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White Girl Cop

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Please subscribe to my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/maxnosleeves?sub_confirmation=1 New Funderful Videos EVERY TUESDAY Send Danny Snapchats! His username is DannyMillerSamo FYI this is more of a joke on the character of Maxine than White Girls, but Search Engine Optimization is king, so... TSHIRTS!!!! AAAHHHHH http://maxnosleeves.spreadshirt.com MaxNoSleeves Videos: http://youtube.com/maxnosleeves Twitter: http://twitter.com/maxnosleeves Tumblr: http://maxnosleeves.tumblr.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/nosleevesmax Instagram: @max_nosleeves Snapchat: maxnosleeves THE FOLLOWING IS EXACTLY WHAT I WRITE FOR MY SCRIPTS: Ops Ugh i fucking love your eyebrows Stop that guy! digging through purse - Where is my fucking gun! I can never find anything in this fucking bag. “this would never happen to Samantha” Had a whole “Writing a ticket” section that got cut too Danny: Come on, I’ve been gone like 5 minuts Max: i’m sorry sir, i already started writing the ticket Danny: Come on, can’t you cut me some slack? Max: EW excuse me? You’re lucky I’m not writing you a ticket for that trucker hat. Talk about 5 years ago! Drops Starbucks - OFFICER DOWN SEND BACKUP!! on foot Running after a suspect. I have a 1078 eastbound on Main st. Suspect has a beard and green eyes and is fucking dreamy Max: Ugh can we write her a ticket for being ratchet? Nice Skirt honey we can all see your VAGINA, its not even begazzeled Dan: You can’t yell at pedestrians like that Max: Shut up Danny you’re not supposed to be my fucking partner my partner is supposed to be Becky but she’s being a fucking BITCH. Dan What? Max: Ugh I’m just kidding I love her she’s just such a stupid slut. Max:on phone, looking at dan Dan: What are you doing? Max: I’m tweeting about you. Hashtag Not My Type Max: Ugh these powdered donuts are gonna go straight to my butt. Do you want one? Dan: No. I’m ok. Plus I’m Driving Max: What are you saying I’m FAT? Spits donuts at him Max: Ugh look at this skank she’s so fucking ratchet. And i know ratchet when i see it… Over the Radio Ratchet Dan: You can’t do that! Max: I’m doing her a favor! Dan: You’re kinda being ratchet right now tbh Max: Oh look a stray dog. Dan: What? Max: Dispatch, do we have any reports of missing dogs? Radio: No reports unit 93 Max: OH wait that’s just BECKY I love how you think _______ Radio: Gets call Murder suspect heading North on Main st all units respond Max: Ugh thse aren’t gonna be dry Dan: What are you doing? GO Max: MY FINGER NAILS AREN’T DONE YET DAN Radio: Suspect is headed towards a starbucks Max: WHAT Vroom vroom Walkie talke: I’m going to need backup. There are too many ratchet itches in front of me at starbucks. Max: We are In pursuit of a stolen vehicle and HOLY SHIT IS THAT A SALE AT FOREVER 21?!?! Nevermind Max: Do you know why i pulled you over? Dan: I ran that red light, i’m sorry. Max: NO you stupid Betch I saw you leaving Jimmy Chu’s and I had to see what you got! Dan: Oh, yea I got these for my girlfriend Max: Oh you have a girlfriend? Is she prettier than me? Dan: Uh… Max: Step out of the car Sir Max: Have oyu been drinking tonight? Dan: No maam Max: Well i smell skinny margaritas Dan: Uh, i don’t drink skinny margaritas Max: You’re right I do! So pick me up at 8 mmk? Dan: Is there a problem officer? Max: Do you know why i pulled you… - looks up - Oh i thought you were Ryan Gosling. Nevermind Goodbye! Max: Oh relax I’m just gonna write you a warning. AHHH is that a spider!? BANG BANG ALMOST DID A Corner Shoot Out Dan: Ok they’re right around this corner. I’ll draw their fire you take them out! Max: Fixing hair Dan: What are you DOING Max: My hair is a MESS it has to be the humidity Dan: HEY FOCUS. You shoot the one on the right I’ll shoot the one on the left Max: The one on the right? He’s the CUTE one I’m not shooting the cute one you have to do it. Dan: Ugh FINE I’ll do the one on the right you shoot the one on the left. Max: Oh but he looks so nice! Do we have to do this? I have an idea, what if we just tell them to stop being so silly and we all go get frozen yogurt! Oh relax, you’re lucky I’m not writing you a ticket for those eyebrows! Hack Job!!! Thirsty - I saw your top and it was amaze-balls where did you get it OMG
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Text Comments (354)
Purple Witch (1 year ago)
I loved this! I thought I'd seen all your bids,how did I miss this?! Love it!!
