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Black People With blonde/Red Hair and Blue eyes (2013) o.O

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Black People With blonde/Red Hair and Blue/green eyes, This vid is to to show a part of the world we don't know, feel free to look it up for yourself!!!!! CHECK the link to see live video of them playing ( http://youtu.be/ATYGn9x19jE ) and here is part2 of this video ( http://youtu.be/OCBdaNPIRUE )
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zara jonsson (1 month ago)
Bich no one cares ok If black ppl have blu eyes !!!!!! Go and suck a dick nagga! !!!!!!!!
Echad Lev Shtim (2 months ago)
That moment you realize youve been totally bullshitted all along. Blonde Blue and redheads were lied to by Japheth cavemen to the north. We were Always Shem and African decent from Albinism. Our brothers the BLACK Hebrew Yisraelites.
Thando Moloi (4 months ago)
Africa is the cradle of humankind even scientists have proven that Early humans first migrated out of Africa into Asia probably between 2 million and 1.8 million years ago. They entered Europe somewhat later, between 1.5 million and 1 million years. Species of modern humans populated many parts of the world much later. For instance, people first came to Australia probably within the past 60,000 years and to the Americas within the past 30,000 years or so. The beginnings of agriculture and the rise of the first civilizations occurred within the past 12,000 years Please read books and do your research before you attempt to answer me
sonny farrington (4 months ago)
Humans are All one species....
It's mix between native Australians and white european inmates.
Vineeth Jyothsna (4 months ago)
Fucking background music.
Madoc _ (5 months ago)
So this is what Prince Harry and Megan's baby look like.
D. Joseph (6 months ago)
Their not even african. Y’all black women really need an excuse to wear that blonde weave 😂😂😂
Bret T (6 months ago)
There’s a special gene in and around Micronesia that gives a lot of the children blond hair, but this trait goes away when they near their teens. These kids aren’t African and are actually quite different genetically, they just happen to have similar skin tones. I hate to see how many people here have been fooled
Dman Smith (6 months ago)
They were the very first to leave Africa.
Sailing Vessel Nautilus (6 months ago)
Black and white have a kid... Looks fucking confusing, I hate interracial coupes.....
XxfoxlovermediaxX _YT (6 months ago)
Racist don’t call them that
Jolly Rancher (6 months ago)
S*** the wrestler Rikishi look just like these guys he's Samoan and black so it's definitely possible
Adrian Ude (7 months ago)
The only race to populate the earth
Ong Pmx (7 months ago)
LEMMON Man (7 months ago)
They look Australoide
samson kelemu (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/8zKZjSPaFUI?t=77 This is color not natural its called hinna
William Eaton (8 months ago)
Haha hahaha no just no. Do you even know what chromosome pairs red and blonde hair and blue and green eyes are on? And having dyed red hair or blonde doesn't make it natural. Watch cow urine shower videos on YouTube to see how they dye their hair
Camila Gómez (8 months ago)
My brother is black and blonde with green eyes💕I’m jealous 👼🏼
Laura Hill (8 months ago)
I'm Asian .. I have dark eyes and hair. But it's strange to see my relative Uncles great aunties .. Great grand uncles my own grandparents has grey eyes and red hair . Am I adopted?
SEAMAN- CHELSY (8 months ago)
Which proves we as black can create every pheno type...and who's superior..false white pride is at it's all time highest until this truth continues to spill out..and please let me know when you see the 1st lilly white boy with black full blown lambs wooly Afro with dark brown eye's..this u will never find..blond hair and blue eyes are a recessive gene...in other words weakest link..how did they get to be the example of purity..virginity and God's..lol..white washing of the bible and history and the biggest through MEDIA!
Michael Demarco (9 months ago)
Black people think white people originated from them, what about Asian's. So just when did black people start birthing white people enough to populate all of Europe Asia Middle East Russia etc., let me know, solve this mystery.
Alvin Douglas (9 months ago)
nick guur (9 months ago)
I've grown red hair through time of childhood
*Autumn_Leaves* X (10 months ago)
I really don’t get the point of this video, yeah there hair is blonde or red, that’s it? You repeated some btw.
Chelsie Starkgaryen (10 months ago)
African ppl are not the only ones with melanin 💥
Sway MJ (9 months ago)
Chelsie Starkgernyen yes we are
Aaliyah Daniel (11 months ago)
We are all descendants of Adam and Eve. What's your problem people. Can't stomach the fact that black people have beautiful colourful hair and eyes? Get a grip! Thanks for sharing the video. Stay blessed.
