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Step by Step Men's Haircut on Asian Hair - TheSalonGuy

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Step by Step men's haircut on Asian hair. I used a #2 guard and then a 3 1/2. The top goes from 2 inches to about 3 in the front/top. Subscribe to Johnny at: http://www.youtube.com/johnnynacis Purchase the clippers I use: https://goo.gl/1wp6A7 Clipper blades: https://goo.gl/NYGtw1 https://goo.gl/22ScFV https://goo.gl/RvVtxn https://goo.gl/4WG9fO Trimmer: https://goo.gl/ypGyW4 Cameras: GH4 https://goo.gl/j14GQf Lens: https://goo.gl/KIqeXa Purchase my Hair Products at: http://www.thesalonguy.com/shop Here is $5 to spend on Amazon if you download the app on your phone! https://www.amazon.com/mpr?referralcode=STEPH75163N&ref_=mpr_tr_ss New Videos every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 7am EST! Follow me: http://[email protected] http://www.instagram.com/TheSalonGuy http://www.facebook.com/thesalonguy http://www.thesalonguy.com SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/aWSkjE Business email contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks so much for your interest in my videos and my brand "TheSalonGuy". It means the world to me! Watch celebrity Red Carpet Interviews, Fashion Events, Hair Shows, Celebrities, Motivation, Inspiration, Hair Tutorials, How To's, Education and videos in the Salon and Beauty Industry. I started TheSalonGuy brand 5 years ago after the passing of my Mother and discovering a role model of mine who has a few books on turning your passion into a business. I have spent the last 20+ years in the salon industry, tech and fashion. I left the industry at some point to become a Fireman and Aux. Police Officer. I did 6 years service and resigned shortly after 9/11. I have a passion for helping people, educating and motivating. I work with major brands, local businesses and individuals looking to expand and grow. I am posting videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7am EST. My videos will be focused on celebrity hairstyles, athletes, models, actors, social media stars and event videos. Mannequin from: http://www.hairartproducts.com Email [email protected] to purchase and mention TheSalonGuy sent you!
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Text Comments (179)
Haisha Wang (1 day ago)
I swear this guy is the only barber i see that actually can cut Asian hair... somehow our hair doesn't look good with western popular hairstyles at all..
gmoala (2 months ago)
Watching his scissors “chomp” makes me cringe... another tip is to use another color comb so you see your guide better.
Chiung Yungyung (2 months ago)
I would like to now, student cut
koko sky (4 months ago)
Ohh. I forgot.to mention.too that when cutting off asian hair , dont wash it. Its better to cut it dry when hair is flat.
koko sky (4 months ago)
I have similar kind of hair but im not asian. I shave it off on the side and back at mid level. Then blend it in to remove the line. I keep the top part longer to fall flat on eitjer side. I ask for # 0 on the side. It looks cool like a fade style.
Tomato Tom (5 months ago)
Johnny johnny
TambyPBO (7 months ago)
Tell him to not use shampoo
Bodyshoots Master (4 months ago)
TambyPBO no poo i agree i have same hair like this guy and since i Started with no poo my hair looks much better and i have a easy time to style my hair
TC Barber (8 months ago)
This would be so much quicker and easier with a basic clipper over comb haircut. 15 min max ! Any longer and you’re losing money.
CHEEP PRODUCTIONZ ! (8 months ago)
Dave French (9 months ago)
Great videos, much appreciated!
Pamela L/aka Nana Pam (9 months ago)
What kind of Shears are you using Brand and size ?
Pamela L/aka Nana Pam (9 months ago)
What specific Oster Cordless Clipper are you using... ? Thanks
Mora UTD (7 months ago)
Hes using the oster octanes but i recommend you get oster 76ers
Ty (10 months ago)
is he asian tho......
Klint Morre (11 months ago)
that looks like a straight up filipino dad haircut but good job
Triston Mooney (11 months ago)
If anyone is wondering what clippers he’s using. Their Oster Model 1 heavy duty clippers. I have one and love it.
veerappa (1 year ago)
Telghu please
John Doe (1 year ago)
I like your approach to to teaching. You are not showing off. You are not making to many assumptions and the rather halting way of speaking you have actually makes it seem possible for frightened beginners like me. The overly polished videos are opaque to new stylists. Less is more. Thank you.
I am Reydhen (1 year ago)
I have the best barber in the Philippines. And when I got here in States, oh my, I cried.
