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W7 'In The Nude' Eyeshadow Palette | Talk Through Tutorial

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All Information you need to know is right here. Have you seen my last video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlpvROv5sP4 Connect with me ♥ Instagram: @senaybostancioglu @BostanArtistry Tweet me! @senaybostancio1 Snapchat: heysenay Like me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MissSenay1 Business Email: [email protected] Products Used In This Video: (If I have forgotten to list something, don’t hesitate to ask!) Brows ~ Sigma Brow Duo. Eyes ~ Essence I Love Stage Eye Primer. W7 In The Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Loreal Infallible Smokissme Eyeshadow Stick, Black Makeup Geek Immortal Gel Liner. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil, Black. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara, Black. Manicare Glam Eyes Lashes, Adriana. Face ~ Loreal Infallible Matte Primer. Essence 16 Hour Foundation, 10. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, NC15. Revlon Age Defying Powder. Mac Mineralised Skin Finish, Light Plus. Australis Contour Kit, Yellow Powder. The Balm, Bahama Mama Bronzer. Loreal Glam Bronze Duo. Milani, Luminoso Baked Blush. Lips ~ Lime Crime Velvetine, Cashmere. Camera Used For Beauty Videos: Canon 650D Camera Used For Vlogs: Canon G7X Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X (Music Used With Permission) All Music Was Used From NCS (NoCopyRightSounds) NCS ➞ Spotify http://bit.ly/SpotifyNCS ➞ SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds ➞ Facebook http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds ➞ Twitter http://twitter.com/NCSounds ➞ Google+ http://google.com/+nocopyrightsounds ➞ Instagram http://instagram.com/nocopyrightsounds_ Links to music: The Nameless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReE-u6Ig-MQ Ahrix - Nova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VgdNG3CI_E ➞ Ahrix: https://soundcloud.com/ahrix ➞ https://www.youtube.com/user/AhrixOfficial Link to music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjNdYp2gXRY Follow Elliot Berger: ➞ Like https://www.facebook.com/ElliotBerger... ➞ Listen https://soundcloud.com/ElliotBergerMusic ➞ Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/ElliotBergerM… ➞ Follow https://twitter.com/ElliotBergerUK
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Text Comments (152)
Isabel Creative (1 month ago)
I just found your video after searching for the W7 in the night palette on YouTube. I'm a new subscriber! Thanks for posting this video I like the way this look turned out. ~ Isabel
Evie Scott (5 months ago)
I got mine for £3.99
Veronica Apreza (9 months ago)
Thank you so much.. It turned out gorgeous.
Holly Jones (11 months ago)
Does she know that the palette has names for the colours
jade owen (1 year ago)
brilliant video and easy to follow thank you so much i love my rye look :)
Roisin Johnston (1 year ago)
Really impressed with how this actually worked, this video was super helpful and I have never really used the pallete successfully and this was my first time using it like thing how it turned out. Thank You!!
caitlyn who r u (1 year ago)
I wish my lid space was as big as hers
axil van (1 year ago)
What foundation do you use? Thanks
Senay Bostancioglu (1 year ago)
Everything is listed in the description :)
Maria Beatrice (1 year ago)
Your eyes are more than gorgeous
Shannon Tipton (1 year ago)
I just bought the set, can't wait to try them
Poison Ivy (1 year ago)
I love your accent 💛
S. Silver (1 year ago)
You look so pretty with and without make up ✨😍
this pallete is at burkes and alot cheaper
Paris Robinson (1 year ago)
You are so pretty!!!!!
reè anastasia (1 year ago)
Fantastic look. 😍😭
alina aha (1 year ago)
Your accent is to die forrr!!!! xoxo <3
Melinda Kiley (1 year ago)
Fantastic tutorial. Thanks for the tips!
amandalemm13 (1 year ago)
I really want some of the w7 palettes... should i get them...?
Lizz h (1 year ago)
Hi been have that pallets and I got them for 3$ at t.j. Maxs
Brenda Diaz (2 years ago)
Wow you know how to cover up very well! Do you have a video on how you apply your foundation? I need to lean to do it like yours
Richard Tyrone Jones (2 years ago)
You're beautiful without the makeup too you know - bit less of it might give your skin a rest! I shouldn't be saying this, being a w7l shareholder...
poelina (2 years ago)
holy moly you are gorgeous!!
Veronica Silva (2 years ago)
So this palette don't sell in USA 🇺🇸 ??
ASMR Amethyst (2 years ago)
Yes they do. I found mine at TJ max.
Irma Cazares (2 years ago)
What brushes are those that you use?
mia tirion (2 years ago)
Thankyou for this tutorial! It really helped me since I'm an extreme noob
İçerde Dizi (2 years ago)
Hello!Your name is Turkish.Are you from Turkey? xx
Emily Gallagher (2 years ago)
Did she put eyeshadow beneath her lower lashes??
