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UP NEXT: CHELSEA | LIVERPOOL FC PODCAST We’re absolutely made up to have Tokyo Time on board as an official sponsor of The Redmen TV and we’re even more made up to offer an exclusive 20% discount to to our community. Just enter REDMEN20 at the checkout to get your 20% discount! Tokyo Time do some boss caps so get over there and check out the range on http://www.bit.ly/tokyotime_redmentv You will NOT be disappointed. The quality is top notch. The designs are a belter and Paul is a big supporter of the channel so show his company some love! On this week's Podcast Chris, Ste, Ross and Jon take a brief look at Liverpool's win over Porto on Tuesday evening, as well as looking ahead to Sunday's massive Premier League clash with Chelsea at Anfield! For more quality Liverpool FC content visit http://www.theredmentv.com | Not a subscriber? Start your FREE month trial now! www.theredmentv.com/join Buy Redmen T-Shirts: http://bit.ly/TheRedmenTVShop You Can Find us HERE: YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/theredmentv Website: http://www.theredmentv.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRedmenTV Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheRedmenTV http://www.twitter.com/MrBloodRed http://www.twitter.com/thepaulmachin Instagram: https://instagram.com/theredmentv/ goals assists highlights full match liverpool fan tv skills
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Text Comments (169)
Mo LFC (9 days ago)
T Hazard will take us at least 6-7 years back ,very average can't handle it in the Premier League, I wouldn't pay 5 million for him #19
Dickie Oi (11 days ago)
Great pod. Ste kills me every time
Kamaljeet Rai (13 days ago)
What is the new channel called? I need.to subscribe to these MF
LFC Spectre (13 days ago)
Just second I thought that was Bailey wearing hat but it was Ste.
Olusegun Olutola (13 days ago)
This not only a must win game against chelsea but a payback time for their disgraceful unfootballing tactics that denied us the PL in 2014 when steve had that slip. Mancity benefitted -winning the PL by 2 points. Liverpool have dealt with morinho-being sacked after 3-1 manu defeat, it would be sweeter now, denying both mancity and chelsea the PL and 4th place respectively.
ALICE KAGINU (14 days ago)
SIDENOTE: great thumbnail! 👍 😄 💯 On Chelski: Let's go!!!! Greetings from KENYA 🇰🇪
Johno (14 days ago)
They're talking up Origi he's scored ONE goal in the PL apparently that's all it takes these days to impress some LFC fans
Omar Abdelwahab (14 days ago)
Johno 2
Johno (14 days ago)
Do people expect us to fill out our squad with a bunch of 10m players? To get quality squad players these days you need to spend 30, 40, 50m
Johno (14 days ago)
It's funny 40m is "too much" for a "squad" player yet City go and buy Mahrez for 60m and I keep mentioning City bcos that's the team that we will be fighting against for all major trophies and they will go out and spend big again
Johno (14 days ago)
God I'm sick of hearing if we sign a player will it disrupt the "harmony" of the squad why do City and their big squad never have these issues? We need more depth we've been very fortunate that none of our front 3 have suffered serious injuries we need players to give them a rest we can't keep running our front 3 into the ground bcos eventually they will get injured and then we are f*cked
S K21 (14 days ago)
Maybe Thorgan Hazard would be brought in to replace Shaqiri. Much as we love Shaqiri you do have to ask why he's not playing. Has he upset Klopp? If he has then he'll be moved on in the summer.
Declan McCartney (14 days ago)
Predict a 2-1 win. They will score first but then we'll come back like we always do! Let's go lads!!!!!
Yongmin Lee (14 days ago)
Get this in ”podcast” app in apple redmentv! Would be awesome
Yongmin Lee (13 days ago)
Wierd! I dont see it! Maybe i need to change to british?
The Redmen TV (14 days ago)
It's been on there for well over a year!
