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Papu M (5 months ago)
We have the same zip up!!! 💖 it’s my first pink jacket. I was so happy when i saw it in mall of america during the semi annual sale! 😭🙀💕 i love your VS and pink videos! 👏🏼
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Papu M omg cute!!! I went to the mall of America today!!! I’m so happy you like my videos 💙💙💙
Alison Thomas (8 months ago)
I especially loive the backpack with all that glitter. Bless you Bella.
heartxinspiredx (8 months ago)
heartxinspiredx (7 months ago)
J Lynn (7 months ago)
heartxinspiredx 💙💙💙
Jaquelin Chavez (8 months ago)
Am back girl
Katherine McGarvey (8 months ago)
How the hell do you get free stuff!!!! Make a video!!!
BornFilipina kobay! (8 months ago)
Sweatshirt is gorgeous
Just Julia's Life (8 months ago)
im so stupid but what does back ordered mean??
soni khan (8 months ago)
Backpack is cute!!
Evelyn Zuniga (8 months ago)
Love the black sweatshirt 😍
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Evelyn Zuniga thank you! 💙
Cynthia's World (8 months ago)
Heyy bbg💜
Christy White (8 months ago)
Love the jacket.
Samantha 674 (8 months ago)
We missed the pink background 🦋
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Samantha 674 yay! I’m happy you like it! 💙💙
Dancer Mckennah (8 months ago)
Omg my God!!!! Everything is perfect!!!!
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Dancer Mckennah 💙💙💙
cat lover cat lover (8 months ago)
Jacket is soooooooooo pretty 😻😻😻👌👌👌💗💗💗
J Lynn (7 months ago)
cat lover cat lover awe thank you! 💙
Aminah A (8 months ago)
Soo cute loveee that hoodie
Manar & Malik’s Mommy (8 months ago)
That back bag is gorggg omg
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Manar & Malik’s Mommy omg yes so cute!! 💙💙💙
Jennifer Lund (8 months ago)
Love that sweatshirt!
Sana N (8 months ago)
thats backpack is everythinggg 😍😍😍
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Shachi N so so cute 💙💙
Sneha Rawat (8 months ago)
Priscila Williams (8 months ago)
I love the backpack! I wanted one like that but at the time money wasn't right.
Chelsea Reynolds (8 months ago)
That sweatshirt is so cute!
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Chelsea Reynolds so adorable! 💙💙
Lazi C (8 months ago)
Omggggg another haullll✨✨

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