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FREE In App Purchases - How to download iAP Cracker For iPhone and iPod Touch

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Guide on how to get free in app purchases on iPhone and iPod Touch
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Sam Wooz (4 years ago)
All the app i try to buy from crashes :/
Ethmaker (5 years ago)
I Ipod sends me back to home page while trying to buyit, can someone help me
wtz-ali Boezabon (5 years ago)
wtz-ali Boezabon (5 years ago)
wtz-ali Boezabon (5 years ago)
Pham Duy Le (5 years ago)
kingdom rush
Pham Duy Le (5 years ago)
i cant
blader529 1 (5 years ago)
josiah cheng (6 years ago)
Download imodegame and thanks to inviter add Id 201573
Musti Altun (6 years ago)
Ayin Zeple (6 years ago)
Purna Shrestha (6 years ago)
Whats up, Anyone heard about the Autopilot Cash Killer? (do a Google Search) Ive listened to a lot of phenomenal stuff about it and my colleague made a great deal of money with it!
Nick Woolison (6 years ago)
It crashes every game i try it on
rainzy (6 years ago)
clash of clans is server sided, meaning that without a real payment it is impossible to buy gems.
DrDeeead (6 years ago)
My games crash when i try to
Mohammed Motasem (6 years ago)
Yes it works the best part you dont have to pay
Athrodox! (6 years ago)
My game crashes when I try to buy something
thiii (6 years ago)
@nathan aiello no
xxBabyBasherxx (6 years ago)
Works on Subway Surfer
nathan aiello (6 years ago)
Does this work on clash of clans?? Plz reply
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
As far as I know, no :( but I can't test it because I no longer have an iPhone.
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
As far as I know this doesn't work on iOS 6 :( Only up to 5.
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
Yes it should, I am no longer an iPhone user, but as far as I know it only works on devices up to iOS 5, from what I've heard it does not work in iOS 6.
Ken L (6 years ago)
does this still work?
Wanda Betancourt (6 years ago)
um when i buy it just goes back to the home screen and it doesnt buy what should i do
HoldenMFHarper (6 years ago)
Does this work on fun run?
coolestusername1234 (6 years ago)
it is because you really would spend money but you dont. i would recommend you dont use it on your iphone because they can track you.
Aqw S. (6 years ago)
Does not work ...
Aqw S. (6 years ago)
the game i am talking about is subway surfers
Aqw S. (6 years ago)
please help .. in some iApCrackers when i buy something from the game they close the game without getting the purchase
angelinajb01 (6 years ago)
It says its illegall is that true because i dont wanna get arrested
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
Just install it and then "buy" an in app purchase.
Sothio Suzuepan (6 years ago)
I love clash of clans
TechCrunchPro (6 years ago)
does this work for clash of clans??
Sander Vandroemme (6 years ago)
does this work on Tapped out?
Joanne Ng (6 years ago)
do this support in ios 6 ?
Omar Khalayli (6 years ago)
Thank you soo much good luck with videos and nice vids man
Omar Khalayli (6 years ago)
Thank you soooo muuuch :)))))))) and nice video :)))) bye and good luck with videos
FallenAngelHiroko (6 years ago)
Tried that. Still nothing. I
IIReckllessII (6 years ago)
So as long as it dosnt ask you to log in its good?
TechFanatic12 (6 years ago)
please reply someone: Does it work with getting coins on a game such as metalstorm wingman?
gonzargf (6 years ago)
while trying to do this in modern combat 2 a notification appeared in italian WTF
Adam (6 years ago)
Don't be dude I've been using it for almost a year ;D Nothings gunna happen bro trust me.
rusterteeth (6 years ago)
I tried it but my ipod said to me that its timed out [what the fuck] please help
Tom Allen (6 years ago)
Woah, thats so cool.
Rob James (6 years ago)
Awesome! Thanks for the help!
u have to jail break you ipod to get cydia?....
Adaadaisk (6 years ago)
you're the best Thanks so much
Ace4Eva (6 years ago)
does this work on ipads?
MrLuke5416 (6 years ago)
I hacked my faviourite games! Thanks
MrLuke5416 (6 years ago)
I'm thinking of jailbreaking my new iPod touch 4th gen. Should I do it to hack games?
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
Glad I could help! :)
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
Make sure you've added the xsellize repo.
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
No, some (Mostly purchases with real life value) verify over a 3rd party server and can detect the hack. Many apps do work with this though, especially games. You don't have to worry about being charged as long as it doesn't ask for your itunes login.
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
Some (Mostly purchases with real life value) verify over a 3rd party server and can detect the hack.
Josh Newman (6 years ago)
If it doesn't ask for your itunes login when you choose an in app purchase its not charging you. Just to be safe you could go to settings and sign out of the store just in case.
Anfrji07 (6 years ago)
this doesn't work for all apps right?
Anfrji07 (6 years ago)
im so happy i found this vid thx man ur the best
JustCallMeHam (6 years ago)
What the hell is the app you used called??? I searched Cydia and couldnt find it.
TeenageTech94 (6 years ago)
i have a working tweak for free in app purchasing and a list of compatible apps on my channel enjoy took me a while to compile
TeenageTech94 (6 years ago)
go to my channel for tutorial on getting free apps and also free in app store purchases aswell as a compatibility list of apps which are working
TheQuinnXY (6 years ago)
it does work, I use it
AznKoolAidxx (6 years ago)
Why doesn't it work for some apps.
Selina Huang (6 years ago)
Straight to the point, and easy to follow step by step :) Thank you for the help!! It worked!
iron man (6 years ago)
it works !!!
Philip Roesler (7 years ago)
Does it work for dragonvale?
NarcissisticNick (7 years ago)
No, they will not.
KumiKumiX3 (7 years ago)
If i decide to remove jailbreak from my ipod, will my ingame purchases also be gone?
Austin Sablan (7 years ago)
Nice vid :)
Josh Newman (7 years ago)
Display Recorder. Search cyida.
yoshinatordude (7 years ago)
what did u use to video this? :) and nice vid
Josh Newman (7 years ago)
Thanks bro appreciate the support.
willempie (7 years ago)
ur the master. i liked this vid and i am a walking advertising for u!
Dima Rotman (7 years ago)
thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turtle Gang (7 years ago)
why do i always get size mismatch.. please help me
Josh Newman (7 years ago)
@nis3aqw It's an app called display recorder. In cydia.
Josh Newman (7 years ago)
@idog5556 Depends on your opinion.
Ivan Webb (7 years ago)
It says it is illegal? do i do it or not?
Louis (7 years ago)
How do you record on your ipod?
Josh Newman (7 years ago)
@ThePiggyProductionz The cydia store is acquired whenever you jailbreak your device. I recommend looking in settings-general-about and search for how to jailbreak your iOS version number. Example "How to jailbreak iPhone 5.0.1".
delflex1 (7 years ago)
Jailbreak it -.-
ThePiggyProductionz (7 years ago)
How do you get the cydia store?

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