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Aminah A (8 months ago)
Ooh sooo pretty what’s ur ebay I want one
Shikha Singh (10 months ago)
The blanket looks so soft omg I wanna touch it too
Evelyn Zuniga (10 months ago)
both items are super pretty 😍
Lizz Rourk (10 months ago)
Did you have to use a code to get the blanket?
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Lizz Rourk yep! 💙 but it’s over now
Alison Thomas (10 months ago)
Loving your lavender-toned eye shadow, the jacket and the blanket. Blessings.
Alison Thomas (10 months ago)
You're welcome. You look lovely so be encouraged to go for it.
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Alison Thomas omg thank you!! I’m always nervous to try new eye colors 💙💙
Liliana Macias (10 months ago)
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Liliana Macias 💙💙💙
grumpyberri (10 months ago)
Nice haul! Do you happen to know the January codes?
J Lynn (10 months ago)
grumpyberri I’m on it 💙
grumpyberri (10 months ago)
J Lynn oh no! That's a bummer. Yeah a video would be good !
J Lynn (10 months ago)
grumpyberri no! They won’t work, i think I’m gonna make a video about it ☹️
Kirisa Cook (10 months ago)
What's your eBay?
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Kirisa Cook https://www.ebay.com/usr/jenilynnanderson 💙💙💙
Bohemian Green (10 months ago)
Chelsea Reynolds (10 months ago)
Love the jacket and the blanket!
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Chelsea Reynolds omg obsessed 💙💙
Paloma Ruiz (10 months ago)
Yay another haul! ❤️❤️
Iryna Nováková (10 months ago)
Love your hauls
farrah khan (10 months ago)
Whoop another haul
Jissel’s Beauty corner (10 months ago)
Jissel’s Beauty corner (10 months ago)
J Lynn thanks for replying you made my day love your videos
J Lynn (10 months ago)
Jissel Medina heyyy 💙💙

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