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sign by flow - piano cover by calvin chu

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so, this is one of the intro songs for naruto and i thought it sounds pretty cool so i tried it out on piano :] please excuse my mistakes xD and hope you enjoy this video :] add me on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Calvin-Chu/129108423380
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Text Comments (6)
TenTen Hatake (6 years ago)
I wish people like you were my neighbors.
Jo Hantojan (6 years ago)
Your fishes like to ear you playing :D
pha0019 (8 years ago)
nice piano play, inspiring.
Lauren Jose (8 years ago)
Calvin!! haha i found your version of sign....it sounds amazing man -Lauren
Studio Skies And Water (9 years ago)
so true nice 5*
Misaki (9 years ago)
that's a really good cover. it appears in the vid that the higher notes on your piano is to the left. is the video flipped or is your piano made that way?

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