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Natural Light Fashion Photography (Narrated with camera settings and lighting notes)

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Natural Light Fashion Photoshoot which is narrated with camera settings and lighting notes. FULL HD 1080. With images from the shoot shown in the video. During this video of a Natural light fashion photoshoot you will hear from Katherine Calnan about the lighting for the shoot as well as camera body, lenses and settings on her camera that she used. Along with video of Katherine speaking to the camera there is video of the the models and also lightly retouched images from the fashion photoshoot aswell. Please find below all relevant information and contact information for all those involved. The music used is also listed at the bottom of this description. Thank you HAIR AND MAKEUP: Models own CLOTHING: APT22 supplied all of the clothing for this shoot and also styling of the model was done by designer and stylist Kim Stern who is also the owner of APT22. https://shopapt22.com/ https://www.instagram.com/shopapt22/?hl=en PHOTOGRAPHER: Katherine Calnan Photography http://katherinecalnan.com https://www.instagram.com/katherinecalnanphotography MODELS: Kassy https://www.instagram.com/ks.am/?hl=en Magda https://www.instagram.com/belov.ed/?hl=en MODEL AGENCIES: Numa Models http://numamodels.com http://numanetwork.com LOCATION: Calgary Alberta CAMERA: Canon 5D Mkiii LENSES Canon 85mm f1.2, Canon 50mm f1.4 VIDEO: Fujifilm XT2 MUSIC: Song: Stranded [Top Shelf Sounds Release] Artists: SIINCERITY ( https://goo.gl/adEiX4 ) Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds : https://goo.gl/18xxWt Download/Stream : http://myaudiograb.com/Pol66icMF Copyright Katherine Calnan Photography 2017 All rights reserved
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XENE Genosynx (3 months ago)
Can I ask a question? Why you don't want shutter speed to go high up??
Hello XENE Genosynx, You are most welcome. Thank you for the kind words.
XENE Genosynx (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for your super detailed reply!! I see the reason now and I am truely impressed by your kindness. I just subscribed to your channel!! Hoping to see a lot more quality contents from you! MUCH LOVE :)
Hello Xene Genosynx, So there are a few reasons for doing this and mostly they were my personal preference on that day. So they aren't exact rules for this particular type of shoot that everyone needs to follow but they were things I wanted to do that day. One reason was that I wanted a slightly softer images on this day with a touch of motion blur at times when introducing movement from the model. I don't think I added any images to this video showing any motion blur but there were some of those as well. So basically a very slight bit of blur by having a lower shutter speed. My personal preference is to get images as close to how I envision them in camera. Photoshop is great and I use it everyday and or my employees do, but I really enjoy the things you can do with a camera and not having to rely on post production to get images as I want them. That being said some of my clients want intricate composite work done and then in this case there is a huge amount of post production work so my approach to photography is different on those days as far as post production goes but I do still try to get images as good as possible in camera initially. The second reason is subjective and really relates again to me wanting to get images as I want them in camera and not making that many changes in post. So on this day it was super bright and there was a lot of light reflecting off of different colored surfaces. I tried taking images with a higher shutter speed and then also with a lower shutter speed and using an ND filter. To my eye that day the color tones in the view finder were more pleasing to me when I used the lower shutter speed and ND filter. So again it is very much a personal preference thing and subjective. The differences in color tone may or may not have have been different on that day using the different techniques, but to my eye and my mind on that day one way produced an image that I preferred. Even to this day after many years taking photos, masses of photography education and different equipment I still alter how I capture images even when they are in the same shooting conditions. Mainly just because it is fun for me to do that. Thank you for your question and have a great day!
WILL revellet (3 months ago)
Like .
Thank you!
Coop Can Cook (6 months ago)
This was everything!! Thanks for sharing.
Hello Coop Can Cook You are welcome have fun taking pictures.
Jofer Alvez (8 months ago)
I love how you pronounce diffuser, die fuser
Audrey Limoges (9 months ago)
How much in american dollars for this camera and this lens ???? both approximativly
Hi there, As of today it may be around $4000 USD for this camera body and lens I think. There are probably some deals on this Canon 5D mk iii body as it has been replaced by the newer Mk iv body. The Canon 85mm 1.2 is one lens I used then I probably used a 24-70 that day also if I remember rightly. You can check out places like B & H Photo online to get an exact price as it has been quite a few years since I bought these pieces. Thanks
Edwin Guzman (10 months ago)
Great work. Just wondering why you were worried about shutter speed being too high and adding an ND filter? Your not shooting video so I don't see why you would have to worry about that? The high shutter speed would actually help in many ways with getting a correct exposure in a sunny day but wouldn't take away from your look. Unless you where using a Speedlight.
Alyssa Marie Benson (8 months ago)
Edwin Guzman I was going to ask this!! Thanks for asking!
Edwin Guzman (10 months ago)
Katherine Calnan Photography Fair enough. :P
Hi there Edwin, So this is more of a personal preference on my part. For those shots I was shooting at f1.8 and it was midday in the summer in an area surrounded by concrete some of which was polished and pretty reflective. I have tried with the ND and without running it in this environment and using a high shutter speed and I prefer the color tones and contrast of the shots more when using a lower shutter speed and the ND filter. I lean towards getting images as close to how I want them to look in camera without changing too much in post processing and on this day using the ND and a lower shutter speed produced the tones and contrast I found appealing. So the short answer is just because to my eye there was a difference in contrast and color tone and I preferred those images produced using the setup I used. Thank you for the question and have an awesome week.
Ellen K (1 year ago)
thank you for sharing this to us ❤
Thank you for watching and showing your appreciation : )
embracingmyjourney (1 year ago)
Love your photography work! You're super talented!! You should have way more subscribers!!
Thank you so much for the kind words. It's really fun sharing my work and ideas. Fashion photography is my full time employment and where I enjoy myself the most. The videos we have found to be a lot fun to put together though so when there is a little spare time in our schedule we will put them together. Admittedly we don't really spend any time actively working on or thinking about gaining subscribers as we tend to get caught up in enjoying doing creative work. We will keep sharing our work though as that feels good. Thanks again for reaching out and have a great day.

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