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How To Delete App Purchase History on iPhone, iPad or Mac

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I Show you how to delete or hide the history of your purchases on the App Store ***Time Codes*** Intro 00:00 Get to the point 00:55 How to Delete using iTunes 2:30 Conclusion 3:49 Outro 4:10 Intro and Outro Music: “Natoma” by Phaura - https://soundcloud.com/phaura/natoma Wallpaper - http://imgur.com/ZZ4hx79 Gear I use: http://amzn.to/1TFQSOa Website: http://www.zollotech.com Follow me on Google+ : http://google.com/+zollotech Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zollotech Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/erkj2g
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Text Comments (375)
Abi (8 days ago)
i came here to delete it. this video i useless
valens665 (15 days ago)
Wtf??? Why do you caption this as delete when you talk about hiding the whole video??
zollotech (15 days ago)
Because people are searching for how to delete, but Apple doesn't allow that so this is as close as you can get
Cypher NX (26 days ago)
But I want to remove “cloud” icon from App Store. Can this be done?
ThuầnProducer (1 month ago)
thank you it work
Miss Classy& Miss Diva (1 month ago)
Will it still make u pay for the app like when I had it download it I had to pay $5 every month if I do what u said will it still make me pay for it every month still
Jaxyn Brown NZ (1 month ago)
I want to dowload a free app but it keeps telling me to verify my payment details. How do i stop it???
Noah Animation (1 month ago)
Thank you thank you thank you 🙏. No I don’t have that type of App Store😨😱😱😱😥😥
London Fields (1 month ago)
This isn’t what i wanted this is getting a dislike 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾😾😾😾😾🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Reistr the Unbroken (2 months ago)
Does anyone know how to delete a purchased movie?? Nothing works and it still shows on my iCloud. I tried this method on the purple iTunes Store > purchased > movies. And I can’t get rid of it, so frustrating!
LewStatlerFAN (2 months ago)
But, how do you UNINSTALL it from everything - NOT hide! I have hundreds of nonsense apps that were downloaded over the years by my kids when they were younger. Now, they are taking up space on my phone. I want them GONE!
zollotech (2 months ago)
You can’t. Apple doesn’t allow that.
Sofia Fox (3 months ago)
Thank you so much this really helped!!
Jojo Brown (3 months ago)
How do I make a app forget I ever used it like a app told me I used it on my iPhone already so how do I make the app forget I ever used it
The Lacrosse Geek (3 months ago)
😮😮😮 soooo helpfull thank you so much
Steve Phillips (3 months ago)
Worthless video
Sherwin Goyal (4 months ago)
Bhai android ki kese karnegi
RAMZ DRUMZ (4 months ago)
I need help so basically, if u buy something on Fortnite ( As an example) if u hide the app it will also hide purchases you made on the app?
zollotech (4 months ago)
Casey Agui (4 months ago)
How do I delete my downloaded app history
Apple Philosopher (4 months ago)
Can you show us the new App Store version
NRG Games (4 months ago)
This is fucking useless. That’s not the purchase history
Galaxy_ Gacha._. (4 months ago)
I accidentally bought something on a app, and now my parents are going to kill me .-.
ii-ViCioUs-uK__ (5 months ago)
Another reason why I’m sick of iOS. No logic. Android being inferior to iOS? Pff, iOS is stuck in 2010.
Rei Giron (5 months ago)
thats sad you cannot fully delete it thats why i prefer android than IOS pls in the next IOS system update they can add this delete option cox i find this irritable especially if ur not using it anymore
Itzhelena (5 months ago)
It worked!
Grace Abelle (5 months ago)
Go to App Store. Click on the profile image (top right) Click Purchased Then swipe the app you want to delete to the left. (Note this doesn’t not DELETE, this will only HIDE)
Ammiel7 (5 months ago)
That doesn’t work all games are listed in purchased but no where else
bob miles (6 months ago)
unable to download any app from app store it says you have already purchased it
DFB & Co. (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for this. Disney has lazy support on the removal of unsupported apps from the store, and my autistic son was very frustrated by seeing an old game available in his download history, only to find it wasn't going to work. I was able to hide it on my iphone and it is no longer visible on his ipads.
Peter Siau (6 months ago)
It workkksssss thanks dude
Yunita Endah (6 months ago)
How to back for hiding?? Please hel me..
