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How To Make Free Book Mailers From Cardboard Boxes

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How to make book mailers for free from cardboard boxes. It's easy and a good way to reuse old cardboard boxes. Please recycle the scrap pieces! This will be useful for anyone selling books on Amazon, eBay, or wherever. It's cheaper than buying boxes.
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Grandpadon2012 (5 days ago)
Awesome video, great idea. Thanks for getting right to the heart of the info that we need instead of 10 minutes of useless information and 1 minute of tutorial!
gello2517 (25 days ago)
Thank you
RJ The Bike Guy (21 days ago)
You're welcome.
w9gb (1 month ago)
For collectable or expensive books, where cover preservation is important, I use Foam Wrapping sold as a roll or 12”x12” squares to cover first, before cardboard mailer. They also sell Foam Wrap “pockets” in some standard sizes — but these are usually more expensive.
Lauren Pool (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks!
JellicleKat (3 months ago)
That is brilliant!
Jen farmer (4 months ago)
I could see paying someone who has no job and no income about 1 dollar per cardboard book envelope made from this procedure. I cannot see anyone in their right mind doing this themselves unless they've gotten it down to such a speed and accuracy they can shit them out at a rate of 10 per hour. Time is money. Waste your time on dumb projects, waste your earning potential.
Scott Kelley (2 months ago)
Jen farmer what are you talking about. This video is 2 mins. How is this a project that wastes time. It takes 2 mins. Its easy. I could do this with any box to ship one book. Nobody is paying anybody to do this.
craig daub (8 months ago)
That's what I did when I first started. Gotta start somewhere. Once you start moving large quantities, this isn't practical.
Maria H. (1 year ago)
M.H Tech U.K (1 year ago)
You are the man!!! Thanks
Wendy duran (1 year ago)
I love you you man
Diane Patrick (1 year ago)
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! thank you--just what i was looking for! and for corner protection the book can first go inside a [used] bubble mailer before marking for the template.
Pearl Carroll (1 year ago)
great instructions. thank you
Dominick Basciano (2 years ago)
nice job for mailing one book... too much time for multiple books
landdcollection (3 years ago)
Very cool! Now, where can we get boxes?
Nolo Kobo (8 months ago)
I know a few starbucks recycle bins that have a whole bunch. I'm actually gonna head over there tonight.
Rose Jones (3 years ago)
Impressed. That looks very professional!
DoorM4n (4 years ago)
inSomniaBlink (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. USPS, Fedex and UPS all charge SOO much for small boxes that ship books. This is amazing, thank you!
popoqwer (4 years ago)
Excellent Video! as far as recycling is concerned ... this video is one of the most important and practical that i have seen. Thanks!
newlistenerguy (5 years ago)
I like this except for one thing: the corners aren't protected enough from bumping. Your technique is fast, efficient, & looks nice, but you got to protect those corners, especially if you ship media. Bubble wrap may do the trick. Sandwiching between cardboard, taping all around, takes longer, but by extending the sides, it can get knocked around without corner damage. Just a thought. Love your vids.
MilkCap (5 years ago)
That's pro.
blacktroop (5 years ago)
Thank you. This works great!
twylight808 (5 years ago)
Ingenious!!!! Thanks for this amazing tip. I was agonizing on having to spend a fortune on easy fold mailers and now I don't have to ever spend a penny more!
Jen farmer (4 months ago)
Time is money. you're still spending. You just aren't gauging the opportunity cost correctly.
caribbeangyul2 (5 years ago)
thanks thats great
LexusDriver1 (5 years ago)
You're awesome! Thanks for so useful video! I hope to see more like this from you!=)
RJ The Bike Guy (5 years ago)
I use clear packing tape. I buy mine in rolls of 6 at Walmart.
MrMagickent (5 years ago)
what's the best way to seal it?
RJ The Bike Guy (6 years ago)
Not sure what you mean exactly. If the book is larger, you may need a larger piece of cardboard. I get boxes from the wholesale club I belong to. The have big bins full of boxes. Most of the boxes aren't usable for this, so I have pick through the boxes to find ones that will work.
Cinthya Yahoska (6 years ago)
What if the book only fits vertically?
babi2short (6 years ago)
FrapRec (6 years ago)
This is awesome! Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

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