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Dyeing My Hair Red

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Read my blog post about this video: http://charliemcdonnell.com/dyeing-my-hair-red/ Subtitle to this video: "How NOT to dye your hair" - looking back at this, the amount that I managed to get on my forehead is just embarrassing. In my defence, I was making a video at the same time, and multitasking is hard.
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Text Comments (17681)
Misbah Shaikh (11 days ago)
Which brand of colour is it
Daisy Šamal (14 days ago)
He looks hot with red hair
Joker Rules (20 days ago)
You are definitely British
Heather Jamieson (21 days ago)
Wtf last time I watched this I was 11 and wanted to marry Charlie.
Grab (24 days ago)
i always thought he looked really good with the red hair
Sarah Carman (25 days ago)
I think of his video every time i dye my hair
Nebulus (1 month ago)
I remember when i was oh how old i am now - 30 seconds ... watching this , such a long time ago!
epi sarabia (1 month ago)
this vid came out 9 years ago haha AMAZING
Zayd Gaming (1 month ago)
Who else is here for w2s' video?
mr saitxd dahreeso (1 month ago)
Your hair is not storng its like silk not metal you need togo thailand its rly storng hairs
Lanie Pretty (3 months ago)
are you a fan of lavi from d gray man you look like him . just out an eyepatch you will look cool
Red Hair Is COOL (4 months ago)
All уσυ need αяє freckles to be one of us...
Samantha Darling (4 months ago)
I got giddy. I had such a crush on Charlie and it’s been so long since then. A different life almost.
Eden Mac (4 months ago)
duuuuuuude this was not 8 years ago omg the nOSTALGIA
Freya Scamander (4 months ago)
8 years... When this video came out I would have been about 4 😂
Dervla J (5 months ago)
this came up on my recommended videos and I am SO nostalgic, this was EIGHT years ago ?? WHAT EVEN ??
Lori Wilk (5 months ago)
Charlie was such a cutie 😂❤️
Samantha Lee (5 months ago)
I remember I randomly came across this video while searching for tutorials on dyeing your hair red at home. (I was twelve at the time and would not accomplish this dream until I was eighteen). Anyways, I had the biggest crush on you and you were one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to. You introduced me to one of my greatest loves (Doctor Who) and YouTube became such a big part of my life, and it all stemmed from this one little video about hair dye. Anyways, thank you, Charlie. I hope you are doing well. <3
Lvna grbr (5 months ago)
I dreamed of you last night! I met yoz and instantly knew who you were but i was trying to figure out what your name was and kept saying your name was heyitscharlie and you said no but then you cuddled me and i was so nervous and aahhh and then i woke up. Lel i dont even know
Carolyn Petrilla (5 months ago)
I seriously miss seeing the challenge charlie videos, it brings me back to a time where i was so sad in life and seeing these videos brought me out of my depression, and brought me out of my shell as a person and honestly really inspired me to want to do YouTube videos myself!
EyesLikeStardust (6 months ago)
Ah; the beginning of my time on YouTube
Mahzabin Naruse (6 months ago)
Discovering this after 8 years. I have been blessed.
Arra Dabria Sails (7 months ago)
Darren Shan who
Kenneth Uyabeme (8 months ago)
Can't believe it's been 8 years
BeccaCamz (8 months ago)
charlie wiggling his fingers in the gloves = the first ASMR on youtube
charlie aitken (8 months ago)
When he has it on his forehead it looks like it's bleeding really badly
lorelai glimore (9 months ago)
remember when the height of youtube drama was charlie dying his hair red ? Miss you charlie <3
L (9 months ago)
Why was your name in my finale English exam
L (9 months ago)
lorelai glimore it was a Paragraph about his life and then when you finish reading you answer questions such as true or false etc
lorelai glimore (9 months ago)
that's so cool !! what was the exam question?
