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BEST Gilmher Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | The Best Musically Collection

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BEST Gilmher Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | The Best Gilmher Croes Comedy Musically Collection. Follow Gilmher Croes:- ► Musical.ly: @gilmhercroes ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gilmhercroes ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChky9YtjBIMeCxUKppluISA Don't Forget to like and share the Video with your family and friends! Also, discuss your favorite musically Musers in the comment box below! We publish new video every day So please SUBSCRIBE for more entertaining videos. Subscribe to Amazing Musically ► https://goo.gl/HUyb2f
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Text Comments (7318)
JesusChrist (5 hours ago)
Wow, this guy is really funny! Haha
Uriel Verdin (6 hours ago)
If you find this funny might as well make Amy Schumer a comedy legend
Uriel Verdin (6 hours ago)
The only good part is at 10:31
Бесит этот чувак ппц
Elsa Ferragud (7 hours ago)
LOVE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Michelle Harrison (8 hours ago)
Fauxwhistle 1909 (8 hours ago)
nialurun nidduniaz (9 hours ago)
4.17 what is tht song
bonyman conejo (12 hours ago)
Koma Lorion (14 hours ago)
I want to kill him now
Catherine Alvarez (15 hours ago)
Jayden is cute and funny and charming and gilmher is charming and funny and of course handsome
Laura Giraldo (15 hours ago)
entienden el español
Rainbow Luck (16 hours ago)
6:18 what the music ?
_The_Gaming_Squad _ (16 hours ago)
He looks like woody from toy story
Maryam Rashid (19 hours ago)
Nice face and body exercise
MathiasBP (20 hours ago)
plz stfu
Hanna Manga (21 hours ago)
He is funny in his own way if you dont like it then go make your own video whereby pple will laugh 8.9k likes 2s ago .
Eduarda Mota (23 hours ago)
Laís que é bonita letra elegante
Eduarda Mota (23 hours ago)
Eu creio Alex 33 litros
Eduarda Mota (23 hours ago)
Ele é louco é careca
sarina martinez (1 day ago)
Alexander Schmer (1 day ago)
Sameer Syed (1 day ago)
4:17 song name plzzzzzzzz
DIRTBIKE_MAFIA (1 day ago)
Please just help me uninstall life
Fernanda Cardoza (1 day ago)
🙈🙈❤❤😍los amooo mucho!!!
Gracie Bublitz (1 day ago)
Jayden your so cute
Ameyalli Cruz Cupil (1 day ago)
Están jugando fornite
Bts Ff (1 day ago)
Why is he getting so much hate...? He's just living his life.
piath monydit (1 day ago)
They say Liza Koshy can make lots of facial expressions
La rara :3 (1 day ago)
Me muero de risa jaja
Gacha Gamer462 (1 day ago)
I love him so much, I don’t get how people say he’s not funny. He’s probably one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. 😁
Clorinda Prezioso (1 day ago)
junior brito (1 day ago)
0:12Mom:you dont go to school today Me:
I'm 10 and I don't even find this funny..
Selene Garibay (1 day ago)
yo si les doy laiq
Carlos Guali (1 day ago)
What is the minute music called? 9:41
It's funny in a way!! But you just don't know how to say it
Noelle Marchant (1 day ago)
You are so good at musically
Noelle Marchant (15 hours ago)
I love it
Noelle Marchant (1 day ago)
I love you guys
ელენე TV (1 day ago)
ელენე TV (1 day ago)
NO normal
mis cat (2 days ago)
Qué lindo que sos Y tu amigo también
FATMANUR ULUDAG (2 days ago)
I want to KERMIT SEWER SIDE ni🅱🅱a . Put that face in a 🅱lender E
Taesandra Essa (2 days ago)
You so funny and so like crazy guy
الي عاد المقطع اكثر من مره لايك
Rebecca Fleek (2 days ago)
Brad Saylor ky supporting you and your brother nothing but good wishes for you guys keep it fuc k them losers got no life try to bring others down
Ajay V (2 days ago)
Jayden es realmente genial,me Gustan sus compilaciones de video musical.ly
You guys are cute
You guys are cu
Shara Brown (2 days ago)
I love you Gilmher ur videos are funny😘😘😘😂😂😂
Steliyan Todorov (2 days ago)
If you Think that he is not funny then why are u wacthing him????
Robson Peluquero (2 days ago)
LOL :)
Kristian Porras (2 days ago)
Kristian Porras (2 days ago)
kosein aung (2 days ago)
I like you Gilmher Croes
Sugey Ceron (2 days ago)
Esta super guapo tu amigo😍😍😍
Devin (2 days ago)
jasmin Matheson (2 days ago)
They are so cute and funny
Dorian ANDRIAN (2 days ago)
1:48 music pls
MooreCupcakez ._. (3 days ago)
Lauren Walsh (3 days ago)
There soooooooooooooooo funny😂😂😂
SpeedySloth (3 days ago)
I'd rather just get circumcised again
Como se llama la canción del segundo 0:13
Cool Cool (3 days ago)
I started crying half way thru cuz I couldn’t take anymore of this garbage
Yana lacap Vlogs (3 days ago)
Haha...so funny...
I don't get it, he's a relatively attractive man who is smart enough to manipulate a fan base of children. He could be doing something actually positive but instead he's at the lowest level of comedy on tik tok.
Vincent De Castro (3 days ago)
What the hell are you you look crazy wtf
Darlene Brown (3 days ago)
My favorite one is the one with Mickey mouse
he has friends?
COMEDY: Something funny,and that's not funny. KILL ME
MG35 (3 days ago)
My Thearipist: "hmm I see, and when did you start seeing this" Me: "well it all started in my YouTube recommendations...
Ivan Arguello (3 days ago)
Someone has to put him down already
Shannon Barrette (3 days ago)
they try to be to funny
Universo paralelo (3 days ago)
Brasil ?
Jajajajajaja no tengo nada que decir solo un 10 y me suscrivo
Dennis the Wolf (3 days ago)
He always makes me laugh but that yodeling one got me
Было ооочень забавно когда Джей попкой в лик
R Franco (3 days ago)
I love the croes brothers
Krystina Valkova (3 days ago)
محمد ماجد (3 days ago)
7:38 song plz 😂😂💔
Sσρн / Ðσмι (3 days ago)
T Series is Shit (3 days ago)
7:00 song name?
Maddy Jacobsen (3 days ago)
y do u guys keep hating on the croes Bros leave them alone please 🙂
Thomas de La Richerie (3 days ago)
Jim Carrey son !!
Andreea Scumpu (3 days ago)
my fav is 4:56 😂😂😂
Meme Lord (3 days ago)
Melody Osburn (3 days ago)
why does he have to be so cute and nice and sweet and funny when he's doing musicallys
sleepykm yes (3 days ago)
Can somebody call the police
Aymara Quiñonez (3 days ago)
Ustedes son hermanos ??
Sama shaban (3 days ago)
were are you from
alessandro morel (3 days ago)
Pure Pointless bullshit
Naira Araújo Galega (4 days ago)
4:28 what the music
хитрый лис (4 days ago)
чел прекрасный однако малость смотрится глупо
sandhu savi (4 days ago)
I I I l I lo I lov I love y you you
D A N K (8 hours ago)
I dislike this guy he ain't funny But I literally looked up guy that makes weird face
شامي يا شام (4 days ago)
Kaydence Stanley (4 days ago)
Lol my friend sydney likes gilmher
Miss Kami (4 days ago)

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