Jessica McCullum (1 year ago)
I don’t get how people are mad that the black folks are claiming these people. They’d get treated just the same in the US like they’re black. It’s not a “stop mate, I’m aborigine!” and the cops gonna say “ohh sorry bro I thought you were black!” Besides, white folks claimed Zimmerman, and dude man looked like a Jorge Ortiz! Fact of the matter, none of this matters. Just interesting to see biology work in many ways.
Sway MJ (9 months ago)
Jessica McCullum exactly at the end of the day we are all black. Anyone with africanoid features and brownskin is black. They can not be mad at us. We will all come together one day as blacks and show these people
EllaThe_ShihTzu K9 (1 year ago)
TᕼᗩT'ᔕ ᑕᗩᒪᒪEᗪ ᗩᒪᗷIᑎO
Chuck (1 year ago)
Black people are fucking ugly
Sway MJ (9 months ago)
Benjamin lmao you are mad as hell
skyyzz (1 year ago)
cap verde
Savy Oyster (1 year ago)
Thats not a black person that is an native Australian
vshadafly1 (1 year ago)
Flower (1 year ago)
They are all BEAUTIFUL
spooky katt (1 year ago)
No...lol. Just....NO. Sun bleached and a rare genetic mutation. You're not blonde just stop and live what you are.
Raythell Jordan (1 year ago)
So this is what black women claim to be impersonating when they wear Blond long straight white woman weave?
Raythell Jordan (1 year ago)
AnastasiaLUVSU ....that explains it
AnastasiaLUVSU (1 year ago)
Raythell Jordan Black women dont wear European fur. They wear Asian hair. From various countries.
Jesus Christ (1 year ago)
I dont like the term "blacks" and "whites" its sounds racist to me idk why
Sub- Zero (1 year ago)
Woah! Never seen this kind of race before. Its amazing!
Tokyo Escobar tv (1 year ago)
Shaun Davids (1 year ago)
they ain't black you fool pmsfl ...I don't see afro ....the black gene ....funny how people think ...these are black .....I swear black people have the afro gene....only ....which is black and curly ...ooops
WoodzIsCupid (1 year ago)
my papa has blue eyes and hes dark :)
Brian Thomas (1 year ago)
Mother Nature is funny. I’m always in awe of it!!
Deldel Saps (1 year ago)
this pictures are not from Africa. it is from Melanesia.. Papua New Guinea, Solomon island, and other small island
Jason Parkins (1 year ago)
These are aboriginies n my son n daughter share these genes .i love them more than words...
Hannie Vibez (1 year ago)
I'm black with red hair
Tsanayah (1 year ago)
I'm black with red hair
Shemeka Canty (1 year ago)
Their black because of skin color not race, idiot's. Black is a color not ethnicity....😂😂😂😂
Wesley Hills (1 year ago)
I guess there is some good in all of us.
People is feel jus cause ya black ya hair can't be dis hay r ya eyes... R DAT u don't have different races in u families
campbell bailey (1 year ago)
this is not mootation this is dieing your hair after you have eaten the cardboard packet that the bloning agent came in
campbell bailey (1 year ago)
if black ppl have blond hair it is because of malnutrition resulting from famine and living in a 6th world hell
124madcow (1 year ago)
We are 50 years from designer babies so why care
CASME' (1 year ago)
Much love to you! If you like my song "BLACK", you have my permission to use it for your next video😘! I'll personally send you the MP3! https://youtu.be/mC3-UwRYVDI 🌹✊🏾
Krystal Huntress (1 year ago)
Black people have red hair is not that uncommon
shredding freshpowpow (1 year ago)
1:12 and 1:15 are dyed to be that color lol wtf how can you not see that it's dye?
Silver Reaper (1 year ago)
So if everybody is Black how the fuck do I have Tan skin?
dj.Ereck (2 years ago)
can anybody tell me the name of the music on this video?
Kelly Moten (2 years ago)
some of y'all are really mad trying to say these people are not black when clearly they are u can't get mad because we can be beautiful to
Paulie Abby Sings (2 years ago)
Noo way the guy at 1:16 was born with literal red hair
Faze Girl (2 years ago)
My niece ifs full blood Aboriginal and so is my nephew, they were born with blonde hair. I'm mixed race (My father was white, has blonde hair and blue eyes) yet I have dark hair and light brown eyes. Proves that dark skin people can have blonde hair too.
