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Citizen of the world: Ex-Marine detained in Russia on espionage charges holds multiple passports

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Britain, Canada, Ireland and the US have all confirmed that a man detained in Russia on spying charges, is one of their citizens. Paul Whelan, a former US Marine, is now at the centre of intense media speculation. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9lr9 RT LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFAcqaNzNSc Check out http://rt.com Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on VK https://vk.com/rt_international Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT #RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Text Comments (379)
Hawaiiguy Kailua (4 days ago)
To his family, wake up and see the facts. On top of that, the US couldn't get a meeting with him fast enough which is highly suspicious.
George Colón (4 days ago)
Multiple passports ,, What else you need ? .. Oh yeah , A blonde wig ... hehehehehee .. The A**Hole spy got caught red handed .. Send his spy a** to Siberia
Sundar Pichai (7 days ago)
Why is RT throwing Butina under the bus? Someone fire that reporter... Butina only broke an administrative law. It's what she didn't do is what got her in jail not what she did do.
Ravage Gonza (8 days ago)
Let this be a lesson, Don't travel to toilet countries or toilet cities ...
Ravage Gonza (8 days ago)
Where's the proof?
TFfolkes (10 days ago)
he is a dishonorably discharged clown
cool cobra (12 days ago)
This is Mosad. He’s not a spy. He is a good guy.
queenfubi (12 days ago)
Omg they put their schlomo from YouTube on RT. This is fkn hysterical and sloppy. You know the drill comrades. Exchange our asset for yours.
Hissy Cissy (13 days ago)
It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Ireland should keep their noses out of this, there are over 1,200 Irish citizens banged up abroad, I wonder do they give a toss about them? It seems they are only interested in High profile cases like Ibrahim Halawa, who actually went to Egypt to join in a demonstration against the government.The 21-year-old had been arrested in 2013 during a protest in support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi, who had been ousted from power in a military coup. He claimed no part in it, yet there were videos of him on you tube on stage speaking to a crowd of thousands. They would have no interest in him if he was actually Irish, proven by their lack of interest in their actual citizens banged up in foreign countries.
Dan Sand (13 days ago)
OMG.... This story was ok until Lionel's voice started scratching chalkboards. Someone get this guy some testosterone.
Tariq Bajwa (14 days ago)
Great job Russia
MyEyesBled (14 days ago)
A Trump supporter who was on failed corruption mission with Russian Mobsters is taken into custody.. No spy, a messenger!
The Beast (14 days ago)
Just attending a wedding 👰🏽 🎩 >needed multiple passports<
Fried Chicken Now (14 days ago)
You can not, can not have multiple citizenships with US security clearance.
Jerry billburg (14 days ago)
danisor ionescu (14 days ago)
A spy is better than a thief. For example Andrey Klishas. Bratva Putinkai
James Lee (14 days ago)
see how they are using the trench coat pic to make him look like a spy? ....Media dont give a damn, they just want ratings
Brian Nelson (14 days ago)
I f-ing hate to say it, and honestly I could be totally wrong. By everything I’ve seen, it appears this cat was a Putin player, and totally worked his expertise on all of these nations.
Bigg Phillips (14 days ago)
It is extremely difficult to get multiple citizenship unless you are very rich.
A A (12 days ago)
Or have family or married abroad, I have three citizenships, parents from two separate countries and wife’s family from another.
A person with different identities= ?
Roman (14 days ago)
I doubt he was detained just for being American. According to what I researched he was attempting to get a list of spies but he got played because the person who promised to get it for him was a Russian FSB.
PeaceWithDefenseOnly (14 days ago)
No swedish or israeli passport?! Unusual...
EiJi Lee (14 days ago)
Kinda shocked Israel didn't try to claim him as their citizen too XD
bonbonaro bonbonarov (15 days ago)
or the way he escape ? :)
Nate Grey (15 days ago)
Russia and the US should arrange a prisoner swap, to avoid bad blood. and get back to negotiations.
A A (12 days ago)
You mean do exactly what Putin wants.
Ludivine Witenberg (15 days ago)
He's a CIA psychopath spy agent for sure.
