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So on my recent visit back to London, I was able to connect in person for the first time with my YouTube friend Love Fleurette! Her channel is epic, I've linked it below. We filmed this collab vid right around the corner from Shoreditch High Street and Box Park in the lovely AirBNB I stayed in while visiting my favorite city. In this video we discuss stereotypes of dating British/ English men. It is candid hilarity. Press play! On her channel we get into a pretty heated topic on American men and their "habits" let's say. It's a good one. Take a hop-skip over to her channel to join the rest of the conversation. *Love Fluerette - https://www.youtube.com/user/KingdomF... I do these videos so you know that you're not alone out here in this sometimes crazy dating world. If this your first time here, I would love to have you subscribe and if you are a returning viewer, thanks so much for watching! Leave me your thoughts below and I'll see you next time! Kells x ALOVING our video content? Then support the thing! 💋 Exclusive 'IT'S KELLS COLLECTIVE' merchandise now available. Join the squad! Get your SQUAD mugs today (supplies limited) https://gum.co/HIggaN. Whatchu sipping' on? 💋 Friends can also PayPal me http://paypal.me/KelliannMc or VENMO me
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Enzos Laboratory (9 days ago)
Never say British. The girl or right ain’t correct at all and she’s English. Never say to a Scot Irish English or a Welsh u are British .. it insults our culture we are from Britain and within the union of Britain we are from the country England or northern island extra.. I get insulted if they say oh u British I will always correct them.. it will be like me going to Mexico and saying to a Mexican or Canadian oh u American they will say yes we are from the continent American but from the country USA Mexico.. it’s the same
Caroline Mhlongo (27 days ago)
Are there any dating sites to find a British man ?
Anthony Liang (1 month ago)
Kells ,I'm from china and want to know something about the dating culture in the west.I heard the majority of western people have sex before commitment,is that true?A british white girl told me they usually have sex on the fourth or fifth date and then they become loves.......and many couples in london were friends with benifits before they commit with each other.She told me of that,I don't know if it's true?
Nix Inferno (1 month ago)
It's called linking😂
esra rashid (1 month ago)
I wish I can marry a British man !
Mark Soldiers (1 month ago)
You want chivalry? you must desire a Brasileiro (A Brazilian man).
SunKissed (1 month ago)
Just found this channel. Can you give us tips on how to meet British guys? I feel like it's impossible to meet anyone outside of work and I'm in my 30's
Temicka (1 month ago)
I have been trying to find a way to live in England for a while and I found I just cant unless Im rich or marry a british man. I'm not trying to marry someone to go to England. Although I am an American, I would have to be a doctor or have exceptional talent to get a work visa to live and work in England. It is not easy migrating there at all. I would go and stay there for 6 months if I had a remote job that allows me to travel all over the world.
Temicka (1 month ago)
+It's Kells THANKS! I am looking for it now!
It's Kells (1 month ago)
I have a video on 8 ways you can move to Europe, check it out!
Fred Bates (2 months ago)
Well and obviously the black girls like the white guys to.
Michelle Charlton-Taylor (2 months ago)
Whatever sisters! As a white girl, you two are absolutely beautiful. I would (and I'm straight) 😘😉
Nardjarai Paunussa (2 months ago)
Chubby British men 💞
Craig Robson (2 months ago)
You're British if you were born in England, Scotland or Wales. A Scotsman, for example, is both British and Scottish...it does NOT matter if you're black or white (6 mins 54 secs). A black guy born in England is both British and English.
beauty Jocelyn muralles (2 months ago)
I'm attracted to British white guy!! 💜💜😍😍
beauty Jocelyn muralles (2 months ago)
Idk why but I wish I was dating a British guy but none of approach me yet!!!
Racheliolio Han (2 months ago)
There's more to England than London .
Gleisa Opaloski (3 months ago)
I know where is the black guys, Go to Hillsong Church in Sunday hahahah
It's Kells (2 months ago)
Kaikai Kie (3 months ago)
Dm my Sc I’m British notosquad
Mr c spen (3 months ago)
Women need to act like women It seems so desperate to make such a video Seems like Minipulation in my opinion
Clive Mitchell (3 months ago)
I'm white english guy, and currently seeing a black girl from Gambia. She's beautiful!
Halcro Johnston (3 months ago)
Highly entertaining girls. What's wrong with Lewisham? Other than you wouldn't want to be wandering alone there late at night!
O. Locke (4 months ago)
Lol! This is totally false. The racism in britain is WORSE than it is in the United States.
