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United Kingdom Modern 419 Scam- Documentary

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United Kingdom Modern 419 Scam- Documentary Please subscribe for more great content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg1v4j63MZVr6zYSMbB_XeQ?view_as=subscriber Please support are affiliate program: http://amzn.to/2zwdkX9 Modern online romance scams are premeditated, organized crimes that steal millions ― potentially billions ― of dollars from vulnerable, lonely people over the internet. The scammers may just have lit upon the perfect crime: They sit at computers safely overseas, hunting for their prey on social networks, and they rarely get caught. The victims are often left deeply damaged ― both financially and psychologically ― and so embarrassed that they’re reluctant to come forward even when they realize they’ve been scammed. ************************ IGNORE EXTRA TAGS ******************** scammer, scam, scammers, scams, scammer gets scammed, funny, indian scammer, love, scambaiting, windows, prank, computer scammer, romance scammer, microsoft scammer, nigerian scammer, microsoft scam, youtube editor, scamming, india, prank call, indian, romance scam, pranks, trolling, tech, dating, microsoft,nigeria, africa, fraud, scam, fraudster, scammers, nigerian, nollywood movies, fraud (quotation subject), scammer, police, naija movies, free nigerian movies online, news, ghallywood movies, nollywood, 9ja movies, ghanaian movies, african news, free nigerian movies, funny, latest nigerian movies, bbc,scam, nigerian, nigerian scam, fraud, nigerian scammer, nigerian romance scam, nigeria, scammers, nigeria (country), africa, 419 scams, funny, nigerian scams, email scam, scammer, scams, romance scam, 419 scam, nigerian 419, email, scambating, prank call, spam, craigslist, email scams, prank,nigeria, scam, nigeria (country), 419 scams, fraud, nigerian, africa, 419 scam, lie, scammers, yahoo, scams, news, funny, internet, ghana, internet scam, advance fee fraud, scambaiting,scam, scamming, 419 scams, scammers, fraud, 419 scam, scammer, nigerian, 419eater, scambaiting, nigeria, scams, nigerian scammer, nigeria (country), nigerian scam, prank, africa, funny, prank call, nigerian scams, ghana,online dating, dating, online dating in roblox, roblox online dating, online dating on roblox, online, online dating service (website category), roblox, funny, tinder, roblox online daters, dating advice, dating in roblox, relationships, internet dating, roblox dating, funny dating games on roblox, roblox oder, love, comedy, play roblox, advice, date, family friendly, couples, social media, roblox roleplay, roblox girlfriend, kid friendly,online dating, scam, online dating scams, online dating service (website category), dating, online dating service (industry), dating scam, dating scams, online, romance scam, news, scams, international dating, dating (tv genre), dating advice, scammers, romance scams, advice,scam, online dating, dating scam, online dating scam, dating, online dating service (industry), dating scams, online dating scams, online dating service (website category), international dating, romance scam, news, cheating, romance scams, scams,documentary, documentaries, full documentary, bbc, history, full length documentaries, crime, space, bbc documentary, full, national geographic, documentary bbc, history documentary, documentary films, hd, scary, murder, discovery, serial killer, discovery channel documentary, discovery channel, science, prison, space documentary, america, documentary 2017,con, con men, con artist, con man, con artists, scam, fraud, long con, men, confidence artist (profession), conman, documentary, scams, top 10, bbc, charles ponzi, history, george parker, news, victor lustig, culture, conmen, confidence man, games,scam, scammers, jamaica, jamaican, lottery scam, danielle park, economy, scamming, lottery, fraud, jamaican lottery scam, to, phone scam, funny, scams,paradise papers, paradise, music, queen elizabeth, news, wilbur ross, the paradise papers, paradise hotel 2017, music video, song, tax havens, bono, tax evasion, süddeutsche zeitung, apple, video, mylo xyloto, panama papers, coldplay,conmen, news, the, tv, con, of, scam,scam, fraud, scammer, con, news, con artist, conman, documentary, scams, con men, exposed, con man, scammers
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Text Comments (3131)
Libyaforlibyan17feb (1 hour ago)
if feel sorry for this lady , but wonder how many nice guys she turns down on her younger yrs while riding the bad boys cocks left and right , if u over 34 or single mum good luck finding someone long term !
8Bit (9 hours ago)
how the fuck is nigeria still poor there country looks a mess even when like 80% of the country r fraudsters they make tons of money daily and still live in shit. :/
Luxavia Olivier (1 day ago)
Have absolutely no sympathy for these desperate women who fall for these bullshit stories. As for Caroline, all i can do is laugh at her stupidity.
missdee212 (1 day ago)
So to make money in Nigeria legally is... are any of these people creating businesses legit steady streams of income for their country or communities? And I get it I know there are places like Lagos and Abuja.