Rach G (15 days ago)
5 Eyes man?
madmanjshum (15 days ago)
Well this prove that he is a SPY with multiple identities and citizenship.
ltmikepowell (15 days ago)
Did they found ISRAELI passport?
Brian Saylor (15 days ago)
I hope this guy gets everything he deserves and then some. Hopefully he doesn’t make it out of the prison.
notagain1952 (15 days ago)
Spy vs Spy from Mad magazine....these people are all pawns in the big scheme. All of the world is controlled by the same people.
sam halim (15 days ago)
too many spies are captured.where James bond movie .
*Mossad/CIA operative has only four passports?*
tdr (14 days ago)
the Israeli passport is secret.
Renat Khanzarov (15 days ago)
The story unfolds in the most anecdotical direction! I can hardly believe it 😂. Let me guess the next plot twist: he got huge coloured tattoo on his back saying “SPY OR DIE”
Brian Vratoric (15 days ago)
Capois W. LaMort (15 days ago)
I am surprised that the remaining member states (Australia, New Zealand, Scotland) of the axis of the covenant haven't claimed him yet.
Barbara Crickley (15 days ago)
Binemo is going to claim him, he is a Binemo citizen just ask Nikki Haley.
spinning nonsense (15 days ago)
Maybe he's innocent
grobda1 (15 days ago)
um, yeah and I guess I am fucking Thor Odinson...
James Smith (15 days ago)
Barbara Crickley (15 days ago)
spinning nonsense, and maybe John Bolton is a pacifist.
Rizwan Ahmed (15 days ago)
Thanks to Bellingcat for helping get this spy caught.
Yes, this arrest is a retaliation. Yes, Butina is a spy, but for all the good reasons as she went after peaceful relationship with the Americans. Nevertheless, she broke the law. Yes, four passports equals spy.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
two can play the game.
Bezz80 (15 days ago)
This is exactly the kind of stool, I mean tool, some intel agency would use to collect any kind of information and he has the perfect sub covers, with multiple passports, they just all got blown...but who is he actually working for, ex-marine means mercenary for hire, we already know he's a war criminal of some level, as an American who hates the war criminals, Russia can lock him up forever, for all I care and if the death penalty is warranted, don't hesitate.
Outbreaker (15 days ago)
LOL it's even illegal to have 4 passports in all this 4 countries.
Heavy Micro Grow (15 days ago)
So this guy had 4 passports, in his name, and flew into the capital associated to an event with other civilians? And yall are telling me he's a spy? LMAO You think Americans gonna send in a white dude? If he did anything it was stupid and probably under the influence of vodka. 😂 The whole embassy comment is not a spy issue it's the legal way to get Intel, by being an accepted and info ambassador in a foreign country. Trust this dude can be kept for years and not give any info. He was probably already tagged heading in as a decoy if they really wanted to send in anyone. America been dealing with citizens acting stupid overseas for centuries.
anna belle (15 days ago)
Ah the unequivocal loyalty of the global citizen...How very reassuring...👍
bev lower (15 days ago)
minutely informative in your attempt at impartiality. but..."where's the beef?"
Lutz M (15 days ago)
How weird someone with so much nationalities and passports can only be a spy with so many goverments claiming him as there own. He must be working with many intelligence agencies engaged in espionage.
Robert kollie (15 days ago)
Prosecuting him according to Russian laws.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
common sense.
Thomas John (15 days ago)
Robert that sounds fair to me.
Brendon (15 days ago)
*_Why dont they rally around Assange? nope, swampgoblins are spineless_*
Incomplete6230 (15 days ago)
You described the average Australian and EVERY member of Federal Parliament correctly...Assange is a HERO and should be Protected.
