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Prince Harry tucks into meal ahead of South Pole trek

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Prince Harry shares a meal with team mates after touching down in Antarctica for their trek to the South Pole. Report by Sophie Foster.
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Jamie Munos (2 months ago)
Waiting for classy wine fb
Jamie Munos (2 months ago)
Online research
Nana Marion (8 months ago)
A little prince holds his Fork USA Style. Smart kid. It's much easier. Love him. Love William. Love them even more because they're my precious little girl's Sons.
bigmac macca (1 year ago)
Why does the narrator sound like she'd just smoked a packet of players?
Esme - (1 year ago)
-45 degrees!!
Novi (2 years ago)
He is amazing
Chippy The Chipmunk (2 years ago)
full documentary???
Debora Reis (3 years ago)
Even eating he is handsome
Mira Al Shoum (2 years ago)
I totally agree with your comment.
ann rachel santos (3 years ago)
prince harry you comer bem sempre
Jennifer Sorrell (3 years ago)
Love the shadow of a beard here. Oh, and the food looks tasty too!
DaveDaShrubber (4 years ago)
NBC's Revolution won't be on tonight because of this Nazi cocksucker Prince. This Cressida of his must be a whore.
Daemon aoides (4 years ago)
harry --their a bunch of assholes...its true what the physics signal told you...are you sad....people are weird and its the same for me to....their is never a place where you can just exist free...you know--trustworthy...your thoughts are on a physics signal...did i tell you the sunrise where I am is beautiful and colorful and misty from the mountains with a slight chill in the air....your not an asshole so I would be careful of them they will attack you....love shy
Glaucus (4 years ago)
Even in those freezing conditions some people will still think he's a lizard...
Simion Maria (5 years ago)

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