BlueSkies11 (2 months ago)
No it’s not
Money Wise (4 months ago)
It's true that the majority of british men are sexually repressed
clinton warren (4 months ago)
It’s like the Harry and Meghan fever over there! That’s it I just found my new home ❤️❤️
Traci Benett (5 months ago)
They should have loved you to the altar.
Duncan Sands (5 months ago)
If a white bloke is dating a Muslim woman the racism from Muslims is disgusting; Black woman white man no problem!
Oc4ever12 (6 months ago)
I can't imagine a British person acting ghetto! They sound so proper!
Oc4ever12 (6 months ago)
Where are all the black British people who are the descendants of slaves like African Americans are? Were her ancestors slaves or is she recently from Africa?
BlueSkies11 (2 months ago)
There is none in the uk as slavery didn’t take place on British soil it only took place in British colonies (which is terrible). All black people in the uk freely migrated there.
Shafina (6 months ago)
British guy are the best Everrr..
Tony Chalmers (6 months ago)
we don't consider colour or where the ladies come from in the UK . And it's how your brought up.
Fiona Gregory (15 days ago)
you're not your
technationuk (6 months ago)
I lived in LA for two years, my ex was Afro Cuban. I had so many fights with Black Americans, it was really amusing. Also, back in UK I have had Black, Asian, Chinese Girlfriends. I don't see a colour, I see a human being, for me smile, laughter are more important. Secondly ladies, I'm English and British, I have French, Italian, Norse and Celtic blood. If you are born in England you are English and British then you have your cultural background. Ultimately we are all sums of our own being, who we are as a person, individual is everything. Thank you for your time ladies.
Marley Barley (6 months ago)
Marley Barley (6 months ago)
technationuk - Not a Problem thanks for the promo reply. Exactly, i couldn’t have said it better myself! Nice to come across likeminded people.
technationuk (6 months ago)
+Marley Barley Yes, Asian as in a Indian Girlfriend. Thank you for the reply. It is nice to see people who are not caught up in a person's colour, future or religion. We are all unique in our own little way, we just have to take the time to find out about one and other.
Marley Barley (6 months ago)
technationuk - Asian as in Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi? It’s good you’re open to all, it’s our character and personality that define us not skin colour or ethnicity.
Joy Lm (6 months ago)
Ewww niggas as if british men will chase u hahaha
Jasmine Harris (2 months ago)
+Joy Lm mmm yes I definitely see jealousy from you. You do know that racism is a form of jealousy. 😉
Joy Lm (4 months ago)
Ms.Bubs4fun haha whats to be jealous of?? Eww skin needs scrubbing dirty
Controversial Christian (6 months ago)
I'm engaged to a beautiful Filipina and getting married next year. Race, socioeconomic status, colour and anything else is completely irrelevant. We both love each other and we are both Christians.
Controversial Christian (4 months ago)
+Ms.Bubs4fun It isn't!
Controversial Christian (6 months ago)
English doesn't just mean white, posh and from London! Just an observation, as so many Americans seem to think that's exactly what England is. There's a whole country outside London, and other countries outside England. Come to North West England!!!
That Mancunian (6 months ago)
i really liked this video hahaha i didnt even realise these things happen until you said it haha
it depends where you at
niggas in US always getting locked up
Monique N. (7 months ago)
Just this morning, I met a very nice british guy, but he's black british and I'm African-american. I found this video bc I was online trying to find out info on black british guys (in case there are differences from the general info about british men). Let's just say, I couldn't find anything!! Would you be willing to share some insight? Perhaps, the next video with you and Love Fleurette could comment on it. (crossing my fingers)
It's Kells (7 months ago)
Where's his family originally from? Africa or the Caribbean?
Norman Tisdell II (7 months ago)
Interesting term "Locked down"
ian davies (7 months ago)
Someone please tell Americans that there's more to Britain than just London
It's Kells (7 months ago)
Oh poo 💩
Teisa Sterling (8 months ago)
Are y’all still on London?? Omg pleaseeeee hang out with me 😫 I’ll be there in January and don’t want to be alone for a year + 😭😂😂
It's Kells (8 months ago)
Not any more love, you’ll be fine!
FASTMODS UK (8 months ago)
Man I would love to be dating a black girl so hooottt x
UK Business (8 months ago)
Miss America you have no clue about black Britain . oh please did you stay in knights bridge or Sloane square. you are attractive but forget your comparing. LOL i cant believe this the lady hasn't even been to Black clubs ,raves or socialisation black folk MEN be out all the while
UK Business (8 months ago)
As a Black Britain who parents came here over 50 years. I am fotunate and established .i take my pride in such places you are yet to find . Ambition and blessings sit with done with stremght and independence . My vocation allows me to work with those i enjoy. In top notch facilities. health and strenght . Its a wonderful day here in Bucks Knightsbridge is for handbags. We have alot more culture than you have established hopefully you'll see black Britain soon blessings to ya
It's Kells (8 months ago)
You don’t have to ask me twice to stay in Knights Bridge! Lol of course! Those who can will my dear.
