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My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience

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Hahaha! Boats?!? Neopets?!? My mom telling me to kick off my shoes so I don't drown as fast?!!?!?!? Boy do I have a video for you! GingerPale ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGingerPale FootofaFerret ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/FootofaFerret ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout Website ➤ https://theodd1sout.com/
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Text Comments (43318)
no u (5 hours ago)
The description on the fake video is “does anyone read these fake descriptions?”
Knightmaster321 (10 hours ago)
Maybe because u got in gave ur sister the confidence to become better than u
0:09 the guy shot the other man and the man holding the box din’t die 😂😂😂
ArrowMo (11 hours ago)
7:00 that actually looks like James
The Wolf Pack (12 hours ago)
I watched this RIGHT after the science fair video!!!
Adam Peczak (12 hours ago)
JAMES "make a video that you play minecraft/ happy wheels,,
MooreMinecraft (12 hours ago)
The only reason you lost is because the number on your boat is 13
Coffee The Bunny (15 hours ago)
TehbestRobloxplayer 1023 (19 hours ago)
Did anyone see the emoji at 2:23
SimulatesGaming (21 hours ago)
5:45 Odd1sout never lies. the president did give you a high five.
Dávid Kohlmann (22 hours ago)
Are you left handed?? Woah ur special
Mike Cool (1 day ago)
James "it hurts to eat this" James' dad "yeah, they do that"
doggo dog (1 day ago)
when u said dogs my DOGS came in
Я один-единственный Русский
Trash Viners (1 day ago)
7:01 🤣🤣that's Issac Newton not gallileo
Elizabeth Solokhina (1 day ago)
Cardboard boat rice?
Blaz_en (1 day ago)
I’m an honor student and for some reason all my school fights in my grade have someone in my class in it lol
Doge 101 (1 day ago)
Gdynia,uyfhntv jhfmhyg,hfhmgv hgdyn is the worst curse word
Gaming banana (1 day ago)
Dannnnggggggg Original Gangster Students!
Noa The Gamer (1 day ago)
Don't you spell it entire not entore
Electric Waffle (1 day ago)
We also have A DOGS thing but ours is T.A.G talented and gifted, And uh I’m super smart
Maybe it was a special class. and they told him it was an honors class. HAHAHA!!!!!
Alpaca Lord (1 day ago)
I wasn’t in the dogs what we call alpha class in elementary school but I’m in fifth grade and I got into alpha in middle school take that James
yanni liusno (1 day ago)
Are you indonesia??
Maxymilian Boduch (1 day ago)
big chungus Guy (2 days ago)
He got those gun sounds drom phantom forces (roblox)
Shardul Thanekar (2 days ago)
4:25 Why do you need the shoes anyway. You were an amateur cardboard boat sailor.
Corban (2 days ago)
Whats in the box I said WHATS IN THE BOX I SAID WHAT IN THE B A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A X ! ! ! ! ! !
Carnatic Keyboardist (2 days ago)
The 👌 sign was at the beginning of 2:23
Phantomist Gaming (2 days ago)
Robber:wats in da box Dude:..... Robber:WATS IN DA BOX AAAAAHHH dude:(drops box) A light saver comes out Robber:thats NEAT
SlimeyPlayz (2 days ago)
cardboard bort rice
ben r (2 days ago)
I came in 2nd out of 30 teams
TylerPlayz Games (2 days ago)
Lol 10:34 was the best 🤣 Read more
Lauren Seavey (2 days ago)
Our program is called CATS
daniel Diaz (2 days ago)
I was in the doy program
Sparky Waffles (2 days ago)
James' new favourite phrase used in most his vids *Yeah they do that* My Life is absolutely destroyed😂
Super Squid (2 days ago)
Cardbood Boet Rice
Captin panda (2 days ago)
Well in my city we French kids always stay together like I'm in grade 6 I have been with the same students FOR 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!
вадим орлов (2 days ago)
а я российский лол
Castitalus (2 days ago)
Noticed a few webcomic creators in these videos like Inyourfacecake and Pigeon gazette
Dazzle (2 days ago)
I’m a straight C-F student yeye
Super_Gamer 777 (2 days ago)
Whats in the box!? Patrick: A string spongebob?
Tracey Reimer (2 days ago)
I am in a.i.g.
Kimberly Chetwood (2 days ago)
What’s un the box I said what’s in the box I said what’s in BOXXXXXXXXX I can make a great bot out of this
Mapleshade (2 days ago)
I guess you could say your teacher was... Theodd1sout!
Thuy Truong (2 days ago)
“My sister was a straight A student and I was a straight B and C student...” James’ sister, “LOOK WHO’S THE LOSER NOW” “WHO DO YOU THINK U ARE SHAMING ME, IM BETTER THAN U NOW SKRUB.”
O_Magoo (2 days ago)
4:25 Not the Tims!!
