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Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Lina from Bangalore)

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Text Comments (383)
raaj vardhan (23 days ago)
hi sweety
shankar Doddasirigeri (24 days ago)
Shankar 9483073387 Age: 34 Height :6'2 colour : sawala weight :87 (karnataka )
Astick Dey (27 days ago)
U looking beautiful
Mintu nath (1 month ago)
Sultan Khan (1 month ago)
Send me a call love 💖
Dileshwar Biswal (1 month ago)
My my WhatsApp number 9114437221 please contact address dedo
Shankar Desai (1 month ago)
i am ready to dating my whatsapp no 9924618408
Shiva Lal (1 month ago)
Nice I layk u my WhatsApp 9448519031
Vijay Ps (1 month ago)
9597928843. I am boy girls callme
kalyandev kalyandev (1 month ago)
Seenu Dhanu (2 months ago)
I want money
sanjay sanju (2 months ago)
Kartik Bhardwaj (2 months ago)
I am dancer Chris brown is my idol I love free style dancer
rijas v (2 months ago)
can join with me [email protected]
Chetan Bk (2 months ago)
Upendra Kumar (2 months ago)
suresh ani (2 months ago)
ಡೇಟಿಂಗ್ ಇಷ್ಟ ಪಡುವ ಆಂಟಿಯರು , ಹುಡುಗಿಯರು ಕಾಲ್ ಮಾಡಿ 7026595601
Muju Mujeeb (2 months ago)
Call me for date 9845505823
Mithun Das (2 months ago)
Hi ... please call me 9738556957
Mdnazeer Mdnazeer (2 months ago)
You ar faces is chappar not ready my size tu 9945746769
suresh rajadurai (2 months ago)
Give me ur number 8185820005
BHUVANESHWARI T K Naidu (2 months ago)
Don't act too smart as if you are princess. Finish your degree n settle in life.
Mere dosti karugi my Karnataka se hun from Bidar boys
THIRU MOORTHY (2 months ago)
Item number u can call for video call and enjoy age 17:9973514058
SALIM KHAN (2 months ago)
Hai contact me only girls M from Banglore
CIRCKET LIVE SCORE (3 months ago)
Voice is geate
A'we Tv (3 months ago)
Akhilesh Shrivastava (3 months ago)
Akhilesh kumar 7032923573 Please call me.
Akhilesh Shrivastava (3 months ago)
I love you.
Mohd Arab (3 months ago)
hulesh idpachi (3 months ago)
Hindi me bolo g
Majid Kadri (3 months ago)
मेरा नाम माजीद है 26 साल का हु मुझसे फ्रेंडशिप करने के लिए आप मुझे WhatsAap करे 9860645792 नंबर पर....
Nagendra Thakur (3 months ago)
Lobe you
Gafoor Gafoor (3 months ago)
Vasanthakumar K (3 months ago)
Dance pon. Nabar
Sarathu Siva (3 months ago)
WhatsApp number??
Dhamodar Damu (3 months ago)
sam kk (3 months ago)
Prashanth Gowda (3 months ago)
Ples call me anites 9483019128
Somnath Nikam (4 months ago)
raaj raaj. (4 months ago)
See mirror u r face Kyaa he ladki pasand hai to poora fix ho Gaya dance ki Tu nahi pasand hai
Arvind Aru (4 months ago)
See ur face in miror properly
Ashok N (4 months ago)
hi i m from bangalore .i m intresting chating dating pls give me no. are whasap me my no. 9035810549
Mohan Boss (4 months ago)
jitender paswan (4 months ago)
Number. Sent
Subhash Rock (4 months ago)
Whtsap no.9036027194
madeshkumar p (4 months ago)
Hi you come with me dating
Rai Chethan (5 months ago)
I love only Fucking you
Rai Chethan (4 months ago)
@Kamal Patel what happened
Mahadev Studio Nimbara (5 months ago)
Navi mumbai
Naresh K (5 months ago)
call me 9581352199
Sureshshahini 9070 (5 months ago)
Suresh 6374848811
Manish Kapoor (5 months ago)
Pl call 7985374713 Manish kapoor
Balram Kachhwaha (5 months ago)
Call me 7974450829
Dinesh Sharma (5 months ago)
hi my no. 8209739527 call me
Dharam Rahul (6 months ago)
your phone number namber
Radadiya Ghanashyam (6 months ago)
whattsap 9737214579
App Pata Hoga No (6 months ago)
I love you call me 8708 173 662 you are very very beautiful
Dj Happy (6 months ago)
Contact me
DANCING DADA (6 months ago)
search in u tube channel by name (jsk reddy) and my dance videos will be displayed.see then enjoy
DANCING DADA (6 months ago)
l love dance and dating
I S Herimath (6 months ago)
Prabhu Dayal Bijarnia (6 months ago)
P.D. Choudhary pharmacist I like contact number 9862194045
Ashish Taware (6 months ago)
Fake hai
Rohit Shaw (6 months ago)
I like it dear friend can you friend s please
Prithvi Samrat (6 months ago)
Hi I am smart Boy My whatsapp number 7999946307
Kuldip Bedi (6 months ago)
Hello friend I am widowed person looking for female for friendship any one like my WhatsApp number is 00 1 646 657 7728
Naveen C R (6 months ago)
Hi...Lina how are you
Samu Kakati (6 months ago)
Coll me my Nomber 8147025642
Gaminoes (7 months ago)
Date with me
Sukhanand Rodge (7 months ago)
I love you too can you please send 9527049618
anwarul qazi (7 months ago)
Hello friend 9891075498
rock and rock (7 months ago)
Call me 7019655764
Yogish G C (7 months ago)
Nimmappange helthini iru.. as kade Inda buzz madthare..
Monirul Islam (7 months ago)
hi.. I want to date with u..?? can u share ur no plz
kamala kannan (7 months ago)
My no 9884226677---kamal
Nandu Kumar (7 months ago)
You speak to nyc
WHITE SARAN (7 months ago)
Love u baby send me u r mobile no
Yugandhar Achary Achary (7 months ago)
royal gurjar (7 months ago)
I like you my baby cell me 7397245476
v. canada (7 months ago)
hi I want married we do lady this my what's app number .00233205464691
Padam Joshi (7 months ago)
Darshan Rawal (8 months ago)
https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=gjbfrn.. Meet to girl live
Chandru Khodanpur (8 months ago)
9731295360 my what's app no
Nazrul Islam (8 months ago)
I like
Basavaraj Murudi (8 months ago)
Watsp no send me
Vishnu haridas (8 months ago)
Hi i dont know dance . I look very beautiful Msg me vichucasanova555.gmail.com
Ravindra fadatare (8 months ago)
Sharu 18 (8 months ago)
Hii Tell me Ur Whatsapp Number I want Chat with you please
Sharu 18 (8 months ago)
Hi I Like u Whatsapp Me 9392343363
manohar chandrashekar (8 months ago)
Bangalore dry city for boy's
manoj Solanki (8 months ago)
I laik your profail ,plz call
pathlavath venkatesh (8 months ago)
Do u have mirror
Pravin Chawla (8 months ago)
My WhatsApp No 08141064030
Raju Reddy (8 months ago)
Lakshmikanth Puttaiah (9 months ago)
Hi,, 9482444493
SenDil Kumar ABR (9 months ago)
I like dance
shaik ali (9 months ago)
I am like u
Naveen Reddy (9 months ago)
Soo any girls for date in banglore
vishal Kenawade (9 months ago)
manohar parihar (9 months ago)
Send me ur number I will date y
How r u...
Gsgfdf Rbvc (9 months ago)

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