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Enter the secret world of the Freemasons

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The Freemasons are the world's most well-known secret society, and are the subject of countless parodies and conspiracy theories. But who are they exactly? Mo Rocca ventures inside Masonic Lodges to find out.
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Text Comments (11078)
Cooper Morrell (3 hours ago)
So many crazy conspiracy-driven religious people in the comments lol
theteadrinkingblackguy (6 hours ago)
Can I be black?
Lane Moore bill (6 hours ago)
Yes my dear, if you wants to.
Mike Manners (8 hours ago)
ss 11223344 (8 hours ago)
Satan is another name for Lucifer, and Freemasons worship him.
Amy Bork (9 hours ago)
Was that a woman?
Amy Bork (9 hours ago)
The "eyes wide shut" cult
simo bensoudah (13 hours ago)
I want to speak with the Masonic rulers I hope their goal is good
gloomylunatic (14 hours ago)
Well well well
mopthermopther (17 hours ago)
If you are not anti-Moloch, you are pro-Moloch!
Lusifer- diablo
Satanic 😡😡😡😡
Xhuljan Hysi (19 hours ago)
GOD is only one.La ilah il Allah....God is only one.After death we will see which one is right......
Flavio Sousa (23 hours ago)
Not for me, thanks. I serve Jesus not satan.
Gunsquawk 44 (1 day ago)
Sounds evil to me. Certainly not of God.
The realist (1 day ago)
@Gunsquawk 44 No it;s not of God. But then it's not supposed to be.
Daniel Douenias (1 day ago)
My grandpa was a Freemason, I want to be one as well when I’m older.
jone salas (1 day ago)
the metal worker (1 day ago)
Nobody can defeat GOD
The realist (1 day ago)
@the metal worker All Freemasons would agree with you.
the metal worker (1 day ago)
This is the last battle and they have already lost and they don't know it yet
the metal worker (1 day ago)
The Bible says they have the gumption to come against Christ and that's when they would be broken
the metal worker (1 day ago)
For every action there is a reaction bigger things take longer to return but even Lucifer can't escape Karma neither can her minions
Evans Fofie 007 (1 day ago)
l want to join ILLUMINATI
William Wolfcastle (1 day ago)
It's easy to donate money especially Millions when you make it
William Wolfcastle (1 day ago)
Hitler was also a member of the Masonic as well as a couple others Aleister Crowley it's also a member
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
Hitler WASN'T a Mason, he killed Freemasons in WW2 believing them to be involved in Jewish conspiracies against the Nazi's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppression_of_Freemasonry Aleister Crowley was NOT a "official" Freemason, he was part of the Ancient and Primitive Rite (a lodge called the Anglo Saxon Lodge #343 in Paris) which is NOT recognized by either U.G.L.E. (United Grand Lodge of England) or the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
William Wolfcastle (1 day ago)
That is a lying b**** of a c*** she's probably one of those f*** girls that they use for their f****** rituals
William Wolfcastle (1 day ago)
F****** c*********** child molesters filthy f****** pieces of s*** Freemasons all you dutch rudder f****** faggets
The realist (1 day ago)
@William Wolfcastle Oh oh.. SOMEBODY had their application rejected, huh?
abdiaziiz haydar (1 day ago)
What do they do? What is the purpose of their existence?
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
We are a FRATERNITY, we are a non-sectarian, non-denomination brotherhood, you know the slogon "Make GOOD men BETTER"# https://www.ugle.org.uk/about-freemasonry/frequently-asked-questions
Sluga Bunny (1 day ago)
it does not still apply today The Catholic church had lifted the ban on masons
Sluga Bunny (1 day ago)
not just men women have branches too eastern star.. rainbow girls
Sluga Bunny (1 day ago)
that old bag don't know crap
It's the world's biggest criminals
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
Are you part of that club "BIGGEST MORONS" then.
