardoso (6 hours ago)
Marvel boy?jaja
Ryan Cowdrick (7 hours ago)
So much booty in this video
Alexis Guatemala (7 hours ago)
Matt H (7 hours ago)
Where's puffy ?
Kumar Aditya (7 hours ago)
Biggest comeback
A TURTLE COWBOYS FAN (7 hours ago)
1:13 when you steal someone’s chick
Queen Savage (8 hours ago)
Offset cancelled
Sckolar (8 hours ago)
I have never seen so many tramp stamps in one place before.
struchomillo (8 hours ago)
The beat is like... OMFG
Brianna Mcginty (8 hours ago)
I only like the beat not the actual lyrics XD
ElDominioNigga Gamer (8 hours ago)
marvel boy nigga🔥
Lilly Wise (8 hours ago)
Kelly Akoussah (9 hours ago)
Teacher : There Is No Homework Today Me: 1:40-1:44
Adam Taylor (9 hours ago)
Anyone know the blonde in the blue bikini, asking for a mate
Deep Ghai 420 (9 hours ago)
1:06 wiz khalifa👌👌❤❤
Deep Ghai 420 (9 hours ago)
Journey family (9 hours ago)
This is my song
five Nydia (10 hours ago)
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EX6T HDTV (10 hours ago)
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Sianna Galvan (10 hours ago)
Love you and This song it is sick so is cream
Mikaela Gomez (10 hours ago)
my mom has that car but it has roof
No1SayzNo2Me (10 hours ago)
Seems like there is a trend going around.... Of thicc girls twerking....
Young _ Joshyy (10 hours ago)
Who's the girl on 1:02 i bet u guys think she's hot
d-ron (11 hours ago)
Remember from like 2008-2011 when music was ass? Luckily it came back around, theres still trash but theres at least good shit now too.
kkk (11 hours ago)
step right up folks step right up for 1 dime come see the new circus 🎪🤡s of 🇺🇸 🙄 get a free 👊🏼 at any of the zoo animals to wake the freak show 🤪fried brains 🧠 out of fairy tale land
Yousef (11 hours ago)
How this video get this amount of views Tyga so weak!
JaySidouMusic (10 hours ago)
do you at least like the beat, i think the beat is fire
Amy Palacios (11 hours ago)
Who is watching this just to see booty
Elena Mannion (11 hours ago)
tyga looks looks like a who from whooville ngl
Shandon Davis (12 hours ago)
Proud of Tyga for finding his zone and creating his greatest hit ever.
Raposa Rommel (12 hours ago)
The favorite of feminists!!!! haha
STNLYGAMING (12 hours ago)
Dang That white women with tiger tattoos just like “rawr” on me
Reverzive (12 hours ago)
1:15 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Leo Michaud (12 hours ago)
So lucky his last name didn't become Kardashian....look at all that buttttt
Dana Cooper (12 hours ago)
me *im so tired of this song* also me when song comes on *twerks and turns it up louder everytime it comes on*
Andina Carlander (12 hours ago)
1:31 about the big sky worries
FaZe BoY (12 hours ago)
gosh i got a boner the whole song
maxi Dorantes (12 hours ago)
One of mu fav song ❤💯
0 0 (12 hours ago)
He is one of the worst rappers in the world
Grace Reiman (13 hours ago)
I don't think I saw enough ASSES in the video LOL 😛👙🍆🍑🍒🍆👌👌
lil T (13 hours ago)
Fuck you you are bich 10000000sbers my name is nbayoungboy my song is no smoke you are a blood the chips are today come at 8:00
Skye Mills (13 hours ago)
I love this song
yorkialex (13 hours ago)
Tyga made one of the biggest comebacks in hip hop history
Tyga ugly af how did he get Kylie jenner😂
vivian rajan (13 hours ago)
Who knows the Instagram for the girl with the tatted ass
Naim LeKikoo (13 hours ago)
Envie de fait le sexe
Monica Pavwoski (13 hours ago)
Those muda fukas are fuken gold diggers
A TURTLE COWBOYS FAN (14 hours ago)
The only reason this song is good is because of the beat
JaySidouMusic (10 hours ago)
i made a remix to this song, would you like to check it out ? I might have done the beat justice
mickey kratos (14 hours ago)
Ooo...hey wiz
Ciara Jackson (14 hours ago)
The Kylie look alike in the front seat tho 0:20
20 comer (14 hours ago)
Qual foi seus cachorros😂 Quem ta assistindo e lendo os comentários ao mesmo tempo? Com um olho no vídeo👁 e o outro nos comentários👁😂
Nath Ferro (14 hours ago)
# big up tyga njf- west London ft DJ casper
Sheila Viegas (14 hours ago)
Melhor música do mundo
20 comer (14 hours ago)
Jhoan Velez (14 hours ago)
Grabado en la casa de Franklin 😂😎
Jackson Bishop (14 hours ago)
Who is the other rapper in this video?
A V (15 hours ago)
The girl at 1:02 is cute
Xavier Audra (15 hours ago)
Elle Encule tout cette zik
Jordan Morty (15 hours ago)
December 2018 ?
girl Timide (15 hours ago)
Narcos (15 hours ago)
*0,75x* 💕
Mia Parker (16 hours ago)
Are you and Chris still friends?
soleil bowman (16 hours ago)
0:23 pants or shorts?
Alone Zone (16 hours ago)
Okay, this is really stupid. I can guarantee you that 75% of the views are coming from the the thirsty people that just wants to see big butts. If this song didn't have big butts bouncing up and down then this video wouldn't have a lot of views and wouldn't be that popular. It's kind of sad how youtube actually lets people post videos like this, especially since kids, little kids I say to you that are like only like 5 or 6 years old end up seeing this. Like how demoralized can the next generation of people be? Like think about the message you're senting to all the girls about thier body and how it should look??? Shame on youtube for letting people post videos like this.
Unknown 01 (16 hours ago)
Omfg this beat is amazing!!! I love you bro.
JaySidouMusic (15 hours ago)
I like the beat too, do you like the lyrics
SAD NIGGA (16 hours ago)
Ajax Player (16 hours ago)
Yeah the 'beat' is why im here
Lightning McQueen (16 hours ago)
Tyga looks like the black Rodrick from the long haul
Luis Castro (16 hours ago)
By taste duz he mean,nutt 😂😂😂
eni babs (16 hours ago)
is so distugtin
Annamária Partono (17 hours ago)
Yass. Finally i found it
Samaah Thaufeeq (17 hours ago)
Any indians
Peter Hansen (18 hours ago)
soon 500 million !

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