N MS (1 month ago)
Haircuts in phils are the best
Samuel Colt (5 months ago)
I cry too
Inigo Sales (11 months ago)
wheres ur barber
Troy Voyante (1 year ago)
what would i tell my barber if i want this haircut?
Demon YZ (1 year ago)
I have a question real quick. So my girlfriend is wanting me to get a kpop haircut and I don't know if I'm supposed to get it at a regular barber or go to a salon. I don't cut my usually so I'm not good with haircuts, so which place do I go for getting specific hairstyles?
TheSalonGuy (1 year ago)
Check out my barbers vs stylists video which helps break it down
Sid KC (1 year ago)
what type of hair is that? thick? thin? i have same hair and have been trying to figure out what to tell my barber
TheSalonGuy (1 year ago)
He has fine hair but a good amount of it.
Bruise Knee (1 year ago)
hey there salon guy, what city are you located?
Some Random Anon (1 year ago)
I have a hair cut like your client, but my front hair is just below the eye. And I want it an inch or two just above the eyebrow. How many inches would you recommend taking off the front?
chicken pox (1 year ago)
There's no such thing as Asian hair, urasian hair or whatever hair. There's only wavy, thick, coarse, thin, fine etc...
Angel Batalla (1 year ago)
Dr Mat PhD not Asian, yet my hair does the same thing, I don’t necessarily believe Asian hair is a thing. They just tend to have thin straight hair which is why it sticks out
ThatGuyMateo (1 year ago)
chicken pox If that's what you think, you are certainly not Asian. Asian hair tend to stick out especially if it's short. That's why we mostly go for undercuts or a bowlcut.
nattyLy (1 year ago)
The thing about Asian hair is that it grows out instead of down.
White Horse (1 year ago)
thanks so much for this video, it helps me, been I want to know how to make a haircut for growing hair to a long look...help...
Squicky Cow (1 year ago)
Who had thick , wavy and soft hair ??
Deborah Wheeler (1 year ago)
Great Cut... Thank You! Asian hair is a chalange, but you took us through it step by step and made it look easy! I always need to remember to stay calm, keep each section clean, take my time and then I have much better out come. Thanks Again!
Marco Murillo (1 year ago)
Luqi Yang (1 year ago)
What is the name of your clipper ?
Ahmet Harmandagli (1 year ago)
Royal Barber (1 year ago)
i dont like how it looks !!!
Jemmy Fahrudinsyah (1 year ago)
this really good tutorial for asian hair style... asian hair it must be handle like this..
Vinh Nguyen (1 year ago)
How would you cut a spikey hair Asian style(I end up with the bad luck side of hair). My hair just shoot all over the place like a porcupine
Dread Knot (1 year ago)
Bad title. He ain't Asian, he pacific islander Philippine.
kmusic (9 months ago)
That is still Asian..Smart one..
Mark Masallo (10 months ago)
The Philippines is a country in South East Asia. Therefore Filipinos are ASIANS. Jeez!
Seth Pullona (1 year ago)
dread knot Bad comment. That’s still Asian.
justchill okay (1 year ago)
johnny looks better with glasses! great choice. The shape of the frame complements his face shape and that nice smile..looking good!
Luqi Yang (1 year ago)
where i can buy the clipper which u are using ? thank you . this video really helpful
Is the Johnny southeast Asian?
Cheldon Sooper (1 year ago)
34:12 bald on the back side?
Marco Murillo (1 year ago)
Linkforth (1 year ago)
This video is one of the best ive seen
Matt Salvatore (1 year ago)
thank you what a nice cut for Asian..thats really suit me as well
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
27:06... . . . . .johnny is gay..!!!!
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
.already got a like....
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
20:47.... . .. . .johnny is like ..wat thaaa!!! tryna suprezz his emotions
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
20:11..johnny winks😂😂😂😂😂
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
19:41..johnny . . . . . da fck!!
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
the way...he handles..the tweezers....that flip.!!😱😱😍😍😍😍
Anantam Bisht (1 year ago)
johnny is... . . . Like wtf!!!
Ty Mac (2 years ago)
Hahaha he is loving this hes sleepy 😂
Omega 4 (2 years ago)
is that malaysian?
Marco Murillo (1 year ago)
Is he an object to you?
Tran Duy (2 years ago)
Fades are not good on Asian hair. Just sayin bro.
nhapz moreno (2 years ago)
dope !! check my hairstyle instagram : https://www.instagram.com/_nhapz_/
Helemaal Nicks (1 year ago)
You got a sick haircut how long is your hair at the front?