69MindOverMatter69 (2 days ago)
next time you find that historian lady try to ask her about the infiltration of freemasonry by zionism-judaism furthermore you left one very important theme untouched...should brethren under the oath hold important places in the public sector and government finally if freemasons don't talk about politics HOW COME all members of the interlocking societies and think tanks like the CFR etc seem to be in their vast majority masons...it seems that politics are a forbidden topic in this particular altar room after all...
Lair Of Dionysus (14 hours ago)
@Adam Halstead You Freemasons are some of the most ridiculous bunch of dinosaurs that ever came to walk this planet. You are a bunch of total losers and dweebs who would never be able to function or become anything great except for joining this criminal syndicate to establish your secret connections. Almost all of you have Rhesus Negative Blood type. Fortunately you won't be around too much longer, since the world has caught on to who you really are.
Adam Halstead (16 hours ago)
@69MindOverMatter69 There's NO mysticism what so ever in Freemasonry, not in the seven years that I've been a Mason, and I'm sure my brothers, The Realist and Barry Newell will tell you the same. I really think you need to STOP reading non-members comments, because they are deceiving you.
The realist (1 day ago)
@69MindOverMatter69 the thing about posts like yours is that they are usually all just hot air. Claims are often made, like you, of all sorts of goings on... with zero evidence. conjecture, yes... but proof... no.
69MindOverMatter69 (1 day ago)
@Adam Halstead the discussion may be forbidden IN the masonic lodge but it is a peculiar reality that masonry is IMMERSED in religious mysticism and politicians seem to belong to such societies...like...you know...the bush-kerry election where the sheeple had no alternative but to vote for a bonesman... oh and there IS material gain believe me...these people do not control both sides of the opposition just for the laughs...
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
1) The discussion of "religion" and "politics" are FORBIDDEN in a Masonic Lodge. 2) NO ONE should join if they expect to get ANY material gain from it.
ss 11223344 (2 days ago)
Judeomasonry wants to build third Antichrist temple in Jerusalem, they are masons of that temple.
ss 11223344 (15 hours ago)
@Adam Halstead 2 Thessalonians 2 "He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God."
Adam Halstead (15 hours ago)
@ss 11223344 You'll have to tell me the chapter and verse, I can't remember it.
ss 11223344 (16 hours ago)
@Adam Halstead Why? In Bible it is written that third temple will be temple of Antichrist.
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
What a crock of ....
Restore The Earth (2 days ago)
Liar liar pants on fire. Or- liar, liar lake of fire. Rev. 21:8 🇺🇸❤🐦
Adam Halstead (1 day ago)
Was that SUPPOSED to be a joke, well it was crap.
George Schlaline (3 days ago)
Do not bear false witness
Nancy Trujillo (3 days ago)
MASONS Man Angel Sons Born out of a man/woman from LOS ANGELES and more...😜😂
Jennifer Cuddy (3 days ago)
Jennifer Cuddy (2 days ago)
You, obviously. You and your pedophile cult.
Adam Halstead (2 days ago)
Yuck what ?
Zawad Ahmed (3 days ago)
Fake information
Tim Tim (3 days ago)
Most well known society ... What a BS!
Tim Tim (3 days ago)
@Adam Halstead I meant that well known secret statement at the beginning. We're drowning in their symbols. Like in that music video https://youtu.be/XflfiylNNXY
Adam Halstead (3 days ago)
What do you mean by that ?
otis (3 days ago)
this tries to potray mysticism as pure and righteousness
Adam Halstead (3 days ago)
There's NO mysticism in Freemasonry.
moekhn (4 days ago)
Whats next freemasons are not a secret socieity but a fundraiser for the poor
ss 11223344 (2 days ago)
@Adam Halstead Judeomasonic lies about ww2 are not truth!
Adam Halstead (4 days ago)
Mason's class themselves as a "Society with Secrets", we were a "Secret Society" during the WW2 when Hitler persecuted Freemasons, believing them to be JEWS, although many were Christian's. And we are NOT technically a "charity", although we are "charitable".
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
Technically Freemasonry isn't a secret society.