TheShepherd32 (8 months ago)
Lovely lady come to Birmingham
Karas Aunty (8 months ago)
I literally laughed out loud at the image of a stunner like you sitting in a bar 'scavenging'.
It's Kells (8 months ago)
Karas Aunty (8 months ago)
My goodness, you are two exceptionally pretty women. Love from Scotland.
Kristof B (9 months ago)
What is it with people saying that "London isn't representative of England". To me it's representative of what the rest of England should be. I like living here. I like the diversity. I'd rather be surrounded by people of different races, faiths and backgrounds opposed to the inbred cousin fuckers who haven't moved on from the 50s.
jj jackson (9 months ago)
You see less black guys in the US because of modern slavery: US Prison system
Sam N Edu Medja (9 months ago)
Two beautiful women. Give me whatever name, but I am a sucker for this black woman with British accent; she is mad cute.
Godspeeds Spacebender (9 months ago)
The ratio of men to women here in America is like 1:4. Reason being is that a lot of black men are either in prison married or gay. Guys end up playing the field because women here are extremely competitive with one another and the ratio is so high in favor of the men. Some women come at you harder if they know that you are married here in this country.
Matthew Jamison (10 months ago)
Some white dude's just dig black girls. Hence the reason I'm watching this. There's not that many in Ireland unfortunately
Ivana Joyce (10 months ago)
I can't wait to visit London!! Point me in the right direction.
Louis Reyna (10 months ago)
If your tired of USA go to Africa their are plenty of good men there, or Caribbean islands. The U.K. has Nice African men as well.
switch gray (11 months ago)
I live in the Black Country in the Midlands near Birmingham, so its very much a cultural mixing pot. I prefer a black girl because they are strong women but also very strong on there family. So you have all the love but the strengths that goes with it!
Mary Ngatia (11 months ago)
Your friends nails are chute and you both are beautiful nice video
diana rodriguez (11 months ago)
Really hoping i marry a British man !! Lol i doubt that will ever happen since i live in California:(
Amanda Grace (11 months ago)
I'm West Indian...from Trinidad&Tobago and I love British men! Their accent is the sexiest thing ever! Wish I could live in London.
Jose Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Fook I date both of you bishes
Nick Magee - Brown (1 year ago)
Your mate is fit!
Brownstone Res (1 year ago)
Hi; would you say that they date AND marry or they just sow their wild oats?? Thanks for the info!!
Todd Smith (1 year ago)
Two pretty girls! I’m White and love Black girls.
keegsmark (1 year ago)
The lady on the left is beautiful.
kreyol Montana (1 year ago)
darren strathdee (1 year ago)
I find women attractive and thats that. I dont know what colour etc has to do with anything. 😂
Craig 003646 (1 year ago)
what about the British guys we are not just English lol ,, Welsh , Scottish m Northern Irish ,,:) YES we love to date black women :) mixed race is the way forward ,,,here people dont care who dates who :) im always between NYC and the UK ,,,,lets date lol you cant judge manners on LONDON as its like NYC ,,,,the rat race try Wales or the Lakes or Scotland huge difference ,,,you girls should try it huge huge difference
Craig 003646 (1 year ago)
And kels if you ever want to date a British Welsh guy keep me in mind ......often found NYC ...London Wales middle east so only a plane ride :)
Hollywood (1 year ago)
Black American guys are the WORST!
Gorgon Don (1 year ago)
Don't be fooled. All your seeing is internet shallowness. A good relationship requires time and history. Don't waste your time with this swirling BS. You just seem desperate.
