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Curly Hair Routine For Black Men ! (Updated)

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This is my updated version of my curly hair routine ! if you have any questions leave them below !! Yes, I'm from TORONTO ! SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: https://www.instagram.com/brenxo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsBrendonxo Snapchat: Brendon.XO Business Inquiries: [email protected] Products: Aussie Moist Conditioner & Shampoo Eco Styler Argan Oil Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Water, YES WATER !!!! lol Thanks for watching and Subscribe !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghS7q5DqfTs&list=LLUl2v4NgGFrPs22SNoplmuA&index=52 Dazye - Prod. Nor Ledges
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Text Comments (1143)
RASHEEN BACCHUS (1 year ago)
Yo thanks man I'm getting girls now a Spanish chick said I'm cute
Davion Sullivan (9 months ago)
Thatboy Savage (1 year ago)
Vegito Blue I stopped at the start
LR Gogeta (1 year ago)
people can get the curls at the first step, people who want more defined curls keep going in the video
LR Gogeta (1 year ago)
Pull God on deck
Surveillexe ÈxÉ (5 days ago)
does anyone else’s hair get stiff later on in the day?
Noé Malcom (6 days ago)
C'est une très bonne coupe sa
Mari TV (1 month ago)
Song in the intro
Darius Ajakaiye (1 month ago)
Thanks worked well
Uglahh (1 month ago)
Is this recommended for everyday? (Using the shampoo and conditioner everyday)
Gregory Llorance jr. (1 month ago)
Uglahh no don’t shampoo yo hair everyday cuz it’ll get yo scalp extremely dry
Captian Joe (2 months ago)
if i would my hair like 4:16 should i stop at 4:16 and do nothing anymore with my hair?
Brenxo (2 months ago)
Yeah if your hair is long enough to lay down and depending on your hair type . If your hair is like mines eventually it’s going to dry up and be puffy
Noah Duncan (2 months ago)
how did you died your hair
Almighty youtuber (2 months ago)
My hair to long to do it
epicrocks24 (3 months ago)
GOAT! Just earned a new follower!
Avery Davis (3 months ago)
Video really helped....btw what’s the name of the instrumental everytime I look it up it keeps giving me this freestyle and I just want the instrumental 😂
Avery Davis (3 months ago)
Oh wow 😂
Brenxo (3 months ago)
Thank you , I think it was removed lol 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kuro Akuserareta (3 months ago)
What's the background music he was using before the ending came?
D Sam (5 months ago)
What's your hair type?
Brenxo (5 months ago)
D Sam it’s 4c
FJDAZOE (5 months ago)
yoo shea moisture was expensive asf back thn
SHADY Tryhardgaming 13 (5 months ago)
Anyone else think his hair looked better at 4:05 ?
Ken Kaze (6 months ago)
Ik this mans from the dot cause he says likkle
Bibbile (7 months ago)
He’s asked for that hot Cheetos fade 😂😂😂😂 (Thumbnail)
Brenxo (8 months ago)
Maurice Holmes 💀💀💀
NuttyGaming HD (8 months ago)
Yo once you rinse shampoo out do u dry ur hair after?
Brenxo (8 months ago)
NuttyGaming HD noo you just add conditioner after
NuttyGaming HD (8 months ago)
yo @brenxo sorry im 2 years late loool but is your hair a type 4c cause this isnt working that well for me thanks. please reply cus im getting bare frustrated
Brenxo (8 months ago)
NuttyGaming HD I have 4C hair , if your consistent with the routine you should be able to attain curls , but everyone’s curl pattern is different so it won’t look like mines .
Nathan Biruk (9 months ago)
I like it when my curls stay down like not when you pick it half way
JT5 (9 months ago)
Hey, what happened at 4:16 plz ? Like why is there a difference between before and after the cut ? How did u do that ?
JT5 (9 months ago)
Brenxo Oh okay thank you 👍🏽
Brenxo (9 months ago)
tjerem11 added more water and conditioner, I usually do this in the shower so I didn’t have enough of either in my hair
Jay Money365 (10 months ago)
Does the shampoo matter?
