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Mike351025 (10 months ago)
Do you know what you did to qualify for that? Would love to get stuff from them
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Mike351025 I don't know how I qualified for it!💙💙💙
Julia Palm (1 year ago)
I got one too! And I spend like atleast 50$-100$ per month at pink so it might be for the frequent buyers
J Lynn (1 year ago)
Yeah it must be! That's so nice of them to do 😊
Hayley Simmons (1 year ago)
Are you selling the phone case? I wanted one of those but I wasn't one of the first fifty in line!
J Lynn (1 year ago)
Sorry I already sold it! But I'm sure you could find one on eBay or Amazon!
A W (1 year ago)
I got one too! I can't imagine them sending $20 phone cases to every pink nation member, there's millions! I shop there a lot, and it looks like you do also. Maybe it's just for their frequent customers?
J Lynn (1 year ago)
Yeah that's true it's probably just for their top buyers ☺️

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