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I Transform My Whole Look (Hair, Style, Piercings, More)! FionaFrills

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://bit.ly/FionaFrillsSUB I transform my whole look -- from my hair color and length to clothing style to piercings ... and a few more! This is a real transformation, and I was nervous. This isn't something temporary. I have never really cut or colored my hair. Let alone change up my style that much. Come along for the ride and let me know what you think. HT: Haley Pham for all your creativity and inspiration with your fun transformations. SHOP FRILLIANCE My makeup line designed specifically for teens and teen-prone skin. Naturally happy, beautifully bright, teen-prone skin. http://www.fionafrills.com FRILLLIANCE ALERTS: Text ‘fiona‘ to 408-617-9990 and you’ll get alerts directly to your phone. for restocks and more. You’ll get the details as it all happens! OR sign up for email alerts at http://www.fionafrills.com. If you want, you can follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/frilliance/ too! Follow my style faves on DOTE https://dote.app.link/KGITIpp6oK More Fashion By Fiona: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1iFYkPVCw6rXu5HOR8WjEb0gRSLAP4AS In today's video, I transform my whole look (hair, style, piercings and more). Doing anything with my hair other than curl or straighten is all I've done. But I do more than I ever have to my hair. I was scared and nervous to do this. I did a few more transformations like piercings, eyes, and my style. I guess you'd call it a badie style or something like that. Come along for this whole look transformation. Come on over and say HI! SNAPCHAT @FionaFrills DOTE @fionafrills to shop my fave styles! Bonus! They also sell Frilliance https://dote.app.link/KGITIpp6oK INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/FionaFrills TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/FionaFrills FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/fionafrills PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/thefionafrills YOUNOW http://www.younow.com/TheFionaFrills 8TV @fionafrills I’m in love with a new shopping app! 8TV. I make 45 sec videos of some of my favorite makeup product. Smile because you're beautiful! Love you guys so so much. Huggie Huggies, Fiona About Fashion by Fiona Every teen girl loves fashion and shopping, and Fiona Frills is no exception. Follow Fiona as she shares her favorites in fashion trends, highlights her cute outfits, tastes special candy hauls and creates the newest in style. Always up to date on the newest trends, Fiona loves to share her outfit ideas and lookbooks for every season - fall outfits, summer outfits and every occasion in between. Fiona will help you find inspiration for all of your best dressed moment, from Back to School clothing hauls to a yearly school supplies haul and everything in between, Fiona has your back. After a long day at the mall shopping at her favorite stores like Brandy Melville and Zara, Fiona is always excited to show you her haul! About Fiona Frills Join Fiona Frills for all the Fun! Let Fiona share her love of makeup and beauty through her makeup beauty tutorials. She will always make sure you have the freshest face with her amazing makeup tips and cosmetic tricks. Need inspiration for the perfect seasonal outfit? Well, Fiona loves her uniques style and wants to share her teen fashion tips with you. After every shopping trip to Zara, Forever 21 and every clothing store in between, Fiona is excited to showcase her shopping haul. She even organizes her often cheap clothes into stylish look books. But it’s not all fun and games for Fiona Frills. Watch as she grows up and experiences life’s firsts like getting her ears pierced for the first time or figuring out how to put in contacts. She’ll share what’s on her iphone, who her friends are, and everything in between - just for you! Check all of this and more out only by subscribing to FIONA FRILLS!
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Text Comments (9535)
Soerajja Samsoedien (29 minutes ago)
your hair looks black
Ali (1 hour ago)
Total Cring at going to basically Clair's for the piercing. Go to a tattoo! Those guns are so unsanitary!
Angie Mikyla (2 hours ago)
her hair looks black
Betania Garcia (2 hours ago)
I’m really late on this video but you guys are hating on her a lot....let her do her, she still looks pretty and if she likes it then she likes it so stop hating on her.... there’s no point to it
Kristen and Pig (2 hours ago)
I actually really like her hair
Rita 0303 (3 hours ago)
It looks black
Jperv !!!!! (3 hours ago)
Your hair looks BLACK
Giselle Quinta (3 hours ago)
*cries in broke*
Calista Evangeline (4 hours ago)
I would for sure dye my hair blue.
Ben Dover (5 hours ago)
Ok meeeee. From 7th to 9th
Perfect Paige (5 hours ago)
On camera it looks a little black
stormi rose (5 hours ago)
Why are people hating
2:24 the guy at the bottom kinda look likes Taehyung
Judith Romero (6 hours ago)
Your hair kinda looks black
weirdo fantastic39 (6 hours ago)
wow Fiona you have really grown up as a person I’m so proud
weirdo fantastic39 (6 hours ago)
It looks black
Sofia Doblas (6 hours ago)
she cute, why so many hate comments?
Caleigh Wilson (6 hours ago)
I want blue hair
Ella Voorhees (6 hours ago)
it’s BLACK.