Tony Silva (15 days ago)
All this fake spying stuff just so we can go into World War 3 to get rid of the excess human resources that are considered no different than a chunk of coal to be thrown in the fire a few of the factories like they did World War II or they got to use slaves? The whole world is made up of slaves oh, if I was any younger I would dress up like Sherlock Holmes with a big giant magnifying glass and I will go to all the governments of the world Giants Spyglass insisting they let me in so I could spy on them, Darkness will fill the soul of every man child on this planet that will be no immunity and no Sanctuary for anyone oh, I care not you live in a palace I care not if you live in a hut, no one will be immune to them protection of human spirit oh, and you will do it voluntarily oh, you will give up all the qualities of your spirit you will Mp3 the six primary components of human spirit oh, and you won't even understand why., make the people free and you too shall be free. It's never been about spying it's all social engineering oh, that's just the movies that you watch oh, that's why it's all you there is no Sanctuary for anyone hey, to participate in this world the way it operates you must become a parasite the Run the World the way it is you must become a parasite, everyone a parasite, economic freedom and sound money now why we have a chance
Hermes Trismegistus (15 days ago)
Normally a news media outlet doesn't speak on behalf of an entire country
Rogue Marines plot Trump assassination. Marine on duty killed Jan 1 at Washington D.C. barracks. Now this... coincidence?
aubi faedra (15 days ago)
An Ex-Marine ~ no ~ think not, - poor man, needed a paper round, : God bless him, thank heaven for the mercy of the great benevolent C.I.A. ~ not the Nazi's they used to be. ~ Lionel, ~ {that old cotton} getting shall we say predictable, when it comes to saving (((face))) & changing the emphasis away from the leaks in his own (((shed))). Q that RT.
James Smith (15 days ago)
"That old cotton" is dead-on accurate (as a descriptor for Lionel). 👍😂
Rose Treiger (15 days ago)
So the Washington post should stop working with Russia then. Didn't the washington post start the stupid dossier thing in conjunction with the New York Times and CIA? no wonder they're over there working with Russia it's what they do. The Washington Post is nothing but Russian collaborators. They are treasonous bastards who tried to take down the American country and a duly elected president. Go peddle your fish in Russia. Oh you already are because you're on RT.
grobda1 (14 days ago)
+James Smith again, what does that Steele douche have anything to do with Russia? I remember this bs being harped on for a while, only to be forgotten after realizing that it was going nowhere on Western part.
James Smith (15 days ago)
+grobda1 Yes. That Christopher Steele fellow was working (for the Dems) with the Russians in order to put together his bogus "dossier" about Trump.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
hold on. Was there anything at all that could be called "working with" to begin with?
James Smith (15 days ago)
illiam Christian (15 days ago)
It was the Irish passport that gave this spy away. If the dude had collected a Russian passport, everyone would just think he was a citizen with poor language skills and that he had found the prize USB stick on the floor. The authorities would gladly thanked him and a cash reward might even be given depending on the government's generosity. These spies often seem to have a dim light upstairs .
Larry Johnson (15 days ago)
Paul Whelan Cover was Exposed by some one in the Veterans Administration who Sold his File. The Russian SVR knew who he was when he Arrived in Moscow. He had American,British,Canadian,Irish Passports that set off Alarm Bells he had a Marred Past in The Middle East which what the CIA uses as a Asset Over Seas Multiple Personalities are Utilised by The CIA. Usually when a American is held by a Foreign Country Dealing with Espionage a Representative of the American Embassy in the HOST NATION will Appear. In Paul Whelan Case Ambassador John Hausman Personally Visited Whelan in a Russian Prison that Speaks Volumes.
James Smith (15 days ago)
LIONEL wears the blue flower from Batman Begins on his lapel. 😉
Joanne Mercader (15 days ago)
Four passports that's bizarre
Gia Wou (15 days ago)
A regular citizen with 4 citizenship is no prince but sure a spy
Sheeple are Lame (15 days ago)
Oh so now the West demand their spies be released, while they imprison Assange & deny Assange Asylum or access to a free fair trial <<< HYPOCRITES
Tommy Cease (15 days ago)
Russian state funded media is adorably pathetic
AJ Khan (15 days ago)
Hahaha......Oo come on.... he was just attending the wedding of Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov......
dmob d (15 days ago)
Russia just trying scare its people from the evil west lol!! its not like Russia used a chemical weapon on another country and the got caught trying hack the OPCW in attempt to cover it up lol!!!! is it?