Aleesha Rose (2 years ago)
Emily Gallagher a lot of people do that, usually with darker colors to to define ur eyes
mia (2 years ago)
Emily Gallagher it looks like it yes x
Sofia Maldonado (2 years ago)
Amazing love it never been more happier with my look thanks so much for the tutorial 💖
Jemma Ferraro (2 years ago)
What brushes are u using?!!
k&b (2 years ago)
How pretty 😻😭
Pookie Kush (2 years ago)
whats the song right at the end of the video? "i cant stop"
Nurse Calls (2 years ago)
Thank You for doing this tutorial. I don't know how to do eye shadow, I bought this pallette to practice and in watching this video, I was able to do it. I agree it takes alot of blending and applying with this pallette. 💞
Camila Solórzano (2 years ago)
Does it is las long? because I know that some w7 palettes are dupes for naked and I have naked 1 and naked basic 1 but I want the others.. but they are expensive.. so w7 definitely worth?? I want the dupe for naked 1,2,3 naked basic 1 and 2 from w7 and the neon night palette from w7 that blogs and youtube says that is a dupe for the electric palette... so.. please.. tell me the truth about w7... thank you! xoxo
Honeyy Goldiee (2 years ago)
They work, and pigment! I always bumpy from eBay 😊
cutie pie (2 years ago)
What shade was the lipgloss
WhatNotToBeCalle d (2 years ago)
LeoniD (2 years ago)
These palettes are only £4 from b&m in the uk
Nicola s (1 year ago)
I paid £5 from a chemists
Milica Stojanović (1 year ago)
This palettes in my country is 12€ :(
Bex Wem (2 years ago)
Ik!!! I'm getting one soon😂
iiMakeUp Tutorials (2 years ago)
In England, it's £5.99
iiMakeUp Tutorials (2 years ago)
In town, there is a makeup shop with them pallets foe £5.99, but I also get them for £4.99 from b&m C:
Jess records (2 years ago)
£4.99 in some B&M stores 😂
Nataliee Soza (2 years ago)
I have that one and it's not pigment at all
Emily A (2 years ago)
What are some good eyeshadow brushes for beginners?
Senay Bostancioglu (2 years ago)
+Emily A I use Jessup brushes, they're from Ebay. They are super affordable, you should check them out! x
jilliane l (2 years ago)
I have some of the w7 palettes and I want to get into eyeshadow and I love this look!
Hellloo People (2 years ago)
Jilliane L there great for beginners 👍🏻 good luck
Jenna Brody (2 years ago)
does w7 test on animals??
Jenna Brody (2 years ago)
+xosidney Thank you
Lucy Sherwood (2 years ago)
no don't think so
Isii Sanchez (2 years ago)
What's the name of the lip color and what brand ?
Beena Qaiser (2 years ago)
brand is lime crime & lip shade is cashmere
hustlerhuni (2 years ago)
Wow the lip shade is gorgeous
NEXT - (2 years ago)
slaybymara (2 years ago)
Oh really Nice, love it gal
Melissa Kilarciyan (2 years ago)
you're beautifullllll!!!!!! are you turkish?
Abi Leighton (2 years ago)
New subscriber and I'm really impressed! Your gorgeous and your really talented with makeup, I'll definitely be trying this routine x
Abigail Fimbres (3 years ago)
Do you have W7 in the buff palette?? If you do you should do a tutorial on it. :)
ABC (3 years ago)
wow you are so gorgeous!
Courtney Rankin (3 years ago)
Watching this video made me purchase this palette off Amazon and I plan on trying out your tutorial! I also never wore false eyelashes, but yours are BEAUTIFUL so I plan on trying out some falsies :)
Jessica Nicastro (3 years ago)
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS OMG!!!!! Now one of my favourite youtubers you are stunning!!! xxx
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Jessica Nicastro Thank you so much Jessica :)
SubbedDreams 21 (3 years ago)
the eyelashes were a bit too much for my taste... other than that, great tutorial!
Elena marie (3 years ago)
Love it
Rach (3 years ago)
what brush did you use?
Emma Cave (3 years ago)
I think u should contour your nose because it looks a bit big...orgerwize it was really good thx xx
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
Rude xx
This look is so gorgeous! You're very talented.
Mackenzie Payne (3 years ago)
Just found your chanel and so glad I did. Subscribed 💗
Lauren Dillon (3 years ago)
which lime crime is it? shade?😍
Shai-Anne Settle (3 years ago)
Eyebrow goals 😍
Madeline Mitchell (3 years ago)
Can you make a whole playlist/album for dupe videos pleas :) I'm considering buying all of the w7 pallets but would rather see if they really are good first
ambs s (3 years ago)
I've got the In The Buff palette and the In The Nude palette and both have amazing colours and the pigmentation was brilliant. Well worth it for a fraction of the price of the naked palettes.