Abduvahob tojiboyev (2 years ago)
день хаммаси
Yanmin Xia (2 years ago)
Sir, I am wondering is there any name for this hairstyle? How can I describe this hairstyle to the barber? :)
Luv2Zhopp (2 years ago)
I watch your video every time it's time to cut my son's hair 🤓. I now have another customer which is my husband 🤣. This is very helpful since we are Asian and I have to say that it is a challenge to cut their hair. Thanks for these tutorials 👍🏻
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Luv2Zhopp so happy to hear
David Peralta (2 years ago)
When i got to the barber im always told that i have A LOT OF HAIR.. and im hispanic and my hair is a mix of asian (thick hair) and a bunch of it.. in this video i saw that the client had normal type of hair amount.. but i would like to see a tutorial on clients that have ALOT of hair like i do..
larkysnake (2 years ago)
Thank you for this. It's necessary for a beginner like me to actually see, that the type of hair and growth patterns dictate the cut, not like you have some strict standards that you always have to obey for particular cut. I've been struggling to find a cut for my son who has very straight but soft hair and very prominent, vortex like cowlick in the back. It's hard to find the correct length or direction to comb and style his hair. I'll try to adapt your cut.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+larkysnake means a lot that this helped you
Sheila Miller (2 years ago)
and you are dearly loved I'm learning so much, hey got an ideal open a training school or have a few to come and train under you one on one classes hands on I would like to train, teach me with you it's not about the money 3134550121 call set something up peace out
larkysnake (2 years ago)
I'm interested too. I'm in NYC.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Sheila Miller where are u from?
Sheila Miller (2 years ago)
Hey Steve you'll be ok keep up the good work don't let your prower become scanity in the day of distress that found in God's word the Bible, you will figure it out those hackers will trip
Hustle gold (2 years ago)
great work
Ahmet Harmandagli (1 year ago)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Kent (2 years ago)
can u please do a hair tutorial for alex aiono
Johnny Rings (2 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy can you do a twan kuyper haircut tutorial please
Arthur Morgan (2 years ago)
@thesalonguy Chris Hemsworth's thor haircut from the new movie ragnarok
Arthur Morgan (2 years ago)
TheSalonGuy yes and he's got some red lines on his face
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
does he have the lines on both sides of his head?
hdmat101 (2 years ago)
Can you do a Matthew Santoro hair tutorial please ?
Shoeb Khan (2 years ago)
Hey Stephen please do the new Thor ragnarok haircut.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Shoeb Khan crap some other person here commented he had it on both sides so I did both ughhhhh. There are hardly any photos of his hair yet.
Shoeb Khan (2 years ago)
No just one side.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
does he have the lines on both sides of his head?
GA PE (2 years ago)
has el peinado nuevo de Neymar 2017
Zache Dogg (2 years ago)
You should do a Jay Alvarez style haircut!!! My hair is the perfect length but I don't know how to get that look. :(
Homihcide _ (2 years ago)
look up bailey may on instagram do his hair
Homihcide _ (2 years ago)
do bailey maychair
Homihcide _ (2 years ago)
do bailey may hair
Homihcide _ (2 years ago)
do baileymay hair tutorial look him up on instagram
sam gee (2 years ago)
Can you do a low fade Asian hair? Like a fohawk look. Please that's how I have it and I need help.
Peter Parker (2 years ago)
the long hairs by his right ear were triggering me for the longest time lol
Denver Naicker (2 years ago)
ShynobieX (2 years ago)
Thank you! Finally an Asian men hair
Riley Man (2 years ago)
Please do a Kobe Paras haircut!!!!
Stewart Phillips (2 years ago)
I'm asian but thankfully I've been blessed by the hair gods. Mine actually complies w me instead of being porcupine hair
Mixam Ledwen (1 year ago)
Are you half?
nitroxide91 (1 year ago)
Im a porcupine...
Aver Clane (1 year ago)
Stewart Phillips you lucky fucker
Welove Philippine (2 years ago)
You can see how details Steven show us in this video it helps a lot Thank you for sharing. Steven can you please make a Hair cut tutorial for Men Flat top?
bio jui (2 years ago)
Man nice work, this step by step videos really help, thanks
Md Nadir Ali (1 year ago)
bio jui
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Thanks, man
Fadi Elias (2 years ago)
i asked you many times and you didnt react okay thanks very much may be you dont have time
harriette (2 years ago)
I find your tutorial very very useful, since the first time I subcribed your channel. I really like how you use the clipper with a comb. this is the most useful technique I have ever known, since I am a beginner. ... thank you for this video. love it.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Glad it was helpful
INZAGHI V (2 years ago)
Asian hair, whatever hair. It's still the same. It all depends on hair type.. Like wavy, thin, thick, curly, frizzy dry hair.
