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Edgy Lighting Fashion Shoot | Behind the Scenes

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Join me for a look BTS on my test shoot with model Sara S from Heartbreak Model Agency in Oslo. See one way to achieve a moody and edgy light look. MUAH: Jacqueline Kroon. Be sure to check out my Lighting Webinar class. You missed it live, but it is still available to be purchased and watched any time. http://www.danacolepix.com/education-2/#/education I used 2 profoto D1 airs for this shoot. You can see their placements in the video and I explain a bit as well. Please like and subscribe to my channel. Website: www.DanaColePix.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/danacolepix
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Text Comments (21)
Kavan Lake (9 days ago)
Why am I just hearing about you?! 😳 Your work is exquisite!!
Q Carson (6 months ago)
Excellent Work!!
Dana Cole (6 months ago)
thank you :)
Sista Suga (8 months ago)
Looking forward to your future videos, Dana! I love seeing US do THIS!
SecdumSociety (8 months ago)
Great work ! Your amazing
Dana Cole (8 months ago)
thank you kindly !!
Sista Suga (8 months ago)
You Rock Dana! Glad I found you here via TQP!
Dana Cole (8 months ago)
thank you :D hope to put out more videos soon !
tirone wiggins (8 months ago)
Great Shoot Dana!!! Thanks for sharing. What was the artist name of the sound track you used for this video. Nice tune!!
Dana Cole (8 months ago)
Hiya Tirone :) thank you.. The music is called Magic by Otis McDonald. It is a song you can download here under Youtube's Royalty Free music. :D
VERNIDA BEE (8 months ago)
BossLady doing her thing beautifully! Thanks for sharing your magic.
Dana Cole (8 months ago)
thank you Vernida :) Hope you are good !
VERNIDA BEE (9 months ago)
Wow Dana, you worked it girl! Thanks for giving us the inside view and for sharing. You have an awesome studio and I like how you guided your model by doing and she followed. Question, did you take any type of lighting courses or just practice, practices, practice? Any insight on becoming better with light would be ever so appreciated.
Dana Cole (9 months ago)
Hiya Vernida :) For me I just practiced and practiced. but I did do a Lighting Webinar course 2 weeks ago where I show many different light setups. Feel free to check it out. :D Link: http://www.danacolepix.com/education-2/#/education
VERNIDA BEE (9 months ago)
Tianna Jarrett-Williams (9 months ago)
Dana Cole (9 months ago)
thank you Tianna :D
Linville Belle (9 months ago)
Great content.
Dana Cole (9 months ago)
thank you Linville :D
Images by Papillon (9 months ago)
Gorgeous work, as always, Dana! Thanks for letting us be a fly on the wall of your process.
Dana Cole (9 months ago)
thank you :D .. WIll certainly be doing more of these and other videos this year.

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