Elizalde Wenceslao (4 days ago)
😂😅 amem
hamza banaiech (4 days ago)
I am from Algeria and I want to join
Adam Halstead (4 days ago)
Unfortunately I can see NO Grand Lodges in Algeria. https://www.ugle.org.uk/about/foreign-grand-lodges Africa RECOGNISED GRAND LODGES IN AFRICA Grand Lodge of Benin Grand Lodge of Burkina Faso Grand Lodge of Cameroon Grand Lodge of Congo* Grand Lodge of Gabon Grand Lodge of Ghana National Grand Lodge of Guinea Grand Lodge of Ivory Coast Grand Lodge of the Republic of Liberia National Grand Lodge of Madagascar National Grand Lodge of Mali Grand Lodge of Mauritius Regular Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco Grand Lodge of Nigeria Grand Lodge of Senegal Grand Lodge of South Africa National Grand Lodge of Togo * nb: at Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
uwu (4 days ago)
Handmaid’s Tale...
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
Has nothing to do with Freemasonry.
Boban Milisavljevic (4 days ago)
Christian anti-freemasons are the funniest people. Living like everything is a sign of the end of the world 🤑
Mark Nutt (4 days ago)
I'm a join and be an informant for the public.
Adam Halstead (4 days ago)
@Mark Nutt You seem to forget, there are a lot of mason from ALL walks of life in a lodge, it won't take long before the "word gets out" about you, and you probably will NEVER get a job in your town again. So before you start being really SMUG, I suggest you think of the consequences first.
Mark Nutt (4 days ago)
Barry Newell no matter how long it can take me I’ll tell you guys about it look for my signal Barry Newell
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
@Mark Nutt - Beware of making promises you can't keep
Mark Nutt (4 days ago)
@Barry Newell challenge accepted
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
You wouldn't ever be a true Mason and you'd be lying to join.
hank fontaine (4 days ago)
Mystery Babylon Empire of Iron & Clay daughter of Zion built on entertainment with Devil Bills ways have to pay below for the usury sacrifice you know BS artist in every way put on quite the shows
Adam Halstead (4 days ago)
W.T.F was that all about, I think your commenting on the wrong channel pal.
Zaleel Bande (5 days ago)
Any one tell me how to join illuminati
Zaleel Bande (4 days ago)
@The realist ok
The realist (4 days ago)
@Zaleel Bande The Illuminati, as per the group put together in the 18th century lasted 10 years before it was disbanded. There is now a group of con-artists calling themselves the Illuminati to generate interest in them. They promise all sorts of things but deliver nothing. If you really want to join, just Google them.
Zaleel Bande (5 days ago)
@Adam Halstead yea bro because I need money... I am speechless
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
@Zaleel Bande No offensive my friend, but that is REALLY SAD, sell your eternal soul for worldly material gain.
Zaleel Bande (5 days ago)
@Adam Halstead because I also want to join and become rich and famous
Masons are the world most dreaded Fraternity with Genuine objective...
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
1) Masons are NOT a "cult", we are a FRATERNITY. 2) What's "dreaded" ??? 3) What "objective" ???
Cris .LaFlames (5 days ago)
It's kinda scary knowing they are evil and everywhere. Wherever I drive I see those green highway signs with a free mason logo and lodge number 😐
Adam Halstead (2 days ago)
@Cris .LaFlames If you must know, Freemasonry is very BIBLICAL, as it is based off King Solomon's Temple in the Holy City of Jerusalem. You can find such references to this in your Holy Bible under Samuel, Kings and Chronicles (Old Testament).
Adam Halstead (2 days ago)
@Cris .LaFlames The only REAL secrets of Freemasonry is what we call the MODES OF RECOGNITION, which is the way that Freemasons identify themselves through the degrees. There are THREE degrees: 1) Entered Apprentice (beginner) 2) Fellowcraft (intermediate) 3) Master Mason (expert) Each one of these degrees has certain passwords and grips attached to them, so a Entered Apprentice wouldn't and shouldn't know the secrets of a Fellowcraft (until he reached that stage in his progression), same with a Fellowcraft, he shouldn't know the secrets of a Master Mason, until he's progressed to that stage in his masonic career.