Faze Girl (2 years ago)
No offence but these people have slightly lighter skin than African People!!
seashell man (2 years ago)
Lol so people really don't realize this photos hoped? this is some pretty bad photo shopping you can easily notice it
Black people with bolond ehair is ridickils
Guy Corbin (2 years ago)
Sad how even white supremacy in all of its forms pretend to be ignorant of the age-old FACT that EVERY race on earth derives from 1 (one) black African woman. Uh huh----yeah.
N Boyd (2 years ago)
people annoy me with people saying they are not black/ and or people of color. Thanks to the slave trade (sarcasm) most of these nationalities, or ethnicities or etc, all originated from the same continent, it all depends on what boat stop your ancestors got off on bruh. so stop.
Fred Lindalen (2 years ago)
Fred Lindalen (2 years ago)
Black people are just as creepy, stupid, and disrespectful, as white people are..... we redheads are smart, we know everything, want to know something else ? you see, you dont stop racism, by forcing white people to think they used to be african, africa is mostly a christian country, and i hate racism, they are polite, except those who do crime, every race or color has values.... but whoever came first, no color or race, is better, than me, and i am not better than anyone yet, dont come here saying, uh.... blonde hair, white skin, being a defect, alright ? cus thats racism, most stupid rapists, had dark hair, or darker skin, not just whites, so be careful, no matter color you are, respect others, act fu normal, support women
Hush (2 years ago)
that something new 0.0
I'm part of Fijian and thanks to them, I'm redhead and my sister is dark blond. Fijian blood rules,black blood rules😘Love you Fiji 💖
ronny davis (2 years ago)
They don't have to be from Africa to be "black" people. They are part of the melanoid race. It doesn't matter where you live it's all about the melanin that " blacks", Africans, and these people have that makes them the same.
Naurah Khairina (2 years ago)
Rottsrule (2 years ago)
They're Black!!End of subject.
All Hale cthulhu (2 years ago)
these people aren't black. stop being insecure black people.
All Hale cthulhu (2 years ago)
these people aren't black. stop being insecure black people.
S Li (2 years ago)
Donald Trump an his uneducated Deplorable Republican will banned these people from the United States. Black people with blond hair an blue eyes are fake like the mainstream NWO media news.☚FAKE
Island Native (2 years ago)
These kids are Polynesians. At the end you of the video those people were black
Courtney Polk Jones (2 years ago)
beautiful children
Le Raph (2 years ago)
Once, I saw a white man with black hair. No one believes me.
Meguca Nagisa (2 years ago)
Some melanesians and indeed blonde, but some of the red haired people in the video have hair died with henna and the people with blue eyes have waardenburg syndrome, the syndrome causes loss of coloring in some parts of the body, including the eyes which make them blue (all humans have blue eyes underneath a melanin layer)
Stanley Arua (2 years ago)
Their all from papua new guiniea.
Korriane Junia jean (2 years ago)
So this island automatically gets hair dye the diner here you people found a real stupid
Korriane Junia jean (2 years ago)
Let me tell you something all of the haters out there need To shut up just because white people have blonde hair does it mean kids from countries and Islands can't have blonde hair and just because they're black with blonde hair does it mean that their hair is fake okay I understand already one looks fake butt African kids and kids from the islands with blonde hair those are not fake because I've been to Africa and I seen lots of kids with blonde hair and I went to one Island before I think it's there was a lot here too and they were black the color of black not calling them black but that hair color was not fake kissing babies born with blonde hair that were black stop judging white people up there and some of the blacks you guys are a disgrace
matt reilly (2 years ago)
Those people are aboriginal.
Captain Diaspora (2 years ago)
+matt reilly aka Black people with nappy blonde hair STFU.
kezia Nelson (2 years ago)
This is the arrogance and deception of people. God is not stupid when he created man in their diversity, God is a God of uniqueness and creativity. He puts a touch of uniqueness in every race
belle mcellis (2 years ago)
bBg F (2 months ago)
junia jean African isn’t a race. They’re black and some of these kids weren’t even born in Africa. They might be of African descent
Korriane Junia jean (2 years ago)
belle mcellis they're not black they're African if you go to Africa you can you'll see that there's African children with blonde hair I seen it on TV and I want to have a couple for with me with my uncle I see African children with blonde hair
mrsmoyster (2 years ago)
breath taking, true beauty
lucia trever (2 years ago)
its actually pretty
My wifes son (2 years ago)
White ppl are the most diverse looking group of ppl in the world. With all different types of hair color, to different types of eye color. Then you have different combinations of them all. Ppl from other races are all generally the same looking with dark hair and brown eyes. Unless ur dumbass starts race mixing which is a stupid idea
My wifes son (2 years ago)
Im sorry but i dont get how any white person can race mix. Your child will never end up looking like you. How does it feel like raising a child that doesnt resemble you at all. Not only white black couples but also white and asian couples. The child will ALWAYS come out asian. And a white person with an asian kid??? The child looks NOTHING LIKE YOU. Lol its almost as if you adopted the kid. Thousands of yrs of your family genes being passed on only to have it destroyed in one generation. Congrats.