Pubg India (3 days ago)
Ugly bitches get scammed
LisaC A (3 days ago)
Why can't these people hear the AFRICAN ACCENTS??? If someone says they are from the UK, US, Australia but speak with a different accent then that should set off alarm bells for you!!
King Ugly (3 days ago)
14:55 dj akademics?!!!
Jan Johnson (4 days ago)
These OLD, WRINKLY, UGLY, OVERWEIGHT BITCHES and BASTARDS deserves what they're getting they're dancing to the music and paying to the piper!!!
Jan Johnson (4 days ago)
ALL of these STUPID, IGNORANT, SELFISH ASSHOLES deserve getting every dime scammed from them!! I only wish I could get some of these IGNORANT ass RETARDS to send me their MONEY!!! anybody that STUUUUPID deserves it!!! and personally I hope they end up homelessl!!!
Chris Creaser (4 days ago)
If the Ultra Left wing BBC catch U daring to Tell the Truth about africans,etc - they'll call U racists in return!!... :(
Wendie Buhle (4 days ago)
Poor woman
mike chow (5 days ago)
How did she get so much money being so simple minded?
Roshanak Belghadar (5 days ago)
This idiot women clearly brainwashed by this mother fucker scammers.
Tinbeef22 (7 days ago)
If they didn't have it they couldn't give it. So no harm.
Display Chaser (8 days ago)
You got to be kidding me !!!!!
Marie Large (8 days ago)
That fucker explaining it all and laughing!
Jammyn (8 days ago)
It's unfathomable to me that ANYONE would send a perfect stranger $9,000 -- in any currency, let alone another $22,000; mind bogglingly stupid but there is indeed a sucker born every day!
Zak Yarrow (9 days ago)
My brothas we must rob this england 😂
Kim Lee (9 days ago)
Sadly in America a lot of us have been taught not to trust Nigerians ever. Seriously don't leave you purse around them give them no personal information. They are Notorious in America for their many scams. It s really disgusting not to mention it's so Ungodly. I'm not saying all Nigerians are like this but for the ones that are obviously they had no good mothers and fathers. Their Village has failed them. And if anyone is offended by my words you should know 1 thing. I don't give a damn about what you think nor how you feel. Just like they don't care about scammers. PLEASE AMERICAN PEOPLE. DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING. IF YOU WANT TO HELP GIVE TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY.
Lebogang Walter (10 days ago)
Nigerians do bad things to people and call them stupid ....
Obe One (10 days ago)
Napalm the dirty swines in every suburb until they're wiped out..That'll stop them laughing,devious vermin..
Merve Ozyrk (12 days ago)
Gollyfats (13 days ago)
No one makes you feel responsible for someone you never met. You are your own doing. Lonely people grasping at straws. Take your fingers off the keyboard and go out and meet real humans. They’ll never learn.
masliza muhammad (14 days ago)
I pure BASTARDSSSSS those GUYS are..All of U will be BURN in HELLLLLLL!!!!!!
Ninna Ninna (15 days ago)
She's to stupid!
Flora Zaydenberg (16 days ago)
When you see a picture of a soldier or a businessman and he is nice and white but speaks with a Nigerian accent and then he asks you for money, send him Monopoly money
Ubong Udoh (16 days ago)
This is heart breaking! The reality is that people are naive and will believe anything at the right time. It is easier to fool people than convince them that they have been conned. The people that are scammed on the on line dating sites I feel more sorry for than the ones who are looking for quick cash. The former is motivated by love the latter greed.
Grant Pearson (17 days ago)
If they ask for money there is no doubt that u can’t trust them I learned that the hard way
Grant Pearson (17 days ago)
I wish somebody did something bad to Nigeria like what Hitler did to the Jews
VC Uj (17 days ago)
A. Be content with yourself. Do not be easily swept off your feet by someone you don't even know....get to know them first...in person, before you fall for them. Yes, you can find love online, but first, you must form a true relationship with them in person - for real!! B. Poverty is not enough an excuse to take to crime. C. I am sickened to the stomach by what my fellow Nigerians have done and still do. I was once very poor, living from hand to mouth in Nigeria. Crime was never an option. Anyone can make it without having to resort to crime. To my fellow Nigerians who allude to slavery in blind defence of scamming, please stop to think of what you are doing to the Nigerian image. We are watched with hawk-like attention everywhere we go - no trust, as the narrator said. Secondly, what do you suggest we do then to fellow Africans who sold their kith and kin into slavery. While we scam the white people, as some folks suggest, what do we do to the descendants of Africans who benefitted from slavery. Do we even know who they are? Sad....really sad!!!