Adam Halstead (3 days ago)
@Cris .LaFlames NO, Freemasonry is a non-sectarian, non-denominational FRATERNITY, all it asks of its members is to be OF a religion (i.e. Christian, Muslim etc) or believe in a "Supreme Being" (God), however you see Him. Freemasonry is a SUPPORTER of religion, NOT a substitute for it.
Cris .LaFlames (3 days ago)
@The realist thanks for the info. Is free masonry a religion? 🤔
The realist (3 days ago)
@Cris .LaFlames You gain the knowledge of the self. You won't get "answers to life the universe and everything" as per the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy! No there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to be afraid of. If there were, would we have 6.5 million members worldwide? Freemasons come from all walks of life... rich and poor, professional and blue collar, all different religions, different social backgrounds, different occupations etc. ALL our secrets? 99% of Masonry is completely open to anyone that wants to know... 1% (or even less) is confidential.
sneakypete (5 days ago)
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure lol
sneakypete (4 days ago)
Of course they are, the masons were infiltrated by the Illuminati and the corruption still lives on.
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
@sneakypete - This video only scratched the surface, but that doesn't mean the deeper parts of the rabbit hole are bad.
sneakypete (4 days ago)
The rabbit hole goes deeper than this b.s.
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?
SuperPhiltown (5 days ago)
Hiram abiff
SuperPhiltown (2 days ago)
@Adam Halstead oh lol
Adam Halstead (2 days ago)
@SuperPhiltown That was said in a way as in "YES, I believe I have made the right choice", rather than "umm, erm, I think I did".
SuperPhiltown (2 days ago)
@Adam Halstead you think? So you're not sure?
Adam Halstead (2 days ago)
@SuperPhiltown I think so, I've been in now for seven years, and I am currently Junior Deacon, moving up to Senior Deacon next year.
SuperPhiltown (2 days ago)
@Adam Halstead awesome. I guess joining was a good move
robert punu (5 days ago)
the Judaic foundations of freemasonry comes from the authoritive Rabbi Isaac Wise. Wise confirms that the Gentile nature of freemasonry is only a cover: ''freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.''
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
@Robert - Except there are no such foundations and Isaac had no authority to speak for Freemasonry as he was neither a Mason nor endorsed by a Grand Lodge.
The realist (5 days ago)
@robert punu He's not a Mason. I am. Who do you think knows and who speculates?
robert punu (5 days ago)
@The realist its true.
The realist (5 days ago)
@robert punu He can confirm all he likes... it's simply not true.
Perfect Shrek (5 days ago)
The media wouldn’t expose them it’s propaganda.
#Lucifer angel down them God
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
WTF is that suppose to mean ?
Ricky Chell (5 days ago)
There reptilian shapeshifters.. eating human children.
Barry Newell (4 days ago)
1) It's "They're" not "there" 2) You're nuts and should seek help.
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
I think you need a brain check pal, or a lobotomy, sounds like your brains broken.
C Woods (6 days ago)
Do masons believe in the God of Israel?
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
I do.
The realist (5 days ago)
@C Woods as Barry Newell said, ask the individual Mason. But I'd like to expand on that. Your questions intimates that you believe that Freemasonry is a religious organisation. It is not. For a man wishing to become a Freemason, he must attend an interview. The first question asked MUST be "do you have a belief in a Supreme Being"? If the answer is "yes", the interview continues. If it is "no", the man is thanked for his time and the interview ends there. There are no more questions about religion other than just before he is Initiated. It is explained to him, that he will take an obligation on the holy book of his choice and the man names the book on which, he wants to take that obligation. During his Masonic career, he will never be asked to believe in any other Supreme Being than the one he believed in before he was a Mason. In my Lodge there are Christians (both Protestant and Catholic), Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and those who profess no religion. If you have any more questions, please feel free to come back to me here or at my email [email protected]
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
You'd have to ask that for each Mason. The fraternity does not dictate the religious beliefs of its members.
