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Cardboard Shredders, Card-Board Destroyer: Recycling: Carton / Paperboard / Packaging

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Edward carboard shredders visit us at http://www.cardboard-shredders.com/ Cardboard Shredder EDWARD Recycling is better! We are pleased to introduce the new range of cardboard shredder series EDWARD: a professional line of industrial, ecological, economic and compact shredders. Enough useless waste and improvised packaging! EDWARD frees space in the warehouse by transforming the cartons into cardboard elastic mesh perfect for packing. Why buy the Edward cardboard shredder? • Designed for heavy use with 8 mm. blades, roller bearings, reinforced shaft and reinforced belt! • Transforms your used cartons in precious packaging material, without wasting time and effort! • You can protect your products inside the boxes, without buying polystyrene and bubble wrap. • Due to its flexibility the carboard mesh produced is easily adaptable,to any type of packaging with remarkable impact resistance. • Frees warehouse space needed to store packaging material. • It cuts the costs of waste disposal and packaging. • It frees space, ecological and economical. Cardboard Shredder EDWARD: Unique in the world with 3 cutting styles! No waste of cartons used More space and more efficiency in stock Protect our Planet thanks to EDWARD by Klindex for more info, please visit: http://www.cardboard-shredders.com/ thanks & regards
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