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SNSD Funny - The LEGENDARY Double Trouble goes to..

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when they're together, they could be the dumb and dumber or the fiercest and coolest american girls, am i right ? this video come out fasterrrrr because im so happy Taeyeon Deluxe Album just out XD at 01:46 in case you're wondering what they're talking about, the conversation went like this Tiffany : Why did you added more? Jessica : Because you two are hardcore (heavy drinker) Tiffany : Between us, YOU ARE THE HARDCORE ONE ! Jessica : you guys like to take tequilla shot.. Tiffany : YAH ! we drink tequilla in your graduation !! you can find the another part through the bottom link part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RleWa_5fKMc anyone still believe Tiffany is one of the member that Jessica said 'i still keep in touch with..' because i do :) their friendship is GOALSSS
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soshibell (1 year ago)
The PIG and the CAT.. the dumb and the dumber..XD We present you.. Soshi American Duo 👯 If you watch the YHY Sketchbook, in Tiffany's cut, you could see she was having a hard time understanding the question in Korean, so she asked Jessica that sat beside her. And the host like "are you seriously asking her (Jessica) advice???" The audience bursted in laughter. That's an epic scene that i forgot to put in the last second. I made this video inspired by Tiffany's SNL episode and of course Jeti frienemies relationship 😅 And also there is this one youtube channel that provides fancams for Tiffany, the name is 'Alluring Voice'. You guys should check it out, all of their works is so amazing
Grecia Castro (2 months ago)
+Cute Creature - the show is called: win win, and it's episode 11. Google it and you may find the full show with English subs
YUKE YU (6 months ago)
love soshi, jeti forever
YUKE YU (6 months ago)
lol the dumb and dumber
pwintmyatthu_20 (7 months ago)
soshibell lol I have to agree that. The dumb and dumber duo😂😂😍😍
Cute Creature (8 months ago)
soshibell what show is this? 6:25 ?
啊笨 (7 days ago)
0:40 what show is it?
Halena Dyas (9 days ago)
I miss JeTi so much😭
Tangpania (9 days ago)
oluwabusayo mimiko (10 days ago)
What show is it? The one where they said pretty girls are always kind
TWICE Once (10 days ago)
Why am I crying?
TWICE Once (10 days ago)
Why am I crying?
G F (18 days ago)
Jeti.. ❤💙💚
John Mark Villena (20 days ago)
I love this i think i was crying.. Ahahahah i dont know I miss #0T9
Nur Lia (24 days ago)
Thank u. Thats all i want to say
Jamesis S (28 days ago)
5:40 who's he? So familiar
At 2:13, what show?
diamond purple (4 days ago)
Girl's generation horror movie factory
Vernanda Olivia (1 month ago)
Watch this make me miss both of them, really
chuka chuka (1 month ago)
i still believe in soshi bond ❤️ always... 😭i always missing ot9.... 💕
Mr. Pepper Roni (1 month ago)
Jessica looks good in darker brown long hair
Yhanie Lee (1 month ago)
What show is this 8:12? Anyone?
jessica gomez (1 month ago)
i always love jeti couple
Linh Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Can I ask for the link of Jessica's conversation about Fany being loud?
수현 (2 months ago)
제시카 티파니 아파서 무대에 못나왓는데 상받아서 티파니한테 말 못할까봐 서현이 빨리 말할동안 초조하게 기다리다가 티파니한테 영상으로 말하는거봐 ㅠㅠ 너무 기엽다
Cap Prevosa (2 months ago)
What show it is when Jessica says her two close members?Please tell me,ppali
baebys (2 months ago)
Welld they even after all these that happened to girls generation, they are close to each other and they are real💞 Idk is it just me or what but i often saw taeyeon wears blanc&eclare products which may be a hint that she and jessica are still in contact to each other, this is what i thought btw
Jayce Dayap (2 months ago)
What show is this? 5:41
Raellaine Rimando (2 months ago)
What show is 0:26? Tnx
Hani's Forehead (2 months ago)
damnit i miss them so much 😭
thomas callahan (2 months ago)
omg i NEED to know what tiffany said at 2:09
Richyji 9929 (2 months ago)
This is why Momo loves Fany bc they are both “Pigs” and “Pabos” 1:24 Jessica ask the wrong question what she should’ve asked is “do you want to be friends with me forever?” Fany wants to be friends forever, not just for a long time
Rasche Drae Muncada (2 months ago)
whatever happens JeTi will always be best buddies
Rasche Drae Muncada (2 months ago)
JeTi are best buddies
Wait for It (2 months ago)
i believe they still close each other 💕
TT’s Universe (2 months ago)
Who's watching this and crying?