The Kidd (6 days ago)
Lol they have the keys of knowledge but can't get in! It' ok you stay here and guard the door ok, let me go get my Lord and savior hes a locksmith🤗 Man freemasons are the worst they steal the keys and still can't get in and now like jealous losers they decide " if we can't get in nobody can" so they spend there entire lives living a lie and making sure the world believes that lie, SMH now that's happiness y'all lol
The Kidd (5 days ago)
@The realist you know the way to get in don't you? The choice is yours... For those who have the ears to hear let them hear
The realist (5 days ago)
@the kidd your nick is very apt. A juvenile post if ever I saw one.
Black Templar (6 days ago)
There is a lot of Christians here bibles thumping
Alex Perales (6 days ago)
Controlling money is not the power on created earth nature good purity of thoughts for Humankind species 🤗🤔
makina ebsy (6 days ago)
To he'll with all this your evil in mighy name of Jesus
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
There's nothing evil about Freemasonry.
0000000067 767 (6 days ago)
Who know this place is. In resident evil 4 castle zobies
Nicholas Adams (7 days ago)
They are the cabal. The Freemasons. Illuminati. They are satan worshipers. Not all Jewish people are zionists, just like not all Muslims are jihadist, not all Christians are catholic. zionists, jihadists, and catholics are the extremist. They also work within many governments.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
There is no Satan worship in Freemasonry.
Nicholas Adams (7 days ago)
Freemasonry is the practice of satanism. Anyone ever realize youtube autocorrects the word satan to be capitalized. And that little triangle in their logo.
The realist (5 days ago)
@Nicholas Adams I haven't checked that what you claim about the name Satan is true or not...but if it is true, it is because the word Satan is a noun and therefore should be capitalised.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
@Nicholas Adams - No. I said that from years of first-hand experience as a Master Mason as well as first-hand experience in 23 different Masonic concordant/appendant bodies culminating in taking roughly 68-degrees. Freemasonry isn't a cult: http://www.travelingtemplar.com/2016/05/is-freemasonry-cult.html
Nicholas Adams (6 days ago)
Is that what they tell you to say? Generic response. You can't hide it when it's in your symbols. A royal cult dating back thousands of years.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. There is no Satanism anywhere in Freemasonry.
Victor Gibson (7 days ago)
The stupid Freemasons are nothing but a bunch of drunks a bunch of old men who give themselves positions and Status amongst themselves and it's all meaningless in the end they're all a bunch of idiots they know nothing about the spiritual world and nothing about the truth but I do I know far beyond what these idiots even could dream
Barry Newell (5 days ago)
@Victor Gibson - With a vulgar mouth like that, you clearly haven't "discovered it all." You're just another mouthy profane.
Victor Gibson (5 days ago)
@The realist you have cockbreath fukass.
Victor Gibson (5 days ago)
@Barry Newell no im not. You are. Im a human who has discovered it all. Dont tell me anything. You know nothing. STFU.
Barry Newell (5 days ago)
@Victor Gibson I'm sorry but you're mistaken
The realist (5 days ago)
@Victor Gibson I WILL tell you what Freemasons are, because I am one and have been for over 20 years. So you spoken with God? Hmm.. would you please wait over there by the fitting room. Room 1 is for the tinfoil hat fitting and room 2 is for the nice white jacket with the extra strong straps. Thanks!
Timothy Foster (7 days ago)
I don'tthink they are demonic,they are a society of master builders
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
That's right, but in a "speculative" way, NOT a "operative" one.
Timothy Foster (7 days ago)
What's so wicked about masons,I thought they were Master builders
robert punu (5 days ago)
the Judaic foundations of freemasonry comes from the authoritive Rabbi Isaac Wise. Wise confirms that the Gentile nature of freemasonry is only a cover: ''freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.''
Timothy Foster (7 days ago)
Lol...what propaganda,tell me
Gatescaper (7 days ago)
holy propaganda....