INT 21h; (15 days ago)
We dont send random citizens...this only means he was not random citizen )
John Doe (15 days ago)
We're keeping Maria Bautina. She's too pretty to let go. Paul Whelan is old and ugly. The Russian Federation can keep him forever. 😍😍😍😍😍
James Smith (15 days ago)
clarence midgett (15 days ago)
One man, with 5 eye's, all coming to his defense without even knowing or caring about what he has done or even been accused of, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, just another poor victim I guess is what we are all supposed to believe
Vernon Hastings (15 days ago)
He was court marshalled out of service...a screw ball loose cannon.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
that's the thing; US accepts monkeys into spies these days?
Vladimir Vcelar (15 days ago)
I can only imagine the backlash on this one. Liberals and Democrats are going to have a field day, while the American military industrial complex demanding more money.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
so what else is new?
Satanic shitfest
James Smith (15 days ago)
Damie Houlihan (15 days ago)
Deffo a spy. Let him rot in jail.
Ask GoIightIy (15 days ago)
Lol what a mess
Herr Wahnsinn (15 days ago)
Throw him in solitary confinement for 5 months.
Dark Dan (15 days ago)
This how it works...we grab a real spy and Russia grabs anything they this is valuable and demands a trade...
1977Melville (15 days ago)
Maybe swap butina for him? 4 passports suspicious
grobda1 (15 days ago)
Butina can wait. Swap him with that pilot guy.
Vito Scaletta (15 days ago)
he is a spy pay up or he rots in jail
Here's my 2-cents worth : If he's an American 30 years jail. If he is Canadian 25 years jail. If he is British 20 years jail. If he is Irish 15 years jail.
nucdn (15 days ago)
If he was just an ordinary Joe Soap all these countries would not be falling over themselves claiming he is one of their citizens. He must be very important to someone. Maybe some waterboarding would help?
1977Melville (15 days ago)
Very fishy. Whelan is clearly connected
Pohaku Mana (15 days ago)
areUaware (15 days ago)
Of course he's a spy. They should hang him!
George Gewarges (15 days ago)
He is spy plain and simple
High Priority (15 days ago)
Chop off he's head
Joe Black (15 days ago)
His former colleagues say he was prone to exaggeration and fantasy regarding working alongside US intelligence, embassy staff and federal agents. I wouldn't be surprised if he got caught playing wannabe-spook, trying hard to impress and get his foot in the door of a US agency.
fred6319 (15 days ago)
they still call her a spy
Keyser Soze (15 days ago)
Most of the world problems happen not because of those in power but because others want to rise and have that power. The world was fine after ww2 with U.S rule,but other countries couldn't keep the peace so they challenge or obstruct U.S dominance out of jealousy and greed. No country will bring pure peace, so might as well let those in power stay in power and save the wars and uneeded deaths.China complaims of u.s interference in south china sea...well china dont buil a navy and u wouldn't have these problems. Russia complians of U.S encircling its country amd territory...well dismantle your nukes and pull out of syria and Ukraine. And u wont have to worry. Same goes for iran..dont complain about actions of a superpower when its being foolishly challenged.
tdr (14 days ago)
Oh I see that you troll here as well, Ukrop
sergio rosado (15 days ago)
so we all do what the US want's! That's your solution!? Sorry but i will not go with a country that doesn't give a fk for his own people. The world was fine after ww2!? you really need to be tottaly disconect to say something like that... and how can you talk about greed and jealous without talking about USA. you really need to understand that USA has 230 years of history (more or less) and they have been in war for 225 years... is this a peacfull country? i also guess you know nothing about midle east history. And why are you talkking about syria... everybody knows US lost the war there... what have they done in libia. libia was the country with the best living standart in africa, know is a centre for human traffic...afganistan... were the production of heroin was almost dead and know is higher than ever...with US troops prtwectin the drug fields! Wen your presidents and politicians say they are beeing chalenged it meens somebody is doing better then they are... take the example of Huawey... Huawey is acused of stealing a technoly that dosen't exist in the US (5G)...look what you have done in south america...shame on you.... and by the way 130 children under 16 die every month in the meadle east from US and Private US forces.... and how can you talk aout iran... do you know that iran never started a war... its the one of the most democratic countrys in meadle east... and why is apple still selling phones there anyway... america in not being challenged is being surpass by the rest of the world... wake up...
sam gee (15 days ago)
He broke Russian Laws, u do the crime u do the time!