A&M Telegenic (17 days ago)
I do feel sad for the old lady but also angry, why does she has to send money clearly when she has a doubt..
Clint (18 days ago)
Man, this documentary got dark at 23:36
Elias Majdaoui (19 days ago)
nothing good comes from this monkeys
jeff griffin (19 days ago)
That Caroline what a sucker silly woman
jeff griffin (19 days ago)
Fucking hell some people are so fucking stupid
Christopher Higgins (20 days ago)
Nigerians are human garbage
Mookie6209 (20 days ago)
I don't feel sorry for her. Don't send money to people you've never met before. This is why old people shouldn't be allowed on the internet lmao
GAD ODOGWU (20 days ago)
This documentary is very impressive. I love the hard work. Life has a lot of crazy realities! Wow.
torogi ak (22 days ago)
When u hear that african accent run away
Okunola Olamide (22 days ago)
before you fall for anyone online have a video call with them,that's what i think can help most
Stuyvesant Rockwell (23 days ago)
Fuck that. Europeans colonised (they literally stole whole countries), enslaved and raped Africa of it human and natural resources for some 400 years and enriched their countries. Now they are crying because a few fraudsters slap them with some small payback. Compared to what they did, this is nothing. I don't have pity for them. These old women were wanting to use those blacks for their big cocks (racial stereotype).
Debbie Foad (23 days ago)
No sound
Mr.Smiley 9011 (24 days ago)
these scammer people deserve to die.
Afrodita Tocili (26 days ago)
Heart less lazy bastards!
string kill (27 days ago)
Negerian are number one scammer and drug syndicate. spreading in asia should they banned to enter around the world
My Name Is Daniel (27 days ago)
The second part there's no audio. Please do you know how to fix?
My Name Is Daniel (27 days ago)
Whites say Africa have low IQ but what I see here in this video doesn't seem to be low IQ. Actually 70 is pretty much to them to what they do lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Savag aa (28 days ago)
And still Nigerians is giving out huge loans in 2019 😂
sera pacs4 (28 days ago)
Christian 10D (29 days ago)
How STUPID are people,,,!!!
Clifford Goodman (1 month ago)
Ayisi Jones (1 month ago)
They found a niche for business in this wicked world. While blaming them, let's remember that Elf, Shell, and other oil conglomerates exploit their oil making billions of dollars for almost free, and rather paying taxes to USA and EU. With limited chances for survival, they opt for the worse.
Brigid Mua (1 month ago)
Love is expensive. ....but also free 🙂☺🙂☺
Brigid Mua (1 month ago)
To me is not scam...but sharing in a different style.....
[email protected]@08 (1 month ago)
Ben Gatsby (1 month ago)
Deezaya McBubbles (1 month ago)
Yeah, someone tried to scam me once, using the picture of my recently deceased stepfather. 😒😒😒...really?? That pissed me off.
Suki Lee (1 month ago)
barry williams (1 month ago)
Watch out watch the Nigerians are about. Looool
Dimitri James (1 month ago)
don't be hard on yourself, we all have an urge for some chocolate cock, can happen to the best of us
Bridgitte Anne (1 month ago)
I'm African and I have a couple of things to say: White people are dumb Before you send anyone money, video call someone you dummy Even if they say this or that Insist 👏 you 👏 fool So don't come up in here calling Africans all sorts of names while your tiny brain is acting as ignorant as ever I can spell better than most white people here So that should say alot Smh.
SKYLINE TV (1 month ago)
I don't blame this boy, poverty and corrupt government, you will spend 5 years in the University, end up jobless,the only choice you have is doing dating scam, because there is nothing you can do to get money, I feel for this women. But we have no choice,man must survive,my Nigeria story, not Exception on this.
Tawana Scott (1 month ago)
Being lonely, fat and older should never make you lose sense of who you are because there's someone out here for everyone and trust me if it's the real deal he won't be asking you to send him a single penny period end of discussion!
I wish they can hunt them down here in U.S. there too much especially Indians they have a lot of websites like cash app when you call them you can hear them talking Indians accent not just them but I wish something can be done to stop this I've seen movies when they track the phone call untill they found them something like that hope the FBI will do that
Ahmed Deedat Jalloh (1 month ago)
Nigerians have made the world an untrustful place.
TheClassicalSymphony (1 month ago)
Pay back for the slave trade? Two wrongs don't make a right.
TheClassicalSymphony (26 days ago)
That's like saying, ' you raped my daughter, so I'm gonna rape yours' Loser.