Aisyah Dwivenaz (6 months ago)
Thank you it worked for me ☺️☺️☺️☺️
tala daraghmeh (6 months ago)
No boooo
Precut (6 months ago)
This bitch has musically
Jan Coldwater (7 months ago)
So, you just can't delete apps that you don't want taking up room on your cloud... again, forcing people to purchase more cloud space. Had I known how little control Apple gives the user, I would have NEVER used their "technology". It is bad enough everything revolves around the bottom line, making companies less likely to enable cross sharing technologies, expanding user experience. I guess that is for an alternate reality.
Jan Coldwater (7 months ago)
zollotech I agree. I think Apple could do the same and really dominate. The competitors may force Apple to expand it's thinking.
zollotech (7 months ago)
I have plenty of devices from other manufacturers and I keep coming back to the Apple products. They just seem to work better. Others are catching up quickly though with more options
Jan Coldwater (7 months ago)
zollotech Not much of a solution. More like in-house tools you rent.
zollotech (7 months ago)
Apple has never been about giving people choice. They have always decided what they think the best solution was for you and provided that.
shah sultana (7 months ago)
Thank you so much it’s so helpful for me 👍
Jaynellappleby73 MSP (7 months ago)
Art Lover :3 (7 months ago)
Guys, he forgot to mention to tilt your phone to the last landscape. Yw :)
Lois Lane (8 months ago)
We are now on 11.4.1 so what’s the new way to do this?
Life Of Merah (8 months ago)
Still didn’t delete the app , for me to un perchase it 😢🤷🏽‍♀️
Allie Beverly (8 months ago)
But the really question is.. *why do you need to hide an app you downloaded ??*
FoxInu (8 months ago)
Allie Beverly I figured out my mom's code she put on my phone I don't want her to know I got a lot of apps
Raniyah’s NetWork (10 months ago)
How do I delete a certain app it’s Truthy
winnie holtermann-jensen (10 months ago)
I have an accute problem I clicked on an app in facebook but when I got in there they say that in 7 days the trail periode is over , however I dont want to purcase this app how do I make sure that I dont buy it? Please help me fast thank you hope you understad this😌
Anderson Unou (10 months ago)
thanks it wokrs
Abigail RecordingGirl32 (10 months ago)
When I hide it I go back but it’s still there... I’m so confused
Jade Sales (5 months ago)
Abigail RecordingGirl32 yeah you're right
Noelia Guillen (11 months ago)
Thank you sooooo much.
Shadow Gaming 145 (11 months ago)
Does it resets the apps data when u hid it
BoredAtWork2000 (11 months ago)
Description says “DELETE” not hide...
The Last Laff (1 year ago)
Video was very helpful Thanks
tia (1 year ago)
Can you do a video of doing it with the new update because we can’t do it like I did
tia (1 year ago)
Tugbay Atilla (1 year ago)
your title is not accurate. you are not deleting purchase history. you are deleting an application and hiding/unhinding application in history. don't acting like deleting purchase history so you don't
nct chokladpaj (11 months ago)
you can actually fully delete it, ish. You just hide it Then restart your phone
Tugbay Atilla (1 year ago)
no account, no history :)
zollotech (1 year ago)
That doesn’t really delete history. That is deleting your account.
Tugbay Atilla (1 year ago)
i know that yet when you read your title, i suppose that it can be. there is a way to delete all history which is deleting account and then recreate it again. daa daaa magic.
zollotech (1 year ago)
You cannot fully delete it as Apple doesn’t allow it.
DJ Intokable (1 year ago)
it work 100% but not on the new Itunes because the took apps out.
babylorvbeats (1 year ago)
Thank to you I was able to find all my apps <3.<3 :)
Alycia Chiputura (1 year ago)
Why is this 4 minutes 😂
X Mess (1 year ago)
apple is such a restrictive piece of trash
nala nala (1 year ago)
I just got this iphone and when I went to apps it said get when I downloaded instagram I didn't know I purchased it I'ma get in trouble it didn't say anything about prices
Chocolate Mint (1 year ago)
So.. On my ipad i have a lot of deleted apps. Does that take up space in my storage?
syed hazill al-qadri (1 year ago)
Not work
ARNEL SALAYSAY (1 year ago)
Kelly Guzek (1 year ago)
Perfect! Thanks!
Yeueyeyeye Skills (1 year ago)
When I press the hide button, I closed the App Store, it’s still there, with the cloud and arrow facing down.
