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Purchase cardboard box opener call (800) 537-5310

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Http://WwW.AmericanPriceMark.com American Price Mark Supplies sells more than just price marking and labeling supplies. We also sell safety cutters, the safe way to open packages, cut cardboard and cutting shipping straps. American Price Mark Supplies carries 4 different kinds of safety cutters ensuring we have a safety cutter that fits your budget and purpose. Do you have employees getting injured on the jop using traditional box cutters? Imagine if you had a bad emergency from someone getting cut by a box cutter. Our safety cutters are the best solution to ensure safe package opening and strap cutting. The blades only allow a small piece of material into the blade area so people dont get hurt. Safety cutters are usually just a through away after the blade has duled. No need to try to change out the blade and increase the chance for an accident. To ensure employee safety and possibly reducing cost as well, check out our safety cutters you wont be disappointed. Our prices are cheaper than getting them directly from the manufacturer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S3hX5W4dZ4 American Price Mark Supplies Inc 1168 S. Long Lake Blvd Lake Orion, MI 48362 (800) 537-5310 https://www.americanpricemark.com/category/223/cutters-scrapers More references about American Price Mark Supplies Inc (800) 537-5310 https://www.americanpricemark.com/pages/aboutus Facebook https://www.facebook.com/American-Price-Mark-Supplies Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qCjJ85Qrac https://www.americanpricemark.com/testimonials More vidoes about safety cutters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLgWMw2W7-4 Best price gun marking and labeling supplier, located in Michigan https://www.americanpricemark.com/category
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