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How It's Made - Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard boxes come in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colors but most share three basic structural components. One wavy sheet of paper called a flute, that is sandwiched between two flat sheets called liners. Together they form what's called a corrugated board. Production starts with a massive role of partially recycled paper. The width of the paper varies depending on the size of the boxes their making. Several feeds a machine called the corrugator. The machine presses the paper between two ridged rollers and is blasted with hot steam. This shapes the waves of the flute. Another roller applies glue to one side of the flute. The glues main ingredients are water and starch, which won't contaminate fresh produce the boxes may later contain. Next the machine adheres one liner sheet and then the other. The waves create an air cushion between the flute and the liners, strengthening the board. For added strength some boxes have a double liner. http://www.interplas.com/corrugated-boxes Two flutes and three liners. The flutes may vary in thickness for more cushioning. The factory uses partially recycled paper for the flutes, because it is more malleable than non recycled paper. A razor thin circular saw trims each side. The corrugator machine then cuts the board up to nine times depending on the size of the box they are producing. The corrugator final function is to separate the boards into layers using flexible tongs called fingers. Workers do a quality control check before sending the boards off for printing. The next machine stacks the boards into piles of between twenty five and eighty depending on their thickness. This machine also feeds one board at a time to the upcoming equipment. It does at lightening speed at a rate of up to eight thousand boards per hour. First the trimmer perforates the boards to create flaps and handles. Rubber sponges cushion the blades so that they only cut the parts they're suppose to. During the trimming a press condenses the boxes overlapping panels to level out their thickness. Workers usually cut out the sponges by hand to make sure they fit snugly around the blades. The trimmer runs at a speed of eight kilometers per hour. Processing up to ninety boxes a minute. Workers send the cut offs back to the paper mill to be recycled as many as six times over. A folding machine now bends them along score lines that the corrugator made earlier. It then applies cold glue to the sections that will join together to form the box. Hot glue on the cardboard is wax coated. The next machine folds over the glued sections. They are invisible once the box is finished. Another machine stacks the boxes in piles. A separator arm moves the boxes to trays called skids, for shipping. The printing of the boxes began in the factories ink kitchen. A computer guided dispenser squirts out different shades of ink following a precise recipe to create a particular color one of five thousand in the pallet. One pail holds about twenty kilograms of printing ink. Enough for about two thousand boxes, depending on the coverage needed. The factory uses water based ink, because it dries instantly. The printing press applies the ink to the boards one color group at a time, through four consecutive stations. This factory uses a flexographic printing system. A process that can print drawings and illustrations. Some companies use a lithographic press which can also print photographs. Back on the trimming line, more complicated types of box flaps and handles require what is called a flatbed trimmer. It holds the boards in place with suction while making intricate perforations. After removing the trimmed bits workers give the boxes one last quality check. The they stack them and send them off to the warehouse
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Lincon Gielis (24 days ago)
Thanks for letting me know the info
Adrian Swaby (25 days ago)
TheSilverGamer (1 month ago)
*Bridgett wants to know your location*
Duke Coughlin (3 months ago)
Ummmm, okay?
Kashmir Life (4 months ago)
Where can I get this machinery..as I am interesting in this business
LSZN LSZN (2 months ago)
We are Die Cutting Machine factory. our videos for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLdAtwDmw49bkdBPp9zWdg?view_as=subscriber. more details, Please contact: whatsapp: +86 13355050019
Vinny Musewu (2 months ago)
did you figure out where to get it?
Kashmir, we certainly wish we could help you out. Unfortunately, we do not sell the machinery, that makes boxes. Thank you for your question, we wish you good luck and all the best.
cyberen (5 months ago)
This room is the most popular one in our factory.
Cyberen, that is an interesting fact that you have let us know. Thank you.
Azeem Shah (5 months ago)
I want to set up the plant. Need each and every equipment required to make boxes. Please contact me on [email protected]
Killer Queen (6 months ago)
When can we see a finished box sir?
Killer Queen, boxes are available for order immediately and having them delivered depends on what one might be willing to pay for expedited shipping charges.