Daytonbf (2 days ago)
We have those honors classes and I’m in them but now they are called eagles I can’t remember why
Good job TheOdd1sOut you spell *boat* as *boet* AND *race* as *rise* good job Edit : sorry for being mean (;へ:)
Fiery Water (2 days ago)
EpicGamesPlayer784/Joel0109 it’s a joke because he made a video my horibal spelling
Beautiful Queens 99 (3 days ago)
Hahaha I know what lake.... I live in Arizona... But I live no where near it but I know what lake!!!
Adragonite Fortnite (3 days ago)
Adragonite Fortnite (2 days ago)
Oh my gosh I got hacked
Alloy Metals (3 days ago)
lmao u havent changed a bit since the third grade i know this sounds like im a family member but im just one of those wear your seatbelt kinda guys
Junior 17 (3 days ago)
I got an ad of boats métal ones lol
Jackson Baca (3 days ago)
That blue bird in the box is the same one I have
Mv T (3 days ago)
Why are some of the pictures at the end of the video with jaiden animation?
Kit Petersen (3 days ago)
Kit Petersen (3 days ago)
Kit Petersen (3 days ago)
0 :09
Kit Petersen (3 days ago)
Mallory Anne Pedrajas (3 days ago)
Carlos Eduardo Barros (3 days ago)
6:46 James did the Duolingo Lessons as a child
Johnathan Jean-Louis (3 days ago)
3:22 did anyone realize that the kids hat says bruh?
Shreader 87 (3 days ago)
i did that not long ago it sucked, i mean we came last cus everyone was arguing
Lorelai Hagens (3 days ago)
Omg I saw this movie
CHARLENE CIOCON (3 days ago)
Im dying😂
Jamie Bryan (3 days ago)
Yaaaaaaaayyyyy potato
Jamie Bryan (3 days ago)
Yaaaaaaaayyyyy potato
Jace.B.FNDeer (3 days ago)
Is honors class like top set?or bottom set ?
Jaylo Gaming (4 days ago)
Sebastian Andrade (4 days ago)
4:04 turn on closed caption james way of realting to people
Yeet no u (4 days ago)
|The amazing box 2 the second part| after Jake ran off with the Box James was just talking to his viewers and doing a YouTube video about boxing with chess Alex got beaten by the odd ones out AKA James but the Box returned in a SpongeBob episode and odd ones out if you're reading this I just got to say one word JAMES!?
Yeet no u (4 days ago)
Mr. Chicken nugget I don't feel so good *body parts turn to Ash* Nr. Chicken nugget: I can make a great boat out of this
Yeet no u (4 days ago)
|The amazing box| Jake: What's in the box? James: ... Jake: I said what's in the box!? James: ... Jake: WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXXX!? *Gun fires* *James box falls out of his hands and opens* Jake: I can make a great boat out of this Matt: excuse me that's my boss there's an Xbox one in there Jake: •_•
CoolKaiser45 (4 days ago)
2:21 👌
LexTheAmazing 07 (4 days ago)
Ask what’s inside
Gamer Boy (4 days ago)
Hi Your funny (4 days ago)
Ooooooooo those box physics tho
Tyler Russell (4 days ago)
I don’t think he meant to make the pun but he said his math was not “adding up”
Joey Garza (4 days ago)
*whats in the box* A James animating a box
King Flame1118 (4 days ago)
marv alvarez (4 days ago)
Elliot Carr (4 days ago)
olivia coulton (4 days ago)
''And I remember being so afraid of the boat sinking not because I could drown but because I didn't want to lose my shoes'' MY FAVOURITE PART
Jonathon Benavidez (4 days ago)
I got the the joke at the start of the video
Thomas Sampson (4 days ago)
I have the same costume
Samantha Tymkow (4 days ago)
What’s in the box Dum persan: .... Rober: what’s in the box? Dum persan: ... Rober: WHATS IN THE BOX (shoots box out of hands) * da box had big fat people
I kmow that im not suposed to day this buuuut You wrote almost everything wrong at 0:25 Soreeey
Lilianas Playground (4 days ago)
Emma Nicole (4 days ago)
omg I was in a very similar program when I was in elementary school, but I ended up going to an advanced school for middle school and highschool
Uranus Planet (4 days ago)
Lol I have a stuffed toy named birdy 😂
Jackychan 2391 (4 days ago)
Plz sub to me Edit: also loved the vid
Jo Blount (4 days ago)
I love the theodd1sout
Jo Blount (4 days ago)
yakir pinkhasov (4 days ago)
Cardbood boet RICE ?
lagginggames gaming (4 days ago)
You should use flex tape
The mobil griffen 122 (5 days ago)
BbbNm b Bibb. V
unreal0906 (5 days ago)
0:01 this was a reference only true men understood
pleb pleb (5 days ago)
galileo galliel
Fastest Owl (5 days ago)
FireFrogGamer Tv (5 days ago)
It’s now called G.P

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