Blue Wolf (2 years ago)
Kiley Harrell (2 years ago)
thats rasist so black people can't have blonde hair now
iijh (2 years ago)
most of them came from Solomon island I think.
linea nairenge (2 years ago)
People in the comments are either .........or just"jealousy makes you nasty
Liddlenique 15 (2 years ago)
This is not black tf
_ 898 (2 years ago)
Liddlenique 15 go get your education first kid and then come talk about big subjects.
Lol this is obviously fake or hair dye. Natural blondes have light colored eye brows how come most of them have dark eyebrow?
Ericka Salinas (2 years ago)
Kenzie Menzie lol you sound so ignorant how about you do your research first. an before you say I don't know what I'm talking about either. I have natural red hair and my brows are dark.
Arania Rashida (2 years ago)
+Kenzie Menzie Im a Melanesian and do agree with your comment. Melanesians are happy people..We love everyone.
Korriane Junia jean (2 years ago)
Kenzie Menzie first of all this is not white people vs. black people they're showing up with his African-American or fruit people from Thailand have you ever want to have a couple for icing little girls in Africa with with dirty blonde hair just that color they don't have to have blond eyebrows just that blonde hair you're off you're obviously jealous and you're obviously being a damn hater the hell off and staying your place what's the point of watching the video if you're going to be putting rude comments are you just jealous cuz you want blonde hair stop making fun of these kids if you ever watch the TV show of African children you would see little children with blonde hair because I want to have a cup before and I've seen kids with blond hair like that but not all of them in Africa have blonde hair but if you ever been there you would see them you know I watch this video to scroll down to see any person with rude comments because I knew somebody would actually say something rude that's why I scroll down the damn comics
Korriane Junia jean (2 years ago)
Kenzie Menzie you're just a hater and if you went to Africa you would see African people with blonde hair i was born thier people with blonde stop being a hater
Avaadorey (2 years ago)
+Kenzie Menzie You're way off including my ethnicity. Like I said I'm not a racist like you. Not sure what you're getting out of bashing people with African roots. If you're not African or don't like them no point in watching videos of them. Or you just came on here to race bait and troll.
Celisar1 (2 years ago)
All children on Papua New Guinea and the australian Aborigines are blond. These ethnic groups are not african despite their dark skin, simple as that.
The Wizard (2 years ago)
they did dna tests on these people and they are Caucasian, with blue-black skin, the darkness skin in the world. Now they cover it up. They have blond hair, blue eyes and blue black skin. 15 years ago National Geographic did a spread on them. I recall, as i worked 17 years in a library and this happened when I was working there. Workers read all the magazines.
Ricki B. (2 years ago)
@Juan Ross there if Europeans had something to do with them having blonde hair,even more so than the Europeans.we're is y blonde hair from my great great white grandfather lol
Tetrahedron IX (2 years ago)
I think @Jeffery Barmann has conceded that he didn't intentionally lie, but was mislead by Eurocentric propaganda.
foo 83 (2 years ago)
Erica Berry here is the receipt: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/black-and-blond-the-origin-of-blond-afros-in-melanesia.html
foo 83 (2 years ago)
Jeffery Barmann lies!!! That was theory, here is your receipt: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/black-and-blond-the-origin-of-blond-afros-in-melanesia.html
Ricki B. (2 years ago)
your right ix ,and I also read there blonde hair occur even more often than the whites
Balbina GONÇALVES (2 years ago)
some of them were fake XD there was even an actor of a science fiction movie
elforastero45 (2 years ago)
just a small number, there are black people who have white skin too..
Tiffany Campbell (2 years ago)
@elforastero45 you would be surprised
elforastero45 (2 years ago)
There are only a few of them. Its just a small number
Tiffany Campbell (2 years ago)
@elforastero45 the people of Melanesian are black with blonde hair. there are also people on the African continent who were born with blue eyes and green eyes and are fully black. There are also people who were born with Waardenburg disease who have no Caucasian genes in there blood.
elforastero45 (2 years ago)
even, if this is real. It isnt because we are all equal and blonde hair doesnt only appear in white people... This is because of interracial families, you can investigate in google... A black can never be blonde, only if they had white blonde ancestors

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