World View (1 year ago)
A Finn giving characterization of British males. They go out on rainy days and pompusly ask loud: "where are the others".
kaliimc (1 year ago)
Posting here because your other video about reverse culture shock is closed to commenting. As a British born American I can say from a white male perspective that we find black women attractive, oh boy we do. I think that with the stigmas and attitudes here in America, most of us would rather err on the side of caution and stay within their race. I guarantee you that if you have a nice personality and make it known that you are open to biracial relationships you will be busy! I think that's it, we dont get the vibe that the good looking black women sitting at the next table are open to conversation, leading to a phone number, leading to a date later on with a white guy. In fact, hate to say it but the opposite is probably closer to reality based on my experiences. There are probably millions and millions of us who would jump at the chance to date someone like yourself. I hear the locker room talk and it's by far more positive than negative. Good luck and happy hunting! 😎
Chris M (1 year ago)
I hope that you don't mind me adding a comment. I am an American guy. I've watched several of your videos (which are very good by the way). I've lived all over the United States too. My dad was in the military; so, we lived in places like Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, etc. My dad is from the northeast and my mom is from the south. I was actually born in Alabama (although I never actually lived there aside from the two weeks following my birth). I currently live and work in the Silicon Valley (not far from San Francisco). Still, I am politically conservative. That said: You are an incredible woman and any man in any country would be exceptionally lucky to have you! Why? You're highly intelligent, personable and beautiful. You have a remarkable personality and a contagious smile. In addition, kindness and goodness just pour from your soul. I think that this is the most important thing in finding love. It isn't the joining of two bodies (although that is obviously a part of it). It is the joining of souls (if that makes sense). The outward appearance is so fleeting. I read a study recently in which men and women were asked questions about what makes someone "beautiful." I was actually surprised that the top answer for men was a woman who is young (between the ages of 19 and 22). What will become of their "love" if it is based upon little more than a short period of that woman's life? When I was in college, I majored in engineering and political science (weird combo, right?). In the freshmen seminar class for engineering, our professor pointed out the need to figure out whether or not we really liked our major (engineering). Why? He argued that we needed to like our major because it is what we would probably be doing for the next 40 years. This is why true love can't be based on little more than someone's outer appearance. If a marriage or lasting relationship is going to succeed, it has to be based upon something much deeper than what we look like. Our race, religion, culture, etc. will always be a part of who we are. At the same time, such things are little more than tools that chisel the character of our souls. Consequently, I feel that love has to be based on that soul. Thank you for sharing so much of your inner thoughts on your channel! Good stuff!
It's Kells (1 year ago)
Thank you for chiming in. It’s awesome when you actually get intelligent comments, unfortunately rare on YouTube😂. So refreshing!
Isleofskye (1 year ago)
You say Peter that the Black Race is being reduced due to Inter-Racial Dating but....that can not ever happen , my friend. Simple Maths...... The " average " Black AND Asian families have over 4 children so in 7 generations that is 4x4x4x4x4x4x4= OVER 16,000 offspring while the average White or Chinese or Jewish average just over 2 children which is 2x2x2x2x2x2x2 around 130 offspring....16,000 v 130 from just one " average" family. ALSO consider this, my friend as so many Mixed Raced children are being born then 85% of them choose future Black partners so their children are " 3/4" or effectively Black, as well ! It is The White Race that is disappearing ! Their average is 55 while the average Asian age is 24 !!! Don't know the average Black age but it's a lot younger than 55 ! THEN include all the Black "Half-Siblings". My best Black friend's Babyfather and his brother have "20 or 21" children alone and being part of a larger family of 5,6,7,8 children is not uncommon in a Black household. In the 1960's London was 99% White British and now in INNER London only 1-in-10 births in 2016 were to " White/British"...so it's Whites that are very much on their way out which is why so many ( 5 million) have moved to "White" Countries like Australia/New Zealand and Canada..
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia (1 year ago)
No, if you are born in England, you are English. If you are born in Scotland you are Scottish, If you are born in Wales, you are Welsh, if you are born in Ireland, you are Irish. Most of the people that live in London, are not Londoners. Londoners are now a minority in London.
Richard Allen (1 year ago)
I didn't know USA was so backward barbarian invaders
Richard Allen (1 year ago)
Fiona Gregory (15 days ago)
Tony Howard Wilson was the best. Granada Reports.
Jon Stern (1 year ago)
Love from London to all on here, especially black women 🌷💜
martin currie (1 year ago)
Peckham is the Compton of England!
mindbombdisposal (1 year ago)
Thank you ladies for your observations and taking the time to comment on them. I think Fleurette's observations are quite insightful but not entirely applicable to the whole of Britain. In London maybe, but London is not BRITAIN. You ladies would, or should be chatted up by any self respecting man because you're both beautiful (not exotic! - Britain is no longer in the age of discovery!!). Any man that can't appreciate female beauty is not a true man..read into that what you like!! Anyway, if you return to this blessed isle, please consider visiting the North of England. I'm sure you'll receive a warm welcome, hospitality and the interest of a whole lot of potential suitors - black and white!
It's Kells (1 year ago)
garyjohn Pearson (1 year ago)
I agree that white males fancy black women a lot in uk it’s because there no taboo in uk just sexual preference without judgement
Alan Braham (1 year ago)
Was waiting for the inter racial dating, wouldnt be our sisters if that wasnt in the mix.