Brooke Walters (6 hours ago)
Ummm is no one gonna mention that HER LASH EXTENSIONS LOOK SO NATURAL 😍
Blazer Point (6 hours ago)
dark blue black
Nuriyyeh Miller (6 hours ago)
no wit looks blue again
Nuriyyeh Miller (6 hours ago)
it looks black
It’s Me Makayla (7 hours ago)
It looks like a blue black color
Payton Beckett (8 hours ago)
Skylar Fowler (8 hours ago)
Hayley Beverland (8 hours ago)
Your hair kinda looks like midnight blue/black
Maritza Martinez (9 hours ago)
Her hair doesn’t even look blue that’s dumb
Nine Haanstra (9 hours ago)
Yes girl HELL YES💜 your look is AMAZING AFF💜🔥
Ava Maria (9 hours ago)
But in the sun looks blue
Ava Maria (9 hours ago)
Ur hair looks black
Maya (9 hours ago)
your hair looks light black, too expensive
Naomi Nicholson (10 hours ago)
I died my hair navy blue
Naomi Nicholson (10 hours ago)
looks black
Hailey Martinez (10 hours ago)
I always wanted to dye my hair black 🖤
Faith Milligan (10 hours ago)
If I was to die my hair I would do an ombré purple
Chantal Lucas (10 hours ago)
You look at Billie eilish
Jennifer Bordignon (10 hours ago)
you look SO Good w the cheetah pants look I'm in love
slime queens (11 hours ago)
Billie. Vibes
clarisa bonton (11 hours ago)
I did the exact same thing. My style in highschool was girly. Now i wear loser clothes Instead of crop tops lol and my hair is black with a blonde streak😌 edgy look for the win
Elena Panagos (12 hours ago)
It looks black
seba alnesafi (12 hours ago)
Omg we have the same phone cover
The animating Smile dog (12 hours ago)
i think it’s black
Maggie Wiseman (12 hours ago)
I colored my hair Midnight blue on December 29th, 2018. Mine looks black, but I’m light, it’s blue.
lourdes encinias (12 hours ago)
it looks black on camera
Dizzy Dancer (13 hours ago)
Your hair looks kinda black and blue
Zineb Hacib (13 hours ago)
She kinda looks like Lillychee or is it just for me :)
You look like fake edgy kid, so sorry
JBRS (16 hours ago)
dark blue
samara mcphee (18 hours ago)
10:35 looks black
lisa anhoffer (19 hours ago)
Is there anybody who can speak german haha?
Faith Ambler (20 hours ago)
Avery Perkins (20 hours ago)
Mara cha. (21 hours ago)
You Look like Danielle Bregoli😂
KAMALPREET GILL (22 hours ago)
On camera your hair kinda looks like a jet black clolor
Uh Idk (1 day ago)
The hair looms like a little black on camera
Kalais DeRuyter (1 day ago)
Brooo she looks so much better with dark hair
Eyconic (1 day ago)
She looks like a female George Sampson.
Alli Adams (1 day ago)
Whoever reads this I hope you have a great day☉!!
ItsPanda (1 day ago)
It looks black
Zoe Sherburne (1 day ago)
Dovie Dooms (1 day ago)
My hair would be dark blue like yours
drippinkun (1 day ago)
why are there so many hate comments lol
Rats Rule 23 (1 day ago)
I’m 20 and I’ve dyed my hair every colour under the sun already and I’m so bored with them all. Honestly, I wish a new colour could be invented because THAT would be the colour I’d dye my hair
Sebastian corpi (1 day ago)
You should pierce your belly button!
Alana Suleiman (1 day ago)
those lash extensions😍
Sophia Granados (1 day ago)
Your hair kinda looks black in some lighting
Why don't we Fan11 (1 day ago)
At 13:41 she kinda looks like Billy eilish IK I spelled her name wrong don't @ me
AngelLord YT (1 day ago)
It looks like black
Unicorn Squad (1 day ago)
I don’t know if it’s me but I kinda see black hair
MariJ Camilleri (1 day ago)
just so u know by wearing THOSE outfits u are not "edgy"
MariJ Camilleri (1 day ago)
*listens to billie eilish once*
MariJ Camilleri (1 day ago)
u have changed so much....i prefare the old fiona
C Family (1 day ago)
It’s looks black when it’s not in the light to me
Nibbles -cuteness (1 day ago)
I think it’s black
Clorox Bleach (1 day ago)
"I feel very spacious".... not what that's supposed to mean but same
Adana Douglas (1 day ago)
How much money does she have oml
MilaLexi 23 (1 day ago)
kaitlyn matello (1 day ago)
Your hair looks black but not a lot though
Phynix Phynix24 (1 day ago)
She would look good with black hair
Lia Studios (1 day ago)
It looks almost black
Sandrin (1 day ago)
Where’s your necklace from ? 😍
It’s purple
GRANOLA? hun (1 day ago)
I'd never spend so much money in ugly clothes like that i like the hair but i cant only see the blue when you go out...it looks black
Katherine Zhao (1 day ago)
*when your just feeling yourself*
MiniLopBunnie (1 day ago)
Lol she just didnt want to bleach her hair so she went with the non bleach
Abigail Laney (1 day ago)
the hair looks almost brown on camera
beezus griff (1 day ago)
the color is black
budda0519 (1 day ago)
Love the outfits, they looks good on her. And I think it's great that she's changed her style, it was cool before, and it's cool now. Changes mean some kind of development I think. So good for her. Stop hating peeps
M and C vlogging (1 day ago)
I would dye my hair brown to blonde or black to purple
Robyn Lock (1 day ago)
I would dye my hair Ombre from black to dark purple
Horse Videos (1 day ago)
Its black
Ivy Pulis (2 days ago)
Can you do updated video on how you look now
Maria Ksanthopoulou (2 days ago)
You look... cool? 😓
Bree Michele (2 days ago)
This was good till you put that outfit on
Gamer_ Kitty29 (2 days ago)
Galaxy hair
Nichole Ebert (2 days ago)
You totally sound and look like Noah Cyrus
Nichole Ebert (2 days ago)
Your so lucky cause for when I was a teen that my mother.wouldnt allow me to wear crop tops or dye my hair.i only could have my ears and only my belly.same with your mom that she said nothing on my face.

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