Ryan Maxwell (14 days ago)
One more thing, I like having mané but I feel like we can upgrade on him. I’m not a hater but he’s only getting spoken about by people who watch MOTD and highlights. He is nowhere near the quality of mo and bobby. Everyone knows salahs quality so he’s marked by 2-3 players at a time. Defenders have stopped following bobby because he’s job is to drag them out of position and stitch the attack up. This has gifted mané a lot of space and chances that normally he wouldn’t get. He’s not crap by any means but the difference between him and mo is that mo makes something from nothing where as sadio wastes hard worked opportunities. I’ll even put my neck on the line by saying no and bobby have been more intelligent this year with movement and link up plays but the whole league have had over 18 months to study how to deal with them. No one was expecting us to attack how we did last season but now no one wants to play an actual game with us because they know they’re put their depth. Also pur midfield is underrated. The fact we can’t pin down a beat midfield shows how lucky we are. Gini has become one of my favourite players and I was wrong for looking past him. 1 No.9, 1 LW to challenge mané with abit more ball control and an understudy/backup for robbo and we will be as close to completion without upsetting the apple cart
Ryan Maxwell (14 days ago)
I’ve been trying to explain Liverpool to all my pals down the pub and in work. I live in London and most people praise us for the wrong reasons because they watch MOTD or highlights and it really annoys me. Last season we had moments where no one was expecting us to be so fast on the counter and have a make the most of half chances. All the prem teams have had over a year to study on stopping us and they’ve got less options then ever before. We haven’t been as aggressive up front but we’ve had to deal with every team in the league set out to defend first and be as tight as possible. I’ve never known the league to have so much quality from 1st to 20th. Every game we’ve played has been more of a chess game and we have managed to lose 1 game. I thought last year Klopp rinsed the most you could get out of this squad getting to the UCL final but he has proved us all wrong. I fancy us taking something this year but if we don’t I honestly believe we’ll come back stronger. Klopp said this is our first year challenging not our last and in my heart of hearts I cant fault or doubt that. Jürgwn hasn’t really stepped a foot wrong in his whole tenor here bar Karius but it looks like we’ll still make a profit. He’s Spent big bucks on signings with the biggest net profit for a English club and brought youth through. No one else has the bollocks or passion to do that. I’ll Pep might be great but Klopp is built for us. He’s turned us from doubters to believers, grown us as a club and business, made every individual feel valued wether they’re starting 11 or a a lunch lady. Everyone has played a part and without klopp we wouldn’t be having these conversations. This really does mean more. Thank you if you read all of this. YNWA
1 Walshypj (14 days ago)
wish you didnt have that picture as your thumbnail for this video as porto isint over yet and the chelsea game can be a shitty one hope we see them both off though
Jack Smith (14 days ago)
i have not seen much of thorgan but looks good from vids but i trust klopp
Dubbsteppa21 (14 days ago)
only reason the man city fans arent unbearable when they win stuff is coz there is only 4 of them hahahahahaha
Bruno Dacruz (14 days ago)
Liverpool to win 2-0 or 3-1 and Chelsea's goalkeeper to slip up or one of thier defenders to slip up at the back
Greaves9 (14 days ago)
"2000 years of the human race..." come on chris
Ozzer Hughes (14 days ago)
A Boost beats a Double Decker im with Ste on that one!
library gary (14 days ago)
Guy in the gray shirt looks like he just sprinted to the pod from his last period gym class 😂😂😂
Ruan Singh (14 days ago)
The game that ended our title challenge in 2013/14. Let's make a mends of that utter fuck up all those years ago
Brad Fletcher (14 days ago)
I want a big animal to murder me🤣🤣
Mario shirley (14 days ago)
Why have you used that picture?? It's such a curse
Dorre Firin (14 days ago)
Jmstz (14 days ago)
Aubrey nudes
Priyank Shah (14 days ago)
saw that blurring out of the label of your preferred choice of cola. professional. Love the podcast as always. A friend did say to me at the end of the 2013-14 season that we were a jordan henderson away from winning the league (he was suspended for the Chelsea game). Hopefully not this time. YNWA
Matt Scott (14 days ago)
As if they've censored the label on Chris' Coca Cola bottle
Lee LFC (14 days ago)
Bueno for the win 👍👍👍👍👍
Тамайо (14 days ago)
Think we need another Mane/Salah type not necessarily to their level. Thorgan Hazard would fit I think. Would let us rotate and give us more options. Would also fill a gap on the left in a 4231 where you could play all 4 so I dont think game time would be a problem
nice day (14 days ago)
It's funny how u could argue those games hendo missed in 13/14 season dismantled the league run in n now this time around he could help us get over the line in this new role in midfield
Oggi Is me (14 days ago)
Greatest podcast so far
rsuc (14 days ago)
I hope im wrong but i can see hazard being annoyingly brilliant against us again
Philly B (14 days ago)
she is terrible pundit >>pretty faces don't makes cases >>> thank you for limiting her on this show
Darren Mcclean (14 days ago)
Need to scrap thumbnails like these ...its not like we are smashing teams and the chavs like to give us a kicking ....that will come to bite us on the arse , we done nothing really since 2005
Sean Mc enroe (14 days ago)
"We need starters that can sit on the bench for 15 games" hahaha relax there Chris
Simon Tilston (14 days ago)
Very Funny indeed. Great banter.
