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Portraits Natural Lighting and Lenses

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Hey yall! In this video I go over outdoor natural lighting for portraits. I also show you the difference in 3 seperate lenses. 85mm 50mm + 24-70mm. Make sure to subscribe so you get the next 2 videos in this series! -Jana Free Downloadable Guide Tips for better iphone Travel Photos http://eepurl.com/dmzE75 You may also like "whats in my camera bag" I know I always like to see what other photographers shoot with . Check out that video here https://youtu.be/wgLW0LEjxHQ If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Subscribe to the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/janawilliams07 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janawilliamsphotos_/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janawilliamsphotography/ Website: www.jana-williams.com Members' Club: www.theinspiredclub.net
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Text Comments (59)
James F (3 months ago)
Why were all you lens caps off?
Inspired by Analog (3 months ago)
My instincts wanted me to climb the fence and shoot with the 24-70 lol
Jérôme Jheelan (5 months ago)
Hi J, Nice tips and fantastic results ! When you show examples with the 24-70 can you add the focal length too? Thanks
Mikelo Pamatmat (7 months ago)
2:01 what lens has an aperture of 1250?!!!?
Kristie McCarthy (2 months ago)
Ha, i chuckled at that bit! Jana was talking about the shutter speed x
oj jordan (8 months ago)
What brand of lenses do you use?
mtjd1998 (8 months ago)
You’re awesome Jana! Quick question, with the 24-70, where you shooting at 70mm?
Bruce Townley (8 months ago)
Great video! Thank u!
Summer (8 months ago)
What time of day was this shot in?
Five Minute Films (8 months ago)
I would shoot with 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lens only.
Thanks jana welcome to visit my youtube chanel so as to check what i did for more info to me .... i love you more
Eli (8 months ago)
Beautiful video. Everything in it was awesome.
Kim Thomas (8 months ago)
I’m glad to see you back to these longer shooting videos that brought me here to begin with. Love your tutorial type content.
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
AWE thank you Kim! I missed making these! I appreciate your comment!
Tyree Qwamae (9 months ago)
Best lens comparison I have seen! Usually, people stand in different spots. So, great work! Looking at all of your videos.
Robert Wright (9 months ago)
I saw in another comment that you said you focus on the eye and then adjust your meter. How do you adjust your meter? (Totally new to photography and you are the only person I have learned anything from!)
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Hey Robert! The meter is inside your camera. I think if you read your book that came with your camera it may help you understand
Daren Stahl (9 months ago)
Hey Jana. You don’t seem like yourself in this video. Hmmm
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
I was actually not sleeping well for like this whole week! I almost canceled the shoot. I felt super off But I am glad we shot!
Kristin Mansky (9 months ago)
This is by far one of my FAVORITE tutorials you've done Jana! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes, that was so incredibly helpful!
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback! We are def trying to do more like this!!
yatys fashion (9 months ago)
How abt 200mm lense is it usefull for potrait shoot ?
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
70-200 YES for sure! My favorite way to use that lens is to move all the way back so I can zoom all the way in and create amazing bokeh
Michelle Cox Photography (9 months ago)
I love how you used the 3 lenses with this video. Great to see them in the same locations too!
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Awesome! I am so glad yo ulike it Michelle!
P//MBECH (9 months ago)
Aperture is at 1250... thats amazing :-p
holls (4 months ago)
P//MBECH great atmosphere too. 😂
Kristin Mansky (9 months ago)
I think she meant to say her shutter speed was at 1250.
quatie (9 months ago)
What is her Instagram please?
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Paul Fernandez (9 months ago)
Really liked the pics with the 85
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
85 is my favorite!
ohrah2003 (9 months ago)
Thanks for another simple to the point video.
blue28119 (9 months ago)
Do you use back button focus Jana when your shooting like this?
blue28119 (9 months ago)
Jana Williams Thank you I've just set up my Nikon to do this but need to practise using it
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
Yeah I always use back button focus it is just a habbit now:)
Miranda Hutton (9 months ago)
Do you light meter on the skin for all natural light situations?
Miranda Hutton (9 months ago)
Perfect sense thank you! I’ve just seen some meter on the skin and wasn’t sure what you do. I usually focus on the eye as well. Thank you! Great video!
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
I am focusing on her eye and then adjusting my meter. Make sense?
B. Christine (9 months ago)
Were you in AV or Manual?
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
B. Christine (9 months ago)
You are so darn helpful 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
YAY! Thank you Christine!
Portraits by Ravin (9 months ago)
Can you do a video on how to take pictures indoors. I have a fashion show I’m shooting this Friday and really need some pointers
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
Hey love! Its a little hard for me to give you exact settings but I can tell you that iso 1600 is usually a good iso for an indoor event. I can also tell you that bounces your external flash off of the ceiling or walls behind you is a great option.
Portraits by Ravin (9 months ago)
Oh and yes so I need to make sure I take detailed photos of the clothing and models
Portraits by Ravin (9 months ago)
Jana Williams I have a Cannon T6 with a EF-S 24 mm and a 75-300 mm lens. I’m not sure what settings I should use in manual mode
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
Hi!! I dont think I could have the video up by Friday but I can give you some pointers now. Whayt camera + lens do you have? Will you be using an on camera flash? Is your goal to get great shots of the models and clothing?
I preciate on you... iam from Africa -Tanzania Your good
Jana Williams +255784072731 send me whatsapp sms i need to ask you some quiz
Jana Williams (8 months ago)
Wow !! Amazing! Thank you for watching!
Jana Williams give me your email so as i can get you fast
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
Thank you so much John from Africa! Let us know the next video you want to see!
Elevated Innovations (9 months ago)
TFS. Very helpful.
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
YAY! I am so glad you like it!
Charanpreet Singh (9 months ago)
First #comment
Charanpreet Singh (9 months ago)
Jana Williams (9 months ago)
Thank you for your support and your comment!

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