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Burial Hordes - Incendium [full length 2014] (audio samples)

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Audio samples from the upcoming Burial Hordes 3rd full length album. CHAPTER I: DECAY 01. Unleash Havoc 02. Horns Of Consecration 03. Nailed Curse 04. Path Of Bloodshed 05. Abomination CHAPTER II: FALL 06. Scorned (Aokigahara) 07. Black Shrouds Of Depravity 08. Incendium
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Text Comments (2)
IntoxicateDead (5 years ago)
FUCK YEAH! BURIAL HORDES! The Fire Is Rising and Soon to be Razing!
stillblack666 (5 years ago)
Αντε γεια! Εξαιρετικο!

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