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Harry's South Pole Heroes - Episode 1

95 ratings | 18434 views
The first episode in a special two-part documentary showing the world the courage of the men and women wounded while serving their countries, and raising awareness and funds for the Walking With The Wounded charity, three teams from America, Britain and the Commonwealth set off on the extraordinary 200km expedition. Prince Harry is the patron of the expedition.
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tedibair (2 years ago)
I am amazed no-one has said anything about Harry... who doesnt need to be there... 63 likes and 2 dislikes? Do I want to be part of this World any more? NOT
tedibair (2 years ago)
rideordie Look up John Hurt on Wikipaedia and you will soon learn John Hurt is not a BBC regular
rideordie (4 years ago)
what's the name of this narrator? I assume he's a BBC regular, since he did "Human Planet," but I wonder what else he's done.
mo sougal (3 years ago)
John Hurt

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