Brenxo (10 months ago)
Jay Money365 if you want the best results yes , but you can skip this part if you want
Jay Money365 (10 months ago)
Can i use Cantu leave in conditioner instead of the curl enhancer smoothie
Brenxo (10 months ago)
Jay Money365 you can use any leave in that works for you !
Isaiah Ford (11 months ago)
hey wasup bro I was wondering what is your night routine and what do you do in the morning when you wake up ?
G U C C I (11 months ago)
4:17 where the lightskin kick in
Brenxo (11 months ago)
G U C C I lmao 😂😂😂 wish it could stay like that !
G U C C I (11 months ago)
Say no more
USEO Official (11 months ago)
Did anybody else peep the guy at 8:50 just standing in the cut
M0dern Day Hippie (1 year ago)
how do you use Curl Ehancing Smoothie and a Gel and your hair doesn't get dry ???
Nyasha Kambasha (1 year ago)
Is that coconut curling cream
M0dern Day Hippie (1 year ago)
whats your hair type ?
M0dern Day Hippie (1 year ago)
Steven Kabaka (1 year ago)
And my hair is extremely thick. Does this routine still work for really thick hair?
Steven Kabaka (1 year ago)
I use 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Will that still work?
Steven Kabaka (1 year ago)
Okay but untill i get another product, how long would i leave the 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Steven Kabaka you should invest in separate products and as long as you have curl pattern it should work
Faith21 Savy (1 year ago)
Thanks G
Isaiah Ford (1 year ago)
what’s your morning routine
Jeremy Stevens (1 year ago)
What if my hair is too rough to pick out?
Jeremy Stevens (1 year ago)
Brenxo thanks
Brenxo (1 year ago)
YuhBoi Jeremiah try finger detangling
Tyler Tha Gawd (1 year ago)
How do u rinse it
ReVo Crxzy (1 year ago)
do you usd S crull?
ReVo Crxzy (1 year ago)
Brenxo alright bro thx
Brenxo (1 year ago)
i only use the stuff in my video
ReVo Crxzy (1 year ago)
Brenxo or any other product that make ur hair curly like s crull? bcs it doesnt really get curlly for me when i do it
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Fabyan Richards (1 year ago)
What color is your hair dye and where did you buy it? And how much did it cost?
Codeine Czdy (1 year ago)
do we have to do this everyday
Brenxo (1 year ago)
rezy no I do this full routine like every 2 weeks , but you can use the leave in and gel everyday tho
Christian Knuckles (1 year ago)
One question did the dye loosen your curls
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Christian Knuckles not too much, and after a while it goes back to normal
TheRealKing OfTheGame (1 year ago)
You killed this video bravo 🔥🔥🔥
TfYouMeanIt'sNateyD? (1 year ago)
You got 4c hair?
Ste V (1 year ago)
TfYouMeanIt'sNateyD? Yeah
Breezy (1 year ago)
You mean super dry not clean
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Malaysiabreeze that’s what I meant by clean lol
Breezy (1 year ago)
Brenxo you said don’t keep the shampoo for long because it makes it super clean it actually drys out your hair and strips your hair of the natural oils yes it cleans it but it also drys it out
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Malaysiabreeze ???
Cameron G (1 year ago)
Do you do this every morning?
Cameron G (1 year ago)
Do you sleep with a durag?
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Cameron G naww
Luke Duke (1 year ago)
What beat is in the background?
Trey Santana (1 year ago)
Do you put this on at night ?
Secretboy 816 (1 year ago)
How many tries did it take for yours to work
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Secretboy 816 I seen good results after 3 weeks
Secretboy 816 (1 year ago)
Around the conditioning part my hair wasn’t getting curly. Help plz
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Secretboy 816 sometimes it won't work first try , you need to be a consistent with the routine and then you will see good results
SauccyCurt (1 year ago)
Is that your hair in the image for the videos if so how did you get that Gïngër/orange color I been trying to achieve it for the longest.