Bryce Anderson (1 year ago)
Stop Cussing you Bitches
Sandy_H (2 years ago)
Max knew Becky was bad news way before lemonade happened 😛
MaryKate.ak.1 (2 years ago)
How..How have I never seen this?! 😂 I'm dying!!
iTubeWeTubeTogether (3 years ago)
That is one sexy bearded lady.
hayleystarrlove (3 years ago)
Why isn't this more popular XD This needs to be a vine series
Littlekatie baby (3 years ago)
I love how max is stroking his beard the whole time :) lol 
Sara Fouts (3 years ago)
Jen Gadeke (3 years ago)
I wanna see the bloopers for this one!!!!
whatadollslife (3 years ago)
Mo white girl ...PPPPPPPPPPPPllleeaaseee
Veeble beeble (3 years ago)
I'm in love with Maxine grr
Jackie Daniel (3 years ago)
This video never gets old I love it
Allanah Leslie (3 years ago)
White Girl Jenna, Julie and Maxine would the biggest bitches ever and I would be in love with them!
Chyree Durgin (3 years ago)
This is like my favorite video. Haha I'm pretty sure you won't read this but I highly suggest more white girl videos like white girl front desk agent (because I am and it would be funny) white girl cashier, white girl everything because you guys are fucking funny :)/hope you see this max, lololololol
scissorswaterbottle (3 years ago)
This is hilarious!!!!!
Tiarni Melody (4 years ago)
BlueBerry (4 years ago)
omggg max with sleeves :)))) lol 
TheYuriBabe (4 years ago)
Maxine.  I just got that! XD
AfroDollBabe (4 years ago)
This is a racist...I mean idc that much but I'm working on caring more about racism of this nature and logically this isn't an okay video.
lauren w (4 years ago)
r.i.p. lauren  she died from laughter from this video like literally
stew246 (4 years ago)
his best video 
Vaughn Holmes (4 years ago)
Max. You are wearing sleeves!!!!!
Chynna Henton (4 years ago)
So Danny is kind of hot, annnnd you are the perfect woman. Love this one! 
Joe Smith (4 years ago)
probably not a good idea to drive around with a gun out the window
heater9124 (4 years ago)
Lots of these are true. Lol
Melanie Mota (4 years ago)
You're hilarious and so freaking adorable!!!!!
DancingGlitter09 (4 years ago)
Taco Tuesday!!
John Gaylor (4 years ago)
" Whats a RAB?" "a rachet ass bitch!"
JessiLove1030 (4 years ago)
Like the video and Your sexy btw ... :)
Show With No Name (4 years ago)
They actually do make Pumpkin Spice condoms
Joann Zamora (4 years ago)
Funniest video I have seen !!!
Jackee (4 years ago)
Your hilarious
Show With No Name (4 years ago)
"Look at that, a fucking stray dog. Dispatch, do we have any reports of stray dogs in the area?" "No reports of stray dogs." "Oh, never mind, that's just BECKY!!!" Best joke of the video.
Juliet Rose (4 years ago)
its not saying all white girls do this 
bananablama (4 years ago)
ROFL Danny trying not to laugh...
Brook (4 years ago)
hahah 2:20 I can't stop laughing at that!
Kiara Butler (4 years ago)
Sabrina Renee (4 years ago)
This has to be one of the funniest videos you made yet. I laughed so hard I cried. Pretty please make part 2!
Anica Pojoga (4 years ago)
Really cool!!!
JChills (4 years ago)
I didn't like this one.  
Jean Grey (4 years ago)
so I guess cops who are white and female are gonna feel ace about this.
Meagan Chalmers (4 years ago)
THIS IS SO SEXIST. And so accurate.
Belle Crab (4 years ago)
This is literally my favourite video ever😂
Yap Sue Yii (4 years ago)
Ali G (4 years ago)
Yep I love max and I love dan too. Marry me.
Matt Moran (4 years ago)
"I prefer pumpkin silence when im driving in a fucking car" that was the best line in all of everything
JOHN AMATO (4 years ago)
You know i hate to say it but i think Max's content has been much better than Jenna's. He seems to put a lot more effort into it. Keep up the great work Max. I always get a good laugh out of your videos
He needs to do voice overs for The Most Popular Girls show lol
TheGrezelle (4 years ago)
this should have MORE views :))) it's hilarious :)))
The Examined Life (4 years ago)
Lol, Dan.
Amy Somerville (4 years ago)
If he hadn't named the video "WHITE GIRL cop" I think a lot of people would've taken this in a different way.
Carrie C (4 years ago)
I love the crumbs in the beard.
nnaenae (4 years ago)
I dunno. This would've been funnier if it were titled: Lindsey Lohan as a cop. She's the only human being I can think of that'd do most of this stupid shit cuz she's a RABIA and all. Other than that, meh, it just comes off as two middle school guys making fun of girls. Nice outfits though. :)
BrideVonFrankenstein (4 years ago)
It took me way too long to figure out why the character's name is Maxine.
