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Georgia-Pacific: How Corrugated Boxes Are Made

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Georgia-Pacific is one of the nation’s leading corrugated box manufacturers. We manufacture standard corrugated containers, as well as many specialty packaging products, including double- and triple-wall boxes, bulk bins, water-resistant packaging, and high-finish and preprinted packaging for point-of-sale displays. Whether you’re producing industrial packaging, retail packaging or point-of-purchase displays, we have the corrugated sheet to meet your needs. GP Sheets strives to be flat out the best. Our Sheets. Your Business. Learn more at http://www.gpcorrugated.com and http://www.gp-sheets.com Copyright Georgia-Pacific LLC, all rights reserved.
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Text Comments (28)
Hardik Sain (3 months ago)
Bestest video on YouTube about corrugated box😍
MrSultanm2020 (8 months ago)
Very interesting and well-explained video. I like the animations used to elaborate the processes.
Frank Dodd (9 months ago)
Got to love all those names of the machines - they tell it like it is. No acronyms.
StevenL (1 year ago)
I work for International Paper and I must say, I'm impressed on how clean GP is.
salim uddin (1 year ago)
Nice machine
Herb Kieckhefer (1 year ago)
It's great to see how the sausage is made! I am a huge fan of your product! Great informational, more people need to know this stuff!
Jeremy Zacharias (1 year ago)
IP all the way!!!
Thomas Johnson (1 year ago)
Nice video! Now lets see some jam ups at the slitter,missed splices, downstackers malfunctioning. Wrong flute being run. Double wall running slow. as molasses. Lets see re stacking and whitewall.
Chris Moore (2 years ago)
Enjoyed my time on a corrugater. 8 years on the downstacker
NJ CAMOCUTIE (1 year ago)
Chris Moore can you hit me up..I have a few questions.Thanks
Jack Van Wey (2 years ago)
I use to sell a lot of their Toilet Paper - now I sell a lot of their boxes - Great Company!
Sean Hannahs (2 years ago)
When I began it was mostly manual. Rolls were stacked like cannonballs in the warehouse. Handsplicing. Setup man got under the web to make setups. Handstacked off the end. $7.25 an hr. These guys today have it made. 25 years in the business. Ended in managment, but I sure did love running the corrugator.
Mahesh V (3 years ago)
Excellent manufacturing process with detailed video. i feel better one than plastics packing. looking forward for my career with this industry. Mahesh chennai India 9790707380
avcomth (3 years ago)
Long fiber container board grade paper??? Or you should have just called it "Kraft paper" to cut it short duhh.
Justin Kellner (3 years ago)
This video is really well done. Reminds me of the How Things Work show on Science channel. I am hoping to get hired at GP in Sheboygan...
John Garrison (3 years ago)
Very fascinating to watch, and so detailed. The factory I work for doesn't use any custom equipment, have any government contracts, or make anything cutting edge, and would have a heart attack if a camera was on the floor. So thanks for sharing such an i depth look for a geek like me who loves this kind of stuff.
Cliedo Cladidahopper (3 years ago)
plus safety every employee has the right to improve the conditions at the plant they work at
Cliedo Cladidahopper (3 years ago)
I loved working as a reliability technician for this company if young, learn electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam, plc, it is a challenging work environment, but well worth working for this company in my humble opinion almost 25 years
NJ CAMOCUTIE (1 year ago)
Cliedo Cladidahopper can you hit me up,I have a few questions as I am interviewing for hire.Ty
Cristian Camarillo (3 years ago)
im a single facer operator great job
Cristian Camarillo (3 years ago)
i work for georgia pacific andi love it and it pays my bills
Negan (1 year ago)
Cristian Camarillo I come from a paper mill town, my dad and friends worked there. I never got to see inside it. So I'm glad I came across this site. :-)
Neeraj Kumar kapil (1 year ago)
can i work for this company i have 12 year experience in this industries
NJ CAMOCUTIE (1 year ago)
Cristian Camarillo can I ask you a few questions, I have an interview coming up
windycityruss (3 years ago)
+Justin Kellner I worked for GP for 29 years in Chicago :-)
Justin Kellner (3 years ago)
+Cristian Camarillo I want to get a job at GP. Hoping the call me back. Sheboygan, WI
JoJo Wong (3 years ago)
some people said box compression load test is not applicable to wrap around carton, coz the structure is not suppose support that, and it's applicable to open top carton. why is that?
Ellen Franzuela (3 years ago)
+JoJo Wong It is because of the nature of its design. Wrap around cartons do not offer good stacking compared to open tops since its openings are located on the sides. The total stacking strength of the box relies on the strength from its side panels (mainly on the corners). A single opening on its sides gives the box a lower potential stacking strength. It is the reason why open top cartons are ideal for stacking requirements because all sides are complete or close. In terms of stacking strength, wrap around design is not comparable to open tops. The box compression test method is applicable only for open tops slotted cartons such as regular slotted containers and other designs with seminar body structure. Open tops were designed for high stacking and shipping purposes while wrap around carton were designed for heavy contents. It's the reason why the bottom structure of the wrap around is close instead of flaps to support its content. In fact, open top cartons uses C flute while wrap around uses B flute. Comparing the two flutes, C flute is better at stacking while B flute is better at flat crush strength.

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