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Pompadour haircut- How to Modernize a Pompadour Mens Hair Coloring Highlights

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BEST WAY TO FOLLOW US: 1. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE 2. FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/freesaloneducation 3. TWITTER @saloneducation 4. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT... OUR WEBSITE http://www.FreeSalonEducation.com Gratitude Education shows you a quick and easy way to cut and color one of the latest trends in mens hair the Pomp! The Pompadour is classic and clean on the sides with a disconnected top. Check out our New "Balayage for Men" Technique. Featuring Matt Beck and Brian Haire
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Text Comments (119)
J H (4 months ago)
great music but its way too loud i can barely hear what you are saying. Great haircut and highlight!
shellie petty (7 months ago)
Are u using cream or clear developer?
Azzany Saidi (10 months ago)
Mato mesin tumpul tu gu
milad pedram (1 year ago)
SYED AMMAR17 (1 year ago)
The music is louder than your voice
Luckie Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I missed thee part where y'all do the pomp 🤔
shuzan shubham (1 year ago)
really he's looking sexy 😍👌
crikeymos22 (1 year ago)
That was a perfect demo thanks.
Dane Logan (1 year ago)
that is not a pompadour. like the highlights though
Ashlynn Smith (2 years ago)
he's sexy lol
دتشون در نکنه
من میخام با زبونه فارسی پخش بشه
Crissy F (2 years ago)
so annoying music cant hear the narrator
FREEDUN!!! (2 years ago)
que guapo
This highlight is amazing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
hardcandy then P. (2 years ago)
Mui importante los tutorial para el desarollo de un estilista grasias por la colavorasion
Maddrop (2 years ago)
The new fashion hairstyle is taken from the NAZI´s! LOL modern society has a major lack of imagination.
Irving Nolasco (2 years ago)
how would I explain to my hair stylist on how to add dimension like this to my hair if I have really dark hair?
shoopSAUCE (1 month ago)
Dimension as in color? Just go 2 shades lighter than your current color for the most natural looking highlights.
Vancity Millennial (3 years ago)
there's a face on his face
Chua Chen Yu (3 years ago)
Man the music's too loud, softer please!!
Free Salon Education (3 years ago)
We know thanks! This video is 3 years old so we have heard it a lot. Our latest videos do not have this problem.
Esketit Boi (3 years ago)
I do the hairline by myself
Jay C (3 years ago)
what color did he put on him
Ash L (3 years ago)
Could someone tell me what brand those clippers are??
Jay C (3 years ago)
at 39 sec
Jay C (3 years ago)
Paul Mitchell clippers / something like tht he said at 39
jason caldera (3 years ago)
good hair cut but that ain't A pompadour
Mr. Green (3 years ago)
How the fuck is that a pompadour?!
Porto Jamez (3 years ago)
Lower the music fok
Jose Cerdeiras (3 years ago)
Started with 3 1/2 then 2 on the bottom?
JBlitchy (3 years ago)
Thanks for the free education, guys! Love the cut and the color. I know price depends on area but what do you normally charge a guy for a dual service like that?
Eric Bam (3 years ago)
This is the problem with clippers with these type of guards and power.. The work is almost TOO perfect and uniform, thus not creating the desired shadow you achieve when using 5 stars, master clippers or fast feeds.  also could have taken the 1 up higher and gone to a 0A up to the temple on your fade, keeping the weight line LOWER. i believe it was taken a little high, as well as the fade above the occipital bone.. And your outline could have been a little more curved around the temple... Anyway just my opinion and preference regarding this type of haircut.. BY the way you have VERRY good scissor skills. wonderful scissor over comb and control of your shear.. bravo.
Sherman G (3 years ago)
good observation
romeos (4 years ago)
A  perfect result
Mundo Android (4 years ago)
que color usaron en el video?
Matt Craft (4 years ago)
That is an amazing work of art. Great Job!
Flanders8DJL (4 years ago)
The digging motion of the razor drives me nuts! I don't perceive it as making a better job than a smooth gesture would. Just charge 5$ more and take your time with your clients.
lockito123 (4 years ago)
He's gorgeous
Ed Lara (4 years ago)
oh and the color!! SUPER!!!! i WISH i can have it done like that as well ..
Ed Lara (4 years ago)
beautiful art men! I wish I had you as my hair barber
sugarbumpkin (4 years ago)
Great video, thanks!
DerPatrickk (4 years ago)
Finally someone who knows how to use the clipper! The back and forth motion gets you a much smoother and cleaner look. I see a lot of guys walking around with color difference in their hair (darker and lighter) because the barber didn't use this technique and didn't keep the skin stretched...
Chris (4 years ago)
such pomp, very wow
Maria Flores (4 years ago)
Thank you!!! for sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate I am on the learning process and your video will make a difference. xoxoxoxox Please keep doing more videos.
Jenny Akerley (4 years ago)
I think you missed the memo on the pompadour. This is just a normal cut. Or at least style it properly! Reuzel works amazing
Jenny (4 years ago)
Angel Jove (4 years ago)
Amazing, wish I lived closer
smalt71 (4 years ago)
Thats NOT a pomp!
jasmin renteria (4 years ago)
that is a quiff, not a pomp.
Edugoeller (4 years ago)
for how long did you leave the bleach on?
Mickey Blue Eyes (4 years ago)
Just figured it out. Check the comments beneath fthebest's comment.
Mickey Blue Eyes (4 years ago)
Good question. I think he said "..a level or two..". Don't know what that means. Maybe he meant 2 minutes?
hikari94122 (4 years ago)
I was really digging the hair cut until you blocked the back hairline off. I hate when people do that. Looks like they went to Super Cuts and got a $10 hair cut. . Natural fade it next time.
