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The real reason I have long hair.

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This is why I have long hair and the struggles that go with it. You don't have to ask any more. Music: Zyglrox by Periphery \m/ ► ► If you want to support what I do, this is the best way: http://www.patreon.com/boyinaband ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/boyinabandcom ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/DavePBrown ► Tumblr: http://davebiab.tumblr.com/ ► Music: http://boyinaband.bandcamp.com ► T-Shirts: http://boyinaband.bigcartel.com/ ★ ★ ★
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Text Comments (57831)
Novablade _25 (1 hour ago)
wtff lmaoo (2 hours ago)
cut your fucking gay ass hair
fUCkiNg FreAK (2 hours ago)
Your hair is fucking amazing.
Dynamic and Ali Gamer (3 hours ago)
leonor saenz (3 hours ago)
I love your hair
Haley Smith (3 hours ago)
0:00- 0:33 best part of video
Your hair is longer then mine, i’m jealous ...
Kenehra (4 hours ago)
i just really need to know do you straighten your hair because my hair is about as long as yours and i literally cant do anything nice with it if i curl myt hair it only lasts 5 minutes and the same if i straten it BTW youre awesome
Evan Proctor (4 hours ago)
I actually kinda envy it tbh cuz my hair is naturally short and I’ve tried to grow it out long but 1) it doesn’t grow right and is just a mess and 2) my parents don’t let me get it very long before forcing me to cut it
Dríada Munhoz (4 hours ago)
you're precious, never mind whatever other people say I adore u
kate valery (5 hours ago)
never cut it
Cindy Trần (5 hours ago)
How many headaches did you get while shaking your head around?
Manha Selena (5 hours ago)
Each day, I brush my hair in frustration and as my hair gets teared away, I have the urge to cut it *again* therefore it grows back and I'm back to my torture sessions. Curly hair... *WHYYY*
Taylen Teage (5 hours ago)
Your hair is cool 😎...and I'm a girl 💖
Savage Swannxox (6 hours ago)
I wish I had hair like you
Mireya Aleman (6 hours ago)
“Stupid backwards sexist piece of....”😂🤦🏻‍♀️👏🏼
Phuong Lu (6 hours ago)
Somebody who probably can understand women’s hair problems Edit: *AND ITS A MAN*
ScaRe Spin (6 hours ago)
I have long hair and I’m not ten yet. His hair is like ——————————— and my hair is —————
Sami - (7 hours ago)
That's the reason I have long hair
Jessica Szydlowski (7 hours ago)
I meant strange
Jessica Szydlowski (7 hours ago)
To me your hair is a little stranhe but who am I to say that, I'm a furry
Mr Killer (7 hours ago)
I used to live in the United Arab Emirates wich school did you go too I went schouifat
Mila Mazur (8 hours ago)
*Question* Why do you remind me of Freddie Mercury?
Gabjet Barabat (8 hours ago)
0:42 me too
Ariaqualia Stone (9 hours ago)
I JUST LOVE IT XDD hahaha ur amazing and I luv ur hair :3 <3
Dark star (9 hours ago)
i love your hair and i like the long hair just as to me
Sam Fraser (9 hours ago)
So who else is getting this in reccomended 2 years later
Buritopaj XOX (10 hours ago)
I looooove your hair, I wish I had that long and beautiful hair, but my mom doesn’t let me have long hair
saeje martin (10 hours ago)
It doesn’t matter how long your hair is as long as it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone then it’s okay you don’t listen to the haters and the haters don’t even bother reading the comments haters if you are reading this don’t bother leaving a comment if you have nothing nice to say
Gabs Da Avocado (11 hours ago)
But seriously though, my hair won't grow even after several attempts. My mum is the one who most likely deals with it more cuz I'm also a wuss and don't like brushing it and it's extremely thick as well so she makes me trim it like 2 inches every 6 months I want long hair too! Btw I ly and your videos so much!
n0p3no1 (12 hours ago)
You're beautiful
Taylor The warrior (13 hours ago)
I love long hair on girls or boys and putting color streaks in it only makes it look better
may-linn fjellstad (13 hours ago)
Omg your hair is so cool 😱😍
Logican TBR (14 hours ago)
Me: it’s pretty warm in here, if only I had a fan... Boyinaband: * whips his hair * Me: thanks.....?
Bethany loves food (14 hours ago)
I love your hair! I wish mine was that long.
Because you are gay and you want your papi to pull you hard (Dont get offended it's a joke)
Greengamer 5467 (14 hours ago)
Cortese el pelo jei
_ Anime_Thing _ (15 hours ago)
Asapps (15 hours ago)
I would love that kind of hair. In 2 years time, it'll be how I want it. I like yours, but I'd like mine about half as long and yes I want mine dyed. The half n half looks amazing, so I might do that. For you anime lovers out there, good ole Byakuya Kuchiki's hair is my ideal.
Jamez Playz (16 hours ago)
You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up IMA HELICOPTER
Mmm 333 (16 hours ago)
It's good to just be yourself. Screw people, people know nothing. I'm The Son of God and most people know it through the universal counsciousness yet do nothing. I'm surrounded by a planet of useless fucks who can't do anything and care about nothing but their ego. I like your intro, wouldn't be suprised if people copy it. The woman on the street who looked at you 😆
ZeXiTy Playz (16 hours ago)
wth is that intro? xddd
*if Google Maps caught the intro...*
Wolfie_ (17 hours ago)
I died when I watched the first and the last part
Im About To Die (17 hours ago)
The sock thing is happening in my school and I don't give a shit so I walk in with bright red and yellow odd socks and just shout "screw u guys! This my way of expressing myself!"