SauccyCurt (1 year ago)
Brenxo everyone that has that perfect color is saying it’s a accident 🤦🏽‍♂️
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Curt to be honest it was buy accident lol . My hair was originally chestnut blonde and then I dyed over it with vivacious red by dark and lovely and it turned out that colour
Hammed Badmus (1 year ago)
Damn I can even watch this as entertainment and it works too! Earned a sub
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Hammed Badmus lol thanks bro 💯💯💯💯
Blaqc Jaden (1 year ago)
who else watched this on november 6 2017 because i thought this came out today!
Blaqc Jaden (1 year ago)
Lol its happening!but come check out my vids just starting;)im a tell my freinds about this video also
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Jaden Vlogs thanks , hopefully you get the results you want !
Blaqc Jaden (1 year ago)
lol ive been missing out but good vid though im in my bathroom doing the steps right now!
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Jaden Vlogs been a whole year lol
SimplyKristy (1 year ago)
TheyLoveSora (1 year ago)
How often do you do this
Razor Ss (1 year ago)
Did you use texturizer ?
Wow 19.99 mines was 9.99 but I'm in America
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Sentel Bolton your lucky lol
Roman Majette (1 year ago)
whats the ending song?
Abdou Kane (1 year ago)
Do you do this daily?
Michael Donkor (1 year ago)
Is your hair texurized? I am a black male with coarse hair. Will this still work for me. If not, what is the best way to make my hair curly without relaxing or texurising it etc.
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Michael Donkor no my hair isn't texturized. Just do my routine and you should be fine, it may take long but the more you do it the better it gets
#LXRD FAM (1 year ago)
My hair is short when i pick it like you they deform
Jamil Trapp (1 year ago)
My hair got curly a little just gotta keep working with it
Jamil Trapp (1 year ago)
Brenxo what type of haircut is that
Jamil Trapp (1 year ago)
What do you do with it at night
Lil Jop (1 year ago)
Are u supposed to be able to pick curls
Brendon Howard (1 year ago)
Ayeee another Brendon
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Brendon Howard 🔥🔥🔥
Ace Buchanan (1 year ago)
Woah 5 minutes Is wayyyyy to long for afro texturized hair the recommended length is 15 seconds
Ace Buchanan (1 year ago)
Brenxo oh well then that makes sense
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Ace Buchanan I wash my hair every two weeks
Ace Buchanan (1 year ago)
Brenxo well I wash my hair twice a week so I don't get buildup. How many times do you wash your hair?
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Ace Buchanan not true , 5 mins is enough time to get rid of all the build in your hair , plus you need to massage it in your hair to really clean it. I would say anywhere between 3-5 mins is good
Ace Buchanan (1 year ago)
Brenxo 5 minutes is way to long to leave shampoo in that damages your hair a lottt
Darish Gouala (1 year ago)
which of shampoin you put at the beginning?
Darish Gouala (1 year ago)
Darish Gouala (1 year ago)
I can put any shampoo for that?
xRoyal Ghostx (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Darish Gouala (1 year ago)
before putting Aussie moist conditioning, you already seem to have something before, what is it? you just wet the hair for it to be wet? I'm lost a little help me please
Brenxo (1 year ago)
it was the shampoo , and then i washed it out. after that i added the conditioner
YBN Noah (1 year ago)
4:25 i would of left my hair like that
One Dollar Bleach (2 months ago)
Brenxo fuck the natural look lol 😂
heart broken (3 months ago)
YBN Noah same
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Noah Word I like the more natural look
T truee (1 year ago)
It works good for me but my hair stays white. Am I using too much curl enhancer?