Grecia Castro (2 months ago)
LMAO!! I remember watching the last show in the video years back...it was hilarious. They are such a variety queens. They have a lot of good shows. Korea has some good shows now..but Back then Korea had some really good shows..hosts and idols were savages & more open too, and fans did not get butthurt(upset) over EVERYTHING like nowadays ugh. Now these kpop newbies are even trying to witch hunt/complain about the hosts. I wish they would bring back those shows To watch idols interact etc..
Lyra Ilarina (3 months ago)
I miss Jessica :(
Ice.Pianist (3 months ago)
I miss the two of them together OT9 in my heart forever!
YoonA임 (3 months ago)
they are my OTP,they compliment each other really well,you can see the love in their eyes when look at each other,they seem real to me,get someone that stares at you like JeTi stares at each other. Too bad that we dont have those interactions anymore,but im going to keep those JeTi moments always in my heart until i die.
Kousuke :D (3 months ago)
Aren’t this vid suppose to be funny??? Why am I crying rn please tell me....
Anne Aguirre (3 months ago)
How can I stop from crying!!!!!!! Jessica unnie!!!!!!!!!!! Please comeback😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
DBZXC last (3 months ago)
Im not crying. You are.
Sun Yeong Shyang (3 months ago)
never actually saw those part even in other JETI videos~ nice !!
Blank Blizzard (4 months ago)
SONE SINCE 2008! And I will NEVER EVER give up on #JeTi ! They are still contacting each other and I am 100% sure <3 Both of them met and know each other in LA first before they even go Korea. Both in the same hospital. Their bond is much stronger than all of you all.
GoldPandasGame (6 months ago)
Where is the radio show audio from?
Min Holly (6 months ago)
i'm cryiiiiing, it's 3aammmmmmmmmmmmm
Nova May (6 months ago)
0:59 “You are the hole of our team” 😂 #savage
Hakdog Trash (6 months ago)
Is there any misunderstanding between Taeng and Sica? 😭 I am not aware, what happened between them? Please enlighten me.
Lee Proctor (6 months ago)
My heart cant take this!
Buse-IRA (6 months ago)
Man I really hope their relationship didn't deteriorate when jessica left? :(
Beca Alves (6 months ago)
Who sings this version of "Isn't She Lovely"?
Feliipe (6 months ago)
This video make me happy
I am Nel (6 months ago)
I noticed when they bicker/fight each other, Hyo is always there... :D :D
Shut Up Dora (6 months ago)
It's a bad idea to watch this right now :(
MAMAMOOniac (6 months ago)
I'm not crying...
Rin Rin (6 months ago)
Damn JeTi + Taeyeons song= heartbreak
Blacksyrose (6 months ago)
I still hope that someday they will perform again in one stage just like what Jessica said here 4:55
Blacksyrose (6 months ago)
7:00 Damn I'm trying hard to avoid this video
J O (6 months ago)
miss both of them JeTi 💕
Dalyn Ibis (6 months ago)
Lady Mae Seisa (6 months ago)
my first two biased <3
Byuntae 101 (6 months ago)
Everytime I watched their old videos, I can't help but feel sad about everything that happens to them in 2014. I think that was the most unfortunate year for the girls. Even now, I'am still hoping that they will talk about Jessica in their instagram videos or in any interview. But now, seeing our soshi having fun with their individual activities makes me happy. They seem they had a lot of fun. Still patiently waiting for their comeback.
SoshiVelvet Hart (6 months ago)
What the fucking fuck did i just found. JeTi
xolove bianca (6 months ago)
My ship in Snsd. Jeti i miss them.
lalala ma (6 months ago)
3:33 what's the name of the show?? Someone pls???