Alekczander Bryce (2 months ago)
Supercuts hair cuts are $20
Carlos Sanchez (3 years ago)
Correct but a shapeup is much more easier to do yourself rather than paying for it. I actually get mine tapered as well but not everyone can pull it off is what I meant by my comment.
SamuelTheHairArist (3 years ago)
+Carlos Sanchez blocked/round hairlines grow back with allot of shadow around the edges within a week or more, and then start to look messy and unappealing (meaning he needs a another neck shapeup much sooner than he needs a full haircut) . A low tapered/faded hairline looks more natural right when he gets it cut and when it grows back so it mean you haircut lasts longer, thus adding value to your haircuts (you could compare the difference between blocked hairlines and tapered hairlines to foil highlights compared to balayages) . Me personally, I think it looks much better and I don't think a blocked off hairline looks good in any circumstance. I always recommend my clients to a tapered nape and explain why. I completely agree with the first comment (even thought he seemed kind of rude) I highly recommend you watch Greg Zorians mens haircutting videos on youtube, he feels the same way.
10B Views (4 years ago)
in albania a haircut is 1$ or 1$ and 50 cents
Carlos Sanchez (4 years ago)
Not everyone likes fades. There's also nothing wrong with $10 haircuts, not everyone can afford expensive haircuts, especially for those who need a haircut every week.
Neyo Hiltman (4 years ago)
I'm so handsome. tq
Levelord (4 years ago)
for how long hold dye on his hair?
very nice!!
Alexandre Augusto (4 years ago)
Show de Bola!!!
JackyK (4 years ago)
he's so handsome Q_q
JackyK (4 years ago)
+:D :D :D :D thank you ^
Aleshaa Rees (4 years ago)
+JackyK sorry r you male/female? 
阮小小 (4 years ago)
So great .'i like it
阮小小 (4 years ago)
So great ''i love so much
Nicoya King (4 years ago)
A little advicw for you guya. When you doing the editing. When the person is talking, make sure to silence or lower the music so we( video viewers) can hear what he is saying perfectly.
arittia wynn (4 years ago)
What kind of bleach do you use for the highlight ?
Sean Bryan (4 years ago)
this is not a pomp!
Very very good
Beauty Rael (5 years ago)
Federico (5 years ago)
what does it mean when you lighten 1 or 2 volumes the hair? is it like the time you let it process? 
Brinty Spreas (4 years ago)
Derek Allen (4 years ago)
I guess if you really wanted to get technical on the names of colors we would both be right because in all honesty.. It really depends on which manufacturer you're taking about.. Some refer to a level 6 as a light brown, while others refer to it as a dark blonde.
Derek Allen (4 years ago)
My hair is not a 1-3.. When compared to a level finder.. I blend with a 6. As I am a hairdresser of 8 years I think I know a thing or 2. I also hold a michigan cosmetology instructors license.. So come correcting all you want..
Brinty Spreas (4 years ago)
Level 6 is Dark Blonde, please look it up if you don't believe me. You don't even have a level 6, you have somewhere around between a 1-3. When you submit a comment on YouTube especially about hair be prepared to be corrected ;) This doesn't have to be hair school to argue over. I'm pretty sure lots of hairdressers like me are watching this ourselves. 
Derek Allen (4 years ago)
Also I don't need correction on "names" of each level of color.. This isn't hair school..
sherwin masanque (5 years ago)
lols the model should smile more.
True Story (5 years ago)
Very Nice
Lou S. (5 years ago)
Great cut. One question: What brand of combs were you using?
ChaCha Smith (5 years ago)
I also go in with the medium blade first, defo helps to see what you doing. Great vid, thanks.
Ed Pa (5 years ago)
please the music its too loud i can barely heard the explanation cause the music
2293254za (5 years ago)
thats amazing!
sarah scheffler (5 years ago)
that scissor stroke! amazing job!
Vlk Šedivák (5 years ago)
Tenhle účes  není pompadour.
Marisol A (5 years ago)
woooow, my soon have this haircut and the girls love him, this haircut it's beautiful. Thank you.
Ivaldy Canul (5 years ago)
I like this haircut but nobody cut like you :c
meloyellow1771 (5 years ago)
love it! thank you for this video!
TheRickfs (5 years ago)
what number was the blade on the machine?
pete65 (5 years ago)
You sound like the Battlefield friends noob :D
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
You're Welcome! Thanks for watching
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank you! I agree the color really finishes the look
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Awesome! Thanks for watching and if you are ever in the philadelphia area maybe we can work that out.
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank You!
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
The Top is about 2 1/2 to 3 in. Thanks for watching!
leo75129 (5 years ago)
how long is teh top? pleese awnser
Awesome model and amazing job!
25Dleo (5 years ago)
Can you cut my hair Please!!!!!!!! you are the only guy i have seen that blends the sides to the top the EXACT way i want it!
Clay Craft (5 years ago)
Wow, that is a great look, the color that was added, made the look pop. Really great job.
Clay Craft (5 years ago)
Wow, that is a great look, the color that was added, made the look pop. Really great job
Alex kolobok (5 years ago)
Fantastic work!!! Thank u so much!!!
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank you
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
You're welcome! Glad you liked it
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thanks glad you enjoyed it!
Free Salon Education (5 years ago)
Thank you! Yeah there was only a quick video clip of it up at the end. Sorry about that!
Greg Egan (5 years ago)
Fantastic haircut, would have loved to see it actually worn as a pomp.
Priscila Dickson (5 years ago)
love the details on this haircut,
Angie Mora (5 years ago)
Nice. :)

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