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Editorial and Fashion Studio Lighting Tutorial Video: 2 Light Setup for Full - Length Portraits

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Lance Nicoll shows and explains how to use a 2 light setup for an editorial style look. Using 2 lights to light a full length shot allows you to properly light your model and give a directional light.
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Rayan Chehab (4 months ago)
If i had a team and was working with such equipment and model i would feel ashamed by those pictures, shame on you seriously. Gold digging photographer. Go back to cheap family portraits
Subir Thapa (7 months ago)
@1:31 was it a White or Grey background originally?
Mas Umar (8 months ago)
Yea nice. But, your window light is about 300watt right there
kenny lo you (9 months ago)
Taping artiste coréenne enfer on youtube, only Jésus-Christ save
OokTiaopi (10 months ago)
What color is the background you are using??? White or grey?
Greisy T (10 months ago)
What backdrop is this
Rayan Chehab (4 months ago)
G Telleria it's not a vinyl but paper backdrop. You can find it around 60$ a roll or less.
John Ferrante (11 months ago)
Not getting too much with 1/3 of your video on a "cinematic" intro lol
Modzy (11 months ago)
Well that was a waste of 2 minutes and needles to say the light from the window DID play into the shots........
mamiyapress (1 year ago)
Kevin Queen (1 year ago)
I like how they always say using a 800 w/s strobe here but never tell what power setting its on because its very low. Trying to sale more than help
Kai Liu Visual (1 year ago)
what size the softbox? is 48 inch good for one person?
Chloe DeCoito (1 year ago)
What height do you set your backdrop at for full length shoots?
Rayan Chehab (4 months ago)
Chloe DeCoito depends if you wanna make the model look taller you need to kneel or sometimes lay down so that makes the backdrop show if not heightened well, if it's only a lookbook shoot and you need eye level (almost) shots you just make it taller about 1 meter. This tutorial is so bad with bad lighting and pictures.
Awesome Learner (2 years ago)
Mate. Thanks, but you have window light ... so this tutorial is not so useful.
Jimmy H (4 months ago)
Mate. If you put your shutter speed up high enough, it will cancel out any ambient light. So this tutorial is useful.
Bryan Miraflor (1 year ago)
in this video the flash is cancelling out the light from the window.
TrueTech (2 years ago)
window light wouldn't matter unless you're shooting at a lower shutter speed.
Roy Varghese (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. What size is the octabox?
Sedric Beasley (2 years ago)
I'm thinking a bigger modifier wold work better and use only one light.
Rayan Chehab (4 months ago)
Efficiency but a photographer who sucks like this one wants to add to the budget, so he ends up adding the second light on the receipt.
JWallace Designs (2 years ago)
what's that lil fan your assistant was holding. i need a good little fan like that one
Van Gelis (2 years ago)
hey what lens did u use? I'm canon and have a24-105 f4, but obviously need a wider lens for full boody shots.
Nicky Studio (1 year ago)
Van Gelis vr
Van Gelis (2 years ago)
+octap79 is that what you used? You looked a bit close to the model to be getting full coverage from a 24-105
octap79 (2 years ago)
+Van Vangelis 1 - 2 - 3 steps back...it's not science (saved you some money)
Lala Mabaso (3 years ago)
What about the window light that's already lighting your model from head to toe with soft directional light without fall off?
Lance Nicoll (3 years ago)
Our exposure is far enough above the window light that it's not having much of an effect. It's providing a little bit of fill light but not a ton.
A! (3 years ago)
Pretty nice work... thank you, for sharing! André --- www.onelouderimage.com

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