LOVE IS LOVE NPC (7 days ago)
Scumbags who worship Lucifer the light bearer all while deceiving the masses. Whats done in secret will come to light. These turds are just a bunch of low life child perv losers dressed like a bunch of satan worship sissys.
LOVE IS LOVE NPC (5 days ago)
Everyone involved in satanism will be thrown in the eternal lake of fire. Have fun during your short time on this earth. Eternity is much longer. Jesus Christ is the only truth..
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
There is no Lucifer or Satan worship done in Freemasonry nor do we "deceive the masses." Freemasonry is antithetical to deception. Nor is there anything wrong with doing anything in secret. Secrecy is a universal sociological form and has nothing to do with moral valuations. Everyone has secrets, even you.
Zacky Abubakar (8 days ago)
Who can help me join.
pierre dabrowski (8 days ago)
Bs really Bs
Ebi. irane javidan (8 days ago)
God's anger is near. And you will be punished soon by God. Western people sold their souls to the devil.
The realist (5 days ago)
@Ebi. irane javidan Anger is one of the seven deadly sins. God can hardly be accused of breaking his own rules.
Michael Delgado (8 days ago)
Without "Mysticism" And "Symbolism" And "Dogma" You Might Get By...
Dragon Fire (9 days ago)
Theyre not secret they exist as a footsoldier of word order that worship Satan you gotta be educated I mean proffesional like a President of a country Dr.Policeman .Military.Engineer and many more .you need to go to a certain ritual in order to move up to higher level. to join them or as an exeption you gotta be famous like entertainer who earns million dollars or what ever is your country origin.or you need to belong to a Royal blood family like King and Queens. Theyre mainly the foot soldier of the one world order of satan .if you want power money and become famous .if you reach the level 31 to 33 thats the real scary part meeting the real Devil.infont of you together with Illuminaties .the Rotchild family .
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
@Barry Newell & The Realist Well done brothers.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
If you're going to defame us Aki Gab, please learn to write properly.
The realist (9 days ago)
@Aki Gab ANOTHER load of claptrap. 1. No worship of anyone or anything, let alone Satan. 2. Freemasons come from all walks of life, religions, social strata and education. In my Lodge we have Managing directors with Doctorates etc., security guards and musicians with no qualifications to their name... all of these have been the Master of the Lodge. 3. Several are ex-military, from officers, down. 4. We don't care if a man has ten billion in the bank, or just lives hand to mouth like most people. 5. Queens CANNOT be members. Men only. 6. None of the the Rothschilds are Freemasons. There.. that's EVERYTHING in your post debunked. I'd go and get your tinfoil hat resized mate..it's obviously too tight and it's crushing your brain.
While you sun gaze young gods and goddesses remember to not fear. Do it as long as your individual bodies allow. Remember to say positive affirmations such as I AM HEALTH I AM WEALTH I AM CONFIDENCE I AM POWERFUL I AM STRENGTH I AM LOVED I AM VITALITY I AM RICH I AM PROTECTED
Idika Kalu (9 days ago)
These comments give me hope!!
Music marzban (9 days ago)
Absolute BS!!!!
Areff Burton (9 days ago)
Dont try to hide under your skirt.
Adam Halstead (5 days ago)
Skirt, who's wearing a Skirt.
ef france (10 days ago)
Satan has two churches: catholic and freemason.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
Except Satan is found nowhere in Freemasonry.
Suzanne Keller (10 days ago)
the learned it from the moors
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
Jesus flores (10 days ago)
Better men make a better world , this what the freemasonry is about helping and making this world a better place.
The realist (5 days ago)
@Jesus flores Indeed you are correct. We try to make good men better and it is in the hope that those men will in turn pass on that good to the community and the world as a whole.
roth66ro (10 days ago)
WOW. They've disbanded the black freemasonry and now black people are welcome into the "real" freemasonry. Even THEY are afraid of Soros' NGOs. :)))
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
Except that isn't true at all. Prince Hall Masonry still exists, but black men may join an AF&AM/F&AM Grand Lodge, not just a PHA Grand Lodge.
Anthony Martinez (11 days ago)
Devil worshippers
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
You're mistaken, Anthony.