Sarah Friend (4 years ago)
Tainted Tuesday!
Jony T (4 years ago)
kinda weird how good you are at this hahahaha keep it up bro, funny af!
Nati The Awesome (4 years ago)
Carcolo679 (4 years ago)
forget it!
summertime_231 (4 years ago)
I'm a girl but i think this was hilarious
be nimble (4 years ago)
MVCornell (4 years ago)
Bella Bella (4 years ago)
you suck.
Missy_ KNK (4 years ago)
Love it!! So hilarious!! Made my day!
Ellie Robinson (4 years ago)
Awesome video. I could not stop laughing. Not sure which was my favorite - mocking Pumpkin Spice Lattes or shooting a spider with a gun. Bravo!
JamiesLife (4 years ago)
This is funny. Take your heads out of your butts and laugh for once in your life! This isn't meant to be sexist, it's meant to be a joke, now take it as one. You didn't have to watch it. Obviously you can predict what the video will be based on, from the title. Sorry, but, I'm going to continue laughing! :D
Josh Huß (4 years ago)
hahaha :D loved it!!!!
starlovestarlight (4 years ago)
Well, you are definitely legit, the real deal funny business Mr. NoSleeves. Your friend is awesome too. Great video, pretty accurate.
Carissa Marie (4 years ago)
I loved how you were stroking your beard at one point while being a GIRL! loved this vid! :-)
Jaq Tweedie (4 years ago)
I loved all the food that got caught in Maxine's beard. 
Ricardo Cohen (4 years ago)
Bahaha! Ratchet.
jordanahill8 (4 years ago)
Hahaha fuckin love it +MaxNoSleeves
jordanahill8 (4 years ago)
I literally can't stop laughing... rab!!
DanielSon (4 years ago)
Dan is hot
Trainwreck (4 years ago)
It sound like you're getting kicked in your shins, like, Becky
Jennifer Boyd (4 years ago)
One of your funniest videos in a while. Loved it!!!
John Faker (4 years ago)
just a tiny bit sexist (and racist?)...
hey lol
Eleni D (4 years ago)
Hannah Alberts (4 years ago)
My best friend Becky will hate me for showing her this.......
MaxNoSleeves (4 years ago)
+Hannah Alberts hahahhahaha please give becky a hug for me
onecutesweetypie (4 years ago)
oh Max. You're ridiculous.
im gonna be one of those cops :/ lol
Christina Hasting (4 years ago)
So there actually is pumpkin spice condoms.. my friend found them in the store the other day.
L Shea (4 years ago)
Yay, a latte for my vagina!  Bwahahahahaha!!  **rotfl**
MaxNoSleeves (4 years ago)
Kristi Aksay (4 years ago)
Bahahahahahah this was amazing
kristielf89 (4 years ago)
I loved this!!!!! do more Maxine!!!!
Princess Bullet (4 years ago)
Princess Bullet (4 years ago)
this would never happen but its still funny xD
msevian v (4 years ago)
I think your friend is delicious!
Marley Capraro (4 years ago)
LOL this video gives me life!!
Nikki Gregory (4 years ago)
There was nothing about this movie I didn't like.
Nat De Vries (4 years ago)
So good
Robyn Nartia (4 years ago)
Jaq Tweedie (4 years ago)
RABIA is even better. You KNOW they just wanted something to rhyme with LABIA
Why don't they have pumpkin spice condoms? It would be like having a latte in yur vagina. Lololololol
Madame Mauser (4 years ago)
This was so fun to watch, i couldn't stop laughing. Please give us more of this charming bearded lady
skylermarriiee315 (4 years ago)
I immediately knew what a RAB was before he explained it and I've never heard it of it before lol.
tokidd05 (4 years ago)
Loved this video!!! More videos with Dan! Y'all are both sexy
David Stoddard (4 years ago)
That was yur best video yet
el! (4 years ago)
This was hilarious hahaha
YourGoodnightKiss (4 years ago)
So sexist and racist. This is a step to far. Please remove this video or something.
Myferardromance12 (4 years ago)
Please go to English class. *Too. And it's not racist. Both are white, so that means they're making jokes about their own race. Something that is clearly NOT racist. And it isn't sexist either. His ex can make videos about what guys do but as soon as max does it, it's sexist. You're just one if those people who get pisses at everything because you can't take a joke and you're too thin skinned.
BIGD_OSpinner (4 years ago)
Marousel Hurteau (4 years ago)
I laughed out loud so many times hahahaha
lacatro (4 years ago)
Danny has the most GORGEUS mane of hair!
Ashley Marie (4 years ago)
So fucking hilarious! Love it!!!

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