Marco Murillo (1 year ago)
vidvidvid Where did you get that statistic? I’m curious to know... I assume you have no knowledge of the continent of Asia and the diversity of people that inhabit the continent. I’d say Asian hair is the most diverse in hair texture. East Asian hair will be very different from South Asian hair or even Southeast Asian hair. Most Asians, however, predominantly have dark hair colors.
Ollie Nguyen (1 year ago)
Dark Scorpion I agree!
Copyright strike (1 year ago)
Way to contradict yourself, just because someone mentions a race doesn't mean it's automatically racist, fuck off with this "we're all the same you guys" shit
Shinji D (1 year ago)
If asian hair is not straight then it is not easy to cut. Having thick and wavy, curly or whatever hair is not easy to control. If u have thick asian hair u can cut it into a shape unlike wavy hair
Bladenball (1 year ago)
When I was working in the hairdressing industry, my boss cut me hair and he fucked it up. Being Asian and he is Caucasian, he didn't know how to cut my hair. He can cut long Asian ladies hair , but not an Asian man. Just fucked up my hair... you clearly don't know much
Vardhan Reddy (2 years ago)
can you please do the haircut of a dc comic character nightwing?
Fate Twisted (2 years ago)
hi boss, can you go over suitable hairstyles/cuts for men depending on their face shape? it'd be really interesting and helpful! thanks!
marchelle saguid (2 years ago)
can ask? y u did not use razor blade? bec i saw other video they clean it up with razor after using detailer
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+marchelle saguid not everyone needs/wants that. He wants a more natural look.
Micheal Jackson (2 years ago)
Great vid as always :). Would love to see the new Antoine Griezmann 2017 long hair style? Looks so cool.
Thot Slayer (2 years ago)
What's different about Asian hair? Is it the cowlick?
VinzyHighlights (2 years ago)
Asian men hair are usually thicker
Sy Tac Loc (2 years ago)
Did he call the blade as guard? As a hair stylist I find it annoying.
James R (2 years ago)
Bowl cuts are best and stereotypical for asian hair XD
Hzec (2 years ago)
Like I said everyone's different in some way but interesting, I've rarely heard of Caucasians having Asian hair.
MDNixon (2 years ago)
Hzec Im caucasian and my hair sticks up like hell, does that mean i got asian genes? xD
Lucas (2 years ago)
Hey Stephen, I'm just curious, what's the difference between European (I'm from Romania) and Asian hair? From what I can see a lot of them have thick, straight hair. I absolutely love how it looks. My hair is pretty dense and thick, the only difference is that in the longer parts (I have an undercut) it's slightly wavy just on the last half of the strand.
Krys (1 year ago)
Lucas The sides grow upwards instead of downwards.
Alexander Carlson Lee (2 years ago)
Great video brother 👍🏻 very informative
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Alexander Carlson Lee thx so much
Owen (2 years ago)
mariano di viao?
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Owen u must be new
PloxMC (2 years ago)
hey stephen, maybe a tony stark in iron man 3 hairstyle?
David La (2 years ago)
The fade is disconnected. There are still lines. Why not just up the guards instead of scissors over comb?
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+David La it's supposed to be disconnected bro
Fadi Elias (2 years ago)
i have long hair wie the hair of women how can i makt it bdutifull
Doron Nazar (2 years ago)
Felipe Castro (2 years ago)
Asian hair is so hard to cut. I feel like hiding when they come to my barbershop. They do get a good haircut, but to me, it always feels like something is not right.
JonJonBoi (2 months ago)
Kry Kry I’m Asian and I have straight hair but whenever I get a comb over haircut; the results are pretty good.
ShuuTeN Careyourahealth (7 months ago)
+Tide Bleach trust me, mostly south east Asian people doesn't fit nowdays Western haircut. And The cost of cutting hairs on my country ABT $1~$7
ShuuTeN Careyourahealth (9 months ago)
I'm Asian and the barber here just copying Western hairstyles, for me it just doesn't fit for most of them. And I kinda hard to find the great results of my hair. For now two block haircut is my best option, faded just makes me look funny.
TambyPBO (11 months ago)
That’s why Asian barbers are the best!
TambyPBO (11 months ago)
Felipe Castro that’s why again barbers are the best!

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