Jolyon Ward (14 days ago)
To think we’ve got Gomez and ox to come back. And we sign maybe another winger and cb in the summer. Are squad will extremely strong
Pedro Von Worzelburger (14 days ago)
1:01 was someone slaughtering a Evertonian in the background or something?
james wilson (14 days ago)
Team for Sunday. Alisson Arnold Matip Van Dijk Robertson Fabinho Henderson Winaljdum Salah Firmino Mane If needing a goal bring on Origi for Hendo and change to a 4-2-3-1 with Mane on right Origi left and Firmino behind Salah at around 60mins Still needing a goal at 75 mins. Take off Gini for Keita and Firmino for Shaqiri.
james wilson (14 days ago)
If we're up 3 nil. Bring on Milner and Lovern when there's 15 mins to go, to kill off game and sit back and counter.
Sean Lunt (14 days ago)
Chris’s laugh kills me la!! He’s the next mark hamill joker laugh
RaZE Clan (14 days ago)
I fucking love the thumbnail
Timmy Time (14 days ago)
Youre all forgetting about Harry Wilson, we need a 100 million player to put mane and salah under pressure, other than that sell noone, a 100 million winger, and a 50 million centre back and a 50 million wingback. And we move forward
sahil rehna (14 days ago)
we can't afford slip again
JAMES GIBLIN (14 days ago)
Anyone spot Baz @ 5:09?
Micheal Duffy (14 days ago)
Coutinho & Neymar's freak transfer prices dont dictate the transfer market moving forward, clubs will chance it but will agree a fair price in the end. Our front 3 need 1 player of similar quality to help push them and be adequate cover. New signings have to able to play vs Utd & Chelsea as much as lower teams. Havertz,Neres,Luka jovic are the type of players LFC need. Boost all day over a double decker
willjohnboy (15 days ago)
We need palace to at least shut up shop for a 0-0 draw and beat Chelsea this will be the toughest and most nerve wracking game of the season.
Selim Aydin Sezgin (15 days ago)
Redmen tv is boring...always the same things, you need to invent something new.
willjohnboy (15 days ago)
Tempting fate with the thumbnail Chelsea do like to ruin our trophy chances 2005 champions league semi final excluded of course.
FynS (15 days ago)
I hope we won't slip againts Chelsea.
Bruno Dacruz (14 days ago)
I think it's time to end the Chelsea hoodoo at home liverpool to win 3-0 or 2-0 or 3-1
Jorge Lopes (15 days ago)
I was just behind Porto ‘s bench and, being Portuguese, saw their manager saying twice “Firmino is always alone”, which shows how not all of the front three can be marked
CodeCommand (14 days ago)
4d out of space chess here
james wilson (14 days ago)
Mike LFC (15 days ago)
The hats are nice except for the back...that needs to change...it's ugly
Meer (15 days ago)
Yesterday barca games gave me confidence we can beat them if we play well.....Lets have eyes on both trophies ✌️✌️✌️
Etihad dubai (14 days ago)
Not even 1 my friend....
Dubbsteppa21 (14 days ago)
id rather just keep my eyes on the next game tbh
Kalevi (15 days ago)
Maybe try for Hudson Odoi? Last year of his contract after next season. Would love that.
Le zMatti (14 days ago)
Kalevi maxiITK on Twitter is saying we’re heavily in talks with him. I’d love him too and it’d signal a power shift in the league. Sancho-esque potential for a 1/3 of the price.
carbono tostino (15 days ago)
Hazard will be on the bench, but If Slavia Prague can give Chelsea a game Sarri might have to use him, so come on you Red and Whites get stuck into them!
james wilson (14 days ago)
+shane stephenson he obviously means tonights game
shane stephenson (14 days ago)
Hazard wont be on the bench against liverpool
james wilson (14 days ago)
He'll start Hazard I think
AzzaMATE (15 days ago)
Time to crush your title hopes like 2013-14 season haha. All jokes aside going to be a tough game especially for us but if we start Loftus Cheek and Hudson Odoi WATCH OUT!
AzzaMATE (14 days ago)
Bruno Dacruz Haha nice prediction but it ain’t going to happen. History always has a way of repeating itself 😏
Bruno Dacruz (14 days ago)
It's time to end the Chelsea hoodoo at home liverpool to win 2-0 or 3-1 and a kepa to slip up watch
Alaa Arabyat (15 days ago)
This thumbnail image is stupid , give me bad feeling about our next game performance, i'm not optimistic, Mark my words .
Chris C (15 days ago)
thumbnail is... not classy at all. bit of fun i guess.. not for me tho.