Almighty Kixx! (1 year ago)
Allen Weithers (1 year ago)
Does your hair have to be super long
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Has a lot of hair and looks nice
Carmello Roberts (1 year ago)
All got all the material now I just gotta wait until my hair grows longer
jordy jh (1 year ago)
black man???? you are rasist man
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Lawrence Joshua (1 year ago)
i am from canada like you
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Lawrence Joshua dope 🇨🇦
Its_Only_a_Game III (1 year ago)
Instead of using the Enhancing Curly Cream can I then the Cantu Curling Cream??
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Its_Only_a_Game III yea that's fine
Chandler Angol (1 year ago)
why the curls still look nappy
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Chandler Angol it's called tighter curls . Each hair type have different curls ......
king TYLER (1 year ago)
Dies anybidy know the beat he is usibg in the videi
Brenxo (1 year ago)
king TYLER in description
king TYLER (1 year ago)
Does anybody know the beat in the vid
TMD PreTest (1 year ago)
how long did it take you to grow your hair to this length in the video
Rasheem Curtis (1 year ago)
How often should I condition and wash my hair to stay consistent
henrik nkosi (1 year ago)
how often do you do this?
Markus Kirksey (1 year ago)
Yo this is blessed like its to good
Brenxo (1 year ago)
bless, glad i could help you out
Tre Thomas (1 year ago)
How do you keep it like that
Brenxo (1 year ago)
i refresh my hair with water and leave in
Xavier (1 year ago)
How long does it take to see results?
Brenxo (1 year ago)
1 week - 1 month
Marcus King (1 year ago)
What if you only have 2 in one shampoo+conditioner
Brenxo (1 year ago)
that's fine .. use what you have then invest in better products !
5stargordon !!!!! (1 year ago)
Can u use any shampoo
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Alex Rednop (1 year ago)
How long does ur hair stay curly after this
Alex Rednop (1 year ago)
Brenxo how do u not mess it up while sleepin
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Alex Rednop a few days , then I just refresh it with water and leave in
FreezerNK Habbo (1 year ago)
You a from Ghana
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Master SKA half Ghanaian 🇬🇭
Darish Gouala (1 year ago)
I understand not very well english, you could answer my comment by making me by order the product used please ?
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Darish Gouala all the products used are in the description!
MCPAUL BROU JR (1 year ago)
@Brenxo. yo please tell me what color your hair is like what did the box say because I want to dye my hair this color please help and I have school next week help!
YungYeev (1 year ago)
When he pumped the shampoo idk why but I was dead 😂😂 2:45
Carbrini Stepper (1 year ago)
What did you do to your hair before this video like it's curly alreadyv
Carbrini Stepper (1 year ago)
Okay thanks g
Brenxo (1 year ago)
C4 2Bunny I shampoo every two weeks, I use conditioner every other day, I use leave in and gel every 1-3 days
Carbrini Stepper (1 year ago)
Brenxo (1 year ago)
C4 2Bunny I did this routine and that's how my hair got like this .
XxLost gamerxX (1 year ago)
i have curls but after school it gets wavy😔
Brenxo (1 year ago)
XxLost gamerxX np 💯
XxLost gamerxX (1 year ago)
Brenxo thanks so much bro
Brenxo (1 year ago)
XxLost gamerxX with leave in conditioner, try mixing a spray bottle with water and conditioner
XxLost gamerxX (1 year ago)
Brenxo umm thanks btw do you mean like moisturize with water
Brenxo (1 year ago)
XxLost gamerxX try and keep your hair moisturized throughout the whole the day
Patrice Evra (1 year ago)
Wat's the name for the produit ? (I'm french)
Patrice Evra (1 year ago)
Brenxo ok thanks
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Nathanael Boungou all the products are in the description!
Its_Only_a_Game III (1 year ago)
Would it als of work if I have normal Afro hair?
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Its_Only_a_Game III yes should work
Julien Kouame (1 year ago)
Would this work on relaxed hair but my hair is still curly
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Julien Kouame nope my hair wasn't
Julien Kouame (1 year ago)
Was ur hair relaxed when u did this
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Julien Kouame relaxed like your hair straighten? It willl work but probably won't get the best results

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