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Adam Shirazi (3 months ago)
I Got Exposed On a Muslim Dating Site😅 Leave a like and comment to see more vlogs!
Amal Said (3 months ago)
watch this video. I clicked on this video and I thought this guy was you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu87J3cnO9c
Sumaya Ahmed (3 months ago)
U in London 😁😁I could've met youuuuu😢
Africana fya (3 months ago)
I beg tell diya upload
Fatuma Ahmed (3 months ago)
go live in Instagram today
X.Hayat .x (1 month ago)
Are you at tingle town wallahi their bbq wing are peng
Samsam (3 months ago)
Fartun Said (3 months ago)
Muzmatch is the only muslim dating site I've seen
Shakire Ibrahim (3 months ago)
allow the one eye ting with the 666 bra like i might un subscribed for this u kna
Aneesa Talisic (3 months ago)
Assalammu alaikum from Phillipines
Africana fya (3 months ago)
Can we have skits pls 😣😣!!!
anonymou s (3 months ago)
😂😂😂 poor guy
Fatima Ahmed (3 months ago)
ur a rl g I love u
Daughter of Adam (3 months ago)
I love you Adam shirazi . My brother ❤️. 💯
Be my friend. (3 months ago)
Are you a Shia?
qadro abdullahi (3 months ago)
Eid Mubarak gys
Aliyah M (3 months ago)
Habibah (3 months ago)
Just warning you brother that the sign you tried to imitate is one of the signs of shaytan and represents the illuminati, more specifically the 666 symbol. InshAllah we can save ourselves from these fitnahs of the world and the signs of dajjal. May Allah bless us all and protect us from evil and harm. Ameen
Vourney (3 days ago)
I agree! And I am a Christian.
H H (2 months ago)
What a load of rubbish.
FIFA Invincibles (3 months ago)
Shakire Ibrahim This society don’t understand hidden meanings.The best channel is digital ummah
Shakire Ibrahim (3 months ago)
bruv she's right loool my man is doing the one eye with the 666 u kna, dajjal only has one eye, your lord does not, you have bare celebrity doing some juju ting with one eye showing or covering and one is is not, like it's simple
Filsan Sed (3 months ago)
Habibah Honestly sister I am not sure I Dont have this knowledge but honestly I don't think it's that deep I think your overcomplicating it
FIFA Invincibles (3 months ago)
Eid Mubarak!!!
Amina Hassan (3 months ago)
Like how he’s so excited cos he can do the challenge 😂😂😂😂
Malaika Vlogs (3 months ago)
thanksss.. loved the vlogg
Missy Miss (3 months ago)
man said "HALAL Tinder" lol
Najma Ahmed (3 months ago)
Eid Mubarak 😊😊
Najma Ahmed (3 months ago)
YCB thx
YCB (3 months ago)
Najma Ahmed Eid Mubarak to u 2
Umm Sumayyah (3 months ago)
that sign that everyone does is an illuminati sign
FIFA Invincibles (3 months ago)
studentofdeen it resembles 666 trust . The 3 fingers means 3 6’s.Spread the message
khadijah ali (3 months ago)
love you both😍
S123 F456 (3 months ago)
Eid Mubarak!!!🎉🎉🎉🎊🔥🔥😁
Hani Mohamed (3 months ago)
S123 F456 Eid mubarak 🎉🎊💛
YCB (3 months ago)
S123 F456 EID MUBARAK !!! 🎉 🎈 🎊
Fatuma Adam (3 months ago)
Iqra G (3 months ago)
S Hussein (3 months ago)
Why you got your pubes on your chin?
Zion (3 months ago)
Wallah that the sigh of dajjal
FIFA Invincibles (3 months ago)
The ONLY MANCHESTER UNITED society meh need to wake up
+FIFA Invincibles 👌
FIFA Invincibles (3 months ago)
The ONLY MANCHESTER UNITED its the 3 fingers
That and the fact it is 666
Fabulous Chick (3 months ago)
I had to pause the video to check the dating website lol 😂
Salam Mhameed (3 months ago)
Luved it and miss diya
King King (3 months ago)
Sehr Hussain (3 months ago)
Another lit and fantastic vlog
Khadija (3 months ago)
U two are too funny together😂😂😂
Aqsah 123 (3 months ago)
This video was lit✌🏻♥️
Sahra Mohammed (3 months ago)
#notificationgang 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
Bc5 5875 (3 months ago)
First like
Aarifa Hussain (3 months ago)
This is gonna be another LIT vlogg! 11 MINUTES!!! 💣💣 🔥🔥 ❤❤❤
Bc5 5875 (3 months ago)
Man like
Esra Cagiran (3 months ago)
Ilsa Kiran (3 months ago)
Add up the snap: ilsakiran
Add mine b0ssman41 for a dm get 10k views
Bc5 5875 (3 months ago)
Toysyy Yyyy (3 months ago)
First ❤️
Fardowsa Jimale (3 months ago)
Ilsa Kiran (3 months ago)
Sahra Mohammed (3 months ago)
nice hair

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