Barbara Crickley (15 days ago)
Probably a sting and the thicko fell into the trap. He will have to go back to spy school.
Philip V (15 days ago)
He is a mossad spy. Interrogation fully. Wedding party my arse. Diplomatic immunity my arse. GUILTY!!! Put him in prison for life.
Sun bird (15 days ago)
Who ever holds a wedding around New Year's day anyway! He must have told his brother he was going on a spy mission. A middle aged grown man really needs his brother to keep tabs on him, when he is allegedly travelling to Russia to help some friend with a wedding?
Joe Om (15 days ago)
4 countries claiming and wanting him? Damn what kind of valuable information does this guy have? Hes trailing blood in excessive amounts in the open deep blue sea. And Russian has their jaws open 2 inches behind him. Theyve been prevailing at everything lately.
Fred Bread (15 days ago)
Putin is as crooked as they come
grobda1 (14 days ago)
+Fred Bread it appears you have no further abilities.
Fred Bread (15 days ago)
+grobda1 Grobda1 = 💩
grobda1 (15 days ago)
so tell us something we haven't already heard, dipshit. if you have to display your bs before everyone, at least make some effort to be innovative.
Fred Bread (15 days ago)
+Barbara Crickley Putin and Barbara C. = 🚮
Barbara Crickley (15 days ago)
Fred Bread, grow up idiot.
Tribe-o-Juda h (15 days ago)
Spy on deck 👀
AdrianC (15 days ago)
He's only a citizen of the world, because they want every other country to be against Russia.
Kevin H (15 days ago)
He's a Russian spy pretending to be an American spy so that Canada doesn't find out that he's actually an Irish hooligan just trying to get free drinks everywhere.
Montana fishing Fun (15 days ago)
Vlad wants the girl back. That’s what this is all about.
Miki Lynne (15 days ago)
Dude? Pick a country! Sounds like a spy to me. Sorry, I do believe you're hosed, but, if it sounds, looks and smells fishy, it is fishy. Hope you like 3 week old borscht!
Jefe Hoptosh (15 days ago)
The 2 Israeli MOSSAD agents arrested in the Mexican Congressional building, on 10.10.01, armed with Glock automatics, 9 grenades, explosives, charges and wiring, were carrying Pakistani passports.
Jefe Hoptosh (14 days ago)
+Chris M False flag to drag Mexico, its oil reserves and its large military, into the War on Terror. This happened 30 days after 911
Chris M (15 days ago)
Jefe Hoptosh Why would they be spying on Mexico Lol?
kp ps (15 days ago)
Theres no such thing as an Ex Marine.. .once a marine always a marine...retired marine wife..
grobda1 (14 days ago)
+tdr ;)....
tdr (14 days ago)
+grobda1 : but he has no muscles (and no lips).
grobda1 (15 days ago)
maybe the marine should've cultivated their boys and girls more cells in their brains instead of turning them into muscles.
Don J Ant (15 days ago)
Russia and China doing a great job catching those spies.
John doe (15 days ago)
Do with israel terrorist state.
illiam Christian (15 days ago)
This clumsy spy with four passports, that was caught red handed with the Russian classified information, is not very valuable as a fair trade for the much more valuable female Russian citizen being held in the US. The Russians will have to do better than Paul to come up with anything close to what a young female Russian citizen is worth. Maybe 20 twenty useless US spies for one Russian citizen would be fair in one of the great and powerful Trump's famous deals of his Presidential career. Right? The great and powerful Trump will now deploy his Secretary of State to Russia and demand at least 24 US prisoners to be released from Russian prisons in exchange for their citizen. What a deal for Mikey to pull off!!
Andrew Pod (15 days ago)
Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne!
Barbara Crickley (15 days ago)
Andrew Pod, Jason Bourne who is hooked on cheeseburgers and doughnuts.
Turner Marius (15 days ago)
Good Russia. the West does all the time to normal Russian, plus they need to taste there own medicine.
grobda1 (15 days ago)
"West does all the time to normal Russian, plus they need to taste there own medicine." you beat me to it.

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