Mr. koala (18 hours ago)
Thomas Klein (18 hours ago)
Dreamed of you last night. you cuted your hair extreme short. It looked horrible and I'm really glad that it was just a dream
kaiserped (18 hours ago)
You could be friend with long hair version of Jason Newsted.
Jeshwin Star (19 hours ago)
You are stupid
z Nac (19 hours ago)
That intro must have hurt ur head a little~
Sarah Humphreys (20 hours ago)
5:47 me when i try to eat a lemon
Duck CS:GO AWP RO (20 hours ago)
Tomato Warrior (20 hours ago)
Reason he has long hair:Black metal
Media on (20 hours ago)
ok ... describing your hair is good but making a long video that is dump i latterly love your vid but stop making bla bla bla in videos
Megi Braholli (21 hours ago)
he is such a precious bean, i love him
Riandar Farhan (23 hours ago)
0:00 when there is a bug on my head and trys to get it off XDDDD
Agent DJ (23 hours ago)
Wait..... I though u were transgender (no offense senpai)
Ohsigh Wris (1 day ago)
His hair always reminded me of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. I like it. I like him. I’m happy I found him. Lowkey I got anxiety when he flipped his hair like boy you’re going to get a headache
I rip my hair out whenever I want to tie string around my finger... why do I do these things...
AnythingButBanjo (1 day ago)
You look like a girl. Cut your hair :b
Zoom (22 hours ago)
Fuck off
i like your hair
Lee Animation (1 day ago)
when i 1st say the video. me: *WTF...*
PrincessLynne78 (1 day ago)
Yea boii looks don't matter! I literally wear a wolf ear headband in public cuz it makes me feel comfortable. LOOKS DON'T MATTER!!! YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS the younger Boyinaband agrees with mehhh!
MatthewPlayz (1 day ago)
Sexy gril
COCO- BEAN (1 day ago)
Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair or streak a diffrent color to be unique and i luv ur vids
BossMan1122 (1 day ago)
0:01 me at my last 10 seconds of the last day of school
Elite Ducko (1 day ago)
When your sexually identified as an Apache helicopter.
Ya kp Da Idk (1 day ago)
Friends: You look great in long hair, Dave! Me: Dude, he isn’t wearing a wig.
His hair is longer then mine... :(
Holly Black (1 day ago)
vlog daily kids (1 day ago)
Anja Lazo Rilling (1 day ago)
I just loveeee your haiirrrr!! I would love to have that long hair :( I recently lost a lot of it so:/ BUT I LOVE YOUR HAIR Now my darkest dream would be touch your hair 😈 jk U r cool, dude!!
ItsJust Muz (1 day ago)
At the start I couldn’t breathe omg it was so funny
Wanda Alvarado (1 day ago)
Konspikyuos (1 day ago)
How much conditioner do u use? 50 lbs.?
SkiLLsZ (1 day ago)
Why i have long hair? *I use it to clean*
Nora Pedersen (1 day ago)
Your hair truly makes you stand out. I first saw tou in a pewdiepie video and rememberet your hair. After that i saw you with theodd1sout i was like i gotta warch this. And now im in a loophole of your videos, all because of your hair.
Elaine Osini (1 day ago)
I want his hair. ;c
Kill_me 123 (1 day ago)
I’m a girl with short hair...
TheVija Kanalas (1 day ago)
Your hair is so beautiful I wish I had same hair like you
Jakob Peach (1 day ago)
Bc you gai
Jakob Peach (1 day ago)
Just kidding, keep up the good work, you’re so god dang heterosexual
ninja kitten (1 day ago)
To be a windmill?
Gaming Girl05 (1 day ago)
I saw my fav book... *FINALLY I SEE IT SOMEWHERE!*
Rana Said (1 day ago)
I'm a girl and you have wayyyyy longer hair than me
Rikko Castro (1 day ago)
Why do schools hate LONG HAIR?! UGH!
XxNOVAxX The panda (1 day ago)
I keep getting sent home cause my hair is too long...even tho im in the middle of proper exams they care morw about my length
Xavier Aiston (1 day ago)
Just say "this is important to my future, I'm not leaving" Oh wait the school system doesn't care for its students, and I will probably end up flunking my GCSEs because of them
jack mackay (1 day ago)
weird flex but ok
F u haters I like the long hire
BIGFlamingo Fan (1 day ago)
The intro is everything. 😂
French Weirdo (1 day ago)
Very girl comment but: i want to braid your hair so badly
Warrior Cats stars (1 day ago)
Red hair is big in my school lots of people have some red including me
Logang 4life (2 days ago)
*Mooooommm the neighbor is being weird again😂*
Adrianna Kurtz (2 days ago)
I love your song dont stay in school. And i love your hair !!!!
Nonexistent Cheese (2 days ago)
8:13 whiplash 100
ItsKay (2 days ago)
I love his hair! The people who judge are just haters who don’t have lives.
Jade Baker (2 days ago)
I didn't know how much I needed the hair montage in my life until I watched it ❤
Vince Cantuba (2 days ago)
Your the professional rock and roll
Simon Paliakas (2 days ago)
Dye your eyebrows red
Josh heffner (2 days ago)
i really wish the intro was the whole video
PINK DRAGON WOLF (2 days ago)
I envy your hair :))) #Goals

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