My Name Is Daniel (26 days ago)
It does sorry
Bright Nana Hodzi (1 month ago)
Their forefathers came and took it from us so we are taking it back thanks
Guens (1 month ago)
Gullible Western women need to wake up. Come on people.
Ben Baker (1 month ago)
This 'documentary' is pathetic. If you believe them then most of the scammed people are women in their late middle age, and the scammers frequently fall in love with them and start relationships with them. Utter dross.
Peter onyeolu (1 month ago)
Who no go no go know. Na format things if u sabi you join, if u no sabi you jaz out.
Insight Curiosity. (1 month ago)
Online relationship does not work and it's a scam .
GrandpaBlackskin (1 month ago)
This is quiet amusing.
Elizabeth Saiz (1 month ago)
This is not a joke this is real life how can a Nigerian scammers do this to hard working people I been scammed by one too
Szilard Raduly (1 month ago)
So the second woman got scamd twice, first for the money, and then for a life in the uk. Some people never learn
Szilard Raduly (1 month ago)
Comon, not even a British person can be this stupid
Nwariaku Munachi (1 month ago)
I am Nigerian and I am very proud Nigerian. The West has succeeded in making Africans to hate their fellow Africans. Though I don't support fraud of any kind but it's obvious that it was Europeans and Americans that are being scammed, but other African nationals are carrying it on their head like they're the ones. You guys should rid yourselves of slavery mentality. Nigerians don't lick ass like the rest of you guys. The West will never report about how they impoverished and continue to impoverish Africa but once Karma turns around to bite them in the ass, they start shouting. Africans wake up and be united no matter the circumstances. East Africans and Southern Africans are really very fond of bashing Nigerians. Silly people.
jeanthree (1 month ago)
smart people are generally the stupid
jj jj (1 month ago)
Always the blackpeople I hate them so much they scam my 400 euros
MissTia777 (1 month ago)
Plenty of your kind do it too you white trash! Fuck your hate
Guess my ex and her father etc got lessons from these Nigerians... they pretty much even sell arms illegally, help finance/arm isis, sell/steal state secrets and try to cause wwiii.
ismael aden (1 month ago)
Nigerians in general are rotten people! They even sold each other during slavery.
W S (1 month ago)
All we know is 419🤣
FATEMEH SALMANI (1 month ago)
He is still using the woman but this time with his black face.
FATEMEH SALMANI (1 month ago)
He is a lier, he come to know that he could meet the woman to use here for marriage and get visa for that country.
Mostafa Kazimie (1 month ago)
Shame for who scamming honest people’s
Williams Okwudiri (1 month ago)
I was just wondering if this man has not presented a fake photo for which he claims is him, would she have committed herself to send all this money..This is double edge sword of halo effect.
Montana Skylar (1 month ago)
There's a documentary on what 'black magic and witchcraft' they use. I don't blame the victims
geoffdundee (1 month ago)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=W27PnUuXR_A watch this........you will piss yourself laughing
lilac petal (1 month ago)
My friend almost fell for a romance scam. It just got more and more ridiculous. The guy claimed that his wife had died during surgery for ovarian cancer and his 12 year old son was in an English boarding school. At one point he stopped messaging her and she was frantic. Then the 'son' mailed asking if he could call her mom! What 12 year old boy who has lost his mother asks that of a complete stranger?! I finally convinced her that it was a scam. When she called him out on it he took his profile down and stopped messaging her.
tink86 L (1 month ago)
Thats clearly a nigerian accent LOOOOL 😂😂😂😂
epic comments (1 month ago)
Dumb cow u think that sounds like a nerdy white boy
Cutie B (1 month ago)
If your this gullible then u almost deserve it !! Stupid women!! Good job I have a heart of stone lol
Sexy Spanish (1 month ago)
These Fucking scammers need to fucking die. O wait they are. They use Facebook to target people too. I had two of them try that shit in me. A minute or two into chatting with them and it was a obvious.
Red Rose (1 month ago)
When you're kind hearted, you become a victim. Sad reality.
seand67 (1 month ago)
So sad.....
terry phidaheights (1 month ago)
whats wrong with white cock
terry phidaheights (1 month ago)
you deserve it once you see a spelling mistake ....african
Shanu Hussain (1 month ago)
MissTia777 (1 month ago)
Donkey fucking pedo
Laura Butler (1 month ago)
WHAT women need to do is listen for the moment $$$$$ comes into the conversation. Exit. Change number. Leave him alone. Grow up! Low life ppl like that are everywhere. Don't start relationships with liars and scammers. Its not worth it.
Laura Butler (1 month ago)
Amazingly DUMB! WHAT a sick joke! Brenda would buy swamp land! Sad to say!

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