Peter Parker (9 months ago)
15 year old me is nostalgic as fuck right now
Aden Tate (1 year ago)
Do u know da wae
Sophia Lawson (1 year ago)
I remember watching this 7 years ago!!!
PaigeMoseleyx (1 year ago)
12 year old me is having a fit currently
Tyler Smith (1 year ago)
oh my god you’re so cute
Alex w (1 year ago)
If I dyed my hair red it wouldnt be to be a rebel because I'm not rebellious it would be because red is my favourite colour
yessica1234 (1 year ago)
i literally used this video instead of the actual instructions as a tutorial to dye my hair...it worked out
FireDragonSlayerGamer (1 year ago)
i am a natural redhead bitch
Leo Sales (1 year ago)
Hello from Philippines
Cynthia Garcia (1 year ago)
He brings me some many memories, I remember watching him because I was practicing my English (at that time I didn’t even know how to say hello) I didn’t understand a word but I memorized everything he said. After 6 years I’m watching his videos again, specially these ones and its incredible how I can remember every sentence he says and now everything makes sense 😂 I wanted to cry when I saw he has over 2 million subs. When I watched him for the first time he had like 50k
Aamina Grimes (1 year ago)
i was 13 when this video was posted. i don't think I've watched it since then but i somehow still remembered what you were going to say before you said it lol
imelizy123 (1 year ago)
Oml 7 years ago I remember watching this when I was like 12. Good ol YouTube days when being savage and roasting wasn't the biggest trend :')))
Bethy Prescott (1 year ago)
Seven God-damn years ago... Damn...
chloe livingdeadgirl (1 year ago)
I was 12 when I first started watching Charlie..I'm 19 now! Oh how time flies 😩
Nicole Worley (1 year ago)
Just rewatched this and is it kinda sad that you influenced me to dye my hair lol. not all of it mine it two dark. I'm glad I'm rediscovering the wonderful person that is Charlie
Choi_gain (1 year ago)
7 years ago...oh....😂
Lhiz Jordn (1 year ago)
2017... still good
lilmamagc (1 year ago)
Remember being 15 watching this and having the biggest crush
Clarinha Potter (4 months ago)
Me too! Hahaha xD
Cynthia Garcia (1 year ago)
lilmamagc Omg me too, I didn’t speak English at that time but I remember I had a huge crush on him that was the only reason I watched his videos 😂
Yulia L (1 year ago)
Well.... that really surprised me.
AsianPewdiepie (1 year ago)
he looks like woody the woodpecker.
Olenka Yakhymets (1 year ago)
I really like you with red hair more!))
Plum (1 year ago)
Elena (1 year ago)
I sometimes rewatch this and remember the good ol funny and chill videos on youtube. Love you Charlie!
DayGlowNick (1 year ago)
When YouTube was good and the Paul brothers weren't a thing
Jae Holder (1 year ago)
I was eight when this came out...
Grace Robinson (1 year ago)
I Still watch it to this day and it makes me feel so happy to watch it and I just.love watching it thanks charlie xx
Sophie Berry (1 year ago)
Came to your channel from Marcus Butlers video of him eating baby food saying he watched you eat it too. I remember that video but this was always my fave!! Watched your videos since I was 10❤️
ash kelly (1 year ago)
i remember when this was uploaded aghhhh
elya ale (1 year ago)
Very interesting video) I learn English and these videos help me
*-Jåmės-* (1 year ago)
Who else thinks he looks a lot like tom holland😍😍😍
Tommy GGG (1 year ago)
anyone else used to watch charlie in like 2012-2013 but switched to danisnotonfire in like 2014?
Charlee Gagliano (1 year ago)
I miss this guy. I really do. I feel like I'm 15 again, still makes me laugh!
Connor Faist (1 year ago)
He looks like my classmate 😕
Justin Highfield (1 year ago)
I dyed my hair red because of this video
Justin Highfield (1 year ago)
And my passport photo still has red hair
Avion Hanley (1 year ago)
2017 needs more of this charlie
Corey (1 year ago)
um I think I'm really late
MrCherubWing (1 year ago)
This was 7 years ago...OMG!!!