Stacy Bagaforo (7 months ago)
2:21? What song? Thankyou😊
Miri Echavarria (24 days ago)
i got a boy snsd
irfan barliawan (7 months ago)
jessica is savage tiffany is funny
pwintmyatthu_20 (7 months ago)
Their way of communication reminds me of my friendship💗 It makes me feel so warm. They always seem like fighting but all they ever do is care for each other. I would give anything to see this friendship again.
pwintmyatthu_20 (7 months ago)
The American sisters💙💗 JeTi is the best!
Kaka wi (7 months ago)
I believe they friendship will be forever no matter what😍❤😄❤always proud being SONE❤
Rhaine Estrellani (8 months ago)
I cried 😭 I miss jessica and tiffany 😭😭 OT9 forever ❤
YoongJaeYong (8 months ago)
I'm being emotional right now 😢😢😢
Mong G (8 months ago)
i believe yoona, hyoyeon, sooyoung and sunny still have contact with jessica... maybe the bridge between jessica and tiffany has already burned coz tiffany is closer to taeyeon more than anyone and i believe taeyeon is affected in all fanwars between her and jessica... and ofcourse tiffany will always be in taeyeons side..
chickensoshitwice (9 months ago)
i miss jeti. They will forever be my ultimate otp ❤
4everjess_ Sya (9 months ago)
Still watching this in 2018 and in the future too!
Vina Lister (10 months ago)
the haunted house video got me laughing while sobbing
Junmilkim (10 months ago)
When u realize Tiffany is part of the shikshins group
Rimm Rimm (10 months ago)
I miss them being together
Debby Riani (10 months ago)
I miss OT 9 :(
dying iNside, sEnd help (11 months ago)
in the end of video, i feel like time is moving backwards, they really look close and those two close bestfriend that do everything together. i love how their personality are completely different and that is what makes their friendship look fresh and sincere
MeeMJoo (11 months ago)
That was soooo funny 😍♥️ I love their TOM&JERRY relationship soooo much ♥️ BTW Omg how did u knw about the Korean model @@ ?! Omg being friends with the same model makes me believe that they could really be close after Sica left SNSD 😍😭
gg stan (11 months ago)
JeTi ❤️
씨yenn (11 months ago)
Im on tears 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤ Right now is SNSD, In the future SNSD, Forever SNSD!!! 😘😘😘😘
Jecel Javier (11 months ago)
ROGUE X94 (11 months ago)
They were more like frienemies honestly, same with Hyoyeon. Hyo and Sica were the frienemies forming a triangle with Tiffany.
Vincenty90 (11 months ago)
and then Tiffany turned into a backstabbing hoe with Taeyeon and kicked Jessica out. Fuck that bitch.
Vincenty90 (11 months ago)
soshibell Taeyeon just this week deleted Jessica's birthday event photos from instagram. Look it up. That bitch did it
soshibell (11 months ago)
Vincenty90 ohhh, Taeyeon sided with Tiffany and kicked her out? Why only the 2 of them you say? I heard this before, its like a theory that came out from fanfiction and haters page. There are no rules on dating scandal. Its either the paparazzi caught you or not, and then the company would do damage control for the press. I know this really well because i work in the public relations field. But thank you really for stopping by. You can believe what you want, and we can believe what we want. :) just dont share any hatred here please? After what happened to Jonghyun, we became more protective to SNSD member and Jessica too ;)
Vincenty90 (11 months ago)
soshibell also if it was SM and not the 8 bitches they would still keep in touch regularly
Vincenty90 (11 months ago)
soshibell yes they do. Snsd had the power to change the dating rules in SM. I bet that whore Taeyeon was like it's her or me and then tiffany sided with the hoe
soshibell (11 months ago)
Vincenty90 i know what you feel, and how hurtful 2014 for all of us, but it isnt true. They didn’t kicked her out. In the korean music industry any artist didnt have any power to kick their own member sweety. Brcause Taeyeon and Tiffany didnt pay Jessica’s share for concert revenue, album sales, digital sales, and commercial fees. These girls are bound to contract and an employees of the music entertainment giant called SM Entertainment. Lets say we are the boss of SM Entertainment, we bound these girls to 10 years of contract, and they become our money machine in Korea and Japan, their brand value is the highest among korean girl group, if one member wants to kick one member out, are we gonna let it happen? We are all aware It could destroy the brand value and let the stock of the company drop? Are we gonna let our employees destroy the company money? It doesnt make sense. Because they are practically only the company’s puppet. 