Adam Halstead (10 days ago)
@Anthony Martinez What wattage are you referring to LOL ?
Anthony Martinez (10 days ago)
@Adam Halstead why don't you go towards that "light" ???
Adam Halstead (10 days ago)
Not another one, get some new material.
Christopher Lee (11 days ago)
Satanic all day sad
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
There's nothing Satanic about Freemasonry.
Adam Halstead (9 days ago)
@The realist Nice one brother.
The realist (11 days ago)
@Christopher Lee LOL! This from the Prince of Darkness!!
aviad z zelalem (11 days ago)
ilike freemasons
SharonLismanBaxter12 (11 days ago)
So who told you idiots all this bad stuff about the Masons?
SharonLismanBaxter12 (4 days ago)
LOVE IS LOVE NPC : If you are a Christian, why repeat untruths. What church do you claim to be associated with? How old were you when you accepted Jesus?
LOVE IS LOVE NPC (5 days ago)
SharonLismanBaxter12 then why are sticking up for satan worship free masonry?
SharonLismanBaxter12 (5 days ago)
LOVE IS LOVE NPC : I was saved when I was 25 years old.My father-in-law baptized me, in the Church of Christ.He was a minister of the Church of Christ. So don't pull that on me!
LOVE IS LOVE NPC (5 days ago)
SharonLismanBaxter12 youtube does not allow pics. My question to you is do you accept Jesus Christ as your salvation and the only way to our father in heaven ?
SharonLismanBaxter12 (5 days ago)
LOVE IS LOVE NPC : Hey! Go take a picture of this Bible, and post it here. Show me!
daffa ratsmawan (11 days ago)
Where is the Assassins Brotherhood when we need them..
The realist (11 days ago)
@daffa ratsmawan They're probably at your mothers house right now!
Masoun == تهيئة خروج المسيح الدجال
Alex Perales (11 days ago)
God love you 24//7 whenever forever in time 🤔😇 🙏😍 😘
HolographicSweater (11 days ago)
lol that guys face looks like hes wearing a disguise
tslim12 (12 days ago)
Vatican is as evil as freemason cult. Who cares what is called.they teach the secret , law of attraction to attract wealth and abundance.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
Freemasonry is not evil nor is it a cult.
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
The Vatican and Freemasonry is NOT the same, GET IT RIGHT.
Vincent luke (12 days ago)
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niX H (12 days ago)
fake af
Ale VC (13 days ago)
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
Not Freemasons
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
Prove it.
Steven Campos (13 days ago)
Sooo you guys are just a bunch nerds and have nothing to do with the illuminati? Ok ..
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
NERDS = Maybe (some of us), Illuminati = Not a chance.
Advokat Simic Zeljko (13 days ago)
∴ DOMINUS ILLVMINATIO MEA :. O/:,: /!$%/*?=/ .: ∴ SMIB ∴
Cynthia (13 days ago)
Its satanic.and the secrect is they built nothing .it was here already .how did they build all of that with horse amd carage .buggies .and wats going on .yea right big secrect.satan has to put his plan out there.He tries to keep hiz plan in the dark .But light eill always shine thru .so repemt and turn to jesus
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
Speak English WOMAN, learn to use proper grammar.
HowdyDo CowGirl (13 days ago)
They're children of the Father of lies. [email protected]@NicK to the core. Of course they're gonna deny that they're a "secret society" Liars lie. That is all.
Barry Newell (6 days ago)
I'd say you couldn't be more wrong, but you'd just see that as a challenge to accomplish.
Will Derby (11 days ago)
Howdydoo CowGirl you are serving the Father of all Lies, and it is not Satanic to the Core
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
Liars, says YOU.
Kelly Ziklo (13 days ago)
She must be paid to say this stuff
The realist (11 days ago)
@Kelly Ziklo She would have been paid to answer the questions she was asked. But ask yourself this. Why would she lie? what would be the point?
Adam Halstead (12 days ago)
Its called RESEARCH, maybe try it sometime.

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