ItsJustKaii (1 year ago)
2017 here watching blah blah blah hi charlie
Eva Pūka (1 year ago)
HAS IT REALLY BEEN 7 YEARS??? I remember watching this video when it just came out!
Julia Parker (1 year ago)
2017 :))
thankyougaia (1 year ago)
whose watching in 2017
xIshaqK (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2017 for memories?
Allie Vruggink (1 year ago)
I remember when this came out, I was so in love with Charlie, I still have a few of his songs on my phone. These videos are still gold.
Loredana Bott (2 years ago)
There is nothing purer than 2010-ish Charlieissocoollike videos....
The Guy (2 years ago)
There's something about you that makes me like upset? like angry? i cant quite put my finger on it but i think that it may be because you arent good.
fuck yo kids carol (2 years ago)
Hey Paris may have been trying to smash you 8 years ago okok
honghong (2 years ago)
I miss this old Charlie tbh
just yshabelle (2 years ago)
Im watching it on Jan. 15 ,2017
purplecoolio4 (2 years ago)
ahh charlie was the first youtuber i really loved and he was my favorite for the longest time. oh the memories
Definitely Catherine (2 years ago)
This is so nostalgic for me.
p22 (2 years ago)
Rose rainey (2 years ago)
I'm p sure this dude was one of the first youtubers I ever watched and oh my god so many memories.
maddie _n (2 years ago)
OK as long as he has had those train tickets on his wall I thought it was a window. I know it's weird but yeah.
Amber Allen (2 years ago)
I just realized you look a little like Heath Ledger... I'm confused
zynbw (2 years ago)
I used to have the biggest crush on him lol. I miss these simple days of YouTube
Paige Mangubat (2 years ago)
Six years ago this video actually inspired me to dye my hair red and I still have red hair today. 😁😁😁
Lushiano Fajardo (2 years ago)
it looks nice
sushimo. (2 years ago)
u sound like Dan
Ajay Mahesh (2 years ago)
pls tell me how to apply this n what's the name of that colour??
Jackson Gemmell (2 years ago)
WOW just another person copying Markiplier
a cat (2 years ago)
This video was made in 2010. Markiplier wasn't even a thing then.
Itty bitty fishy (2 years ago)
Jackson Gemmell this video is so old I don't think he is copying markiplier
Rain Shoshana (2 years ago)
i love how he made such a big deal about this not being his idea, but then he kept it this color for ages!
Bente Moonhunter (2 years ago)
You should bring this back tho
Hailey Love (2 years ago)
I know this is a couple years old but I love the red hair better than your original hair
Amelie Nilsson (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what timer program he is using on the Mac? Can't figure out how to set that one!
Bailey Hood (2 years ago)
Me too I even though maybe it was google extension but its not. I will let you know if I find it though! :)
Amelie Nilsson (2 years ago)
Same! Let me know if you find it! So annoying. I've looked through so many applications..
Bailey Hood (2 years ago)
Seriously I am still trying to figure this out! i have wanted it it forever but i couldn't find it!
ahomnky (2 years ago)
i was 18 back then :/
PinkDiamond7777777 (2 years ago)
Hello. :)
hunrenes (2 years ago)
i was 9 and so in love with him I STILL AM WTFHHSHS but honestly, his red hair was such a nice look
Alanah Destiny (2 years ago)
Omggg I was in love with him lol
maddie _n (2 years ago)
Alanah Destiny I am slightly still am
Lenaya Carter (2 years ago)
This was so long ago! I was 14 back when he made this. Charlie was seriously my favorite person ever.
EllaBella500 (2 years ago)
Who else didn't blink when they saw the weeping angel  poster
Serenity (2 years ago)
this is like Phil's video XD but i know charlie did it first
Brenda Ribich (2 years ago)
it's so cute

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