Lucy Aldridge (3 years ago)
I have them all, they are amazing! So glad I didn't get the urban decay and saved myself some money!! They are exact dupes too!
Barby Topisima (3 years ago)
que color de cabello te tinturaste?
Hana O'Glatison (3 years ago)
You r sooo gorgeous, and also PLS do a foundation routine tutorial, your face makeup is flawless!
Ariana Shomaker (3 years ago)
Your eyebrows are amazing!
Faith & Ally (3 years ago)
What brush set was that.. The ones with the pink handles?
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Faith Brown Jessup Brushes from ebay :)
boo cat (3 years ago)
yeaass i wanna know that too 😏
Dorothy Alas (3 years ago)
looks like a mask.... completely plastic. don't like it.
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
Watch my first impressions on the 'Essence Stay All Day Foundation' and then you will know why it looks like a mask.
FashionnArt (3 years ago)
So pretty! Love the rosey pink colors! I'm a hater of nudes lol, but this palette, I'm thinking to give it a shot! :)
Juan Barbosa (3 years ago)
weyuuhrr4fhu u hex u he u h
Natasha G (3 years ago)
Absolutely adore this!!
elli instagram (3 years ago)
you look so beautiful 🙊🙈
Best2McCoy (3 years ago)
Omg you're gorgeous
Laura (3 years ago)
love this look, it looks amazing!
Liza D'Mercedez (3 years ago)
just came across ur channel! followed x
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Liza D'Mercedez Thank you :)
luz c (3 years ago)
I luv dis hair color.....wat hair color is dis?????...I know went lighter now...... but I luv dis one alottttttt ☺😉
luz c (3 years ago)
+Senay Bostancioglu ahhh tanks 4 da reply.....I will 😉😉😉 a fan 4m California☺😊
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+luz c I get my hair done at a salon, so I wouldn't know the colour. I would recommend taking a picture of my hair into a salon. :)
Danni & Black (3 years ago)
Love it...
Ashleigh jackson (3 years ago)
yassssss girl yassdd
Abby A (3 years ago)
*You're so pretty ! ^_^*
sdwejs 2ejfl (3 years ago)
Too beautiful! So glad I found you *-*
Maryam Abbani (3 years ago)
hello, your so beautiful that I had to sub!! question, did u get your eyebrows waxed or threaded? plz answer! thank you. xoxo
Emily Velasquez (3 years ago)
What straightener do you use please ?
Connie T (3 years ago)
I love essence makeup its super cheap and amazing I use everything
Shannen Maree (3 years ago)
id love if u did a sexy vampire look for halloween !!!!! super random sorry lol ♡
Lee Bro (3 years ago)
your just amazingggg
olevuce98 (3 years ago)
This is such a beautiful make up look, love it 💕
Taslima Haque (3 years ago)
Your makeup is always on point!
YariGlows215 (3 years ago)
You look like an angel lol.very,very gorgeous. :-)
JohannaSwl (3 years ago)
Wonderful look. You're so cute:)
El Canal de Lau (3 years ago)
Guapísima! 👍
TheAlikaki (3 years ago)
Stunning!!!!!!!!!! kisses from Greece
Hannah Gates (3 years ago)
Omg your beautiful😍 and definitely going to try out this makeup look Xx
Emilyzx - (3 years ago)
This makeup was perfect! :)
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Emilyzx - Thank you :)
RiaNukunuku (3 years ago)
Cashmere looks amazing with this look! I think I'll dust off mine and give a go with this sort of makeup 😊
Shannen Maree (3 years ago)
everything about you is so perfect !! :( ♡♡
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Shannen Maree Aww you are too nice Shannen!
Lizbeth Daniel (3 years ago)
Beautiful eye color
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Lizbeth Rosales Thank you xx
Defne Gr (3 years ago)
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Deffi xm <3
Salvador Valle (3 years ago)
Love your tutorials always !
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Franny Fran Thank you :) you always leave such nice comments. xx
v murphy (3 years ago)
I don't blame you for not wanting to waste Lime Crime's cashmere I own it and love the color, but when mine is gone I will have to find an alternative. Beautiful look <3
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+v murphy Haha me too! Thank you xxx
stunning 😍
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Taylor Shymanski - Beauty Vlogger ♡ Thank you x
Laura Taylor (3 years ago)
The eyes turned out really pretty <3
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Laura Taylor Thanks Laura :)
Tiffgod (3 years ago)
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Tiffgod Thank you xs
JessiLove (3 years ago)
very sultry ! i love it
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+JessiLove Thanks Jessi :)
Adriana Rocale (3 years ago)
Senay Bostancioglu (3 years ago)
+Acrii Bea I will think of you every time I wear them.

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