BB42 (15 days ago)
Hazard needs to be shut down. That is crucial, as he always seems to score against us.
devilrv89 (15 days ago)
That thumbnail!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shane (15 days ago)
Instagram based competition... shocker 🙄
Chea Wifi (15 days ago)
My prediction on Sunday Game is Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea.
Chea Wifi (14 days ago)
Am sure what am telling you, I bet Chelsea will end up Liverpool's title hope on Sunday
Timmy Time (14 days ago)
It would take Chelsea a month to score 3 passed Liverpool 😂
Tapha Toure (15 days ago)
You mean liverpool 3-1 chelsea
MafioSol (14 days ago)
Sorry, echoing dislike of thumbnail. Inappropriate. Distasteful. What next - defeated manager's heads on pikes? We're better than that. #JustSayin
foxy foxy (15 days ago)
We are on a good run, we should just concentrate on getting 3 pts vs chelsea And we go again. The reds surely look fit enough to finish this season on a high! YNWA and yeah we should get De Ligt, Sessegnon, Neres and either Timo Werner or Nabil Fékir. And if mignolet goes, get Alban Lafont or André Onana Just suggestions, KLOPPO knows best
Huzz (12 days ago)
we won't get de ligt, it's been confirmed he's either off to barcelona or bayern.
Toni Toni (15 days ago)
foxy foxy we can’t afford all that without winning the double
Jonas Madsen (15 days ago)
If any of u lads are going to the European aways please bring back the away day Bingo from last years trip to Porto
Banana Drama (15 days ago)
4:08 Baz walking past
RatWolf (15 days ago)
Allstar lineup 😎👍
RED Hulk (15 days ago)
👏 😂
Red Danielle (15 days ago)
Origi looks like a young Sturridge
MafioSol (15 days ago)
+Red Danielle Lol. I'll let you off then ;) I'm not so sure. Origi has reinvented his usefulness only, previously an energetic, direct option, then went off a cliff form and relevance wise. Now he's thrown on for his pace on the wing. Sturridge should be embarrassed that he's lower down the pecking order to him. A young Sturridge was cocky at Chelsea, blossoming at Bolton, refined at Liverpool and the best English striker 2014-2016 until he succumbed to injury (robbing him of his pace), poor form, and limited application. In summary, different players then and now.
Red Danielle (15 days ago)
+MafioSol hah I meant how he's playing this recent games remind me of a young Sturridge. Not actual look
MafioSol (15 days ago)
What are you on?? You should get out more and meet more black people. ;)
mr FORTLESS (15 days ago)
They will come and attack us which suits us down to a tee. I’m confident we will win comfortably lads. COME on you reds!
Tommy Edge (15 days ago)
Shite short of content
Benjamin Borrero (15 days ago)
45 min talking about other shit and not the fucking game what's going on with the pod cast lately
natural mulundu (15 days ago)
Believe me .. the title race one way or another ends this weekend .... we draw we are out , we lose we are out , city draw or lose they are out ....... it's done.. what I know is both teams are not going to win this weekend .... but one of us is winning also
natural mulundu (14 days ago)
+Bruno Dacruz the problem is which liverpool turns up ... liverpool must attack Chelsea like city did .... the problem is liverpool will be conservative..... and in tht circumstance chelsea are very dangerous....
Bruno Dacruz (14 days ago)
It's time to change the script man City winning the league again how boring I think liverpool will get revenge on Chelsea. Liverpool to win 2-0 or 3-1
Dwayne Terence (15 days ago)
If City loses, and Liverpool draw, nothing ends u fool 🤣
Mik Finders Keepers (15 days ago)
Is there anything in the rules that says the opposition technical area is required to be a certain size. Can we has a 8 metre long technical area at Anfield and the oppositions is 47.5cm long 😜
Ace AJz (15 days ago)
Where can I listen to the podcast rather then watch it
The Redmen TV (14 days ago)
Acast. Spotify. ITunes.
rsuc (14 days ago)
+Timmy Time lol i know right? 😂
Timmy Time (14 days ago)
Look somewhere else while the video plays? Lol close your eyes?
Auggie Ghau ghau (15 days ago)
Good luck Liverpool
Designated Shitposter (15 days ago)
So nervous for Sunday. Hope we are sharp and focused.
dj shenanigan (15 days ago)
That thumbnail needs to be a 30 foot flag
Daniel Pejovic (15 days ago)
simple, bring in timo werner, james rodriguez and/or fekir(must have hope)
shane stephenson (14 days ago)
+Garth Wilkinson rabiot clearly has a bad attitude. Neves is the most likely one on your fantasy shortlist
Timmy Time (14 days ago)
James Rodriguez would be terrible business, never happen. Hes at the end of his career and hasnt been match sharp for a couple of seasons
Garth Wilkinson (15 days ago)
+Dwayne Terence No actually. Messi was not considered because of his age.
