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Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting - Photography Tips by Karl Taylor Photography

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Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting Get More FREE Training at my website: http://www.photography-tips-online.com/FREE ----------------------------------------------------- Learn more about Photography with Karl Taylor here... Website: http://www.karltaylorphotography.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KarlTaylorPhotography Twitter: https://twitter.com/karltaylorphoto ********************* Don't miss the next LIVE online photography workshop: http://bit.ly/karl-taylor-online-workshops
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Pradhyumna Gupta (2 years ago)
Karl there was a video of you shooting a model with just a reflector I. what looked like a church or a theatre. I somehow can't find it in your channel. Can you please link it?
Very good tutorial and the product is amazing. This is really the utmost professional level. Even if the quality of the video production is an absolute mismatch with the photographic process. However I like it like that because you really feel in the dirty process of shooting.
mary w (3 years ago)
aaah.. the days before broncolor and fame. it is nice when you used anything to make it work, even taping the side of your ND filter. now it seems you use a 200,000$ lighting setup and maybe dial it down to 0.000000001% of its power to simulate a candle light instead of just lighting up a free candle. not saying anything bad about your photography, it actually is great and i learn a lot from you, but, i feel like you became out of touch with the reality of your audience. either way, thank you for taking the time to teach us, i greatly appreciate all i learned.
mary w (3 years ago)
i am a customer of your training courses, and i love them, they improved my photography immensely, and i have seen the videos u mentioned, in fact i watch every video u guys release, and yes, u are talented with and without the equipment in question, all i meant by my comment was it was nice to see that video from before broncolor. if i could afford it i would want the same too, it was not meant in a negative way , it was more like now that u own canons u swat a fly with them hehe, i have a lot of admiration for ur work.
Karl Taylor (3 years ago)
+mary w Hi Mary, I'm very pleased that you enjoy what the team and I provide for free. I would just like to clarify a couple of points though as there are a few inaccuracies in your comments. Last week I posted a video for our audience lighting a bottle of wine with just 4 desk lamps, you can find that on our Youtube Channel. In the last 6 months we've also released videos about polarising filters, landscapes with basic bridge or SLR cameras, understanding lenses, basic on camera flash tips, a video about camera cases, lens hoods and reducing flare, tripods and making your own backdrops. All of these videos were provided FREE to our audience on Youtube and cater for an audience that are using more basic DSLR equipment. With Broncolor we've also released a series of 6 more professional level videos too. Our audience is actually strongly mixed with both professionals and amateurs, this is clearly represented in our main training with 6 'beginner to enthusiast' level titles and 5 professional level titles. Our titles cover from very beginner to top pro level and have done so for the last 5 years and what we post on youtube represents the diversity of our audience. Even with my own equipment in my studio (before I started using broncolor) there was a high monetary value with a mix of Hasselblad cameras, Canon, Elinchrom lighting etc etc. When I switched to Broncolor equipment I did so as a reinvestment in my business and my own work and ability to produce more creative images. That investment whilst significant was nowhere near your extremely high suggested amount and in fact actually represented a small portion of the overall running costs of a busy studio. On that basis and considering the many amateur/enthusiast level videos we have released in the last 6 months for FREE then you might want to reconsider your original comment. I don't know if you are a customer of our actual products or not but if you are not then you will also find the very highest level of training for beginners and enthusiasts combined with our customer personal support service on our website. With my work and my life I always want things to move forwards and not backwards, 11 years ago before I was offering training, I switched from medium format film cameras to a digital Hasselblad, this was a progression in my business and in my work, therefore switching my studio lighting from Elinchrom to Broncolor is also what I call progress and has enabled me to create more visually impactful work than I would otherwise. That is always my primary objective. My courses will also always cater for all levels of photographers. Thank you for listening to my point of view and for taking the time to view our content.
赵思齐 (3 years ago)
i like your photo
Henkka (4 years ago)
great photo again...
andreshiwa (5 years ago)
Hi Karl Did you used the 24mm f/1.4 for these shots ? Thank you so much Regards!
Gian Deleon (5 years ago)
I enjoy your videos and they're so informative and inspirational. One of these days I'll purchase the dvds. I'm looking forward to see more videos from the dvds :). Is there a reason you use a drop-in filter instead of a screw-in filter?
bardevilion (5 years ago)
ok Karl thank you :)
bardevilion (5 years ago)
thanks for sharing and always good tips Karl, but can you also share your camera settings, mode used (M,A,S,P), Picture setting(Neutral, Portrait, Standard, Vivid, Landscape), adjustments made on those settings (- or + saturation, hue, sharpness, etc.) and the rest related or commonly used lol :) very cool picture.
jfdb59 (5 years ago)
High end photo gear is no more responsible for the quality of a photo than high priced construction tools are for building your house. It's the PERSON behind the tools that makes it happen. This gear is about saving time and maximizing consistency. Necessary when you have a paid model and assistants. Time is money.
mosstd (6 years ago)
no you need to see the light ....... you need to use what you have ... use a $5 sheet of reflective paper to manipulate the light if you have to .... this is a guide ... not a rule book ... i used what i learnt from this and had my photos used in promotional media all over my town ... ok it is not vouge but already had calls asking for my services ... you bitch and moan all you like cos while you are we will be taking the money you let pass you by ........ true story
danny bowes (6 years ago)
Top vid Karl. great timing as you mention her yellow dress as she comes down the stairs behind you. what wattage where them biggie lights?