Jade Sales (5 months ago)
Yeueyeyeye Skills yeh we're in the same problem
Leona Petković (1 year ago)
Howard to clear app store history on iPhone 5
zidane3250 (1 year ago)
Could you make a video on how to delete books history plz
Plant Goden (1 year ago)
I have found a iphone 6s but i can't use it because it's protected and i need the email adresse :/ how can i delet the dates with my mac book
Mohan Karai (1 year ago)
It’s not working
Carla Mathis (1 year ago)
Thank you! I was trying to find out how to delete apps from my sons iPad that he kept downloading again.
Thanks it worked
reverseTeebz (1 year ago)
I can hide it, but when I reload it, it's still there
John (1 year ago)
How do I delete an app called MojiLaLa ? I was tricked into a free stickers and now it’s stuck on my iPhone with no visible app. It only shows in the tool bar when I’m typing an iMessage. I’ve tried to contact the creator with no such luck. FAKE details :-/
Sah. B. (1 year ago)
Hiding is not deleting. Useless.
Mr. Potato (6 months ago)
Bruh the cloud ☁️ doesnt show after u hid it
Tπey (6 months ago)
Sah. B. Stop hiding your hentai
Azi (7 months ago)
​@zollotech what's that even supposed to mean? That's dumb af
zollotech (1 year ago)
It hides itself
Eliana M (1 year ago)
Yay it worked
Mitchell Stahl (1 year ago)
Will thank u for that it worked
XxSuper TrolleRxX (1 year ago)
We actually want how to delete progress of a game without delete it from the the device (like it new you just install it) 😫 like android plz
Joel Almemdarez (1 year ago)
Harry (1 year ago)
Yeah but how do you also delete any in-app purchases made in that app? If you go to Settings, ITunes & App Store, View Apple ID....select Purchase History.......there is still a list of purchases there....
Bea Dawg (1 year ago)
IT doesn't work
Nerd (1 year ago)
How can I recover them?
Kylie Berk (1 year ago)
Sliding to the left doesn't do anything for me....?
Rob B (1 year ago)
So as of September 12th apple cut apps from the PC version......what now? I can't find how to remove on the CPU? and the slide won't work on the phone. I am about to switch to samsung
Ani Kuni (6 months ago)
me too
zollotech (1 year ago)
Not sure what you are talking about. Apple still makes iTunes for PC.
Datavion McDowell (1 year ago)
Ok it’s remover from the history but when you search the app you see a cloud with an arrow indicating you’ve already had the app before
Candace Jones (1 year ago)
That worked great. Thanks.
Brian Higgins (1 year ago)
This method does NOT work with newer IOS updates. Can someone please update this? Thanks.
Kyle houlihan (1 year ago)
I miss the X like in android where you get the damn app out of your life.
_ -xNovile- _ (1 year ago)
Thx, my mom didn't want me to download insta beacause of my history with it lol
Keloooo (1 year ago)
Shits ass don't even work
Makhy (1 year ago)
Turn your phone horizontal. It will work.
Ani Kuni (6 months ago)
@Kylie Berk hahahahahahahahahaha
Kylie Berk (1 year ago)
MakhyTravels NO IT DOES NOT
Shelaiah James (1 year ago)
What about iPhone 7
kevin erstrup (1 year ago)
kevin erstrup (1 year ago)
cant do this shit
Omg finally it worked so well thanks
BREADWINNER - (1 year ago)
Juz Kammouh how u do ut
Russell Deniega (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip 😉🙃😇😅
nik nabil (1 year ago)
Cant slide!!!!!
Amelia Wiśniewski (1 year ago)
The app that I removed appears back after I refresh AppStore
ASAP Flash (1 year ago)
Ok, so if I were to hide the apps via my PC and reboot my phone with the backup, the apps that are hidden don't appear after the backup?
Zay Zay (1 year ago)
It don't work
Princess_Love Forever (1 year ago)
Yay that was so helpful!!! Thank You 😊 So much 💖
Flor Rios (1 year ago)
it doesn't work
Caria Sadrio (1 year ago)
what if u dont have family sharing
Ayano Chan (1 year ago)
This is hiding not deleting game data
Krystal Perez (1 year ago)
I have the IOS 10 update and it does not allow me to hide the apps so easily, what can I do?
nusrullah khan (1 year ago)
Guys you have to first set up family sharing mode then this slide thing gona work
Mohammad Rafi (1 year ago)
I'm so confused about this I've tried to doing this but it's not working

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