Alan Braham (1 year ago)
Your video just helped for me to workout the perception, though you didnt come out straight at the start! and plus i know how you sisters think, relating to certain race of men you date.
It's Kells (1 year ago)
Yup the answer you already formulated in your mind. You didn’t need my video for that.
Alan Braham (1 year ago)
Reaching eventually got the answer.
It's Kells (1 year ago)
Lmaoo reeeeach.
Alan Braham (1 year ago)
I knew the whole point of the video, was for the woman to date outside their race, thats why i made the point in the first comment. It does matter, what have you sisters got in common with these other races? you should date your own race, animals dont have the same mindset! where they get with different animals! EG: cats with dogs, lion with a zebra, yet were supose to be more intelligent and above the animals.
Derrick Hillman (1 year ago)
I'm new to youtube.... Just a quick message to sat that i really enjoyed this video. Thumbs up! Check out mine, let me know what you think......
mk69 p9 (1 year ago)
I'm a ginger white Irishman. I find myself dating black girls more than other races.
stripedsweater520 (1 year ago)
I watch a lot of street style videos and look at photos of ppl in different countries and I don't like sports/tracksuit style
It's Kells (1 year ago)
Me either lol
kungtony (1 year ago)
I've dated plenty of Black women! Race is not an issue. I'm an equal opportunities lover haha Oh I would so love to date a Black American woman especially a curvy one! They are very sexy!
duron bryant (1 year ago)
kungtony they are expensive
kungtony (1 year ago)
I'm an English guy and I love American women!!😉
Bruce Fraser (1 year ago)
So, are guys only "available" if they're "successful"? What if they're just 'average Joe's'?
denise amore (1 year ago)
i wouldnt say it as dating multiple people at the same time, but people can ....””see”” multiple people at the same time ?? which i hope people dont see as like cheating on people because we’re NOT its just different we’re not dating im just seein you. or you can be in the talkin stage with multiple people.
Speedy Henderson (1 year ago)
I wanted to know if you could do a show on interracial marriage in London? i understand from your video that English white men date outside their race but how many of them actually marry those women. Very informative video by the way!
Chris Griffin (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed watching this segment. I think we all suffer from a pov problem. That's why we stereotype each other in general. It's nice to see women who are not the normal portrait of unintelligent (sometimes ghetto) women who think to much of themselves expressing their views. Exposure to different places and cultures opens up a person to different things and outlook. I really liked it. Wish you young ladies well in your future endeavors.
It's Kells (1 year ago)
Thanks Chris
Drogo Muircastle (1 year ago)
Well first of all, girls as beautiful as you two will have no problem getting a date just about anywhere in the UK. Second, try and get out of London, it's an expensive tourist trap.
Johnny Trott (1 year ago)
Also people don't like to be called English, if they're Welsh, Scottish or Irish. I had to correct an Australian visiting Wales who said Wales was in England!! Just no!!!
Nattie bubbles (1 year ago)
Aussie men love black girls also, you should visits Australia sometime :)
It's Kells (1 year ago)
I would LOVE to ❤️
Miranda 0022 (1 year ago)
I really want to move to the u.k after hearing that the men there only date or see one female, here in the US it's hard to find men that are genuine.
Keyera P (1 year ago)
You girls dod hteat. Good tjing to know
Slashley gibbins (1 year ago)
I’d date a black chick, no problemo! 👍🏻
Slashley gibbins (1 year ago)
It's Kells Good question. Doubt it, I’m 5ft tall, I’m a bit fat and have a small penis. Then again, i doubt any chick would date me 😂 😩
It's Kells (1 year ago)
+Slashley gibbins question is, would a black chick date you?
neil tighe (1 year ago)
I've never had a problem with my long standing relationship here in Birmingham UK.
OniKai (1 year ago)
I disagree with that if someone is born in England and clearly part of English culture, I'd consider them English, Black or any other heritage, British is an easier term though and includes more people.
69birdboy (1 year ago)
two cuties
PvPGaunltett (1 year ago)
Wel I'm a white English guy, and you should know there aren't many native english people in London. Most move into the countryside to get away from London.
Van Damned (18 days ago)
PvPGaunltett take pride in your city, many Americans do too about the cities being these desirable places to live from all over the world, it’s only british, every city in U.K. is dull in comparison to London
Kitbag (3 months ago)
Partly true, most still work in London though...
leela (1 year ago)
It's Kells (1 year ago)
+leela 👋🏾

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