Finland Apollo (6 years ago)
Circular Polarizer don't underexpose the background, it just increases contrast by removing reflections.
Finland Apollo (6 years ago)
You would have to stop down so much that the CA of the lenses appear. Also, the background will be sharp and that's not what you would want in a portrait. ND + Big Aperture = Soft background in sunlight.
Lacey May (6 years ago)
*CORRECTION* If you want to learn and grow as a professional photographer who has top of the line quality work, you should invest in excellent equipment.
Suman Sarker (6 years ago)
Two three: 1) Graduated ND filters would provide a different effect. 2) Photographer may have preference on the aperture/selective focusing 3) High apertures desegregates image quality due to light refraction
canturgan (6 years ago)
I suppose you can hire the gear over a weekend (cheaper).
transparansi (6 years ago)
Nice, I like it, the dress looks cheap but it doesn't look cheap on the picture. I also saw another similar video from you a while ago where the model with the same yellow dress gave a reflection on the building wall, but I can't find it anymore on youtube.
amazinggadgets (6 years ago)
The model must have been freezing...
sacredgeometry (6 years ago)
You can make an equivalent lighting rig for around £300 or less.
Michael Wegner (6 years ago)
If you want a nice picture, know how to use the equipment.
Scias (6 years ago)
I'd say you need about 300 GBP/500USD, then you can have an off camera flash and a basic DSLR. a canon 1000D can take insanely good photos especially if you use the flash right. Assuming that karls photo looks good because of how big, expensive and chunky his lights and camera are would be delusional. It's the fact he LOOKS at the scene and imagines what would look great and where the fill in flash should be.
Dakan69 (7 years ago)
@Mitarguitar More than that :P
John Aldred (7 years ago)
At around 1:00, it looks like you've got some gaffer tape around the ND filter. Is that to prevent flaring from sunlight hitting the edges of the filter? (I've had that happen with my Schneider 4x5.65" glass filters in a Z-Pro holder before), or is it simply to hold the filter in place so it doesn't fall out and smash on the concrete steps below? :)
Emek Media (7 years ago)
YauMannn (7 years ago)
cringing with the camera on the tripod with that wind, was just bracing myself for it falling over.
likea whispr (7 years ago)
@TheFlightLog ... neutral density filter, circular polarizer, smaller aperture, fast shutter speed.... or a combination of all the above. That's how you under expose the background :)
fuzzmeister13 (7 years ago)
good shots,did you expose for sky,then compensate to darken ,then the flash did the rest
Ibn Zakaria (8 years ago)
what lens did u use to take these kind of photo
jerhed putman (8 years ago)
that's a stunning photo man you have skills
Finland Apollo (8 years ago)
@Mitarguitar No you don't. You just need skill. You don't need 10 000$ worth of gear if you can't use them. Skill first, then expert gear.
lamyeechiu (8 years ago)
do you need a permit to shoot on that property?
Chris Andonoski (8 years ago)
@Mitarguitar umm his all gears completely worth more than 80 grand + the studio :P
toby baconator (8 years ago)
@DesDrukStiv or just jusing an medium format kamera ;p
DesDrukStiv (8 years ago)
@chandercat It's a filter that makes the image darker. Just like when you use a higher f/stop on your camera. However nd filters are great for shooting outdoors because they can introduce much more detail in the sky and other bright areas
RoscoeVision (8 years ago)
How did he meter the lights when I didn't see him meter?
Andreas Braun (8 years ago)
9nathan3 (8 years ago)
how long does it takes to get THE shot?? and do you use photoshop? great work!
ClankyRochet (8 years ago)
@Mitarguitar Yes.The equipments alone cost near enough as $10000
Excellent tutorial! Eventure Photography - Torquay
chuda99 (9 years ago)
As usual, another great informational video. Thanks!
Fstoppers (9 years ago)
Great video! We have posted it on the Wednesday Rundown. Keep them coming! -Jerrit
mixmaxdix (9 years ago)
to cut down the light, the polarize is to minimize reflective surfaces, darken the sky or even can be used as a neutral density filter because it cuts down the light by one or two stops...
Dave W (9 years ago)
Tottaly Amazing! :)

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