We have boxes ready to purchase immediately. http://www.interplas.com/corrugated-boxes
Vipul Babar (7 months ago)
i need 10000 boxes at cheap rate
Adarsh dubey (1 month ago)
Sir Which country, share your contact details
Please find a HUGE selection of boxes on http://www.interplas.com/corrugated-boxes
Pratap Shaurya (9 months ago)
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salil sharma (11 months ago)
1:28 F I N G E R S
Emperor Hobbes (1 year ago)
Box, I like
Steven Lee (1 year ago)
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Daryl Cother (1 year ago)
I'm only here because of my design and technology a level which was probably made in the 10th century like this video
Ha ha.
MessiJaffa (1 year ago)
"Class, instead of going to the box factory today, we'll be going to the...box factory!"
Steve Kapschock (1 year ago)
Solid Snake thanks you! **thumbs up**
Satender Ranta (1 year ago)
what is the cost of this machine? plz guide me i want to install this machine my mail id is [email protected]
We do not sell these machines
sunil nangal (1 year ago)
how much this machine will cost
LSZN LSZN (2 months ago)
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LSZN LSZN (2 months ago)
+Vinny Musewu We are Die Cutting Machine factory. our videos for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLdAtwDmw49bkdBPp9zWdg?view_as=subscriber. more details, Please contact: whatsapp: +86 13355050019
Vinny Musewu (2 months ago)
+Andy BI I need more information as I am interested in machinery. email [email protected]
Andy BI (5 months ago)
+gauravkumar sharma hi, thanks for your inquiry, friend, can I know which machine you are interested? or do you use whatsapp or wechat? my number is 0086-15731668108 thank you.
gauravkumar sharma (5 months ago)
+Andy BI how much does the machine cost
R D (1 year ago)
Box fort.
William S.W (1 year ago)
is it safe when people are around the working machine?
Andy BI (1 year ago)
yes it is totally safe.
If the machine is used properly, yes.
Barm Bailey (1 year ago)
Are the boxes assembled in Flint Michigan?
Mr. Handy (1 year ago)
Oh no, that's done in Shenzhen, China now...
furrysega7 (1 year ago)
Did any of your workers had there hands chopped off by the machinery and that hand started crawling around and strangle everybody?
Furrysega, thankfully this has not happened.
vyckalt (1 year ago)
furrysega7 Simspon refrence :D good.
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
This could possibly be the most boring video ever.
Did you mean to type "This could possible be the most cardboarding video ever? :–)
Jianni (2 years ago)
This is the best video I have ever seen
David Miller (2 years ago)
I got here because of an old Simpsons episode...anyone else?
punny comix commentates (9 months ago)
David Miller i got here through extensive looking. first i tryed typing in how to make cardboard then i tryed doing alot of various kinds of that
Kwerks (1 year ago)
OMFG no way you two
vyckalt (1 year ago)
David Miller yeah.
Gaz (2 years ago)
LOL same
beieber4life (2 years ago)
Those are corrugated boxes, cardboard is so different
For most people who are not in the industry or are not as educated about the difference cardboard and corrugated, there isn't much of a concern. This video is more for general education. Thanks for your input.
Ibrahim Vardag (2 years ago)
Where can I get free cardboard
Craigslist will usually have people offering some for free.
Arun Kumar (2 years ago)
What is the cost of the machines to make these boxes please send the information to [email protected]
S7at Blakk (2 years ago)
Arun Kumar a few million i beleive
Wish we could give you a direct answer, but there are way too many variables to give you a direct answer.
Ankit Garg (2 years ago)
What will be the price of the plant?
to what plant are you referring?
Ugh, this is corrugated paper. "Cardboard" is the brown panel at the bottom of notepads. C'mon, How It's Made producers, besides showing how we make things, you should also educate the populace to the actual terms of things.
That is an understandable comment. Suppose that they need to use terms that are more recognizable to the general public than what an "In the know", individual, such as yourself is aware of.
Lucky Zhao (3 years ago)
so good
Thank you.
gala gala (2 years ago)
ben i holi
Yada Discharoen (3 years ago)
thanks !
+Yada Discharoen Thanks

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