9/30 is still mystery to all of us. No one knows the real truth because SNSD and Jessica kept silent until now. At the beginning of 2014, all of Soshi dating scandal got acknowledged by SM Entertainment, but only one rumor that said Jessica had a fiance with a CEO of finance company based in New York got denied. Later on August she lauched her brand ‘Blanc’. Jessica also said in her press release that the 8 member supported her brand. And surprise !!! All 9 of SNSD member finally signed their new contract until 2017 in the beginning of September. But suddenly the nightmare began, 9/30 happened and we are all devastated, we trap in this fanwar because Jessica said the member suddenly turned their back against her. So why she said that in the press release? Its because the 8 member didnt back her up against the company’s will. Why they didnt? Because they cant. Its tragic. The contract still going on at that time. And guess what, in the next 24 hours after 9/30, korean press, Dispatch revealed that Jessica took the same flight with Tyler Kwon from New York City. Now what do you think ? Do you ever wonder that SNSD kept silent because they want to protect Jessica? Even when the medias keep creating stories that Jessica and Tiffany had a bad blood, that Taeyeon hated Jessica and kicked her out, they didnt say a single thing. We judge them because we are hurt. Because we said we love Jessica so much. But you do realize that the person that spent every single day with her since 10 years ago was these 8 girls, right? Imagine their side of story too. Because there always is. You can watch my video called SNSD Hillarious prank - 10 years anniversary and you could tell me your opinion about their bond, okay? Thank you for watching :)
Kween keELa Kamarudin (1 year ago)
Haih i miss jessica and the girls together... i miss ot9
SCF彡 Joy3LeX (1 year ago)
I miss so much JeTi moments...i hope one day i can see that again....i always love all soshi members OT9...no matter what they are going what they do...i always support them and love them forever......this video make me cry 😭😭😭
Ellya Sofia (1 year ago)
since fany is not under sm...is she going to meet sica?
V Aldemita (1 year ago)
What video is 2:22 from?
Elsha _D (1 year ago)
I miss jeti, i hope they can together again after fany leaving sm :)
SNSDCrown OnYourHead (1 year ago)
chang see min (1 year ago)
omo i love jeti, after watching this vid i ship jeti so muchh, jeti when they speak english, they are in their own worldd❤❤
Ruler Yu (1 year ago)
the same hospital.... da fate
Teptep Celorico (1 year ago)
what's the name of the where jessica called tiffany snsd's pig?
Ilovehotcheetos 27 (1 year ago)
OT9 feels 😭 but I'll still support both of them because that's what true sones do!
Jo Lynn Chua (1 year ago)
Trying not to Tear up😢
AddlykaJatek lai (1 year ago)
I cried watching this video while thinking of how beautiful their relationship and how much i miss it. I always imagine what it would be like if jessica didnt left the group and ot9 is still a thing. I hope they will keep in touch with each other and treasure this relation. I miss ot9 moments a lot not to say yulsic, jeti,taengsic,the royal family(yoona,yuri and jessica) and so on. No matter what other people said, sones should still treasure ot9 and not putting all the blame on jessica's departure. Snsd OT9 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Clarice Talactac (1 year ago)
I don't care if this ship is sinking or if it already sunk.. for me JeTi was, is, and will always be my ultimate otp 💕💕❤❤ #JeTi #ot9 #alwaysjeti
Chanbaeksekai 88 (1 year ago)
jeti is frienemy i know from the start theu always bickering hahahahahaha i miss them
denise lumor (1 year ago)
Man, I miss the times when Jessica would introduce herself as "Hi. I'm Girls' Generation's Jessica."
Endearing Galaxy (1 year ago)
Achmad Fauzi (1 year ago)
Haaah you make meh miss OT9 again :'(
4:53 When The girl who never wants the mic is jumping up and down for the mic, you know she has something very important to say. Their friendship cannot be explained
Multifandom KpopTrash (1 year ago)
Dorks' Generation

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