Dwayne Terence (15 days ago)
+Garth Wilkinson Hazard, may as well put Messi on it as well, stupid
Garth Wilkinson (15 days ago)
Rabiot, Neves, Sane and Eden Hazard transfers are priority then there's Oxlade, Wilson & Grujic
HSYT (15 days ago)
Love the thumbnail, CMON Liverpool
Was that ToffeeTV you can hear about 1:00 in? 1-0 win against Arsenal and they're delirious bless em.
James Winer (15 days ago)
Wow didn’t even recognize Ste at first. I was wondering who the new guy was lol
leen alrasheed (15 days ago)
The thumbnail killed me 😂😂😂😂
Uninstall (15 days ago)
A must win this will destroy Chelsea for the next 2 years if they lose.
Dean Coates (15 days ago)
noisy neighbors
Gerry Whyte (15 days ago)
Wouldn't have Neves
Lee LFC (14 days ago)
Gerry Whyte how come? I've seen him spraying some Gerrard-esque passes for wolves. Looks good
Millmoor Michael (15 days ago)
Not into that thumbnail, bit boastful ay?
MafioSol (15 days ago)
I'm with you. Need to stay humble and measured. I remember when we played Chelsea in 2014 and we got lulled into a premature coronation by ourselves and the media especially. We even paraded Luis Garcia around the Kop before KO. Defeat was especially painful.
Liam M (15 days ago)
No Paul = No Party
Donald Anderson (15 days ago)
That thumbnail is savage. Chelsea unfortunately like to show up against us so we have to put our foot down this week.
zac h (11 days ago)
Hazard has already easily scored againts liverpool twice this season and chelsea have rested the prodigy callum hudson odoi who hasnt lost a single game when he started
MafioSol (12 days ago)
+kenny kaijage Hopw not at the expense of TAA, I'll have in my ffl team then!
kenny kaijage (13 days ago)
+MafioSol not against Hazard bro. Definitely against Cardiff
MafioSol (13 days ago)
+kenny kaijage However he was on the bench for Porto wasn't he? Fit enough to play.
kenny kaijage (14 days ago)
+MafioSol Gomez aint match fit
Joseph Markey (15 days ago)
I've got a song about Naby if anyone wants to get it going against Chelsea We bought a boy Guinea To partner up with Gini At first he didn't shine But now he's playing sublime Oh Naby Naby Naby Naby Naby Keita!!!
Timmy Time (14 days ago)
Why not do a song for Karius and klavan too 🤦
Eric Midgard (15 days ago)
+Joseph Markey first line makes him sound like a slave wtf
Garth Wilkinson (15 days ago)
Or Sing Naby Keita to the rescue rangers themesong
kareem khalid (15 days ago)
Not hating on the song, it's quite catchy but the third line is insulting. As a footballer that's the last thing I want to hear.
Joseph Markey (15 days ago)
+kareem khalid Doesn't matter tbh
S Saeed (15 days ago)
We need a bigger and better squad so yes why not spend 40 on a squad player
S Saeed (15 days ago)
If hazard comes to Liverpool he will play especially if he is a midfielder
Lee Taylor (15 days ago)
+Dwayne Terence It's Thorgen Hazard they are talking about Eden Hazard's younger brother.
Dwayne Terence (15 days ago)
Why is this even being stated? It's like saying 'If Messi comes to Liverpool ?'...kmt
Charles Frost (15 days ago)
Toffee TV fingering each other on the couch next door?
Tommy C (14 days ago)
Polishing The transfer window cup they won a couple of years back.!!
Tony Andrews (14 days ago)
they've probably just heard the famous siren again
Richvrd098 (15 days ago)
Mate I thought the spirits in my house were awake
Designated Shitposter (15 days ago)
Wrighty tv (15 days ago)
I love the thumbnail 🤣👌
Yaser Rahimi (15 days ago)
Fuck off cfc
Dennis Martin (15 days ago)
Like it fun chat enjoyed it..... YNWA
w windows (15 days ago)
Liverpool 4-2 Chelsea Salah x2 , firmino x1 , Milner pen Hazard x2 If this happens I think we'll go on to win the league.
George F (15 days ago)
Garth Wilkinson (15 days ago)
On another note. #WrongHazard
Garth Wilkinson (15 days ago)
So not jinxing this

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